CPA or a Certified Public Accountant has a bright prospect in India. India offers enough room for those who are looking for a career as an accountant. However, a certified accountant gets an upper hand over the rest of the candidates.

Accounting requires a good knowledge of numbers and finances.

Compared to other courses that deal with public accounting and financial matters, CPA is a prolific and a more preferred course. A Certified Public Accountant can work both in public and private firms.

Concept of CPA in India

The first and foremost action to take the course is to understand the definition of a certified public accountant. It is one of the most respectable courses that determine the future of accountants in India. The examination of the CPA course is administered by AICPA or the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

The fact that it is the largest and the most respectable body of accountants increases the value of candidates who enroll themselves in the certified public accountant course.

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Important Details of the Certified Public Accountant Course

If one is awaiting a career in accounting, the CPA course in India is quite beneficial. If you aspire to be a premier accountant then you must look into the details of the course that is offered.

The CPA course provides jobs to the aspiring accountants even on an international platform. It is given that the job role is highly reputable in the country or at a global forefront.

Eligibility for the CPA Course

One must have any of the following qualifications to appear for the CPA course examination:

  • The candidate must be a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.
  • The candidate must have a membership to the Company Secretaries in India.
  • The aspiring accountant in India might as well have a membership to the Institute of Cost and Work Accountants in India.
  • The candidate must be a Master of Commerce
  • The candidates who have an MBA degree also qualify to take an examination for the CPA course in India.

Syllabus of CPA Course

The division of the CPA syllabus is inclusive of 4 sections. The examination is conducted separately in each of the sections. The sections are as following:

  • Financial Accounting and Reporting or FAR
  • Regulation or REG
  • Business Environment Concepts or BEC
  • Auditing and Attestation or AUD

Duration of the Certified Public Accountant Course in India

The course takes around 7-12 months to be completed. It renders the candidate with adequate knowledge of financial management in business.

The exam requires preparation for accountants need to deal with crucial details of tax and other financial matters in a business.

Fees for a CPA Course in India

The estimated cost for the completion of a CPA course in India is INR 3.75 to INR 4 lakhs.

Perks of Being a Member of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA)

The Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) assures a provision of important articles and information that is essential for the aspiring candidates for the CPA course in India. This is a global body for professional accountancy with special importance given to the handling of public finance.

Benefits Assured for the Candidates Who Join CIPFA

The registered CIPFA students enjoy the following benefits:

  • They have access to topmost finance employers.
  • They can establish contact with professionals from the industry.
  • Their access to the global public finance network is highly beneficial.
  • Their entry to courses and events becomes hassle-free and easy.
  • The updates on events and news prove to be beneficial for their career as a CPA.
  • They receive revision and study aids to complete the Certified Public Accountant course.
There are various institutes offering certification in accounting areas.
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The Benefits of a CPA course in India

The Certified Public Accountant Course is beneficial for the candidates from all the states of India. The course renders the candidates with a high capacity of using their fullest potential as a Certified Public Accountant in the future.

The following are some recognizable benefits of the CPA course:

  • It provides international recognition as the examination administered by the AICPA helps the candidates to reach the largest body for accounting in the world.
  • The career option after passing the CPA examination is vast and profitable for the aspiring public accountants in the country.
  • The examination and the CPA course is flexible. The fact that the candidate who wants to go into financial management has to sit for only 4 papers via a Single Level Online examination helps them complete the course and get a degree within a year.
  • It offers a high job profile for the Chartered Accountants, M.Com and Commerce students. It is an additional qualification for the aspiring public accountant. The Chartered Accountancy course takes 3 years to be completed whereas the CPA course takes only a year.
  • The CPA qualified candidates are equivalent to the Indian CA degree. Federal taxation, business laws, gives an upper-hand to the public certified accountants for they can work for US-based Financial Firms that assure better pay.

Career Prospects for CPA Qualifiers

CPA qualifiers provide accounting services to both public and private organizations. The auditing and attesting procedures are conducted by the certified public accountant within organizations.

A Certified Public Accountant enjoys the following career opportunities in India:

  • They can handle public accounting in both public and private firms.
  • They conduct Management Accounting for organizations.
  • The CPA qualifiers can become Financial Analysts.
  • The door for Government Sector opens up for the certified public accountants of India.
  • They might get the opportunity to handle Corporate Accounting for many companies.
  • They handle Tax Accounting efficiently for a CPA degree and are highly reputable.
  • A CPA qualifier might as well play an active role in Non-Profit Organizations.

Prospective Salary of a Certified Public Accountant in India

A Certified Public Accountant earns around INR 6,70,133 in India if they have a job experience between 1-4 years. A Certified Public Accountant with an experience of 5-9 years earns around INR 987,099.

The salaries depend on whether the CPA is working as an accountant, auditor, in the corporate finance sector, or more sectors.

They earn more than a chartered accountant in the country. The degree is both profitable and preferable. It earns the CPA qualifier an international reputation in the job market.

The fact that it takes only 1 year to complete makes it preferable over a CA degree course because the latter attains full completion in 3 years, if not more.

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Key Tips to Pass the CPA Examination

  • Enrolling into a coaching center - India offers some of the best coaching centers for CPA exam preparation. Enroll in one today to brighten your CPA prospects.
  • Extensive research - Research work is imperative for almost all competitive examinations in India. Conduct detailed research work on the 4 sections of the CPA examination.
  • Visit the official website for updates - After you apply for the CPA course in India, try to visit the official website quite often to keep yourself updated.
  • Prepare well - You can prepare well by brushing up your course syllabus. Your notes of Commerce at the graduation level and post-graduation level can help.

The CPA examination is set to take place in December 2020. You do have adequate time to prepare for the examination, consult coaching centers, and understand the pre-requisites for taking the exam.

Keep calm and stay confident while taking your CPA examination for a better future.

Once you pass the CPA examination, complete your CPA course, and get your degree, you are going to be one step ahead in achieving success. Financial management for private and public sectors both in India and companies based in the US can prove to be very profitable for your career.

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