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Brij pal
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Developing positive attitude towards life for happiness by avoiding negative thoughts &

can be one to one, email, phone, or any mode mutually convenient. Techniques applied by me is theoretical and by practical examples and convincing mutual discussions by citing logical examples from my own life personal experiences and books.

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Biology for high school students & plus two students also for private

I will teach biology up to degree level ,for students of plus two who preparing entrance exam etc.. . I have 30 yrs of teaching experience.I have the subject using modern techniques & facilities.

New Delhi
Mohd umair
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Only series people cache me any time but don’t waste your &my time

Every leader is different. Every bench is different. Every business is different. So while the complexities change, the work of coaching stays the same keep your clients at the center of the work, push them to use their strengths more and to temper their weaknesses, and illuminate blind spots because these are what really get in the way.

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The first step towards success is defeating those fears which hold you from flying towards them. If u have stage fear or fear of speaking in public let me help u out.

Speaking is expressing your views on a particular topic. I believe that everyone can do this better when he/ she tries to talk to within himself. When it comes speak the same thing in front of crowd people fail to do it. My methodology is simple if u can do it within yourself . I promise u that u can do it in front of massive gathering.

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For every problem there must be a solution. Do not sit ideal and miserable . Instead Find it , do hardwork and be happy. I teach basics, general studies. I did my graduation in computer science from

Conflict resolving methodology depends on the type of conflict. Ultimately I will try my level best to resolve the issue and make people happy for their well being in their life... I am an engineer and interested in teaching.

1st class FREE!

Every day may not be good but there will be something good in everyday Be positive stay happy

First ill dentify the Competencies of a Positive Attitude and and their behaviour next to develop the positive attitude in every individual

1st class FREE!

I m engineering student and where we learnt menu things to do ...like to talk someone positively

To understand and teach someone I take the example from daily life and learn them every part of life very carefully

1st class FREE!

Positive thinking make a person to solve a problem from why to that why From ( ? - Answer) from question mark to answer

My teaching methodology is based upon live examples of live that make mode to divert in to positive attitude to achieve their dreams

1st class FREE!

I am Give You Best of Best Tricks, Solution for be a Better Person Financially, Mentally, Spiritually. Manage Stress, Anxiety and so on through My Tricks, Solution Thank You for Reading

My Teaching skill techniques are Easy and Easily Doing and Practical Approach and Scientific Proved Techniques Thanks for Reading

Radha krishna
1st class FREE!

Do u job without tention , smarty healthy , easy , smiley , better , best way ?

My teaching methods is without pains understand lessons and also how to learn easily doing job with all collies and managers

1st class FREE!
New Delhi
1st class FREE!

Never ever ever give up..... Life is wonderful yet it tests you to make u much more stronger..

Nature is the greatest teacher. Let the world b your laboratory n universe your class. No same shoe fits all .so method depends on how u like it.

Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar
1st class FREE!

Your mind is a powerful thing . Fill it with positive thoughts , your life will start to change ️

Wake up early Drink coffee Work hard Keep your head up Keep your priorities straight and focus on your goals. Do what you love .

1st class FREE!

Gyaan to acquire positive thinking in life by psychology student for all.

Method is simple just to make you think to compare your current life with prob and your life without problems by effective self talk. Not based on giving lectures.

Surya ganesh
1st class FREE!

Students with an positive attitude can solve any problem in his life

my teaching methodology is based on converting the studentsie diverting the students into my words to concentrate on my words

1st class FREE!

Wake up! You are alive!!to enjoy the miracle of positive thinking!let's do it enthusiastically

My teaching method is completely based on the research of my legendary people life struggle event own personal failure which gives me positive attitude

1st class FREE!
1st class FREE!

I m a good motivator if u r rich and want ur children to be good person in future I will help him by showing reality of world

Reality of world practically nd much theory or not in boring way hope u understand what I mean thanks

1st class FREE!
1st class FREE!

Best way to learn is to make mistakes ...Come let's do it together ????

Based on Practical Experiences. I believe Our Past experiences are our best Teachers. I base my teaching on experiences from my life as well as others.

1st class FREE!

" Transform Yourself :: Online Session for Public Speaking Skills by Certified Image Consultant "

Hi, I am a certified Image Consultant from International Association of Professions Career College. I have been into corporate sector from last 13 years. I love to meet new people and I feel happy to see them transforming into a confident public speaker.I believe that it is important for everyone to be a confident in one's public speaking.

1st class FREE!

U r the creator of your own destiny. You are responsible for your life. Only your actions making your life propeous or deprived.

No methodology just to be aware about our true self the hidden truth inside us. And to know about our true being.

1st class FREE!

Public Speaking the best way to impress ,now made easy for all.

Help you to find your "personal" strenghts and understand your weaknesses like was helped to find mine and work on them.

1st class FREE!

Provide online tution for building confidence, public speaking and enhancing communication skills.

my main agenda is to enhance communication skills of student and build confidence in them. I have worked as personality development teacher in college to prepare students for placement drive of companies. My teaching method depends on performing activities, live projects and demo interviews.

1st class FREE!

Come and join Its your chance to get success in your field ....

My teaching methodology is very simple easy to explain and provide quick benifit...

1st class FREE!

Be positive stay positive kill negativity positiveness shows a way ahead infuture

I instruct people who are willing to do anything for the platform they choosed and I will try to bring positiveness in them.

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Perfect! Always on time with positive attitude and great moral support. Very intelligent, fun, dedicates herself to help us at any time of our convenience. Great going All the Very Best!

Mohamed, Student
4 months ago
(1 review)

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