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1st class free!

I would love my students to be as relaxed and stress-free as I am;)

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Ananta is one of our best teachers. A high quality profile, verified qualifications, quick response rate and loved by students!

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Ever tried practising gratitude?
Well, we can practice it together^_^
My way of going around meditation is simple yet exciting.
I will make you do meditation as per your needs. All you have to do it to share the core issue you are facing, and I will formulate a guided meditation for you.
We will learn the different types of meditation in various sessions.
If you know all about meditation and desire to do it regularly with motivation and a better mindset with a companion, I give monthly sessions for the same.

Why fight your battles alone when we can fight them together?
Talk about it and take off your load.
I am all ears!
We'll work on every issue together and would reach a peaceful ground
Together we'll bring the best in you.
After all, your happiness matters:)

Looking to start the spiritual journey, but it feels odd to do it alone?
No worries, you are at the right place to get a head start in this special journey of yours. You'll be guided throughout this beautiful journey of Spirituality.
It will take us about 9hrs to be ready to walk on this beautiful road in which I'll take you to various stops and will make you experience a whole new part of this Universe.

Looking forward to meeting you on this road of abundance:)


  • Meditation
  • Relaxation
  • Anger Management


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About Ananta

I am a lawyer who is on a spiritual path. I am following spirituality for more than a year now. Also, I am a pranic healer with experience of 4 years. This is just a try to impart the prepossessing knowledge of Meditation to my fellow students in a fun and loving way. Try meditating with me and you'll feel clearer, lighter and calmer.
I assure you, meditation will become a habit that is stronger than your fear!



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  • ₹199/hr

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