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Kevin has established his area of his personal training expertise to the highest of his ability to make changes in other people’s life for better and has 22 years of experience in personal training ba

My teaching method starts with mental altering because I believe that if I can change your mind set to align with what the main goal is then to me the rest is easy.

Ciudad de México
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Coach International Certification Functional training Mexico City, any age and activity. Funcional Sports Training

Trainer Functional scientific methodology prevention of injuries and rehabilitation, any sport any activity, achievement of objectives following your goals. Fitness all levels, Functional Training, HIIT, EVO, TAPAOUT, CROSSTRAINING, PILATES, STRETCHING, MEDITATION, RELAXATION, NUTRITION, EMOTIONAL UNDERSTANDING, MOTIVATION, RESULTS, ALL AGES.

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Looking to grow and scale a PT business? That’s what I do

I base my classes around getting your business set up and running and choosing the correct path for yourself

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Experienced very friendly fitness coach available to help you achieve your goals: D

Pedagogy, experience and precision are essential to my teaching I have many recommendations and pro until the end Sociable, I was able to start working at look voyages in Croatia for 6 months, then GO Club Med in Corsica, just Magic, Turkey and the plagne 2100 .... among others ..

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A level sports student and keen sportsperson guidance for anyone of any demographic

My approach to teaching is very adaptable depending on the person I am dealing with, I find it very easy to get through to most people

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Becoming a champion means hard work and the right frame of mind

My mythology is that in order to become great all u need to do is practice practice practice and the skill will come

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Need to Learn the best of the best for your life and sports

I prepare people to be the best on and off the field, this is me, the life its like a game...

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Fitness enthusiast offering to help you reach your health and fitness goals

My teaching method is specific to each individual.

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Friendly, outgoing fitness nut who would love to help you achieve your fitness goals

I believe in pushing yourself to your full potential but not in a militant way. I believe support and motivation brings out the best in everyone so that is what I base my sessions on. First, find out your limits and then push them. On a one to one workout, we would see what are your strengths and weaknesses and see how we can create a session totally tailored to your needs.

Dragos anton
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Personal trainer fitt to get you fitt. Nutrition plan, exercises, way of life

My teaching are based on more than 10 years of experience in this field

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I am an Engineer but i want to show my interest in gymnastic. Love physical fitness

my methods of teaching are very attractive first of all introduction then some tricks then explainasion and second last will be physical training training that is compulsory and last one is motivational lecture for surviving my lectures so i

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Daventry Personal Trainer Offering one to one pt sessions, Aesthetics, Strength, Fat loss.

Consistency is Key, rest is just as important as eating so a good diet increases chances of improved sleep pattern.

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Coach ems training centres bruxelles
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Coach Sportif woman home and away Personal Trainer indoor outdoor free trial

Vero Van de Ven Actress, Voiceover and Personal Trainer (trainer) Appearance: 30 - 40 Hair color: dark chestnut Eyes: Green 1m70 Build: Slim Type: European Skills: dance, mask, radio, singing, First clown language: French , English proficiency of languages: Dutch, Spanish GSM: +32 (0) 477 / 81.89.

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Holistic Personal Training incorporating unique healing therapies that help to re calibrate the Body free from pain, stress and disease.

I have been teaching and mentoring up and coming Personal Trainers for over 15 years getting trainers industry ready. I hold a cert 3 and 4 in Fitness and now apply holistic therapies to PT services to cater for rehabilitation clients and those suffering from depression and anxiety.

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Crossfit and weightlifting coach looking to help people get fitter and more accomplished at weightlifting whilst staying safe.

My coaching preference is to watch and adjust from there. Weightlifting is all about angles. Watch and assess. Videos are best.

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Engineering student love to teach soccer and English with a friendly attitude.

My teaching methods consists of everything very practical.I concentrate on my learner's strength and keep developing his skills faster. I spend more time in making it perfect.

Raúl gómez
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Sports Clinic With Classes in Small Groups and Individual Training, Physiotherapy, Nutrition

Center with individualized advice at all times, you will always have an instructor / coach guiding and making you better in an effective way. Forget about you feel lost and stagnate in the results.

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Certified Personal Trainer to train you. At home or in your room.

Psychologist, fitness enthusiast, I became a Personal Trainer to blossom professionally by supporting you in fitness. Analysis of your level, listening to your request, definition of a training, accompaniment to it. I will coach you so that you reach your goals and your motivation remains at the top, while enjoying progress.

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Your personal trainer in Madrid to improve your health and your body

Sports technician, physical education teacher and different training and nutrition courses. Currently working for the City Hall of Madrid.

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Holitstic Fitness offered in South east London from the comfort of your own home

Hi! I discovered the benifets of nutrition and fitness in my 20s and the amazing effect it had on my own depression and anxiety.

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The Science of Fitness: Application of sport specific human sciences for personal training benefits.

2nd year sports and exercise sciences student at the University of Birmingham, looking to apply in depth academic knowledge to real life circumstances.

Ciudad de México
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Certified Personal Trainer. Functional Training, Fitness, Wellness, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Nutrition, Online Plans

Hi, I'm Eduardo Delgado Certified Personal Trainer, with more than 6 years of experience, if you are looking for someone to be with you in the gym or in the park counting repetitions ... I'm sorry, it's not with me.

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Sports Coaching degree Student tutoring in Personal Training/Rugby and Sport Science at Btec Level

My aim is to give the best student experience possible by empowering them to lead take control and inspire their to their own learning outcomes. Sessions will have a high amount of independence where the learners will grown, develop and form their own ideas and ways to solve problems.

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Fitness coach with qualifications and experience with professionals athletes, private individuals and corporate giving classes for all levels by adapting to your goals

Fitness coach passionate about sport sincealways, I give priority to business analysis and planning for a physical training and sports coaching adapted to the characteristics and objectives of each and everyone : physical preparation & competitive sports, reathletisation, muscle mass, fitness, boxing, TRX, Cross-Training, slimming coaching, pilates, preparation for public Employees tests (police,...

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Experienced Sports Science Lecturer at University and College Levels 3 to 6

I have taught from level 1 college BTECs in sport and sports science to University undergraduate degree level. I use powerpoint and discussions to assist with learning.

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Krav Maga - A qualified coach to achieve your goals

Aggression, rape, racketeering, robbery, ... Our daily life is less and less certain ... The offenses are increasing and becoming more violent Will you defend yourself? The solution is to learn self defense krav maga technique and is the closest self defense technique of the reality of the street.

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Personal Trainer specialized in weight loss. insividual training according to your goals

High level athlete in judo still in activity. I am Portuguese, I represent my country at the World, European and International Championships. In France since 6 years I speak Portuguese, fluently French, English and Spanish. This allows me to coach you in the language of your choice. My sessions are fun.

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Personal Trainer in wellness, slimness, diet, workout, challenge, motivation, based in Luxembourg.

My courses are for: Beginners, initiated, intermediate, and experienced athletes. Techniques and methods: heating, stretching and strengthening, depending on the level. My characteristics are: Running, Urban Training, Shadowrun, TRX, Cross Fit, Bodysculpt, Body Pump, Body Combat, Deepsculpt, Pilates, Stretching.

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Sports coach, personal trainer and certified nutrition coach (by CERDEN), Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Nivelles

I accompany you in your fitness desire and / or recovery of good eating habits. Whether at home, in some sports halls and even online, I am here to help you achieve your goals.

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