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Rio de Janeiro
(2 reviews)
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A Prenda Música - piano and singing class in Copacabana. Modern method.

Piano and singing lessons in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro. Near to Metro. Professor graduated from UNI-RIO. Classic and Popular. Learn to read music and chords in a easy method. I have real acoustic piano, air-conditioned room. Learn in a few weeks.

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Graduate and experienced Italian musical theater performer offering sing lessons in London

I base my classes on faith, funny and work. First my students have to feel themselves comfortable, relaxed and with lot of energy to release. I like to start with a little chat, then we'll start with classic vocal warm up; after that we'll do some technical exercises and, last but not least, we'll sing a song. I may ask you to bring a song that you like or I can give you one.

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Singing lessons for all levels and piano lessons for beginners offered by a highly professional and experienced singer in London!

I have obtained my diplomas in vocal pedagogy and piano studies and have many years of experience teaching students of all ages and levels. In my lessons I focus on breathing and body awareness as well as achieving a free feeling for using the voice. Besides the technical aspect I think that it is equally important to make music making together with the student as much as possible.

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Accomplished Classical Pianist, Classical and Jazz Vocalist and Alto Saxophonist. RCM certified.

My methodology depends on each individual student. I like to make sure that the student is having fun while still building skills and musicianship. Depending on the level of student, I am either very hands on, or take a step back to allow personal growth without too much micromanaging.

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UWA law student who does guitar playing on the side, will love to share skills!

Hi there music lovers! For those looking to learn basic guitar, feel free to touch base. I have been playing guitar since 13 yo. We will focus on the basics - reading chords, how to strum, and get you started with your fave songs first.

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Tour band member and Current music student teaching singing lessons for beginners

I tend to care to the students needs based off of what the students interests are. For example, some students may need a little bit of help with timing so I may use a clapping method whilst getting them to sing. I also go through different songs based off of the students preferences.

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Professional musician with double degree in Instrumental Music, Clarinet and Music with Emphasis on Jazz from the Conservatory of Music of the National University of Colombia and singing training offe

I treat the subjects in a structured manner according to the student's level of learning and their particular conditions or circumstances, such as age, physical disability or professional aspirations. I can work a class from 50 minutes until the completion of the session is necessary. I can guide from Musical Initiation to Professional Interpretation and my classes are aimed at all audiences.

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Music degree student suitable for students studying at GCSE and A-Level - Piano, Saxophone and Singing Lessons available

My knowledge in music is firmly grounded in classical music, especially choral music, having been a chorister for 5 years and currently singing with the Rodolfus Choir in London. I am currently taking a degree in Music and hoping to teach music in the future.

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Lyric singer (French / German) in Clermont l'Hérault teaches singing in all styles of music

Thanks to my teaching you will easily find your voice using breath and work on the body. All this will be done in the relaxation and the joy of singing. Singing is daring and freeing oneself.

La Estrella
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Musician, piano player since five years old, teaches classes in La Estrella, Sabaneta and its surroundings.

My teaching methodology starts with all the classical piano techniques. If my students want to learn to play piano in a simple and fast way; unfortunately I would not be the ideal person since my knowledge is from patience and discipline.

Hindmarsh Island
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Recently relocated qualified experience Music teacher in piano, strings, vocals and woodwind

My teaching method begins with constructivism and branches into various techniques - scaffolding, discussion, brainstorming, problem solving, games etc. - depending on the cognitive and physical needs of my students, the tasks at hand while guiding them to their full potential as life-long learners.

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Msc. Mechatronics student with a knowledge and experience in singing, and teaching people to develop their singing ability and technique, from study and experience.

My teaching method is an acknowledgement of the various potential singers singing ability and desire, a session of what can help them improve based on their individual ability and arrangement of working sessions with them, with specific time limits for each stage of practice.

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I will want to help build confidence within my students, talk through the audition process and work towards tailoring a repertoire of songs and monologues to help them with future auditions.

Calumet City
(1 review)
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Doctorate in Music Plus 25 Years of Performing Experience Give YOU The Best Advantage

Doctoral Degree in Music Performance and Theory from University of Michigan 25+ years performing, coaching, conducting, and training students in singing and guitar playing I love all styles of music and singing and have done all them (including some rap!! :) I believe in building on natural processes and building confidence in proper sensations of singing and performing. Talent is great...

Ciudad de México
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Printed didactic material, technical exercises, personal experience, videography, tips. Bilingual education for foreigners (English). Friendly, attentive and objective treatment without discrimination by age, race, gender, beliefs, sexual preferences, musical preferences or any other area.

High Wycombe
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Vocalist, guitarist and songwriter with many years of experience in the music industry.

I am a professional singer and performer who has been working in the music industry for the past 15 years. My lessons are built around the student. Whether its singing, guitar or music technology we can work out the best approach to suit the individual.

