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The internet and the digital devices togetherly construct one of the most important parts of the 21st century. While our personal lives revolve a lot around social media platforms, professional lives require in-depth computer knowledge and skills.

The progress of information technology has opened doors to several new job opportunities and career paths. Web developers and designers have taken over some of the most exciting professional fields. So, you and your entire family can take online courses to learn the required computer skills, one way or the other.

Nowadays, most of the families have become nuclear and some also have to stay far away from their parents for work purposes. If you teach IT courses online to the older generation, they will be able to contact you using modern applications without requiring anyone’s help.

In India, the elders think of computers as a distraction that the youngsters are continuously stuck to. Some time in an online class with the best teachers in the city can help them see the utilities of the gadgets. Therefore, online computer classes can be helpful to people of all age groups.

There no specific age for learning
Parents can also spend time with their children while they learn through online classes. Source:

Free Online Courses For IT Skills

The government of India has taken the initiative to help the students get certified computer training through online classes. The students can get free study support in computer management and design. You can also get digital training with valued free online courses. All you have to do is choose the course that best suits your field of interest, and that can help you in the career you have chosen for yourself.

In 2015, the Prime Minister of India launched a skill development program named PMKVY (Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana) for providing free computer and skill training to the students. While this course is usually provided through numerous training centres across the country, you can do the online computer courses at the comfort of your home.

NASSCOM Online Courses

NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Service Companies) is a non-profit organisation that offers six distinct courses on Data Science and AI (Artificial Intelligence). The organisation used to charge around INR 7000 for the courses, but the government announced in March 2020 that the students could avail the services free of cost.

The COVID-19 pandemic led to national lockdown in the country. The authorities decided to offer free services during the lockdown so that the students could utilise their time. The six courses are:

  • Introduction to AI
  • Python for Data Science
  • Statistics 101
  • SQL and Relational Databases 101
  • Data Visualisation and Python
  • Algorithms

ICT (Information and Computer Technology)

The ICT online courses are a part of the digital education initiative by the MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource and Development of India). Under this program, you can avail certification courses on several technological aspects including computer languages, AI and DTH industry as well. You can choose the field that will help you in your career.

The courses are affiliated to known boards like the NIOS, NPTEL, IIMB, Vlab and Fosse, etc. The best part is you can also download the study materials that are available in English as well as some of the regional languages.

SWAYAM (Study Webs of Active-learning for Young Aspiring Minds)

Just like the ICT scheme, SWAYAM is also an initiative of the MHRD. As the name suggests, the students are supposed to learn by themselves through the online videos and study material made available after registration. The program offers some certified courses on AI, Digital Marketing and Cybersecurity while some courses are just to learn a few concepts as there are no certificates for the same. You can choose any of the programmes as per your convenience and choice.

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The efficiency of online learning platforms is inducing more and more students to take online courses for information technology. Source:

iGOT (Integrated Government Online Training)

The iGOT platform is a self-paced training and learning program that is available on the DIKSHA portal. You may choose any of the 15+ courses that are available for online learning and practice. The purpose of this platform is to get trained individuals in the field of medical and science to join the country’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

AICTE ELIS Portal Launched

The AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) organisation launched an online training portal named ELIS (Enhancement in Learning with Improvement in Skills). There are several online courses available that are sourced and monitored by over 18 leading Ed-tech companies. You can start your learning venture and improve your IT skills at home.

Benefits of Online Training

Now that you know about a few of the online training programs in computing technology, you should also consider the benefits of taking such sources. If you are conflicted about the efficiency of online platforms or you are wondering how the classes can be helpful, you must have a look at the points mentioned below.

  • Almost a decade ago, before the online platforms came into existence, the students had to go to computer centres to learn the basics of operating the device. The downside of studying in such centres is that it is difficult to get the teacher’s attention among so many students. This problem is ruled out in online classes as you can take private tutoring as well. Get one-on-one attention from your teacher and clear all your doubts wherever you are stuck.
  • With online computer training courses, you do not have to skip the main content while continuing professional development. That is, there is no need to make time in your tight schedule for travelling from one place to another. You can simply sit at your home and take an hour out for online lessons without having to move from your desk!
  • Online training programs are for everyone. Although the elders in our family want to learn the usage of computers, they feel shy to go to coaching centres and learn with youngsters. You can give them an online private tutor who will teach everything about the internet and computer that they require.
  • Online training courses are cost-effective as compared to offline ones. The fact that most of the programs are government-backed and funded, the course fee is either zero or comparatively very low than offline classes. Therefore, you can learn what you have always desired without making much of a difference to your monthly budget.
Learn computer
Learn programming languages and coding from the best online instructors available within your range. Source:

The benefits of online training programs will allow you to enhance your skills and upgrade your level of knowledge. A short course introduction course can also be helpful. Online tutors also answer the frequently asked questions whether it be open online courses or online short courses.

Where To Find The Best Online Courses?

The most crucial decision for finding the best online courses for each age group of your family is to choose the right platform. The quality of service is vital to your learning process since computing subjects involve a lot of conceptual ideologies. You have to get a clear picture so that you can implement your knowledge in the practical classes. Speaking of the best platforms available in the Indian market, you cannot miss out on Superprof.

Get a private online tutor for learning the basics of the computer to advanced level AI by finding a teacher form the Superprof platform. It is not an online course provider but a hub of the best teachers who can help you effectively with the lessons. You can also get an online instructor for the elders in your family who are finding it difficult to operate the digital devices. Just enter your location and the kind of tutor you need, and the list will appear on your screen. Enjoy the comfort of your home and the convenience of online platforms to upgrade your skills.

A Career In Computer Science

For building a career in computer science and technology, you are not bound to do engineering. There is a lot of scope in cloud and programming languages that you can elect for building your career. Artificial intelligence, web development, data science, ethical hacking, coding, software designing and development, operating system, etc. are some of the major fields that offer high-paying jobs.

The digital era
Turn your passion for artificial intelligence into a profession to lead your dream life! Source:

You can pick your field of interest and then start focusing on your career accordingly. You are just a few decisions away from starting your career venture. Computer technology is a rapidly growing line of work where you will never fall short of job opportunities if you possess the required skills. Therefore, do your research carefully and find the profession that you will love to work in.

Online learning platforms are coming up with the best courses and programs to cover the education requirements of students from all types of backgrounds. You can find the productive classes to shape your career while the elders in your family can find a class to fuel their passion. You just have to be sure about making wise decisions. The world is starting to live in the cocoon of digital platforms. All you need is to discover your place in it! 

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