“Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas.” - Calvin Coolidge

In terms of holidays, Christmas seems to now start immediately after Halloween. It’s also the perfect period for arts and crafts with the kids. You can print off sheets for them to colour in or draw decorations and there are plenty of them to be found.

Drawing your own is surely better, right?

Santa Claus, elves, bells, etc. You could even make personalised Christmas cards for your friends and family.

What better way to alleviate the stress?

You can have lots of fun making holiday drawings, colouring decorations, or making greeting cards, but if you don't know how to draw any of the festive things like the tree, gifts, Santa Claus, or even a star, you may struggle.

Fortunately for you, we've got a quick guide to fun drawings you can do over the winter holidays.

How to Draw a Christmas Tree

It’s hard to imagine Christmas without a Christmas tree covered in tinsel, baubles, and a star on the top. They’re pretty easy to draw, too:

  • Start by drawing a triangle. At the bottom of the triangle, draw a rectangle for the trunk but draw an oval for the top of the pot and a curved line for the base of the pot.
  • You can draw other smaller triangles to create the form of the tree and its branches. Make sure to add a star to the top.
  • Add branches by drawing curved lines on either side.
  • You can add tinsel by drawing diagonal lines along the body of the tree.
  • Draw circles for the baubles. You can also add candy canes, stockings, snowflakes, and little presents.
  • You just have to colour it in with pencils or felt-tips. Don’t forget to remove your construction lines once you’ve finished.
How do you draw a Christmas tree?
While it may look complicated at first, a Christmas tree is made up of simple geometric shapes. (Source: Pexels)

You may also want to add a gift or two to the bottom of your tree and some white snow to the edges of the branches to make the whole scene feel more fun and festive.

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How to Draw a Snowman

While a white Christmas is becoming increasingly uncommon, we still associate Christmas with snow and sitting around a warm fire with some hot chocolate. Films have only furthered this common misconception.

If your kids are fans of Frozen, you might want to draw Olaf or any other cartoon snowman for that matter.

How do you draw a snowman?
By drawing a snowman, you can be sure that it won't melt. (Source: vinsky2002)

Here’s how you can draw a snowman:

  • Start with a triangle for the carrot nose.
  • For the eyes, draw a couple of circles right by the base of the carrot. Add a small circle in the centre of each eye.
  • You might want to redo the shape of one of the eyes if it’s partly obscured by the carrot. Finish off the head by drawing a circle.
  • To make the snowman’s smile, draw a row of five little circles under the carrot.
  • For the hat, opt for a top hat. Start with the bottom of the hat. Draw an oval that goes behind the head. Add a second line very near the original to make the brim of the hat. For the sides of the hat, draw an upwards inwards curving line so that the hat is narrowest at the middle.
  • For the scarf, draw two lines from each side of the head and join then up underneath the snowman. Draw two lines downwards for the end of the scarf. Add the tassels as little wavy lines. You can add a pattern to the scarf to personalise it.
  • Draw the first arm as a tree branch. Start from the body near the scarf. Next, draw a circle for the body. Next, draw the other arm. Add a couple of buttons to the body.
  • Finally, draw the base by adding a large circle. You can colour the scarf, buttons, branches, carrot, and eyes.

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How to Draw Father Christmas or Santa Claus

Instead of drawing the same TV characters they always draw, why not get the kids to draw Santa Claus?

Whether it's a realistic image of Santa or a cute cartoon of him, just make sure that the looks happy and merry!

What can kids draw for Christmas?
There are many simple drawings suitable for children. (Source: JillWellington)

What would Christmas be without Jolly Old Saint Nick?

  • Start with his face but not the beard. On an A4 sheet of paper, draw a slightly curved horizontal line for the bottom of the hat. Start by drawing his right cheek, a nose in the middle, and the left cheek.
  • Add two eyes above the nose by drawing two small circles and a single curved line below for his mouth.
  • To draw the hat, a slightly squashed rectangle will work for the rim. Draw a curved droopy triangle for the top of the hat and don’t forget a circle for bobble.
  • Finally, draw the beard as an upside-down teardrop. The point needs to be at the bottom.
  • You can colour the hat in red, the eyes in black, and hair in white.

You can also draw Santa’s sack and sleigh if you want. For the background, you might want to draw him at the North Pole but any winter scene will do the trick.

There are plenty of vector images of Santa Claus that you can download and print out at any size if you'd rather just do a bit of colouring.

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How to Draw an Elf

Santa would be nothing if it wasn’t for the tireless work of his elves who make all the toys.

To draw an elf, it’s quite simple and even kids can do this one.

  • Start with an elongated oval like a sideways rugby ball for the head. Add to downwards and outwards angled lines for the body. Add a triangle to each side for their sleeves. For the legs, draw a downwards pointing triangle with a line in the middle.
  • Add the fur on their hat. You can add fur to their outfit with a line underneath their chin. Add their hands as little ovals at the ends of their sleeves. Add two feet by drawing a couple of ovals.
  • Draw their smiling face by drawing two upwards curving lines for the eyes and downwards curving lines for the button nose and smile. Add a couple of pointy ears each side of their head. Draw the hat as a slightly bent triangle.
  • Add a belt by drawing a square for the buckle and two narrow rectangles either side.
  • Now you can colour it in. You can add a little bit of hair from under the hat, some rosy cheeks, and a scarf if you want.

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Learn to Draw a Present

Would you like to decorate your house with drawings of presents? Rather than print them off, why not draw some with your kids?

How do you draw a picture of a present?
Most presents are simple boxes, making them ideal for drawing. (Source: yvettefang0604)

You can customise them. It’ll also help them develop their creativity. Almost every Christmas or winter scene can be improved with a present or gift and they're pretty easy to draw.

There are plenty of easy-to-follow tutorials online and you could always make a hand-drawn Christmas card with "Merry Christmas" written on it and a picture of some presents or gifts.

How to Draw Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer

Do you recall the most famous reindeer of all?

While it’s unlikely you’ll find a red-nosed reindeer in the wild, that doesn’t mean you can’t draw your own. You can draw Santa Claus' most popular helper as a cute cartoon character or copy a design you find online. You could also draw stockings, a house in the snow, or some gingerbread men.

Let your imagination run wild!

If you're struggling at first, you may want to download backgrounds or guides to help you. If you're looking for an image to use as a reference or just to colour in, it's recommended that you download vector files as you can change them to any size without a loss in quality. This is especially important if you're going to use your image in a decoration.

When it comes to art or illustration, you want to have fun. It's Christmas, after all. Whether it's a greeting card, a cartoon, or a holiday decoration, make sure that you and the kids enjoy yourselves first and remember that you can always improve the design or image next time.

If you need help with drawing, gift ideas, or even how to make a greeting card, you could always get help with art and design from one of the many talented and experienced tutors on Superprof. At any time of the year, they can help you learn new skills or improve old ones.

Happy Christmas!

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