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PhD student in Performance Practice offering music and singing related courses in Exeter

Online or one to one class, always tailored to the needs of each of my students. I have taught students of a wide range of cultures, age, and nationalities; a professional practice which has granted me the ability to be open to change and developed my respect and appreciation for the benefits of a class with cultural diversity.

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University of Toronto Jazz Guitar Major gives affordable Guitar/Theory Lessons online! (Skype/Discord)

The student who will benefit most from these lessons is someone who has the drive to look deeper into harmony, rhythm, melody. Someone who loves music theory but is having trouble understanding the language.

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Passionate Singer giving Vocal Lessons- online and at home for those located in Southampton

My teaching methods are based on persistence and a lot of practice. I personalize the lessons by the student's knowledge and level. I don't apply the same treatment/ programme to all my students, as each individual has a different starting point and personality.

Los Angeles
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Vocal Lessons with A Professional Singer- Kids and Adults: Los Angeles CA

I like to base my classes on what my students want to learn. I like to start your first lesson by listening to you sing and seeing what I think you can benefit from working on, and then also going over your own musical goals and dreams. Then I go over what you hope to gain from these lessons.

Samuel david
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Music and musical theater student teaches guitar, singing voice, harmony, general music theory, in Bogotá

My teaching is didactic and intuitive, I give the tools to students to encourage them to be curious and study on their own, giving them the technical tools to achieve the best possible process, with extreme patience and willingness to teach.

Sandy Bay
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Sam applies decades of experience and learning to provide engaging music lessons

Struggling with your range or endurance vocally? Can't finish your songs or get them to sound as good as they do in your head? I've been there too. I'll come to you or you can come to me, we'll play, enjoy ourselves, come up with a plan and a strategy that suits us; and through mutual hard work, learning will ensue.

St. John's
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Aspiring opera singer with a Bachelors degree in Voice here to give singing lessons as well as teach you how to read music, write songs, and give you strategies for overcoming performance anxiety.

I am a 25-year-old aspiring opera singer who has completed a bachelors degree in Voice. I have tons of performance experience and have taken classes specifically on how to teach voice. I am also highly interested in Music theory, composition, and mindful practicing strategies.

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Music student offering help in music reading/theory and GCSE music in Birmingham

I am a 1st year Music student at the University of Birmingham that wants to help people understand music as well as enjoy it and we will achieve this through intensive and inquisitive sessions.

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Lessons in Singing (Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Jazz, Pop), Musical theatre, Acting, and Music Theory.

Brisbane based Musical Theatre student at the Queensland Conservitorium of Music, with a lot of experience in Musical Theatre and the music world. I have been around music my whole life and have a huge passion for sharing that love of music.

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Greylake Music - Tuition for Flute, Voice, Piano, Theory and GCSE Music

My name is Joanna Hadden (BA (Hons) Mus, Dip Mus), I am a professional flautist and singer and an accomplished pianist, with over 20 years teaching experience. I teach instrumental lessons on Flute, Piccolo, Recorder, Fife, Singing, Keyboard and Piano from beginner through to professional, from age 5 through to adult. I also provide tuition for Music Theory, Music Aural and GCSE Music.

São José dos Pinhais
(1 review)
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Bachelor of Music teaches musical theory classes, guitar and singing for beginners

Class for beginners in the musical environment; - Musical Theory: Readings in keys of sun, fa and do, rhythmic figures, compass, nomeclatures, transposition, counterpoint, chords, modal loan, solfege. - Guitar: posture, chords, techniques, rhythms. - Singing: Breathing, relaxation, warm-up, vocal and vocal health exercises.

Bragança Paulista
(15 reviews)

It is never too late to learn music. Music Theory lessons, singing, flute and keyboard. Teacher with a Masters in USA.

Master in Music Education at university abroad. More than 10 years of experience in Baptist churches as Music Minister and leader in this area. It was music teacher in the Network Public Schools Education. Sweet Flute teacher for children 5-12 years. Professor of Singing and Vocal Technique. Fitness on the instruments: drums, percussion, piano, saxophone and flute. He studied cello.

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Guitar and Bass tutor from beginners to advanced - Learn Guitar For 2018

Whilst there will always be a theoretical element to learning an instrument, the tutelage I provide is aimed solely towards learning the guitar in a practical sense. I will help you pick up the basics of the instrument, and collaboratively we can work towards a point where you feel happy to continue your playing independently.

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BBC winner and Professional singer with 10 years experience to give lessons in Leeds

I give lessons to any singer at any level. I first ask my students to pick a song to prepare and perform to me for the first lesson so I can gather an understanding of what needs work and what doesn't. I make sure certain techniques are in place such as breathing, posture, diction and support. Each class is adapted to each singer so I make sure to adjust to each students needs.

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