A lot of people are talking about academic support and private tutoring and ads are popping up everywhere. Parents are talking about tutors and maybe even your child’s teacher has mentioned opting for one on one tutoring services.

What can academic support tutorials do for you?

Parents should know that hiring a private tutor can be a significant investment.

Almost any student could benefit from private tutorials whether they’re struggling, underachieving, or overachieving.

Here’s how and why...

How Can Academic Support Help Struggling Students?

Why Are More Parents Getting Academic Support Tutorials for their Kids?

More and more parents are putting their trust in academic tutoring. Academic support, as well as homework help and private tutorials, can help students to improve their approach to schooling and their grades.

A lot of parents are opting to get in touch with private tutors to work with their children throughout the course of the school year.

Is this because they don’t trust their school teachers?

Sometimes, yes.

How much do private academic support tutorials cost?
Parents can help their children do their homework but work can often get in the way. (Source: alphalight1)

This can sometimes be due to worrying about their child’s future, too. For those studying at a top university, this can help them stay ahead of their classmates. Finally, academic support is becoming more popular because of changing trends.

In the past, mothers had more time to sit down and help their children with homework and revision. Nowadays, they’re more likely to be working. This wasn’t the case in previous generations. Parents are also working later and later and can’t always give their child the academic support they need.

Hiring a private tutor is a great idea for helping students catch up or get better results in maths, English, Spanish, German, French, history, geography, physics, chemistry, etc.

In fact, there is a long list of subjects anyone can seek tutoring in...

Catching Up

When a child’s faced with either failing or resitting exams, there’s a way to help them catch up.

Some parents choose for academic support as early as primary school. This can be useful for children who are having trouble learning to read and write.

What are the benefits of academic support tutorials?
If it's not going in, it doesn't matter how much you read. (Source: Marisa_Sias)

Of course, this is more common for students who are in secondary school, sixth form, or college. They have more subjects and more hours of study each week. From year seven to upper sixth, they run the risk of falling further and further behind in their studies. This can happen a lot but it’s nothing to worry about.

Often, it’s just a case of using a different approach to what they have at school. Their academic support tutor will know how to help them catch up with their studies.

Let’s not forget that parents, children, tutors and teachers need to work together when it comes to academic support.

Do Academic Support Classes Complement Schooling?

Some people aren’t fans of academic support for those in school. They argue that a child that’s already struggling in school shouldn’t have more on their plate. When a child struggles, academic support won’t give them more work. We’re not going to say that academic support is just to soothe the woes of schooling, either.

It’s a different perspective. As we were saying earlier, these classes need to be seen as being a complement to their lessons at school regardless of whether it’s for struggling students, or just to help a student improve their grades.

This can be really useful if you need certain results in your A Levels to get into university. This means that the tutor needs to be familiar with the curriculum. They're there to help the learner grasp the concepts they've learnt in school.

If a student can't get their head around algebra, calculus, geometry, or trigonometry, getting home tutoring in mathematics can help them gain confidence and improve both in and out of the classroom.

There's also tutoring available for study skills and general academic skills. If a student needs help with homework, an assignment, or writing an essay, scheduling tutorials with a tutor throughout the semester might be a good way to help with an exam and test prep and improve their performance in school.

We’ll explain this in more depth later in the article, but we should mention that the earlier you get academic support, the better. Academic support lessons can help students go back over something they didn’t understand in class, help them with complicated homework, or prepare for an exam, especially because tutors are adept at adjusting their pedagogy to each student's needs.

Academic Support Classes for Overcoming Shyness

Academic support tutors can also help students with more than just their results.

How so?

Let’s say there are theoretical and practical aspects of academic support: homework help, revision, learning new approaches, exam prep, etc.

An academic support tutor also has a psychological role. Especially with students who are struggling. There are often psychological reasons someone struggles. No matter how hard they study, it just doesn’t go in.

Sometimes it doesn’t seem to make any sense why the student just doesn’t seem to get it. Since their teachers don’t have the time to explore the reasons, an academic support tutor could help them out.

Their role is to understand the reasons behind it all: Why is the student struggling so much?

Thanks to different teaching methods and approaches, the teacher can pinpoint the exact reason they’re struggling. There's no shame in getting supplemental instruction, especially if it leads to academic success.

This can have a positive effect on the student and their grades.

Unleash Your Potential with Academic Support

Academic support isn’t just for students who are struggling.

How can academic support help a student improve their grades?
You can get some great results with academic support tutorials. (Source: Pexels)

Gifted students can benefit from it as well as those with average grades.

We’re going to look at the latter. This group of students, regardless of whether they’re studying maths, physics, history, geography, French, or English, fall into two main groups:

  • Those who are happy to achieve average grades.
  • Those who can’t seem to improve, no matter how hard they study.

They just need to find a way to unleash their potential.

Presumably, the teaching at their school isn’t working.

Why not get in touch with an academic support tutor to help out?

To learn new things, hiring another teacher could be useful. A teacher who knows how to transmit knowledge in a different way. Some students need a more relaxed environment where they can ask questions and talk freely with their teacher. This will help them learn and realise their potential.

Break Down the Barriers Between the Teacher and the Student

Be it at primary school, secondary school, sixth form, college, or university, students are used to seeing their teacher as an authority figure. They need to be shown some respect. They outrank their students, after all.

Students are expected to listen, take notes, and do activities. They aren’t given the opportunity to be proactive in class.

T his authority figure might impress some. However, it may dissuade some students from asking questions. They may also be too shy to ask a question in front of 20-odd students.

Academic support can be really useful for those who are shy. The private tutor sits next to their student. Not behind a desk. The best tutors break the barriers between students and teachers. Add this to the fact that the classes take place at the student’s home. The student feels much more relaxed.

Academic support helps shy students make more progress.

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Get Ahead with Academic Support

Let’s look at a different type of student.

How can academic support help a good student?

A student who has good grades and seemingly no problem with revising.

In which subjects can you get private tutorials?
Private tutors are available for a wide range of subjects. (Source: geralt)

Some students find school very simple. They’re used to getting good results. That doesn’t mean that academic support isn’t for them.

Some students are trying to get into some of the world’s best universities. This means they need a lot of help in preparing their application. A private tutor could help them get ahead of the pack.

This is also useful for those looking for funding or a scholarship as they're only given to the best students after a lengthy evaluation process. Intervention from a gifted tutor might be the answer.

Once you're at university, having your own private educator can help ensure that you make it to graduation. While they don't need to be the teacher of the year, they'll need to be pretty good. It doesn't matter whether you're an undergraduate or a postgraduate, you can find a tutor and get instruction and help with your studies.

Don't forget that most of the tutors on Superprof offer free tutoring for the first hour so you can see whether they're right for you.

Now learn all about academic support at home and how it can help you...

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