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1st class free!

I am Well experienced (8+yrs) yoga teacher, certified by Vinyasa-Hatha yoga academy (Rishikesh). I teach traditional yoga classes one to one and group sessions


We host the best teachers with good quality profile and experience in their field. Pratish will be happy to arrange your first Yoga class.

About the lesson

My teaching method involves synchronisation of mind, physical movements and breathing, during all practices in my class.

I teach my students without any hurry or rush. I start with simple, easy asanas, basic pranayama and short durations of meditation. Once students learn these basic practices properly then I take them to higher levels new practices and techniques.

My Scientifically Designed Daily One Hour Class Teaching Order mentioned below, covers all aspects and categories of yoga. It gives complete mental and physical health fitness.
Yogic Breathing And 6 (ATR) attentive muscles and joints tension relaxing stretches, Before Starting Asanas
Everyday 3 New Asanas
(doable with comfort and ease under my observation and instructions)
3 Stage Yogic breathing practices (abdomen torso chest ) To Make Breath Steady And Controlled Before Starting Pranayam
Everyday 3 New Pranayam Techniques
( combinations of traditional basic pranayama practices to make them more effective and beneficial )
(Last 10 MIN)

Mindfulness Meditation
Zen Meditation
Transcendental Meditation


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About Pratish

I am a qualified yoga teacher. I have done my teachers' training course of 200 hours, from Rishikesh based Vinyasa- Hatha yoga academy's camp held at Ahmedabad.

I am teaching ancient traditional yoga practices since more than 8 years, in schools, old-age shelter homes, corporate sectors, at rehabilitation centres and orphanages. I am teaching on- line classes, ONE to ONE and GROUP sessions in India, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, UAE, Nigeria, Syria and Vietnam. I can teach in English Hindi And Gujarati, all 3 languages very fluently

In a month during 20 sessions of 1 hour I teach following set of yoga practices in my scientifically designed teaching order.

1.48 Asanas
2. 48 Pranayam Techniques
3. 3 Kinds Of Meditations
( mindfulness meditation, zen meditation and transcendental meditation )
4. One Ayurvedic Practice
5. Yognidra
6. Shwaiso Breathing, Gold Nugget Pranayam And Parshuram pranayam
7. Self Observing Shavasan

My this set of yoga practices, have been successfully curing, controlling and protecting against all kinds of mind and body related health issues mentioned below and many more. It also greatly improves quality of life at mental physical and spiritual levels.

(1) Depression, Anxiety, Stress
(2) Insomnia
(3) Obesity
(4) Heart functionality related issues
(5) Asthama And All Kinds Of Breathe related issues
(6) High Cholesterol levels
(7) All Kinds Of Back Pain, Slip Disc, Scoliosis
(8) Stiff Shoulder All Kinds Of Shoulder Pain
(9) High And Low Blood Pressure
(11) Diabetes
(12) Stomach Issues Like Constipation,
Acidity, Indigestion, Gas, IBS, Ulceritis Colitis
(13) Kidney Stone Formation Tendency And Stone Pain
(14) Menstruation cycle related Problems In Ladies
(15) Menu pause Problems In Ladies
(16) Ladies Conceiving problem
(17) All Kinds Of Respiratory Disorders
(18) Vertigo
(19) Migraine And All Kinds Of Headaches
(20) All Kinds Of Knee Joint Pain
(21) Prenatal And Postnatal Pregnancy Care
(22) Thyroid (both types)
(23) Chiken Gunia And Arthritis
(24) Glaucoma (excess fluid builds up in front part of eye. which can damage optic nerve and can lead to blindness)
(25) Sciatica
(26) Verico Veins
(27) Eyesite vision issues



  • 5h: ₹6,000
  • 10h: ₹12,000


  • ₹1,200/hr

free lessons

  • 1hr


Monthly 20 Sessions Of 1 Hour. Weekly 5 Days. Monday to Friday.

ONE TO ONE CLASSES (single student or a single couple)
Rate:Rs. 1200 PER CLASS

GROUP SESSIONS (6 students at the most to pay personal attention to all)
Monthly fees: Rs. 4000 for 1 student


Find out more about Pratish

  • 01

    Tell us more about your subject. How did you develop an interest in this field?

    I am certified yoga and meditation teacher. Everyone should include yoga and meditation in daily life for infinite mental and physical health benefits. After starting yoga 14 years back to come out of depression,when I was totally cured, I was amazed by incredible health benefits of yoga and I started taking interest in knowing more about yoga.

  • 02

    What or who is the motivation behind you choosing to teach & why?

    Then I started learning yoga and meditation on regular basis with very knowledgeable yogi guru Soham. I learnt for around 18 months and was fascinated by total transformation in my life at spiritual and physical level. So I decided to teach this wonderful practice to people so that they can have same health benefits which I gained by learning.

  • 03

    How does your work help society?

    My teaching of yoga and meditation has greatly helped very large number of people in society they had gained complete mental and physical health benefits. And are living perfect peaceful happy and healthy life without any stress/anxiety or almost no physical diseases from the day they started practicing daily 1 hour yoga

  • 04

    If you had to think of a role model for your work, who do you think of & why?

    If you ask me for my role model as a yoga master I would give the credit to Maharshi patanjali as he compiled all scattered yoga sutras in ved, puran, upnishad,geeta and many other pious scripts, into 200 basic sutras.(AROUND 3200 YEARS BACK)The whole world is learning yoga by whatever name is based on this great sage's compilation known as patanjali yoga sutras. Maharshi patanjali is known as father of yoga.

  • 05

    Tell us about your hobbies outside teaching.

    Other than yoga l love reading, listening to mind soothing music, travel to places to enjoy beauty and serenity of nature, Mingling with my childhood friends, singing

  • 06

    Do you have an anecdote to tell us about your student or professional life?

    Always live in present moment with complete awareness and fully enjoy each moment, stop thinking about past as it can't be undone, stop worrying about future as we know nothing about about it and only thing under your control is the present moment.

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