TAPAS - Prof aromatherapy - Pune

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  • Hourly fee ₹1,000
  • Response Time 24h
TAPAS - Prof aromatherapy - Pune


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  • Aromatherapy

I am teacher from 10 years in my life and maths teacher

Class location

    • At TAPAS's house: Pune


I HAVE BEST 10 YEARS EXPERIENCE for all over state in india
may from 15 years teaching line and my subject maths please
call and suggested me regarding of luck sure and calling me
please collect and best reading you child and resposbility

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  • English

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I HAVE BEST 10 YEARS EXPERIENCE for all over state in india
may from 15 years teaching line and my subject maths please
call and suggested me regarding of luck sure and calling me
please collect and best reading you child and resposbility

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Hourly fee

  • ₹1,000

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  • 5h: ₹5
  • 10h: ₹10



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