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Saif - Prof C - Banda
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« He is best , a suggestion for you all just join his lectures and you... More »
« He is best , a suggestion for you all just join his lectures and you will get to know what teaching means you will get all the basics required and start loving the subject »
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Classes offered by Saif
  • Individual
The classes will be held
Taught subjects
  • C
  • Computer programming
  • HTML
  • C++
  • Programming languages
  • Python
  • All Levels

Running programming classes for last 10+ years. Python Paced Classes for Engineering Students


1-I am using several teaching styles, one of them is "UNPLUGGED style" where I am teaching programming concepts by using real life experiences & emphasizing on developing cognitive ability so that student could develop reasoning, analytical qualities.
2- Using Computational thinking skill in teaching computer programming.
3- Lecture cum Demonstration methodology
4- Using Feedback approach
5- Student Centric Approach
6- Using latest Technologies(Whatsapp Groups/Teamviewer) to solve there problems while coding


* Qualification: MCA
* Specialization : Python for Everyone (Coursera)
* Total Exp: 13+ Yrs | Teaching programming : 10+ Yrs | Software Dev : 3 Yrs
* Given overall 100% CBSE result in teaching Class XII students since 2012.
* 6 years of experience as Board exam in-charge .


Rate for online classes : ₹150/hr
Rate for 5 hours of classes : ₹500
Rate for 10 hours of classes : ₹1,000


1- Regular Online/offline Computer Science (CS 083) class:
MODE : Batch
Days : 120
FEE : 800
2- Regular Online/offline Informatics Practices (IP 065) class:
MODE : Batch
Days : 120
FEE : 800
3-Python Crash Course for BCA MCA Btech NIELIT O Level students
Days : 60 days
Subject : Python

Classes offered by Saif
The classes will be held
at his home
Taught subjects
  • C
  • Computer programming
  • HTML
  • C++
  • Programming languages
  • Python
  • All Levels

Saif's CV

•Overall 13 Years experience include relevant experience in education sector as well as software industry experience.
•10 years of relevant experience as a Computer Sc. Faculty teaching Class XI XII in CBSE Affiliated institution.
•3 Years of experience in designing and developing various Windows & Web based Applications.
•Trained 75+ Staff members about how to teach Online on ZOOM App.
•Good command of PYTHON 3 and Mysql as per CBSE Syllabus.
•Sound Conceptual knowledge of Object Oriented Programming Methodologies.
•Excellent IT Supervising skills as well as ability to liaison to 3rd parties.
•Excellent analytical and Problem Solving with hardworking and positive attitude.

Python 3, C, C++, MySQL 5.0, HTML, CSS JavaScript
Programming Language : C,C++,Python3, HTML, CSS ,JavaScript
Online Tools : Zoom, Google Meet
Environment : Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Android
Post Graduation : Master of Computer App. (MCA), from UPTU Lucknow with 71%
Graduation : B.Sc. from Bundelkhand University, Jhansi
Intermediate : Intermediate from UP Board, Allahabad
Matriculation : High School from UP Board, Allahabad
Specialization : Python Specialization Endorsed by Michigan University- Coursera
1-Programming for Everybody ( Link :(concealed information)
2- Python Data Structures (Certificate Link : (concealed information) )
3- Python to access Web (Certificate Link : (concealed information) )
Experience as Computer Sc Faculty
Experience : 10+ Years
Board : CBSE
Position Title : PGT Computer Sc.
Description : Given Overall 100% result for Class XII since 2012 upto 2020
Role • Teaching Computer Sc.
• Assisting IT related back-office operations
• Executing CBSE Board Exam on School Centre.
• Providing technical training to School Staff as per need.(CBSE Board Exam)

Employer#2 St Marys Senior Secondary School, Banda
Period From Nov 2011 to Nov 2020
Designation Computer Science Lecturer PYTHON 3 , MYSQL - CLASS XI, XII as per CBSE)
Role Act as a consultant for IT Services & Digital Class Management.
Responsibilities • Providing IT services like Comp Lab management and maintenance ,provide assistance in digital Class Administration.
• Provide IT Training to the teaching & Non teaching Staff about Digital class usage .
• Teaching Computer Science to XI and XII as per CBSE guidelines.

Employer#1 Tricore Software Pvt Ltd,New Delhi
Period From June 2008 to August 2011
Designation Software Engineer
Role Designing and Developing various Web Based Projects .
Responsibilities • In TricoreSoftware I have worked as a Sofware Engineer.
• I have good hands on ASP.Net C#, Ms SQL 2005.MySql 5.0

Educational Qualification

• B.Sc. VeerBhumi Degree College, Mahoba. (Bundelkhand Univ.)
• Intermediate Mukund Lal Inter College, Mahoba. (UP Board)
• High School Mukund Lal Inter College, Mahoba (UP Board)

Personal Details
• Date of Birth : 5th Jan, 1983
• Marital Status : Single
• Language : English,Hindi, Urdu
• Nationality : Indian

(Saif Ulla khan)

7 reviews on Saif
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7 recommendations


He is best , a suggestion for you all just join his lectures and you will get to know what teaching means you will get all the basics required and start loving the subject


After passing class 10th i was little confused in choosing the subjects between hindi and computer (want to take computer but having a fear that i don't know much about computer that can make me lag behind many students) . So, one day i went to sir saif and asked all possible doubts i had .He not only cleared my doubts perfectly but also given me confidence to learn programming. After that i joined sir's coaching and made proper notes (notes are very important). Learning programming with sir was just a fantastic experience. And with sir's guidance , the boy who was fearing to take programming in class 11th got 97/100 in class 12th.


If you Want to learn coding in fun and most easiest way then...saif sir is the best person to go to and take classes from!
I have been learning from saif sir since my highschool and it has been a great experience. He is a very thoughtful teacher who puts a lot of thought into how he presents the material. His lessons are engaging, useful, and he's very patient with everyone in class always encouraging his students to try. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in learning programming language.

Ankur Purwar

"Experienced, engaging, and patient teacher"
I have studied Computer Science from Sir Saif for more than two years. He is experienced and highly knowledgeable. He keeps his lesson effective, engaging, and fun. and he also knows exactly where the students get stuck, so he teaches that part with more examples and would clear all your doubts immediately. His behavior is so mesmerizing that you feel like you are studying from your elder brother. He patiently listens to the doubts no matter how many times you have asked him the same question, every time he finds a more effective and understandable way to explain it. After studying from him, I can say that you won't need to study that subject from anyone else. Once taught by Sir Saif, that concept would remain crystal clear in your mind for a lifetime.


Sir your way of making students understand the concept is very good . Along with studies you crack jokes in between classes and connect with students on one to one basis that's what we call as cherry on the cake. All in all you are a fantastic teacher and a genuine person.
Thankyou Sir


I had an amazing experience being the student of Sir. I am from 2k16 batch and we know sir since we joined school and I can say by my experience he is best CS teacher that I have met. I have completed my undergrad and have experienced many teachers but I still say if Saif Sir had taught us this subject, then that subject would be dal rice for us. I can write and give his way of teaching his concepts and his practical experience is far far better than University Professors. You are lucky if you got sir during your school life.
We love you sir!! Thanks for being there.
Aditya Singh(2k16 Batch)


I just want to say be a good listener because Saif sir will explain all the details of concept in simple and easy language with lot of day to day life examples you just Have to listen him carefully and complete all the assignments what ever he gives no doubt you will be great coder

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at his home at your home By webcam
1 hour ₹100 Not available ₹150
5 hours ₹500 Not available ₹750
10 hours ₹1,000 Not available ₹1,500
Unfortunately, this teacher is not available