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I Make Botany to my students so simple that students can easily swim into it


Methodology is making the complex subject as simple as possible .Simple language for the complex knowledge through the proper Voice modulation .Use of modern methods of teaching such as power point presentation consisting bullet points with photos, data and figures


I am Dr Danawade Laxman Nema aged 62years M.Sc PhD in Aquatic Plant Physiology. Retired as Village Director from a reputed International child care institution called as SOS Children;s Villages of India .Besides Botany I have expertise in Water Pollution Control ,Biogas ,Manure ,Alternative Energy .Distillery Spent wash treatment ,rehabilitation of Orphan and needy children and youth


Transportation Fee : ₹200
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Classes offered by Laxman Nema
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Taught subjects
  • Biology
  • Cellular biology
  • Genetics
  • Physiology
  • Botany
  • Primary School
  • Middle School
  • Class 10
  • Higher Secondary School
  • Class 12
  • Adult education
  • Undergraduate
  • Masters
  • Postgraduate Diploma
  • Doctorate

Laxman Nema 's CV


A. Name ,Designation, Department,
Institute and Address:
SOS Children's Villages Of India , Branch :Sogaon, Mumbai ,Alibaug,
Post : Mapgaon ,Tal :Alibaug - 402 201. Dist : Raigad,

Present Mailing address
Survey No 31/2/2 ,Pruthwiraj Complex ,Flat No 302,
III floor ,Ingale Colony ,NDA Road ,
Shivane ,Pune Tahsil Haveli ,Dist Pune

Career Objective : To secure a Senior level position in a reputed organization where I can effectively contribute my varied potential of skills viz. Physiology of Aquatic Botany ,Information Technology , Renewable Energy, Pollution Control, Settlement / Integration of Youth, Child Protection ,Computer ,Sports ,Driving and resilience building to serve as professional as per requirement

B. Date of Birth : October 22 , 1957

C. Health :Height 157 Cms .Weight : 72 Kgs Blood Group : O +ve

D. Sex : Male E. Nationality: Indian. F. Caste: Hindu [Jain –Chaturth ] .

G. Marital Status : Married H. Languages Known : Hindi, Marathi, English and Kanadda,
I. Hobbies : Computer Reading, Driving, Basket Ball and Volley ball, Domestic repair works ,cleanliness
Fathers Name : Late Nema Rama Danawade
Occupation : Farmer
Mothers Name : Mrs. Shevanti Nema Danawade
Occupation : House Wife
Brothers : Four, two are farmers and two are doing service .
Sisters : Nil

Children: Have 02 sons. Elder son Rahul aged 29 years has completed Graduation in Engineering in Information Technology from Walchand Institute of Technology Under Solapur University at Solapur and working in IT Company at Banglore .Younger son Rohan aged 28 years has completed BE Chemical in Vishwakarma Institute of Technology Under Pune University Presently preparing for UPSC and MPSC at Pune .

8. Number of Family Members : 05

K. Academic and Professional Career, Degree Position held etc:

1. Academic Career:

Course Class Obtained Year Subject Board/University/College School
MS- CIT I Class July 2008 Computer MSBTE and MKCL
Ph.D. NA 1990 Botany (Plant Physiology) Shivaji University
Kolhapur, Willingdon College Sangli.
M .Sc. / 1982 Botany (Plant Physiology Shivaji University, Kolhapur, P G. Department,
B .Sc. I Class 1980 Botany Shivaji University, Kolhapur Willingdon College, Sangli.
H. Sc. II Class 1977 Mar ,Eng, ,Phy Chem. ,Bio,
Math’s Pune Board, Willingdon College , Sangli

S.S.C. I Class 1975 Mar, Hin , Eng , Phy , Chem. ,
Bio ,Math’s ,Soc .Sic Pune Board ,S .M. School, Dattawad , Tal Shirol, Dist .Kolhapur.

