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Sports coach, professional dancer, I combine muscle building and stretching. Fits all bodies and levels for personalized follow-up

Hello, dancer of contemporary, in preparation of the diploma of state, and passionate of anatomy. I propose you a complete home program adapted to your needs, your objectives and your level: Fitness Fitness strengthening Fitness Stretching silhouette ... Based on dance training techniques, we will work deep muscles respecting The alignments of the body.

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NASM Personal Trainer Training To Make Your Body A Machine! Cardio, Strength, Core etc.

I Nam, former competitor in Taekwondo Elite converted to CrossFit and Funtional Training. I address everyone without distinction level. Tell me clearly your goals and I'll make you reach to them. I can train effectively in 1 / 2h, 1 or 2 hours! Toning, firming, Cardio, Strength, Mobility, Plyometrics, Explosive, Weight Loss, Core, Resistance.

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Sports Coach offers graduate Sessions personal or small group, Possibility Coaching Poledance - 93; 94; 75 -

Graduated BPJEPS AGFF C and D, 2 years of experience, the courses are for anyone with a fitness goal, weight loss, weight gain, flexibility, maintains healthy capital or otherwise. Also Pole Dance performer for 3 years and 7mois I offers introductory sessions, courses or upgrading to matter. The while providing good transmission of sports knowledge and the human body.

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Personal trainer with more than 10 years of experience in different academies

Personalized training plan depending on your physical qualities, weight and goals.

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SPORTS COACH - State graduate - Pilates Instructors ground school and machinery

Planning a corporal work program offering individual treatment. Deep Work and Global focuses primarily on building muscle on the rectification of your posture and breathing allowing you improve your energy. Job ensuring muscle tone, abdominal and keeps your physiological flexibility. The proposed program conducted at their own pace, in achieving its objectives.

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Charlotte Fisher, Fitness and nutrition specialist, bodybuilder, Loughborough, MSc sports nutrition student

I am an MSc sport and exercise nutrition student with a BSc in Nutritional science. Former athlete and physique competitor, I teach the principles of muscle strengthening, fitness, bodybuilding and nutrition to those looking to look, feel and live a better, healthier life. I work online and provide training and nutrition plans for all abilities, ages and backgrounds.

Ciudad López Mateos
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Personal trainer at home. Fitness workouts, weight loss, prenatal and postnatal gymnastics.

I am Personal Trainer and sports instructor. I am passionate about dance, fitness and good music. I have specialty training for pregnant and postpartum women, also diseases and injuries, patologies. Sport Nutrition and weight loss. Let me help you achieve your goals with great motivation and always sharing healthy lifestyle and wellness.

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A 15-year-dancer doing aerobics/gym for 8 years. Offering personal training lessons based on psychology in Coventry, UK for kids and adolescents;)

Everything starts from your head. There are not only the decisions that "I want to be fit and beautiful", but firstly we answer the question "why?". I provide a psychological methodology, and all "talks" we rearrange to actions and movements. It is a motivation. It is a huge huge passion you do not even realise you have inside. We open our sexuality, mind, everything what was hidden.

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Very knowledgeable weightlifter with 5 years experience working with degree standard strength and conditioning coaches, as well as gained further knowledge myself through books, videos and the interne

I help people predominantly online, e.g skype calls, answering your questions over email etc, as well as writing people personalised workout plans where you tell me what your goals are and I create a plan I think is best suited to you.

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Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and Nutrition Coach train in Zapopan, Jalisco

I want to advise and accompany you during your fitness journey. I am totally committed to help you achieve your goals and make you feel satisfied at every step with your work and progress. I give classes to young people, office workers, housewives, pregnant women and seniors. You will find your style with me for your best tomorrow.

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Sports coach at home in Rouen and surroundings. Master's degree in physical, mental and nutritional preparation. Specialized in weight loss, lumbar pain and re-learning

Passionate about sport since always, I became a sports coach to share my knowledge and help you achieve your goals to feel better in your body and in your head. My six years of medical studies have given me a great knowledge of the human body and allow me to individualize even more my approach. I propose at the first appointment measures of body composition (fat, muscle, basic metabolism ...

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Skfitness let's you escape limitations all at the comfort of your own home

Qualified and have experience in gym based boxing, Pilates, spin, circuit training, legs bums and tums and boot camp.

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Experienced sports coach for all ages, currently working with youth at CT YMCA

I am a youth sports instructor with a BS in exercise and sports management. I coach youth in all sports. I also do personal training for youth and adults. I focus on technique and wellness, including nutrition. I promote a healthy lifestyle for all ages.

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Recent scholarship graduate from a Division 1 golf program giving lessons/insight in all levels of golf.

Graduated with my B.A. in Psychology at Rutgers University in 2016. Looking to help anyone who is serious about developing their golf game. I can be of assistants to any young juniors that want to know the ins and outs of becoming a collegiate player. My lesson structure will be a lot of talking and getting to know the player and from their adapting to his/her way of learning.

