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Forest Hill
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Wellness healing through physical training to feel better and achieve your goals!

be attentive sensitive and strive to meet the clients goals

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Sport and Exercise Science Student dedicated to helping you achieve your goals in a pleasant and efficient manner.

It's all about you. Your goals, target and level. I will be there ever step of the way to guide you, provide you with training programmes and nutritional tips. I'll be available to track your progress after each session. My key priority is to help you achieve your goals in a pleasant and efficient manner.

Lyon 2e
(2 reviews)
1st class FREE!

Graduate Coach - Fitness, Physical Preparation - In Room or at Home

Pedagogy is my strong point, I pass on my passion for sport with enthusiasm, dynamism and professionalism to all types of audiences: seniors, athletes, beginners, confirmed, etc. All my interventions are adapted to the objectives and specificities of each one, from then on, each care begins with a balance sheet: we meet to talk about your level, your objectives, etc.

Diego andrés
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Soccer player with 8 years of experience, enthusiastic and passionate for sports

Coaching involves more than designing plays for free kicks or creating team formations. Coaching, especially at the youth level, involves accepting a huge responsibility as you are basically in a position of trust as parents put their kids in your care.

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Master level (M.S.) sport psychology practitioner with 10+ years competitive experience and 5 years industry experience in Dallas.

My teaching method closely falls into the humanist approach: teaching is done with "partnership" in mind. Consultations are also held in accordance with ethical guidelines.

(2 reviews)
1st class FREE!

High school sports enthusiast, who would like to pass on his passion. Progression, Good Mood and Motivation are guaranteed!

Rigor, positivity, and motivation are the three slogans of my method that will guarantee you progress and health! I will provide you with tips for proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. I would also be responsible for assessing the rest times needed by everyone.

(2 reviews)
1st class FREE!

Specialized design of customized training programs! Regardless of level of conditioning or gender.

Tired of receiving the same programs and routines by the gym instructors or personal trainers that tell you to do the same thing over and over again, you turn to see a fighter and they are doing exactly the same as you, even when they have body compositions and completely different conditioning levels! Do you think that a coach will memorize every exercise you did, with the weight you performed...

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Finance and Economics graduate teaching Business and Sports topics in Windsor. BBA.

I like to teach based on lessons given to me by my business professors. Through sport topics, I teach through my experiences. It is an open discussion and am open to a student arguing my personal opinions. Good for high school and post-secondary students.

1st class FREE!

Fitness/ Body Building/ Boxing. Have massive experience and hold overseas Europe diploma

I have different approaching for every person, because every person is different. I would love to go in detail about something you want to discuss. Very friendly and open. Would love to teach people what I know about sports .

1st class FREE!

Strength and Conditioning student at Lincoln university, currently staying in Cheltenham, I can offer personal training sessions a long with boxing lessons, I have a lot of experience in both.

My teaching method is to design an individual program this could either be a workout or a boxing program focusing on different drills I think are most suitable for my client.

1st class FREE!

Personal Trainer Offering Online Training Plans and Personal Coaching throughout the UK

My teaching method is simple. Analyse your lifestyle, what motivates you and the options you have around you in order to prescribe a simple and effective training plan that will help you reach your goals and add value to you.

Grande Prairie
1st class FREE!

I have played, coached and taught a variety of sports and have competed at the highest level against Olympic athletes.

My teaching methods vary on age and skill of the student. I approach everything I do with enthusiasm and passion. I love what I do and enjoy sharing it with others.

1st class FREE!

Healthwearia for best fitness workouts and get a motivation for a inspire today genrations

i was teach a simple thoughts for this genration to improve that self i was motivateed a student for his careear and many more opportunities and i know today 's genration was interest in fitness and iwas teach her from uploding video.

Alta Gracia
(3 reviews)
1st class FREE!

Profe offers to improve psychophysical and functional performance to your goals, feel better through exercise, return to your fullness surpass you day by day

I am a university professor of physical education and I specialize in psychophysical performance, my teaching method is aimed at functional training (cognitive, muscular and metabolic task), progressive in terms of sports performance, and structured for muscle building based on the desired goal, with progression systematic workload and activities are intended for all those who have the...

(2 reviews)
1st class FREE!

Professional Sports Coach to help you to integrate sport into your life.

My mission is to give you a taste for sport. If you like what you do you will do it all your life, and that's my goal. How I work: 1: We define your why? What is the reason you want to play sports? 2: I define the best strategy that will bring you the best results.

1st class FREE!

Personal training student offering sports lessons and help online! In Stoke on Trent

I'm a student hoping to further myself in sports by teaching/helping others that are also on similar topics to what I am covering now/ have previously covered. I am educated to Level 3 NVQ Certification. My characteristics as a person are calm, logical and patient.

Melton Mowbray
1st class FREE!

Tutor, Assessor and Quality Asseurer in Sport, Fitness and Personal Training qualifications

With 18 years of Personal Training, Management and teaching experience. I have a wealth of knowledge to share with you. I have worked at several professional Sports clubs and been a Personal Trainer to Actors, professional athletes and celebrates. I currently lecturer at Nottingham Trent University.

1st class FREE!

Former Professional Baseball Player of the Texas Rangers gives lessons too ANYONE interested in fitness and sporting activities.

Hi, I’m a 24 year old former Professional Baseball Player in the Texas Rangers Organization. I graduated from Sandusky high school in 2012, then attended the University of Vanderbilt where I continue my education and Baseball career.

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Need extra sport's coaching? I am your way to go. Chazelle's personal training and sporta coaching

I am a qualified fitness personal trainer and sports coach from South Africa. I specialize in children, pregnant women and elderly people. I also specialize in sport. My passion is to help all ages reach their goals and maintain their health. I will be glad to help you.

Spring Lake
1st class FREE!

Former Army Ranger ready to get you in shape for the summer

I spent 10 plus years in the United States Army. I am a former Ranger, and certified level 1 Crossfit trainer. I enjoy helping beginners to change their lives and get in shape.

1st class FREE!

Years of experience in body fitness industries.. is all in your hands. start train yourselfs

My teaching method is all about the food and after the training...

1st class FREE!

American Football, the X’s and O’s for beginners and intermediate level knowledge

My teaching method is based on beginners with very little knowledge. Lessons will start with the history of American football, to the overall objective and rules of the game, then ending with explaining the concepts of strategy.

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Qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer offering tutoring online up to Level 3

I approach each topic by always asking questions first and finding out what is needed as you only get out what you put in!

1st class FREE!

Physical education/training offered lessons offered in a gym session level to get you in shape

my teaching method will show you how to not get any muscle pains before and after physical training and how to look good in a week

1st class FREE!

I am a Scottish, International sprinter with a great knowlege of the human body and the mechanics and benefits of training.

I also like to break things down, try to add a physical/relatable aspect if I can. I aslo alow students to work and learn at their own speed.

1st class FREE!

Student currently studying in London, offering sports science and personal training tutoring

My classes start off holistically and then gradually move on into the specifics when everyone feels comfortable.

Wheatley Hill
1st class FREE!

Elite athlete and sports science student offering coaching and exercise advice online

I am able to write training plans both short term and long time. Willing to offer day to day advice.

1st class FREE!

I’m an experienced boxer , boxed for 16 years and 2 years coaching experience

My teaching method is , every class should bring something different and exiting

1st class FREE!

Varsity student offering personal training to all who want to improved physiques

The only way I can help you is if you want to be helped and are willing to work for it

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