2. Professional Career :

a. 1994 - 31st October 2017 , Village Director, SOS Children’s Village India, Alibag Sogaon .
b. 1987-94 Junior, Researcher, Shivsadan Renewable Energy Research Institute, 192/3 MIDC Sangli- 416415 .

c. 1983- 87 Research Assistant \ Ph.D.Scholar Shivsadan Renewable Energy Research Institute, 192/3 MIDC Sangli- 416415

d. 1982-83 Lecturer ,Willingdon College Vishrambaug , Sangli - 416416


1. Military Training:

a. Passed Senior College N.C.C. (1978-1980), Under Officer Obtained B & C INFANTRY Certificates both in C Grade

b. Attended two annual training Camps in 1978 and 1979 held at Madgaon Goa.

c. Attended one army attachment camp from 10th June to 30th June 1980 in the capacity of under officer held at Aundh Post of Pune. Through 16 Maharashtra Batalian Sangli

2. Sports:

Special events in athletics were running and Pole vault. Represented Shivaji University, Kolhapur up to zone and inter-zone in year 1980 -82
Secured taluka level I st Place and district II Place in 5 KM Maraton for senior citizens above 45 years in year 2002- 03.

3. Earn and Learn Scheme:
In the year 1981 and 1982 Completed two years course of post graduation in Botany ,Plant Physiology through Dr. Appasaheb Pawar Vidhyarthi Bhavan “Earn and Learn Scheme” of Shivaji University, Kolhapur.


1. Won Principal N.B. Tare Memorial Prize in Botany in 1979.

2. Got meritorious certificate from Social Welfare Department , Latur for active participation in Prohibition and Education in 1998-99.

N. List of Scientific Research Papers Published:

I.Karadage B. A., Danawade L.N.and P.D Chavan (1983) Physiological studies in Lippia nodiflora, Michaux. Journal of Biovigyanum, Vol, No.09:47-58., 10 pp.
II.Joglekar V.R., Sonar V.G. and L.N.Danawade (1987) Effect of some parameters on Generation of Biogas from Water Hyacinth in Symposium on development of Research activities in Chemistry, 12 pp .
III.Danawade L.N. and V.R.Joglekar (1991) Monitoring of a Night soil based biogas Plant – A Krishna Model Biogas from III 46 ,Bremen Overseas Research and Development Agency (BORDA ).
IV.Dhawale M.R. and L.N.Danawade (1991) .Optimum Hydraulic Retention time and total solids content in a Cattle dung based biogas Digester. Biogas Forum II No.50 -7 Bremen Overseas Research and Development Agency (BORDA ).


Title of Ph.D Thesis :

“Studies in aquatic plants and their utilization for pollution removal, energy generation and manuring “(Degree Awarded in 1990).This thesis work was apart of the Department of Non-Conventional Energy Sources (DNES ) Government of India ,funded Water hyacinth project entitled “ Domestic Wastewater Treatment Cum Biogas Generation and Manure Plant “

Abstract of Ph. D.Thesis: Please Vide Annexure I.
Post-Doctoral Research Experience :
Duration: Nov 1990 to Jan 1994
Institute: Shivsadan Renewable Energy Research Institute, 192 /3 Industrial Estate, Sangli-416416.
Designation: Junior Researcher.
Nature of Work: Biogas Research and Development and Kisan Nursery Project Sponsored by Department of Social forestry Sangli.

Training /Seminar/ Workshops conducted /Attended:

Sr.No Year Title Duration Organization


1984 Microbiological Aspect
Of Biogas Production. 10 days MACS, Research Institute, Pune.

2. 1986 National Seminar on
Environmental Pollution Control and Monitoring. 3 days CSIO Chandigarh Punjab.

3. 1992 National Seminar on
Environmental Protection. 3 days Bharti Vidyapeeth Centre, Sangli.


