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Stress free Life Coaching of the Positive Mind focusing on making life more enjoyable!

I hear you everyday. I hear you telling yourself that you “cannot.” You are right. Anything you tell yourself will always come into fruition. If you tell yourself that you can, you are right too. My sessions will focus on rewiring your brain to attract more positive into your life. I also focus on how to handle stress and how to better communicate with yourself and others.

Greater London
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Australian psychologist & coach in London providing personal and wellbeing coaching in London

With a focus on the principles of Positive Psychology, I can provide personal coaching and short-term solution-focused counselling in relation to wellbeing, health, stress management, anger management, personal relationships, parenting, goal setting, self-esteem, and social skills for children, adolescents, and adults.

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To Be or Not To Be. How to start with your mindset

You know how a lot of people are finding it harder and harder to find time and have to work two jobs or longer to meet the tight income. Well I help people like that so they can live better.

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Let me help you find your calm place so you can live the life you deserve, we all deserve.

Highly educated with on the job experience in coaching, stress management and relationship building. I am wanting to assist those needing positive change in their lives and need a boost in the right direction. I will coach you honestly and effectively give you the tools to move forward on your own.

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Look for roses not thorns, every situation can be over come you are in control of the way you feel.

In life we all need a little help along the way. Life's experiences from others is an essential part of growing in anything we do. I have helped many 'grow' in an array of areas including my three grown children. Hopefully my experience and positive thinking can help coach your own growth.

Great Sankey
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Health well being is the best topic ever i like because it comprises of dealing with students who are stressed up due to different issues at home, like relationships, peer pressure and conflict manage

Am EDITH from Kenya i do give my lessons to anyone degree students, level class and even the married couples advise them on way forward about life. My character is friendly that means cant get so tempered no. My lessons are so entertaining even my students say just continue even if am out of time. they really enjoy the lessons.

Greater London
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Are you stuck in life but want to overcome any obstacles? Do you think that everything is beyond your control? Let me show you that you are wrong. Contact me

Everyone has different problems, everyone is unique and everyone has specific goals in life that want to be accomplished. After I get to know you better we can focus on a specific plan which will help you to overcome any obstacles. Some more points I will cover with you: - The right mindset - Overcoming Procrastination - The right habits and so on. Contact me if you want to learn more.

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All individuals who find it hard to express themselves. Aiming to help.

I will encourage you to love yourself and stand firm. Step by step development of your skills. Personal experiences may be shared to help make individuals fee comfortable. Weekly assessment and feedback on how you feel. Continuous support even after you believe that your goal has been reached.

Greater London
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Soft skills trainer ,management faculty, spoken English trainer from India based in delhi

Have pursued masters in economics from reputed university have passion in teaching have an experience of 7 years as a faculty for subjects like management ,Human Resource and English communication I am also working as a soft skills trainer where I work and help people in developing there personalities have a dream to be a corporate trainer have already started working on its foot steps My...

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I am a personal coach that includes offering information about the personal stressors related to relationship issues that will assist in the true development of a opportunity for personal growth.

I have completed 2 Master's degrees, on in Health Administration and the other Nursing education. I have been employed as a psychiatric mental health nurse with 20+ years of active employment. I have developed and written a cookbook that was used by individuals with developmental disabilities as well as engaged in a teaching career to teach paraprofessionals in home health and long term care.

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Hello everyone! My name is Elana and I do one on one teaching to those that need to think a bit more positive in life, free any day/time of the week.

I am a extremely friendly/caring/happy gonna being always wanting to help those around me, such as helping people think more positive towards life.

Greater London
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Wellbeing coach specialised in developing a better mental health, healthy relationship with food and managing emotions.

Laura’s training at the national centre of eating disorders underpins the essential psychological and physical components needed for eating disorder recovery, this remarkable and inspired training is taught in line with the latest thinking from a range of psychologies and healing approaches.

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Hi! I’m Ashleigh, I’m British and I’d love to talk and teach other amazing people wanting to expand their knowledge.

My teaching method is a head on approach I find the most effective way to learn and memorise is to note things down in a way you are comfortable with occasional test of the knowledge. If something is not understood, we go through it. Not everything can be understood first time round. I’m also a strong believer in listening. To any questions, queries or worries.

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Emotional regulation teacher with personal experience based in Swindon available, online or face-to-face.

You don't need any knowledge of mental illness to do my training courses; As i tailor each session to the individual. I use my skills developed through personal experience of a range of therapies including DBT, CBT, and i may also incorporate some mindfulness techniques in my sessions with you but these are all things we will discuss.

