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About the lesson

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  • Maths
  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
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  • English


  • Higher Secondary School

About Meha

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    Sri Ganganagar

    Easy and different skill for maths which make the students love n like maths. As students feel it a difficult subject, but...

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  • Student in government engineering college bikanertuition from 1st to 10th all subjects



    My teaching methodology is very simple Focus on a goal at a time Makes study fun for the students Always ready to teach

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  • IITians give tuition to school and college students to master their mathematics skills



    My teaching method is quite simple. I used to teach basics first and lays the foundation for advanced topics.

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  • Student in engineering college 3rd year, cleared IIT-JEE with AIR 5911. Gives easy to understand lessons for highschool maths.



    I like to teach the concepts in a practical approach, as clearing the basics is a must for every subject. I focus more on...

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  • I am a software engineer. Teaching is my hobby. Anybody wants tutor. Plz contact.



    I like to give daily life example that can help students to understand concepts. Usually I use simple words that can easy...

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  • My name is Ajay Hada and I'm so excited to be your teacher. I'm b.tech final year student mechanical branch.



    My teacing method base on students. which way I'm reaching best that students feel connection with me and share their...

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  • Home tution classes for school maths. Experience in different private tutoring At high places



    My teaching method based on practice and exams From A to z I will teach u so that u could be good

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  • Mathematics classes by engineering student are always best. Enroll as soon as possible



    My teaching method is not so tough first of all i try to get Frank with students so i can know about their weakness and then...

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  • Engineering graduate, Gives tution for maths with basics and conceptual clearity in with real life applications.



    My teaching is to relate topics to application as it makes it easier to understand. I approach topics with basics which are...

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  • Chemistry, maths, physics teacher for class 9-12.(graduate for NIT Tiruchirappalli



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  • B.tech graduate with strong hold on mathematics as major obtaining 100% score in my 10th and 12th both. Personal and easily understandable tutorial skills.



    Hello there, I'll be teaching mathematics as my subject to you. Learning mathematics with me will be -fun and informative...

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  • Masters in both Environmental Science And Geography. Can teach Science and Maths up to 10th class. Have 6years of experience.



    Learning is a continuous process. Especially in science, one can learn from everyday life and I am more like a hands-on...

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  • I can teach maths in english to all students upto class 8

    Ramdev Choudhary


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  • I want to Teach class 3 to class 7 all subjects an class11 and class 12 physics

    Inderjeet Singh Parihar


    I love to teach students ..... I want to work for their bright future... I think without a teacher it is difficult to gain...

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  • Mathematics is not just about numbers, equations, or algorithms:it is about understanding the concepts clearly. (ishuindira06 gmail com)



    4.9 (31 reviews)

    In my classes I want the students to extrapolate things from textbook and analyse it in a better way. I want it to be a fun...

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  • Engineering graduate is giving class for physics and maths for high school students in Kerala



    5 (8 reviews)

    My teaching method is mainly based on application level... i used to explain the topic first (at the lowest level) and then...

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  • Enthusiastic Native French Speaker in Jharkhand interested in tutoring in a Long/short term position students in international baccalaurate or language immersion high school educational setting.



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    Instructed students in French grammar,vocabulary and pronunciation. Dynamism,adaptability,innovation and...

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  • Convenient online Math teaching with Onscreen White Board for CBSE/ ICSE/ Bihar Board (6-10)



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    I start my teaching simply by giving examples of real life. It also depends on students as to how they receive if this does...

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  • High school Teacher with 8year experience gives math Phys chem bio classes upto class 10th online and offline mode

    Asit panigrahii


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    My teaching method is using by chalk and board also I used lessons from example to theory .my explanation is based on...

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  • Learn and let others learn. Never give up on your goals come what may.



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    I first test the level of student so that the right method can be adopted according to his current state. Weekly assessments...

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  • Undergraduate ,artist and kind personality with a patient behaviour...love teaching maths differently



    5 (8 reviews)

    My method of teaching will be distinct.Studying maths should be full of mind fun. Making maths easier for the students who...

    • 150/h
    • 30mins free