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New York
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Extensive experience in preclinical reseach and Psychology. Various topics inclcudes Abnormal Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Biopsychology and more.

I can help both graduate and undergraduate psychology students or to those who need personal coach for self-development. My specialization is OCD. During Doctoral studies I developed a unique self- search method that can support people who suffer from OCD as well as other mental problems such as depression, PTSD. This is not a treatment.

San Antonio
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Mental health professional for all your life and relationship needs - available online via video, chat or phone.

I have a decade of education in psychology and mental health counseling. I hold numerous certifications and licences that range from basic life skills and parenting to specific advanced certifications in anger management, domestic violence, and victim impact.

Greater London
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Upgrade relationships resolve challenges. Transformation and empowerment coaching on deep soul level. Removing subconscious blockages

Hello, My name is Konsuelo Ester Nova. I am an Empowerment and Transformational coach. Are you ready to : *Find your purpose in life. *Deepen your relationships with others. *Understand yourself better and gain clarity in your life. *Learn how to transform challenging emotions. *Come back to your power within. *Return to inner peace. *Resolve fear and insecurities.

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Youth work and social care professional with 10 years experience gives lessons on self development coaching and conflict management

I use all types of learning activities and adapting learning to suit the individual learners needs, so they get the best out of the learning. The methodology I use with learners depends on the individual and what has worked in the past for the learner. This can include visual aids, audio aids or even practice elements.

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Psychology doctor and coach teacher offers coaching for personal development and success in university exams

Doctor in psychology graduated from the University of Strasbourg, holder of a master 2 research in Biology and a master 2 professional in scientific communication, I offer courses to people wishing to be oriented and advised for their personal development, their property the management of stress and anxiety, their success in university exams, etc.

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Life Coach looking to help and guide you through the next steps

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements in full. Either a one off discussion or you can sign up for a course. As a tutor I take my lead from you. TOgether we can work towards a plan of what you need and what you expect.

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Trained Public Speaker & Voiceover Coach Gives Lessons On How To Master Your Own Voice

Experience and surveys tell us that when it comes to public speaking - 73% Talk too fast – the listener can’t keep up with you. 81% Run sentences into each other – the listener gets confused. 43% Use a rising inflection – reflects lack of knowledge. 29% Lack energy – sounds boring, listener tunes out. 34% Emphasise the wrong words – you’re not getting the message across.

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Experienced public speaker in Edinburgh offering expertise and condience building when delivering presentations

Senior Business Professional offering tutoring and lesson to individuals or groups at all levels of school and higher education. Specialist in Business studies, operations, finance and marketing, organisational culture, people management and leadership. Experienced coach working with colleagues across all levels.

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Looking for an effective approach? Compassionate coach sharing communication strategies for inner and outer peace (via Web or phone)

As a progressive educator and tutor/coach, I focus on self-esteem and wellbeing as foundations to learning and thriving. I continuously update my own learning in Interpersonal Neurobiology and Communication, to finely tune skills that provide the deepest impact on people’s lives. Efficiency is key to my approach, so I optimize the way our brains learn.

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I am a professional life coach who has been working on this level for two years. I have trained in creative arts therapies, drama, creative writing and youth work. I also know a lot about food nutri

Every student is unique and different in what they want and need. We will work closely together in order to achieve this. We will put in place a structured program tailored to what is best for you, featuring things you can do outside of our lessons.

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Meticulous 23 year old girl that has learnt to love life and live well

Chinwenwa , Veronica Osanakpo, that's me but you can always call me Veronica or Chinwe for short. The only experience I have had with teaching is with myself and my friends or people that I have met that have or are struggling with life in general. There is a saying that goes like this, 'the areas where you have had the most challenges in life are the areas where you have the most to give'.

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I Can Be Well, Recovered, take Action, and be the Plan A

I am A certified Peer recovery Specialist and I teach others how to survive a crisis, how to live a recovered life, and how to manage difficult relationships. I use WRAP as my practicum with a positive bases and meditation.

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Execise science instructor American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) certified

BSc. Health Science Mountain State University 3.95 GPA Masters degree in Kinesiology/Exercise Science 3.9 Cumulative GPA Arizona University of Heath Science Mesa AZ PhD in Exercise Science in progress. Arizona University of Health Sciences Mesa AZ 4.0 GPA to date.

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You can improve your life only if you change your thinking. This will change your action and everything around you.

I am a person who fought to change her life and learnt as much as I could about how this can be done. Must find the determination inside ourselves and must find the weaknesses that keep us in a dark place. You will learn in an easy way, by written materials. So, it doe not matter if you are shy and introverted. Can pass over it without any stress.

Greater London
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Positive thinking, Life coaching, Create Better Results in Less Time, Produce More

Can teach you how to follow a schedule throughout the day to become more focused on your goals and to produce better results. You cannot change your life in one day, but you can change your actions and habits, which over the long term can change your results and your life. It is not about making right decisions, it is about making decisions right.

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French student in Marseille helps with well-being stress control and self-confidence

I am student, young but I learned a lot. Now I would like to help people who are struggling to feel good about themselves or do not have confidence in themselves.

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Knowing who you are and learning to become your most authentic self

I have a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Cincinnati and working on a second Masters degree in Theological studies. I teach other adults how to make the connection with their true self by asking questions.

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Motivational and personal speaker with 3 years of experience, gives advice and teaching about life.

I am a teenager, who is willing to give lessons to adults about life and how to cope with stuggles and how to find the path which is right for you. I like to use analogy's in my teachings so that it is easier to understand. I am also willing to coach online.

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Positive thinker with 15 years experience gives positivity and well being classes in London

To people. Are you stuck in a rut of fixed routine, tied to the mundane, feeling down and hopeless? Does that feeling project itself in the aches and pains of your body as you sit there slouched? Or are you simply a chronic overthinker- a worrier with bad wuju. My name is Ateeq Khan.

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Zainab, found their positive thinking teacher

Hi Manisha, How are you? This side Zainab from Connaught Place Delhi, i wish to take few positive thinking classes n looking for a good motivator for the same.. kindly let me knw if you r looking forward to it.. Rich Regards, Zainab Haqqi

1 month ago