Central Bedfordshire
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Experience pole dancer who loves to work out. with daily positive can do attitude :)

hi I'm charmaine and i love to dance and feel free and great about myself. I'm here to teach basic and intermediate sexy dance flows incorporating a touch of yoga In this for that uplifted positive vibe.

Greater London
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Life Coach working in London and Home Counties area with 15 years of military and civilian experience

I am a life coach who works with both individuals and corporations to bring a difference to their lives. Whether that be physical fitness, lifestyle, leadership, workplace or relationships, we can work together to make a change for you. By understanding your requirements and preferences, we'll work together to put in a place an action plan that is right for you.

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Personal Development Psychology Positivity Coaching in Milan, Rome, online by skype

Personal Development Psychology Positivity Coaching in Milan, Rome, online skype. I will help you face daily challenges, always keeping you motivated. Step by step you will be able to resolve conflicts and overcome challenges. Prepared in PNL and Coaching Online.

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Life and Confidence Coaching from experienced coach. Help with finding your way in life

My name is Glenn and I help people to find themselves, and overcome barriers in their life. We explore what is holding you back, and we look at techniques which you can do at home to help find self confidence, to understand your goals and to develop personally. Each person is different and so sessions are tailored to help you.

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+ + + = + Possitve thinking means a possitve actions! life is what you make it guys!

Did you know that your entire life is the product of your thoughts?  What I mean by this is that we create our own reality based on our paradigms and beliefs about life.  Let me give you an example… Two women, let’s call them Laura and Kate, are stood together at the Grand Canyon overlooking the incredible views. They are side by side experiencing exactly the same moment.

Hemingford Grey
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Writer gives online life & personal coaching (anxiety, depression, stress management, lifestyle)

I am a young, experienced writer/training psychologist here to offer online yet personal life coaching. I specialise in anxiety and stress management, but also can offer help with depression and substance abuse. I have had personal afflictions with everything that I discuss with you, so I never touch upon a subject I have no knowledge in.

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Lessons on personal development to chieve happiness, abundance and well-being in Peterborough

As a personal coach I offer a set of lessons and various exercises for anyone looking for a more fulfilling, happier life, for anyone with dreams, ambitions , desires to achieve . Includes work, personal relationships, family and money advice.

São Paulo
(2 reviews)
1st class FREE!

Life Coaching. What do you think, you become. What do you feel you attract. What you think, you create. Use techniques of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Through tools of Coaching and NLP, a cycle of 08 sessions will investigate the area of ​​interest and together we're Godinho to transmute what was a challenge for you into personal fulfillment. Come be happy! Let's go together? Because there are no failures, only results.

1st class FREE!

Positive thinking help! I will help you through tough times. I’ve been in tricky places and positive thinking strategies changed me. Let’s get through this together

30 or 60 minute lessons. We will talk about what’s bothering you and find new ways to rethink things and learn how to live more positively. I’ll be there to guide you and everything will remain confidential.

1st class FREE!

I would like to enhance my students abilities towards thinking positive and spreading vibrant energy

Stress management, personality development, self motivation, getting rid of all the negative vibes in life, cultivation of positive habits and nature

Greater London
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Love , live life to the maximum. Stay postive always i can help

I am a mother of three love helping others as its rewarding.

1st class FREE!

Struggling? I will give you the best advice and help you through it all????

I am a dance teacher and help children of all ages, I went through a tough time and was in a dark place but I came back stronger and can help you become a better person:)

1st class FREE!
1st class FREE!

A positive mental attitude awaits, all we need is you! Yes! You!

Freelance wellbeing consultant. Advocacy student. Qualifications in Mental Health, Suicide Interventikns, Psychology, C.B.T. Parental Depression experience and Child Development.

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La Trobe student gives lessons of chemistry to high school students and psychology to uni students.

Great experience to teach college students and high school students in various fields from primary school to higher education students.

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Perfect! Always on time with positive attitude and great moral support. Very intelligent, fun, dedicates herself to help us at any time of our convenience. Great going All the Very Best!

Mohamed, Student
2 weeks ago
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Zainab, found their positive thinking teacher

Hi Manisha, How are you? This side Zainab from Connaught Place Delhi, i wish to take few positive thinking classes n looking for a good motivator for the same.. kindly let me knw if you r looking forward to it.. Rich Regards, Zainab Haqqi

3 months ago