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Perth Postgraduate Psychology Student teaches positive thinking and meditation, guides personal development.

Seeking students whom are lacking positivity, drive, spirituality or passion. Lessons will be uniquely tailored to the student and their specific goals and/or issues. I believe in an idiosyncratic and immersive teaching style and so lessons will be hands on.

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English-Spanish bilingual therapist-coach on the Costa del Sol, language-literature & public speaking classes

I combine my knowledge of Spanish language and literature, public speaking and communication with my passion for therapeutic accompaniment and personal development.

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Personal experience health tutor in Manchester offering life coaching and stress management to help get you through

I'm Rachel and I myself have long term chronic health issues, both mental and physical. I have worked through, and helped many others, work through the day to day implications of having health problems. Working towards getting a better quality of life.

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Online Positive Energy and Life Coach For All Ages and Backgrounds. Guaranteed help in seeing new outlook.

I conduct reading from the book 'The New Earth' by Eckhart Tolle. We go in depth on the topics he covers in the book and discuss how this applies to your life. Further to this I will talk from my own experiences and my own outlook on the world, life and how we can increase your positive energy in situations specific to yourself.

Greater London
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Stop sitting in the passenger seat of your life, take the wheels

Teaching through one to one personal interaction . Every student is different and so is his/her personality , ergo , no set syllabus is preferred but a student specific syllabus is designed with the required concentration of attributes that are missing.

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Young woman teaching from experience. Turn your life around and think positively!

My teaching structure will vary from client to client, based on your personal needs. I will do an initial assessment to find out what sort of support you need, and assess what your goals are from these lessons. I can do lessons in person, via Skype or even through email. It completely depends on what is right for you.

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With a Master of Counseling, I facilitate a number of subjects: meditation, personal life coaching, psychology, sociology.

I have a Master of Counseling from ASU. This is after I spent 12 years as a USAF pilot, and a vice president of an oil production company in Calgary, AB. I Have taught psychology for many years, along with sociology and meditation. I am also a certified life coach. My methodology is primarily student-focused with more questions than answers.

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Integral Coach - Personal Development, Growth and Effectiveness for Freedom and Fulfillment

I help individuals create clarity, purpose and fulfillment in their lives - personally and professionally - through holistic coaching. Integral coaching is a structured and rigorous methodology with deep intellectual roots and an emphasis on real, lasting results.

Greater London
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Hypnotherapist-psychotherapist who'll raise your confidence, cure addictions and phobias, enhance relaxation and peace of mind.

Using a combination of hypnotherapy, counselling, and practical exercises I will teach you how to take control of your own mind and life. We will delve into your sub-conscious to remove the negative programming holding you back, and install powerful new outlooks which will transform your mindset and your level of success with other people, be it professionally, romantically, or otherwise.

Los Angeles
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Learning coach in Los Angeles unlocks your creative potential through individualized attention.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Education and Human Development and a Master's Degree in Pastoral Ministry. My approach to teaching is customized to each student's needs. My goal is to ignite and empower the natural intelligences of my students. My style is influenced by Montessori and the Socratic method.

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Child and adolescent life coach - Stress management, relaxation, meditation, conflict resolution , goal setting

I support young people and adults with emotional and stress management, goal setting, meditation, relaxation, conflict resolution and healthy eating.

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Professional Practice manager offers his help to everyone who needs to reach the infinity

my methodology is based on motivational speeches to enable my students know themselves better and help them find out who they are and what they want to do with their life.

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Are you serious about Success in your Life? Learn the Keys here!

Because of the nature of the Success mentoring, which requires a separate approach for each client, I get aligned with my clients' needs by giving enough time to understand where they are and what they want and then I prepare a dedicated plan for each client (in personal coaching) and each group (in group classes).

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I am a Transformational Life Coach & Holistic Wellness Counsellor. I Help people with life transitions and help them overcome stress and anxiety

I apply the dynamics of human behaviour and research-based in-demand tools, techniques, and frameworks, coupled with my quintessential coaching skills to create a positive life transformation for my clients. I use a combination of counselling, coaching, mentoring and training as appropriate.

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Mental Health adviser, with 3 terms of experience, helps people find happiness and stability. You are the mot important part of any process or progress; figuring out what you really want is key.

I plan to help people work through their issues by using past experiences as their guidance. Self searching and digging through the brain is sometimes the best way to figure a situation out. Finding and mending problems and questions through different techniques is the key to success.

