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With Superprof, it has never been easier to advertise your teaching services in India. Whether you are a student looking for tutoring jobs or a professional exploring alternative jobs for teachers, Superprof can cater for everyone. 

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With Superprof, it has never been easier to advertise your teaching services in India. Whether you are a student looking for tutoring jobs or a professional exploring alternative jobs for teachers, Superprof can cater for everyone. 

With Superprof, you can:

  • Register for FREE and no user fees (we do not charge commission)
  • Set your own rates & work schedule. Be your own boss!
  • Teach from home, in your local area or online
  • Advertize your services for FREE
  • Access 1,000 of potential students
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Zahra Maths/Science teacher, Pune
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Nushad French/English teacher, Mumbai

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Hundreds of students each day in Pune!

Our private teachers in Pune receive lots of teaching requests, here are the latest.


Thomas, found their teacher

Hello Snehal, I'm an aspiring 3D games artist who loves the concept of programming computer visualisations! I wish to innovate and wow the world and I feel like programming is the way to go and object oriented even more so. I look forward to hearing from you!

3 days ago


Dan, found their teacher

Hi, I am last year games developer student and I need some help regarding my final year project with UE4 - I planned make Samsung GearVR game. I need some planning structure for the task and possible advice. Is it something in your scope of lessions? Please let me know. Best Regards Dan

6 days ago


Zahra , found their teacher

Hi, I would like to take English lessons, I would really like to improve my English to speak it fluency That's a long-term job that I want, Keep me informed if it's your interest to have a long follow-up, My level is very basic but very determined to learn Zahra xx

1 week ago


Ashwini, found their teacher

Hi Nishi, I am Ashwini and I am also from Pune. I cleared N5 certification in July 2017, and appeared in N4 in Dec 2017. I could not clear N4, but would like to either reappear in N4 or be ready for N3 by mid this year. I am looking for a tutor cum companion for my study. Please let me know a suitable time to chat/ call. We will discuss it further over call. Regards, Ashwini Kher

2 weeks ago

Rhythem, found their teacher

Hi, I'm Rhythm Goswami and currently I'm pursuing mechanical engineering b.tech degree. I'm very much interested in quantum mechanics but I cannot be able to learn it by myself, I've been trying from last 3 months. I've also read Richard Feynman's volume 3. Therefore I need someone to teach it to me and tell me about some new possibilities in this field. So please try to contact me, as a student I'm requesting. Thank You

2 weeks ago


Ramón, found their teacher

Hello, I've been told to be a C1 student however I'm not consistent with the basics while speaking and want to hone them. I do language exchanges but I want a full hour of english with no spanish at all. I was afraid of the time diference but actually it's not that big. Right now I could Skype pretty much at any hour of the day so let me know when you can. Regards, Ramon.

2 weeks ago


Tanusha, found their teacher

Hi this is Tanusha, I wanted to learn guitar since long time. I can play casio and harmonium as well. But learning is will be really great thing for me as i love music. Right now I am pursuing classes. So please get back soon so that i can know what is ur strategy and timing n all. thankyou.

2 weeks ago


Piyush, found their teacher

Hello, I am Piyush Bhavsar an IT Professional working with german based IT company. I wanted to learn german language for business purpose for that reason I looking for tutor who can teach me asap. you can contact me on 8(concealed information)

3 weeks ago


Faiz, found their teacher

Hey Ankita, Myself Faiz Anjum, working at Symantec as Renewal Analyst in Pune. Am keen to learn few foreign languages to have add-ons into my profile. Could you please let me know the details like how the language is and what apprx. duration it takes to learn basic so that at least can communicate. Thanks in advance!

1 month ago


Ravindra, found their teacher

Hi , I teach chemistry for last 5 years , but i dont have chemistry back ground ( post graduationin computers ) . I have gathered knowledge abt chemistry by watching videos on internet . You have mentioned thermodynamics part separately and i am intrested in getting hold of this topic completely ... Really intrested in learning this topic with hope that

1 month ago


Laura, found their teacher

hello, i am laura, im working in germany in english so i would like to learn specially speaking and listening english my level more or less is b1 i am available afternoons around 7.30 pm (germany time) and i would like to start as soon as posible are you available? thank you, regards

1 month ago


Krishna, found their teacher

Hi Tejas, My son has lot of passion for chess . His current rating is > 1000. I am not able to see much growth in the rating for past one year as he is playing by himself & computer. So I am looking for a best tutor for my son. Is it possible to have a class @ 8 / 9 pm IST on Feb 11th. Please let me know your contact info. Latha. (concealed information)

1 month ago


Catherine, found their teacher

Hi Vinita I am travelling to India with my husband and would love to learn traditional style Indian food, especially vegetarian food. I think this is the date when I am there, but could be a day either side of that. I love cooking in New Zealand and would love to have the chance to learn to cook with you in your home. I was thinking maybe three hours? Kind regards Catherine

1 month ago


, found their teacher

Address N4 1H Number of hours: 3hrs Number of students 1 Subject (s): This student needs help with Physics and English mainly. But also would need assistant in Biology and Chemistry. School Year 11 Reason for tuition; preparing for exams

