Harsha - Prof cooking - Kalyan


  • Hourly fee ₹1,000
  • Response Time 24h
Harsha - Prof cooking - Kalyan


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  • Cooking
  • Chocolate maker

I teach many types of chocolates more than 50 types of chocolates i teach

Class location

    • At Harsha's house: Kalyan

    • at your home : will travel up to 25 km

About Harsha

I have teached many peoples in class i provide notes & u can take chocolates at your home what u have practiced

Variety of chocolates for example :- paan chocolate , bounty , coffee , pina colada , ferrero rocher , etc & many more

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About the lesson

  • Beginner
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  • English

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I teach many types of chocolates more than 50 types of chocolates i teach
City - mumbai
For more details kindly contact me - (concealed information)

For photos kindly contact me on my mail address

Variety of chocolates for example :- paan chocolate , bounty , coffee , pina colada , ferrero rocher , etc & many more

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Hourly fee

  • ₹1,000

Pack Prices

  • 5h: ₹5
  • 10h: ₹10


3hrs for 2000/-

This workshop will teach you basics of chocolate making and exotic chocolates.
Learn to make diferent types of chocolates which include...soft centers, hard centers, sticky centers, liquid centers and many more as highlighted below::
???? Dairy milk
????marble chocolate
????lolipops chocolates
????triple layered
????fruit and nuts
????chrunchy chocolates
????oreo pops
????ferreo rocher
????almond truffle
????butterscotch delight
????spicy chilly chocolate
????chocolate pizza
????strawberry and mango chocolate
????paan delight
????coconut delight
????truffle balls
????almond rocks
????truty fruity
???? Coffee Bite
????Honey Dew
???? Crackle
???? Snickers

Many more variations will be discussed. 20+ chocolates demo and few additional recipes will be shared. Its hand on session.

All material and printed notes will be provided.

You will carry back box of chocolates made in class.

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