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Sports teaching assistant who has a sports degree offering health and well-being lessons in london

As mentioned before I teach a maximum of 10 pupils four times a week physical education and PSCHE (personal, social, citizenship and health education). I follow the national curriculum for both and structure it based on each individual needs as I work with pupils ranging from year 7 to year 11.

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Positivity in Portsmouth: transforming your life with new ways of thinking, feeling and doing.

I’m hands on and practical, I listen carefully to your story and then work with you to create a plan of action tailored just for you.

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Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Member of the American Academy of Drugless Practitioners

I cater my courses to the needs of the student. I have standard courses (on poetic forms, for example) -- but am accustomed to privately mentoring and group coaching innovatively to meet the needs, demands, inspirations, and interests of each student.

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Health and Wellness Life Coach Guidance Consultant in Toronto with 8 years experience.

My teaching methods are normally structured lesson plans, but depending on the situation at hand, sometimes incorporating different methods is necessary. I am mostly adaptive to the clients needs. My characteristics as a tutor are rather intuitive and responsive directly to the client to help them learn the best they possibly can.

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Personal coach guiding the path to overcome personal struggles to help achieve aspired goals

I try to understand the student first and build a close relationship, trying to understand where they come from. Firm belief in not telling them to disregard their problems as insignificant but empower them to grow out of their shell and realise it for themselves that the power lies within them and nothing else.

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Integrative Coach gives lessons in personal development, stress, and time management from home.

My teaching method is to embrace each persons bio-individuality. Each person is unique in the ways that they learn and the areas they feel comfortable with. I aim to work with individuals and groups to assist people in feeling comfortable to address the areas they would like to grow. I offer a flexible approach where I can tailor programs to meet individual needs.

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Student, offering different/adequate ways of managing the "all-round" stress towards a healthier and happier life

My teaching method is based on the way you perceive stress. Since everybody talks about it, through the word of mouth, everyone seems "to have it" nowadays. Everybody identifies with some things/events/ideas that they believe and through that, you shape your personality. However, when things define you, and you lose touch with yourself, you start going mad about the world.

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Life and Love Coach with 15 years of experience gives private lessons on how to become a magnet for all you desire

My teaching method is catered for your specific needs as I develop a love yourself wellness plan from mindset to nutrition to fitness to relationships with self and others for your ultimate success in life! I take you on a journey to the heart where all your power resides.

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Change your mindset, change your life! Educator with healthcare experience looking to help you! :)

Some think like an architect, piecing together the past to plot the future. I'd rather think like an architect and help you co-construct a future you can get excited about :) I believe in health, mindfulness and finding solutions to the tough challenges in life.

Stephens City
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Senior psychology student offering stress management lessons in Virginia with 2 years experience

I'm an individual who finds joy in helping others, and stress is a regular occurrence though out life, that leads to health problems if not handled correctly. My mission is to lower health risks, offering stress management techniques, and support for others. I use outlines to help point out the main topics, and then use conversation to help support those topics.

Winston Hills
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Bust stress and achieve your best with social worker in Western Sydney.

How you manage your stress levels is unique to you. First, we’ll expose and explore options, so you choose what resonates for you. Then we’ll adapt your chosen methods to fit your needs, at this time.

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Health and Manual handler trainer happy to give groups or individuals lessons/ presentations in these fields. Working in the Albury/ Wodonga region.

My teaching methodology is keeping the subject matter relevant and interesting. I also teach to the level of the group. I always make the sessions interactive and enjoyable.

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Kenyan With Bsc. Public Health. With over 5 years teaching experience in Environment Health and Safety.

My methods of instruction include; Lecturing This is my method primary one when there can be several hundred students in the classroom at once. Demonstrating] I teach by demonstrating through examples or experiments. For example, in a science lesson I may teach an idea by performing an experiment for students.

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Melbourne Based Vedic Counselling Master provides effective, natural and time-tested solutions for life's day-to-day problems.

Hi, my name is Vim and I a Vedic Counsellor and a Life and Health Coach. I provide one-on-one lessons and counselling to people with problems with their career, finance, health, relationships, etc. The lessons that I provide will be tailored to your specific problem/s and its strategic solutions.

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Stress management for students in need by a student who has been through similar struggles.

I'm a mathematics 3rd year student at University of Toronto. I use my personal experiences to make a difference in students lives. Students life is stressful and being a student I have gone through a lot of stress like others. I only survived so far because of all the stress management skills I developed throughout these years. I will be glad to share those with students who is in need.

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Perfect! Always on time with positive attitude and great moral support. Very intelligent, fun, dedicates herself to help us at any time of our convenience. Great going All the Very Best!

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