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Qualified Turkish teacher in Reading with 10 years of Turkish teaching experience.

Using as much Turkish speaking as possible, I try to explain rules and practices by incoporating fun in the classroom! I mostly teach adults, however I have also been succesful in teaching GCSE and A level students. Every lesson, we go through previous topics to create a good foundation and then add to your prior knowledge - using visual learning methods.

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Native Turkish speaker offering fun, enjoyable and worthy Turkish lessons in Edinburgh

I give Turkish lessons to anyone who is enthusiastic about learning a new language or trying not to forget a language they've learned before. Lessons are based on listening, speaking, writing and reading.

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Half English, half Turkish college student with teaching experience, available to do private Turkish lessons in Combe Martin, Ilfracombe and Barnstaple area.

In my classes, I start by working on phonetic pronunciation then work on to daily vocabulary and phrases, progressing to simple grammar such as prefixes and sentence structure. This helps students understand the fundamentals of the Turkish language.

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Native Turkish Tutor is offering online Turkish Lessons via Skype, all levels

I use a student centred approach, adjusting my lessons to suit the learners' need and their learning style. I try to give the learners the help they need to scaffold their learning.

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Work from home mum with half Turkish child and offering basic Turkish language learning

I think the best wat of learning is picking up through conversation and music i will talk to my students clearly in an everyday manner

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Turkish classes for every one.. Just let me know what you wanna learn

It depends what and how much you learn. My teaching method depends to the person i teach turkish has a different alphabet so if its necessary i start from begging.

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Psychology graduate offering to teach Turkish. Has a A* in Turkish language.

I aim to start of with the very basics and build up from there. I like to push students to their limits and do not beleive in giving up.

Whitley Bay
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Turkish lessons for kids and adults (Holiday and cultural) near Newcastle upon Tyne

I have been teaching in many different settings (one to one, classroom, studio, workshop and online based) in many subject areas both in Turkey and England about 20 years now. I also have an e-tutoring certificate for online tutoring.

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Translator and Turkish teacher for the best experience of learning Turkish well

12 years of experience in Turkish and English classes for all levels: I teach at home or office, I can also find a public place like a library or your favorite coffee or a terrace. Above all I dedicate myself to dialogues and oral exercises, and I include fun examples of daily life. Classes are designed to meet your expectations.

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Enthusiastically encouraging and inspiring to learn Turkish, I also help with translations from English to Turkish or Turkish to English

My teaching methods consists of visual learning and using different techniques to help students remember. I also encourage them to read a lot and understand the differences in culture.

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Native Turkish speaker offering Turkish lessons and conversations ! Also I am a veterinarian so I can help with biology biochemistry etc veterinary medicine related areas

My teaching methodology actually depends on the student. Everyone is different when it comes to it. So first knowing my students need and her/himself and listening what they want.

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I.e. Law Student from Turkey and actually giving Turkish lessons or tutoring in Montréal.

I base on grammatical rules with the logic of language and make them read the things in an easy way and by using the songs.

Hemel Hempstead
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Construction student offering construction/management tutoring and turkish language lessons individual and group classes!

My teaching methodology is past papers, provide information, diagrams, real life statistics.

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Time to learn Turkish! English Literature graduate (from Turkey) offering Turkish lesson:)

I put the emphasis on speaking and teaching grammar. Without knowing vocabulary and grammar structure, one cannot speak.

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Hi, I am willing to teach my native language Turkish to anyone that is interested in learning

First I start with simple vocabulary words which helps you to build simple sentences first and then move on to the grammar

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Turkish native speaker is giving private Turkish lessons in Perth city, WA

I am currenly a PhD student in chemical and metallurgical engineering department in Murdoch University. I am good at engineering lessons because I worked as a teaching assistant.

Sugar Land
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Want to learn Turkish fluently? I`m ready to teach you Turkish in Houston and Sugar Land area.

Speaking and listening is very important in Turkish. That's why I focus mostly teaching vocabularies and phrases which can be used in daily life. But you will need grammar as well for advanced Turkish. I give examples from daily life to make my classes more attractive.

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Native Turkish Professor with 25 years of experience teaches Turkish and Chinese

I am Professor of Economics with 25 years of experience. I studied and taught in Turkish, English, and Chinese. Turkish is my native language. From elementary to middle and high school and undergraduate degree, I studied all my classes in Turkish. I taught Turkish for 10 years at all education levels. I made my PhD in Chinese in Beijing, China. I stayed 4 years in China.

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I am Turk and I can teach Turkish to the individual person..

I am not professional teacher of Turkish or French language..

Greater London
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Turkish / English language tutor experienced and qualified in teaching to learners from different levels and ages

Hi there, Do you need help with your Turkish to better communicate when you travel to Turkey for business or for holiday? Or do you have Turkish friends and simply have the wish to learn the language? I have the right qualifications and experience to help you! I am Kubra, and I am a private tutor of English and Turkish languages.

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Student pro tray gives English lessons to middle school and high school.

I give English classes and also in English translation because I feel good in this matter in which I have always had very good grades, the course of my course I will think over the Internet that is webcam say and then I love helping people who are language difficulties.

Paris 14e
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Turkish doctoral student, studying political studies at EHESS teaches Turkish in Paris

Hello! I am a PhD student in political studies specializing on Turkey. The courses will be based on the written language, oral and comprehension of the two according to your will. I am interested in literature, theater and cinema and I would love to use these interest in teaching Turkish.

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German and English student offers tuition in Turkish, in writing and in language.

Above all, my teaching method consists of a lot of interaction, active learning and a relaxed learning atmosphere. It tries to respond to the individual needs of the student in order to find the most suitable for him learning method and apply. As a tutor I am an open person, who also outside the tutoring hours like to be able to help online.

La Coruña
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Do you want to speak Turkish in a very short time? I am Turkish native and teach by my own method!

I can help you with grammar, pronunciation, listening comprehension, reading and writing; anything you need.

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Native Turkish who also speaks English well offering Turkish lessons to anyone like to learn

Start with basic most common words and also very for learning visually with some grammar.I would prepare few tests and games for lessons to make it fun. in my opinion, it's the best way to learn a language. I would also introduce some culture with the games so the person can understand why we speak the words and when in what situation.

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If you want to learn property Turkish without accent and quickly. Just contact to me!!! I live in Dallas. I was born in Istanbul. I have been teaching Turkish the employees at some companies who

I live in Dallas. I was born in Istanbul. I have been teaching Turkish face to face and at language schools for 4 years. My students are a variety of people including employees who will go to Turkey for work, people who want to find a job in Turkey, future couples that on of them is Turkish and children of Turkish families who were born in the USA.

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Learn Turkish Now, Şimdi Türkçe Öğren, I studied Turkish language teaching and have been teaching it for ten years. If you want to learn it, I am here for help. I am based in Glasgow.

I am a PhD student with Turkish language teaching degree. I have been teaching Turkish for ten years and I had students from age three to 60.

San Francisco
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Online Turkish lessons on Skype from a native Turkish/English teacher based in Colombia

I have graduated from Hacettepe University in Turkey with a bachelor's degree in English Translation and Interpretation. I have been teaching English to students from various levels in Colombia since March 2017.

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Turkish Courses - Language, Literature and Culture for all levels in Paris

Graduated from the Law School of the Sorbonne, I come from Istanbul and live in Paris for more than two years. I give Turkish lessons for all levels with a high number of supporting materials and methods. I build for each student personalized courses according to their levels and their needs.

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