2 months ago


Jesús , found their teacher

Hi Helen After living in London during 2016 I need to brush up my English skills, even expand my vocabulary and get fluency speaking. My listening should be better as well so I´ve decided to take classes again. Are you willing to invest your time in someone like me? I don´t know if it´s a challenge for you or you prefer another kind of student. If you think it can work well, please let me know. See you soon teacher

2 months ago

esol - english for speakers of other languages teacher
(1 review)

Professional Trainer for Spoken English from Pune- with work experience 25 years


Tirth, found their teacher

I am first year undergraduate in chemical engineering. The major subjects I need help with are: Chemical Engineering Concepts (material balance, manometer, linearization, etc.), Physics (mechanics), Linear Algebra, Calculus, and general chemistry. Would you be able to assist me, primarily in material balances, etc.?

2 months ago


William, found their teacher

Hi! I need develop some programming skills to implement some metaheuristics. But I'm just a biginner or intermediate. I would like to start learning how to read a matrix from a file .txt and print it on the screen using fstream.

2 months ago


Ramya, found their teacher

Hi Ishan, I am Ramya Chandrasekar living in USA (Eastern time zone). I would like to learn Marathi as I am interested and passionate about the language. Could you propose a time that works for both of us? Look forward to hear from you about the first lesson. Regards Ramya

2 months ago


Gilead, found their teacher

hi! I have a physiology exam next week. I have a file with 200 multiple choice questions that I need answers for. All I need is the answers for the questions and I will pay according to the time it took you to solve them. I will also send you the presentations we have from our teachers. please let me know if that works for you! thanks!

2 months ago


Pushkar, found their teacher

I'm looking for a guitar tutor for my two kids (9 year son and 8 year daughter). I have already bought an electric guitar with amp and an acoustic guitar at home and i want these lessons to be given at my home. Preferably once or twice a week (weekdays). For my son, i want to have him learn on electric guitar from day one, mostly in the rock domain. Please let me know your availability.

2 months ago


Caleb, found their teacher

Hi Dnyanada I have been looking for the knowledge to draw for awhile now. I have watched numerous videos on the internet but I can’t quite get it. I need someone to personally supervise me and see where I’m messing up. May I ask, as I’m 21, what age range of students you work with?

2 months ago


Ravi, found their teacher

Hi, need Hindi classes for my two sons aged 10 and 8, they speak English and keen to learn Hindi, can you help.You should be able to speak English to teach them, please let me know what hours you could teach them. regards, Ravi

2 months ago


Kavitha, found their teacher

My son Tarun is planning to take Chemistry Subject SAT. Do you have experience in teaching SAT Chemistry? Do you give practice quiz and tests after teaching? Please provide details on how you plan to teach and what book do you refer? Please call me on WhatsApp.

2 months ago

Schola, found their teacher

Hello Ms. Manali, My name is Schola and i go to the university of nottingham studying an UG-BSc in medical physiology and therapeutics I started in 2015 but had to take a break against my will as education comes always first than health but everyone else saw it differently so now i'm back in first year we got exams next week from the 15th. I only just found this website sady cause it would have helped me be more prepared for the exams :( cause due to my health condition i through an incident...

2 months ago

Mark, found their teacher

Hi Pradeep. I'm looking for webcam lessons to understand some C++ code I have. If you can go through it with me and teach me what each part is doing and how it works. I have a basic understanding already of C++ but need someone who knows more Regards Marc

2 months ago

Tadeusz, found their teacher

Hello , my name is Tadeusz but in India I used the nickname Taju . I need help to teach me Node JS and WebFront IDE - at least to load open souce module cesiumjs.org - from Github and write one example module for a frontend and an example which uses MomgoDB or files - like XML files ( KML files in Google Maps API ) or JSON type files at the backend Cesium uses only javascript and nodejs , HTML5 and CSS3 and developers advice to use WebStorm IDE. I know mostly java core and Netbeans...

3 months ago

Mohammad, found their teacher

Dear Priya could you help me learn German language and write exam B1 or B2 in two month . i am currently in A2 i believe and am curious to learn this more . please i will b thankfull for your kind reply . pls reach me on this watsapp number +(concealed information) kind regards iqbal

4 months ago

Vesko, found their teacher

My name is Vesko and I am an undergraduate computer science student at Oxford Brookes. I would like assistance in developing an Android Applicaiton. The application is based on Googles' Firebase service. The foundation of the app is already created, and I am looking for help with creating user messaging and few other features. If you have expertise in this area, get back to me with your availability, as I would like to start ASAP if possible. Kind regards, V

4 months ago

Prabhjas, found their teacher

Hello Sir, I already appeared twice for IELTS. In my first attempt. I've got L-7 R-5.5 W-6.5 S-5.5. Overall 6.5. In the second attempt. S-6.5 L-6 R-6.5 W-6. Overall 6.5. I want to increase my score up to 8 bands. Need your counselling or suggestions. Regards, Prabhjas Singh

5 months ago


Pranjal, found their teacher

I'm doing post graduation in economics from Mumbai. Facing difficulty in Econometrics. Coming to Pune for Diwali holidays and hence i want to use this time wisely to understand all the concepts properly. Please help

6 months ago