1998 First Youth Co-workers
Seminar. 3 days SOS India New Delhi. SOS means Save our Souls

1998 Disaster Management
Workshop at Preetam Hotel Latur 3 days EFICOR, New Delhi.

6. 2000 Workshop on Indian Medical Plants
Up-date 2000 2 days Maharawatada
Board Aurangabad

2004 Training Programme for Co-worker youth 14 Days SOS India New Delhi at its National Training Center ,Faridabad
8. 2005 Training Programme for co-worker youth 10 days SOS India New Delhi at its National Training Center ,Faridabad
9. 2006 Training Programme for co-worker youth 07 days SOS India New Delhi at its National Training Center ,Faridabad
10. 2007 Workshop on Child Protection Policy for SOS core group stake holders 03 days SOS Children’s Villages of India ,Khajuri kalan Bhopal ( M.P.)
11. Nov
2008 Training Programme for co-worker youth 05 days SOS National Training Centre Faridabad ,Haryana state
12. June 2009 Orientation Training on JJ act 2000 and amendment 2006 ,child Rights and Integrated Child Protection Scheme For Superintendents of Children Homes /Probation Officers /VDs 06 Days National Institute of Public Co-operation and Child Development Western Regional Centre ,Indore MP
13 Dec 2009 Performance Management System II and Leadership training Programme for inquiry officer and Probationary Officer 03 days SOS CV Nagapattanam
14 July 2010 Workshop on Resilience building among children under adverse condition 03 days SOS National Training Centre Faridabad ,Haryana State
15 Capacity Building workshop series III : Development of Leadeship among the second line 03 Days Hotel sai Inn in Alibaug organized by SOS CV Sogaon
16 23rd August to 26th August 2011 Capacity Building workshop series IV . Development of Leadership among the second line 04 Days SOS Children.s Village Nagapattanam
17 Sept 2011 Workshop on Resilience building among children in adverse condition 03 days SOS National Training Centre Faridabad ,Haryana State
18 14April 2012 to 17 th April 2012 Conducted resilience building workshop for Alibaug coworkers and mothers 04 Activity building
19 19th April 2012 to 22nd th April 2012 Conducted resilience building workshop for SOS CV Latur coworkers and mothers 04 Days Social and Medical Centre Latur
20 25th April 2012 to 28nd th 2012 Conducted resilience building workshop for SOS CV Raipur coworkers and mothers 04 Days Social and Medical Centre Raipur
21 July 2013 J J Act Workshop By WCD Raigad 01 day Sampark Balgram Bandhan Poynad Alibag
22 Nov 2013 XXIX Annual Coworkers Seminar
1.Effective Planning and monitoring of the education Programme 2.POCSO act 2012 3. Common Sense Parenting 06 days SOS National Training Centre Faridabad ,Haryana State
23 13th
Jan to 15th Jan 2014 Workshop on Common Sense Parenting 03 days SOS National training Faridabad
24 Nov 2014 XXX SOS Annual Coworkers Seminar
1. Door: Good to great journey
2. Creating ambience in youth
3. Emotional freedom technique
4. Behavioral issues in children and Adolescent
06 days SOS National Training Centre Faridabad ,Haryana State
25 October 2014 State Seminar on Quality Care for Every Child . .A joint venture of SOS India and TISS Mumbai 01 Tata institute of Social Sciences ,Devnar Mumbai
26 Sept 2014 One day training Programme on Protection Children Of Children from Sexual Offences POCSO 2012 ,Child Rights and 01 SAMPARK Balgram ,Bandhan Poynad
27 04 th December 2015 Alternative Care emerging trends and possibilities .A joint venture of SOS india and TISS Mumbai 01 YASHADA Pune
28 October 2015 One Day Training Programme on POCSO by WCD,Raigad . 01 Panchdeep Sankul ,Khanda Colony ,New Panvel
29 16th November 2015 XXXI Annual Co-workers Seminar
Child Protection,Disaster preparedness ,Media advocacy 02 NTC Faridabad
30 November 2015 XXXII Annual Co-workers Seminar Situation leadership I ,Influencer an 18 month Journey 02 National training Centre Faridabad and New Delhi
31 November 2016 One Day Seminar Child Right and Protection MSCPCR
01 Mumbai
32 26thand 27 Nove 2016 Situation leadership II 2016 02 NTC Faridabad and New Delhi
33 28.02.2017 Work shop by WCD Raigad
a.Domestic Violence act 2005 b.Manodhairya Yojana c.POCSO 2012
c.Role of CWC and JJB
01 Kachi Bhawan ,Shribaug II
34 9th March 2017 Sexual Harassment of Woman at work place 01 Kachi Bhawan ,Shribaug II
35 03rd May 2017 MSCPCR Child right Commission ,Public Hearing on Child Labour Act and Right to free and compulsory education 01 Rajswa Sabhagraha in Collector Office

P. Other Experience:

01. Co-ordintated two Biogas Surveys ,one in 1988 and the other in 1992 .It was financed by BORDA a German Research Institute and Conducted through Shivsadan Organization to investigate Performances of Shivsadan make KVIC type and fixed dome type Biogas plants.

