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Read Like A Champion | Learn Great Techniques | Do The Quick Reading (“QUICK READING”) | Read Well To Do Well in life | Read | Understand | Comprehend |


We host the best teachers with good quality profile and experience in their field. Neelesh will be happy to arrange your first Reading class.

About the lesson

Read slow | Read fast | Pace yourself | Understand what you read |
You always wanted a high reading speed. But you did not know who to ask.
As of now, you want to improve your reading comprehension (“READING COMPREHENSION”)
You need to start right away. You need an elite tutor. You are willing to spend. Yet you are unable to find the right tutor. No problem! Here I am. Let us begin with the basics. We will learn step-by-step. You will start slow. You will practice. You will slowly increase your speed. This is called deliberate reading (“DELIBERATE READING”). After some time, you will be reading faster. Fast reading (“FAST READING”) happens after lots of practice.
This class will help you get better at reading (“READING”). It is for native speakers. It is also for non-native speakers. Each of us can improve. Learn basic techniques of reading (“READING”) in any language
Following are few of the several aspects of this training exercise:
• Scanning (“SCANNING”)
• Extensive Reading (“EXTENSIVE READING”)
• Intensive Reading (“INTENSIVE READING”)
• Speed Reading (“SPEED READING”)
There are many techniques that we will deploy in this class. Every human being needs help. You too can apply these techniques to get better at reading (“READING”)
Of course, all this is about the English language (“ENGLISH LANGUAGE”)
But the approach remains the same for each language. You can learn the technique for the English language, initially. Gradually, you become better. You reach your prime. You then become well adept. Then you can apply it to other languages too.
These languages are: French, Spanish Espanol, Spanish Castellano, Spanish Esperanto, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese and Mandarin.


  • Reading
  • Grammar
  • Test prep
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    Speed Reading

    Foreign University Admissions Prep


  • French
  • English
  • Portuguese
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About Neelesh

Reading (“READING”) is an essential part of your student life. It will become an important part of your professional life. I have known this myself as a student and as a professional. :-)
I have been teaching students and working professionals, the subject of Reading Comprehension (“READING COMPREHENSION”) and Speed Reading (“Speed Reading”) since the year 2005. I teach college students. I teach working professionals. I prepare them for entrance exams. I take classes for standardized aptitude tests. I also make them more efficient in their professional endeavours.
I have a degree in hard sciences. I have subsequently obtained my MBA. I have worked as a professional in a corporate job. I have worked in the field of teaching Reading. I have been a Verbal Aptitude and Verbal Reasoning tutor. This enables me to be a confident teacher in this field. My approach is technically proficient. I deploy a unique approach to acquire mastery over the subject of reading (“READING”). My students have appreciated this approach immensely.
As a private tutor, I exercise utmost patience. I care for each student. I will give enough time to you my student
I work with only one student at a time only. Hence my focus will be very high on you. I will be your mentor. Once you join, you will be the only student of mine. I train only one student at one time.
You will find my course very useful. You should try the speed reading (“SPEED READING”) technique in my class. It has helped a lot of students! My past students have all been highly appreciative of the work that I have done for each of them.
Most of my students prepare for the following standardized tests: “GRE”, “GMAT”, “TOEFL”, “IELTS”, “PTE”, etc. Some also are professionals who need to improve at work.
My class has fun learning vibes. I make learning fun. Jokes and funny quips make the journey more enjoyable. You will seldom get bored. :-)
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  • ₹4,500/hr


We will follow the rules of this website. This website has mentioned some details. These details will be followed by us. Also, we have our own policies. We will provide the policy document via email. Please refer the document. Refunds will be processed accordingly. Do refer to the terms & conditions document. Contact us immediately! We are here for you. Book a session right away! We can discuss everything on a voice call. We can discuss everything via text too. You can communicate with us using email also!

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