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Im a finished degree holder giving classes about stress management. Itrested students can contact

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Conflicts in life could be managed definitely. Just give a sound try.

My teaching method is so simple. I teach to identity the issue analyse it and think deeply keeping into mind all possible scenarios in order to get best results.

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Become the Better and true version of yourself to lead a happy life

My teaching method is by explaining and sharing my own life experiences and fact, describing from my heart, creating interest with creativity.

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Positive thoughts expressed may make an impression and help to find the way . Nagpur

Actually , it would be a two way conversation, willingly a reference from experiences , observations, analysis, books etc.would be great for explaining.

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Learn the principle "INSPIRE BEFORE YOU EXPIRE" From the positive principle maker..Sateesh

My teaching method includes most of attractive and more real Slides presentation with lot of secrets about 'We have to learn how to learn'

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How Yoga shasthra and artha shasthra can improve your business and personal life.

Need based.After Understanding the needs and background I will decide the methodology , content etc.Personal stories, historical facts could be used to connect and communicate better.

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A positive thinker sees the invisible feel the intangible and achieving the IMPOSSIBLE

My teaching method is based on the view point of the student who facing difficult in his life time (studies,mental stress, feeling ego and complexity etc)...

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A student in who overcome negativity in her life is going to teach

I can make class very interesting and i'm one of the person who used to have negative thoughts.

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A consultant of my field ' positive thinking'. Being a student of life, I have learned and still learning from my life. I am here to help you when you are feeling low in your life through chatting ( t

I use simple method, that's chatting! Everyone is busy in their life so I find this system to be more effective ! Where people can interact with me without any hesitation! I believe fingers express better than our mouth!

New Delhi
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Positive thinking is an art. Which everyone can learn but in a positive way.

The way I teach is the same way as I learn and I learn from self realization

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My name is kaviarasu D, I am currently pursuing my under graduate program in BBA Shipping and logistics Management at Amet University in Chennai Tamil Nadu.

Problem solving, sales Methodology, Branch of knowledge, Learn from mistakes, Historical Information, Human growth and development, different levels and different purposes.

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Think differently in your way of thinking don't compare with others . Always be confident

My teaching is on all my personal experience.. Future generations want be how to survive a successful life They want understand everything in modern world and also history of your country ..

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Doing ordinry thing in extra ordinary way, what i will say,give me a chance to prove it

my method is a simpl and practily way..where every one can learn simply,no metter what is my methord..

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"Attitude" determine onself not "Altitude" Power of positive thinking - let's explore

I'm new to teaching but I assure that I can shower you with mix of subject and life time experiences.

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Will give you teaching on positive thinking and help you to handle situations wisely.

Help people in their problems by telling them real life experiences. Personal sessions will lead to greater results.

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Time to learn and progress into brighter further with endless prospects ready

I like to give everyone a vision on anything, then to complete their method according to what they think is right.

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Love yourself and live your life because it's your responsibility to make your life beautiful.

My teaching methods will be very clear to students and i like to teach in a innovative way.Teaching methods should be interesting.

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Get to know ur self more and keep fighting with all ur might

Normal teaching method focus on creativity and bring out talents

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Be unique and be positive thats the key of success and positive thinking is a key of your problems

I'm not teacher so i can't teach you but I'm your friend so i can help you to solve your problems..

Seema rani
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Teacher is a guide and philospher which helps to the students for build up the future

Many things we want to study in behavirol research are concepts , eg. Quality,satisfaction, attitude, leadership. Its control the study, dictates how the data are acquired.

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Change your entire life by positive thinking...you yourself can create your life..!!

It will be interactive session..first i' ll listen from you and then i' ll share my knowledge on this topic.

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Chartered Accountant wants to impart you motivation , better living , accounts and audit.

Understanding the needs and the level of experience of the student and accordingly drafting the medicine of knowledge which I poses and am acquiring !!

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Positive>negative... It's true.. Bulieve - persive - recieve We all are born leaders.. Lead your life the way you want

Listening..is the best way to befriend. Observe the human behaviour. Accept the personality. Compassionate dialogue. Again listen. Act.. to what's needed. Have a positive attitude to changes.

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Being #healthy everytime in every age #group -being happy,,in life fabulous life

My teaching methods is diffrent/attractive /My style is unique / I prefer for primary students /Base strong of kids mine

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After meeting me trust me you never feel negativity ,meet me anywhere

I go deeply what my students need from a teacher, and yes i go throw many failures but my negative feelings never let me down

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I LL teach math nd some positive thoughts..m graduated student (mba) in finance ..I love to teach students...m very helpful person fr students

Student learning is measured through objectively scored tests and assessments. ... Teaching and assessments are connected; student learning is continuously measured during teacher instruction. Commonly used teaching methods may include class participation, demonstration, recitation, memorization, or combinations of these.

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Positivity is self motivated action to keep yrself calm and energetic to beat any situation in the society

My teaching method is based on personal and others experience to guide people in a proper way to handle all kind of circumstances.

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Being negative make us and our thoughts and actions nothing but a waste

My teaching method is to understand the student requirement first and make plans according to his level of understanding which makes the best output

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Student in my class can be the best citizen,be train to good help other

my teaching will be based on experience..and emotions..true mind can be a sun that walk earth from huge dark..

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Perfect! Always on time with positive attitude and great moral support. Very intelligent, fun, dedicates herself to help us at any time of our convenience. Great going All the Very Best!

Mohamed, Student
7 months ago
(1 review)

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