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1st class FREE!

We have to think positive because those who r strugglers theribis nothing positive in their life , what ever it is we have to go on to the basis of positive thinking

Frankly speaking i never be try this so my method was that ,what ever i teach them its will be understood for them

1st class FREE!

Want to learn how to be a positive thinker...Yes you can, believe me!!

To know my teaching methodology you have to give me a chance then I can prove it to you thanks

Khetri Nagar
1st class FREE!

Positive thinking n positive attitude to become successful n for better life

My teaching method is online. I communicate to students through mailing.

1st class FREE!

Student in school & collage give tution in educational positive attitude from nagpur.

My teaching method is practical experience of our life. I base my class on current situation of the students and family.

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I can teach you benefit finding in situation which is not under our control.

My reaching method is to start with resilience concept and Attitudinal Healing processes and implementation of those in daily life

1st class FREE!

Life coach and goal achieve two major important things to learn in life

My teaching method is based on chapter wise and in depth explanation so that you understand clearly and practice it in daily life

1st class FREE!

Health is wealth ,so having an unique knowledge about health will make make you stay wealthy

My methodology method is make notes and explain in detail through social networking sites..

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Be Positive...Stay Positive...Think Positive...Stay Free in your own life...Change your surroundings to your positive thoughts.

My method is simple and humble,that makes you sense on your actual life.Sense on your life thoughts.

1st class FREE!

"Arise, awake and not stop till goal is achieved". Yes you can.

My method is based on indian style of teaching where you not only become successful but also become self aware

1st class FREE!

Get inspired each day of your life with a crazy inspired girl

I love interacting with them and inspire them to learn the topics with pleasure and face there problems fearlessly and positively.

1st class FREE!

Study more and more u will be knowledgeful in life and future

At home only I can teach student by my own knowledge I teach the student in simple method like my teacher taught me

1st class FREE!

Try hard untill u cant count your money and be a human

My teaching method is depend about them , about their situations , background or any other problems they had lived

1st class FREE!

Life cannot be alone but happy in life and enjoy your dream .

My teaching method is not for learn in deep and write to prepare for exam .

1st class FREE!

I am motivating so many persons and influence their life to reach into happiness.

Before I start my lesson I tried to check the person's character and where his/her mind exist , I can reach inside there mind and lead them into the absolute success.

1st class FREE!

Every one will read the books... We can educate in the school and college but we don't know the meaning off how to live....

My methodology is give the live examples and it's practical also to easily understand the students what I'm saying... They have to connect with me...

1st class FREE!

As long as things stay in your realm of imagination , it hurts less. So , think positive.

You can come to me and vent out everything you ever wanted to say. I 'll be here to listen without judging you and would also definitely give a solution to all your problems.

1st class FREE!

Being postive every time is not so easy so its my duty to make people learn how to be postive in any condition

Its simple let them know whats the meaning of being positive or being conntive to his own sole so its just start with us not u me or them

1st class FREE!

Want to develop contury for that 1st we have make my juniors intelligent so that their parents be proud of them nd contury too

My teaching method is 1st i read nd said all of them to read together then i expalin them line wise

1st class FREE!

Let us all stay healthy from outside and within. With a healthy mind and soul, one lives a healthy life.

I first try to understand the entire situation, then fit myself in that person's shoes and look at the things from their point of view.

Thakur abhiraj
1st class FREE!

Student passed out 12 th class from maths and science, practised boxing and music as well.

Practical teaching methods. Lessons by understanding. Take involvement in individual's interests. Modern thinker. Kind. Healthy and comfortable atmosphere. Provide help personally.

1st class FREE!

I'm teach only chemistry and biology . Because complete study based on biology and chemistry

I'm teach the students only board based syllabus. So I teach the student without help of book.

Ankit kumar
1st class FREE!

Do not worry About your haters just smile on them to overcome Ur stress

I talk to people personally learn their problems and try my level best to improve the mental status of the person and help him overcome it

1st class FREE!

People who want to win the world then u can appoint me and always become a topper

i always explain the topic with the easy example from the world

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Perfect! Always on time with positive attitude and great moral support. Very intelligent, fun, dedicates herself to help us at any time of our convenience. Great going All the Very Best!

Mohamed, Student
4 months ago
(1 review)

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