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1st class FREE!

Creativity is in your mind just need only to focus and apply.


New Delhi
1st class FREE!

I will teach sculpture, painting, printmaking, new media, and installation photography to my students

As a teacher i like to teach academic process and after that i guide them how to use academic knowledge to produce idea base art. also teach how to gather knowledge from busy life.

1st class FREE!

Best handmade chalk carving ever made easily any one can make it

My teaching method in first to make student comfortable and free to contact then step by step i teach the things

1st class FREE!

Student of Sculpture. Degree in BFA. Will teach you the basics. Available in Bangalore.

I let you explore your own capabilities and help you polish the things you know as there are no rights and wrongs in art, there's only different.

1st class FREE!

Creative art class for beginners or experts in Mussoorie by professional artist

I am an artist. Give creative art classes like painting, sculpture, drawing, sketching, craft and much more. I have 4 years experience of teaching.

1st class FREE!

3d modeller artist professional animator laeturer design engineer architectural designer 2d artist

my class is for the professional artist for 3D modeller and architects and for painters for professionals and ameture students who want to excell in their professional studies for the further future of their life in the compitational world

1st class FREE!

Bfa graduate..,{bachelor of fine arts }teaching art classes for students in my hose..,thrissur vettukad

My teaching method is very simple and predicted,and daily exercising ,iam teaching especially to UPschool and high school level students,

1st class FREE!

Am an art teacher ,I have 10year experience in teaching. I did Kerala government certificate of fine arts 3year,and DFA sculpture 2year,,acan use all kinds of paints,

I will try to bring out the inborn talents of the students..... and will increase the capacity of the students by giving effective guidance and proper situation I can Teach drawing painting sculpture cartoons all kinds of art .I can Teach drawing painting sculpture cartoons all kinds of art ..

1st class FREE!

Art is everything and everything has its own art. Learn art and learn everything.

My teaching method is to let my student use their eyes to see, ears to hear and mind to think to know how the work is happening

1st class FREE!

Fresh graduate in Interior Design, drawing and sculpting in the Aravali range in Mount Abu, India

Fun Learn, where children who are still in school, get the freedom to explore the world of art and design. Its for kids who are thinking of selecting a creative field as a career or simply enjoy scribbling with their crayons. We are here to play with materials to dream to imagine and to create.

1st class FREE!

Check the details & make it happen for sure. take time sure

simplified & engaging teaching methods to make sure children engage and know the possibilities that they can know and explore. I take route unexplored and make sure evry child is reaching a wat to explore their own way.

1st class FREE!

A SKETCH Artist with the talent of shades as in real life

I teach with fun and measurements and as your personal tutor because learning at your home is more fun than any other place...

1st class FREE!

B-Tech Graduate gives art classes to children from Saltlake city Kolkata. Every individual can learn in a playful manner and young minds get nurtured in the world of colors.

I believe that every individual has a different mindset and hence my approach towards teaching them art varies from one child to another. I like to mix with them in a playful manner so that even those kids who don't like to sit for drawing can fall in love with it eventually.

1st class FREE!

Professional artist from Thane, sharing his knowledge in Painting and Sculpting with art seekers.

Natural flair for and ease of drawing, Painting, Sculpting translates, abstract thoughts/concepts to appealing visuals. Created master copies of great artists, worked on giant size hand painted posters, Paintings and Sculptures. Is adept at both in manual and digital rendering.

1st class FREE!

Offering arts and crafts coaching to students from jr KG to high school by 7 years experience in coaching teacher

- Practical craft work - drawing - coloring - painting - best from waste - home decor - clay modelling - sketching - canvas painting - water coloring

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1st class FREE!

An Visual Artist of 23 years of experience cultivates Artists in various fields from her studio

A resourceful and inventive instructor, with extensive experience in coaching students, encouraging out-of-the-box thinking and guiding them to explore their full creative potential.

1st class FREE!

I'm giving Online and offline fine-art tution including sketching,painting,sculpture n so on

I'll teach my students how to imitate someone's portrait,whole figured paintings and sculpture exactly the same as the model looks. It'll be amazing if you can sketch your own portrait or your friend's prortait, right? I'll teach you how to do it. You just have to be serious at your classes.

1st class FREE!

Complete creativity course,traditional art and digital art,art and design for all age group,

I have 10 year expirience in my field ilove my job I am happy to sharing my expirience with others

1st class FREE!

Student in chitrakala Parishath takes classes in basic and advanced level drawing and painting course

I teach from the basic drawing to advanced and specifically can teach portraiture and painting basics, colour theory ,methods and materials

1st class FREE!

Fine arts student in Goldsmiths University, leading art university in London, offering lessons in making art and help preparing the perfect art portfolio for future studies

I would love to teach in a friendly, yet professional manner, similar to the education style I was exposed to in university. I would like to give as much freedom in making art, hence will mainly focus on giving criticism in order to inspire students. I believe that there is no such thing as bad art, and every child who is interested in making art will have the potential of being an artist.

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1st class FREE!

Glasgow School of Art master degree graduate gives contemporary art tutorials and art workshops in Glasgow

I am recently graduated with Fine Art Master Degree from Glasgow School of Art. I can help with both practical solutions and backing up your work with research and discussion. I can offer critique and methods to build critical thinking in art. From Art History to Critical Theory, Contemporary Art is a large and growing study.

Boars Hill
(2 reviews)
1st class FREE!

I am an encouraging and inspiring qualified art teacher with over ten years of experience

I like to inspire and encourage my students to experiment and challenge themselves to create exciting and innovative outcomes which I know through experience is a quality that universities really value. Whilst adapting my tutoring according to the individuals needs, I enable my students to develop their confidence and enjoyment of the subject at their own pace.

South Melbourne
1st class FREE!

Visual Artist and children Art Teacher, with a background in art therapy

I always try to personalize my classes according to the student needs and interests. I usually start the class by analyzing some artworks or artist related to the subjects. Then I encourage and guide the student to create its own art. Students can choose the art technique and art style they want to learn or practice.

Darling Heights
1st class FREE!

Visual Arts teacher give art lessons to primary and high school students

my teaching methodology is use the tools, methods and techniques that can be used in making art works. I want to teach students that want to learn the basics of drawing, painting and printmaking. Usually, this means looking at using the various media and techniques to make individual artworks.

1st class FREE!

Highly experienced Art and Design Student, looking to teach students who are going into the Visual Arts!

My teaching method is to get to know the individual first, see what they need help with, and then go from there. I am experienced in various subjects involving the visual arts and would be more than happy to help develop other students abilities.

1st class FREE!

Established Fine Artist will give Art lessons to all ages from painting, drawing to sculpture.

I prefer one on one classes. online...with an exchange of pictures/videos and emails. Various levels. I've accomplished quite a bit in the Art/Design world using various techniques and mediums/themes...and have a ton to offer and share. I've also been features in books and magazines.

1st class FREE!

Alevel Studying Art, Product Design and Media excited to teach the study of art!

My teaching skills are based more on the fact that I can relate to the youth it'll be like studying with a friend, We can achieve , get work done while still having a calm and smooth atmosphere that will make you more comfortable and build confidence

1st class FREE!

Textile design masters student at the Royal College of Art, offering art and design tutoring in London.

Hello! I am currently studying for my masters in Mixed Media textiles at the Royal College of Art and last year I graduated from Edinburgh University, where I graduated with a first class Hons.

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