Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you just want to pursue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn. - Stephen Hawking.

Computers have come a long way from being just a piece of technology that might help a business or run a government to being indispensable to human life. Knowledge in computer science has surpassed the barriers of a mere university degree. You can now get a certificate in programming with a computer course after 12th or become an expert coder with a year-long online computer course.

Finding a good IT tutor who can help you study computing languages, computer programming, software development, or basic details of computer knowledge, has been made easy with platforms like Superprof.

Find out about various computer courses and their costs before seeking an IT tutor.

Online Computer Courses

Online courses
Establish a strong foundation for your career with the best online computer courses available in information technology, software development, and coding | Source: wattpad.com

If you are someone interested in learning throughout life or Continuous Professional Development (CPD), then online computer courses are just the right thing for you. Thanks to the internet and modern digital technologies, there are plenty of ways to learn basic computer skills on the web. You will find thousands of computer classes online, some free, while others with cost or tuition fees. Depending on the time you want to invest and the nature of the study, you can choose the most appropriate online computer course that best suits your needs.

One important thing to remember here is that the amount of content that you get to learn is commensurate with the amount of fees you pay for a computer teacher. This means that the higher the level of expertise and the more advanced the field of study, the higher will be the course fees. For example, a computer course in basic programming or an introduction to coding may not cost you as much as an introduction to mastering software development, which is a very niche domain of study.

Specialized Computer Courses

You can opt for any of the specializations in computer science. The main deciding factor here will be your career choices, the degree you want to get, whether you want to pursue computer engineering or BSc Hons in computer science. Your options include, but are not restricted to:

  • Introduction Microsoft Office Suites.
  • Computer Hardware Course.
  • Software Development. 
  • Introduction to Coding.
  • Website Design and Development.
  • Introduction to Programming.
  • Introduction to Computing Languages. 

You can start your search for computer tutors online. Word of mouth reference among fellow students is also a good source. You can get in touch with these tutors and even request a free demo before you can decide to go for them. As a student, look for expertise beyond popular computing skills including,

  • IT Troubleshooting.
  • Advanced Computer Literacy.
  • Internet basics for Beginners.
  • Internet Security.
  • Computer Hardware Maintenance. 
  • Microsoft Office Suite Working Knowledge.

Remember, your IT tutor should be able to provide necessary support beyond what you get through your college campus and peer network. The tutor’s price should reflect their qualifications, experience, and teaching style. You can expect to pay more if the tutor comes to you and they might suggest a central meeting point if you’re both quite a distance from one another.

If you're new to computers, you should make sure you have the right equipment for your IT tutorials.

Find Your IT Tutor on the Web

Virtual world
Online teachers can conveniently connect with hundreds of students at a time. Source: bostonmagazine.com

You can access the internet to find a good computer teacher. There are plenty of expert computer science teachers on teaching portals like Superprof. You can read students. I testimonials to choose your pick. It is one of the most reliable ways to select a good computer teacher or a teacher of any subject, for that matter.

You can also access other web platforms like YouTube to find online tutorial videos on a wide range of computing skills. You can make use of these videos to facilitate learning that is self-paced, and where you can store data to learn later. Some of the popular video tutorials available on the web include:

  • Basic Details of Computer Hardware.
  • Introduction to using MS Office Suite for Professional Work.
  • Learning Basic Computer Maintenance Tasks. 
  • Digital Literacy Programme.
  • Optimizing Internet Browsing. 
  • Short Computer Courses on Using Specialized Software like PhotoShop and Adobe. 
  • Learning How To Design and Develop HTML and CSS-enabled Websites.
  • Introduction to Programming Languages like JavaScript, PHP, WordPress. 

Basic Computing Tools and Equipment

While anyone can access online computer classes, it is important to have some basic tools at home for you to get started. This is especially important for online computer teachers. You must have in your possession, the following equipment:

  • A computer.
  • High-speed Internet.
  • Quality Headphones.
  • Mouse and Mousepad. 
  • Webcam.

Online Tutoring Platforms

Online study
Online computer teachers are now available at the ease of your fingertips | Source: Freepik

Computer courses and computer science teaching has taken a new turn with the rise in the number of online tutoring platforms. Especially noteworthy are platforms like Superprof which boast of millions of tutors worldwide, with a wide range of subject offering to a global network of students.

For computer science, you will find teachers with backgrounds in software development, computer engineering, BSc Hons in Computer Science, network security experts, computing language expert, cyber security professional, programming experts, and so on and so forth. Bottom line is you will find exactly what you are looking for in a computer teacher in terms of the level of subject matter expertise, work experience and practical know-how, who can provide the necessary support in your development as a computer genius.

Domain Specializations of Computer Tutors

Online computer classes bring to you a wide array of experts. You can look for these specializations while choosing your IT tutor:

  • Computer Science Engineer.
  • Computing Architecture.
  • Data Scientists. 
  • Web Development.
  • Cryptography.
  • Java Programming.
  • Information Systems. 
  • Cyber Security. 
  • Machine Learning.

A standard online computer class will cost you anything between INR 400 to 750 per hour. You can choose to pay your computer teacher per session or per month, depending on the negotiation terms between you. Apply good negotiation skills here or you might be taken for a ride when it comes to paying tuition fees.

Benefits of MOOCs to Study Computer Study

E-learning is a new way to learn in today's digital world with advanced technology at your disposal.

Be it management studies or online computer training, the whole world is gradually migrating to the digital world. And education is catching up fast. MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) are distance learning courses that can have plenty of students enrolled on them via an online digital platform with computer courses often provided by a university professor. Years of research and trials have gone into making these study platforms a success, especially in the field of computer science and engineering.

There are plenty of free courses on these MOOCs from tonnes of Ivy League universities as well as other universities around the world. You can access hundreds of hours of video tutorials that facilitate self-paced learning, as well as get access to live classes with computer experts and university professors to resolve your queries. The key to a good MOOC is to gain access to the changing needs of students. 

In India, MOOC platforms like Udemy, Coursera and Swayam are in high demand. Here, you can learn about web development, data analysis, working with iOS or Android app development, machine learning, and plenty of other fields in computer science. All the courses combine theoretical classes, project work, peer-graded assignments, and resolving queries through peer and faculty networks. Codeacademy is another popular platform that has over 25 million users learning programming and coding.

MOOCs offer all sorts of specializations and subject offerings in the domain of computer science including technical support, data science in python, machine learning, algorithms, programming languages, and data science. Each module is a combination of theoretical lessons, video tutorials, and interactive elements including forum discussions among students and project work.

So, if you are a budding computer science enthusiast, looking to specialize in one or more computing skills, start your hunt for a great computer teacher today. You have so many options in online computer classes as well as in-person physical sessions with IT experts. In addition, the innumerable resources available for free on the web can help immensely to learn at your own pace and apply those learning in real-time. And the icing on the cake is that most of these tutors would be more than willing to offer you free demo classes to build their own credibility and to give you a glimpse of their expertise. You can boost your learning further by investing time in self-learning between computer classes. 

So, go ahead and book your free class today!

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