Marseille 8e
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Tennis Coach (DES JEPS) / Mental Coach - Marseille / Aubagne

My teaching method is based on the game and on the development of all the skills necessary to progress quickly while having lots of fun on the tennis court (as a young adult, beginner as competitor). Playing tennis is also to give the opportunity for players to achieve their sporting goals by customizing their project.

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Personal training for all levels of experience. REPS level 2 qualified, with 7 years experience. Specialise on gaining mass, losing fat (leaning out) and strength.

As mentioned, i am REPS level 2 qualified. Have 7 years experience, in which i have amassed great knowledge on gaining mass, leaning out and building strength. Im very friendly but i push people to give their all as that is what's needed to achieve goals. Personally, i compete in powerlifting in the under 67kg category.

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Personal training and training plans for successful muscle building in Leipzig by the trained trainer

My name is Max and I help you with the right training plan and personal training to reach your desired body in the long run. My training is suitable for anyone who wants to build muscle effectively and is willing to work in a disciplined way. After a training session and talking to you, I will create your individual training plan that will help you build muscle in the long term and reach your goal.

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Coach (Martial arts / combat sports / self-defense) 1 to 4 people for the same price! (Has a local full equipped).

Hello i give private class : - Martial arts - Combat sports - Self-defense * For all levels (Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced) * ** I have a local and all necessary equipment ** *** I offer a single tariff of € 55 / hour, whether you are single or up to 4 people *** **** (so you can enjoy the course more and you share the expenses).

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Certified Personal Trainer National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA-CPT) in Barcelona, ​​bilingual Spanish / English

I work with different client profiles, from people seeking to improve their physical appearance, athletes aiming to improve their physical performance, and people around the ages of 35-55 with the need to re-orient their lifestyle for health reasons, with conditions such as hypertension, dyslipidemia (high cholesterol), metabolic disorders, obesity and overweight.

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Do you want to grow some muscle and enhance your general well-being?

I base my training on each individual’s body type, offering tailored adivce for training and diet.

Kevin antonio
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Do you want to lose weight? This is your opportunity Personal Trainer with Food Plan

The example is taught so that the student sees the correct execution of the work, there will be a phase of adaptation to the exercises in case of not having knowledge of them and then the main phase will come where there will be changes.

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Dancer and personal trainer. Get fit in an complete and fun way.

I am a professional dancer, graduated from the National School of Classical and Contemporary Dance, I have international experience in Mexico, Germany, the United States, Argentina and Chile. This has given me years of solid physical training and body awareness, which I link directly to yoga classes and functional training.

Greater London
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Sports science graduate offering online personal training and yoga session! (3+ years experience)

Trainings that I specialised in includes (1) hatha/vinyasa yoga, (2) strength training for weight loss and (3) muscular conditioning. My lesson outline will include mobility exercises, the main routine and muscle loosening stretches for cool down.

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Personal fitness trainer and diet coach from Hamburg with 11 years of experience in the fitness area and 6 years in martial arts offers individual care in the field of nutrition and training

My teaching is aimed at all people who have a goal and want to achieve it. For the last 17 years I've been practicing athletics, martial arts, calisthenics and weight training extensively. I am a patient and motivating coach with whom you can have a lot of fun.

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4th Year Sport & Exercise Science Student Gives Personal Training and Lifestyle Guidance in and around Bath

I am looking to help people become more active through engaging them in activities which they enjoy whilst also educating them in the process. I also have extensive knowledge in strength training and Olympic weightlifting and enjoy working in this area.

Carlos augusto
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Personal Trainer Postgraduate I do online consulting I apply the STS Method so you can train at home and get your results.

I am a personal trainer currently pursuing postgraduate rehabilitation of injuries and musculoskeletal diseases. I am a full instructor of the STS method of physical conditioning and I guarantee and show all your results to each class. I apply the method with science and knowledge thus guaranteeing its results and objectives achieved.

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Graduate Student in Human Performance Gives Kinesiology, anatomy and physiology as well as physical education lessons in Lubbock Texas

I graduated Magana Cumlude from Oklahoma Panhandle State University with a degree in Physical Education and Secondary education followed by a masters degree in Kinesiology Human Performance form Texas Tech University. My teaching style depends on the subject and the student that I am working with.

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Professional tennis player gives tennis lessons at home or in the club at all levels

I am a final year Master student at the KU Leuven. I play a lot of tennis besides my studies and I practice almost every day. To earn a little pocket money I would give tennis lessons and to make others benefit from my experience on the tennis courts. I can give lessons to all levels.

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Simple and effective support, through a personalized follow-ups and build a new life.

For effective support must together determine the objectives and define the strategy to achieve these objectives. To be honest discourses and plan daily to break the physical barriers and spychologiques. is will be some that will determine your situation if this is your moment.

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Dance graduate providing health and fitness, and nutrition coaching in Chelsea, London

Whether your goal is increasing strength or endurance, improving your health or simply wanting to look good I can make the process enjoyable and ensure your goals are in line to see the quickest progression. with my background as a contemporary dancer I use many dance and pilates based skills within my coaching to help develop a strong well-rounded body.

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