02. Three Years Experience as Research Associate / Junior Researcher in DNES Govt. of India Funded Project Entitled “Conditioning of Distillery Spent Wash by Optimizing Engineering Parameters by using Aquatic Plant Water Hyacinth.

03. Completed Health and Hygiene course offered by Health Education service of Voice of Prophecy School Pune in 1987.

04. Completed introductory course of Bible correspondence course offered by voice of Prophecy School Pune in 1993.

05. Prepared a report on viable self employment opportunities at Latur in year 1999.

06. Assisted /took leading role in setting up SOS Children’s Village at Latur for immediate and subsequent help of 30th Sept 1993 devastating earthquake affected orphan and needy, children and youth from Latur and Osmanabad District since 1994 to 2010 . And then later on helped in their bringing up and rehabilitation. Till date 120 youths have been restored/settled in different parts of society and leading independent and secure life and out of them 66 have got married .

07. Set up Arunodai SOS Youth Services at Latur in 1996 and Sopaan youth Facility in 2004 in Latur and Later in Aurangabad and Established Arunodai SOS Youth Services I and II at Alibaug in year 2013 and 2014

Dr.L. N .Danawade Date : 08th Jan 2018

Annexure I


Submitted by Mr. L. N. Danawade under the guidance of Dr. B. A. Patil, Department of Botany ,Willingdon College, Sangli - 416 416.Maharashtra India

The Present Investigation deals with the utilization of Eichhornla crassipes Mart; Solms. (Water hyacinth), a common floating hygrophyte, for biogas production, purification of domestic wastewater, treatment of spent wash and for manuring. The studies on chemical constituents of different parts of Eichhornia crassipes indicate that leaf lamina contains highest value of dry matter, carbon, nitrogen, crude proteins and polyphenols. Potassium is a dominant cation of water hyacinth and its value largely depends on the environment. The high values of sodium and chloride in petiole and significantly their low values in leaf lamina suggest that some sort of screening mechanism may exist to Control the transport of these ions into lamina in order to avoid their harmful effect on the normal metabolism. Water hyacinth wastewater treatment can be successfully used for the purification of domestic wastewater with retention period of seven days. The harvesting rate of 25% surface area can supply biomass through out the year as the growth rate coincides with the harvesting rate .Fresh biomass of water hyacinth yields more biogas than dried one and two or three stage digestion gives better results. The N.P.K. and micronutrient contents of water hyacinth compost are appreciably high and hence it can serve as a good source of manure if used with proper discrimination. We have developed the treatment system by the side of municipal sewage water treatment lagoons by using water hyacinth which was grown for improving water quality and also as a source of biomass production. The biogas so obtained has been supplied to nearby families and the sewage water purified has been used for agriculture. This unique approach can be suitably employed for the purification and recycling of wastewater A new approach for spent wash treatment and its utilization in economical ways has been proposed by utilizing the spent wash for biogas production .This an aerobically digested spent wash after suitable dilution can be used for water hyacinth production which can again become a source of energy or a manure. The spent wash purified in this process can become suitable for irrigation purposes .It can be recycled in industry or can be used for other purposes after removing brownish color resulted from burnt sugar. BOD and COD values of 50,000 mg/I and 100000 mg/l from fresh spent wash can be reduced to 30 to 45 mg/I and 440 to 624 mg/I respectively after the proposed treatment. Some of the agricultural crops such as maize, sugarcane, groundnut, jawar and pumpkin as well as the common plants such as subabul,neem,sesbania, parthenium and clerodendron have been tested for their biogas production potentiality.


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