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Not happy with life? Never mind you can now learn how to make life beautiful

My teaching method would be more of activities.. I go by the base..

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Teaching of Hindi ,Phy.edu., Art. Social science, E. V. S, English, e

My teaching methods is playway method, project method, and I have use some other important methods to teach students

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Motivation from the students of the college for the people in need!

Speaking is the main thing to help anyone motivation and giving self confidence will help for the betterment of the one!

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Manage your Stress by Gita and change your life with positive attitude and happiness.

My approach is based on every individual by taking every individual questions and solutions is authentic based which is mentioned Gita.

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“No question of sadness or disappointment when positive thinking is with you”

I approach the topic by taking a story or giving someone’s life as example so that it will stick to their heads

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High school To college passed by stress of a student in his education

When my explanation was listened by any one they don't get any nervous because in every matter can make them think about it

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Happiness Unlimited, get ready to feel the new rejuvenation and welcome the world of emotional wellness

Through presentations and activities, I change the person as whole to give him new lease of life

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Transform your thoughts and transend to a better life with us now!

A Problem based approach and small group learning with applied concepts in day to day appearance.

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Fundamental basic of life is to enjoy whatever you have received whether it is intellectuality or related to physicality, and this will only possible when you have calmness inner side.

I think discussion is the best remedy to solve the toughest puzzle. So, through the communication process one can read the mind what other is thinking and accordingly one can analyse and use the perfect combination of words to sooth the mental stability.

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Think positive and you can achieve everything in your life - by Akash Jha

My funds is first I make the students to take interest in it bcoz without interest nothing can be done

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Experienced professor coaching for the subjects Biology, botany, biotechnology and stress management

i approach the topic by giving personal examples and self experience.I can teach school as well as college students. I can give consultation for Ph.

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Don't be afraid of anything that's outside, be afraid of the one who is inside. Because, it starts & ends with what's inside. Develop & Nourish positivity on the "inside" you & welcome the best of th

Being simple & my psychological knowledge is the base for each interaction. I empathize with the person at his core level. I see past, present, and an improved future for my students. My personal experiences and hardships that I have overcome in my life have given me first-hand blow of how life hits you when you let it control you.

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I am very positive person and i can give you my positive vibes.. U just have to trust me and follow my guidance..

My teaching methods totally depends on your positivity level and your problems.

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Don't tell you down in your hard time be positive ...let's come together and make positive surrounding

My teaching is base on my self experience and I also listen a people thoughts their gud and bad side with sweet memories from that I approach people to live positive and live positive with lots of happiness

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Public sector worker. Like to read good books. Every success is the outcome of good thinking

I'm not a teacher. I'm with you for every new thoughts. And we are learning. Give and take method. Not teaching.

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A C.A. Student from Jodhpur, Rajasthan who tries to speak good to provide a positive environment all around.....

I basically start by a fun session and carry on being something serious to life and make that whole conversation productive for everyone

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Student of jntu hyderabad waiting for degree now doing a job in private company

My teaching method is very simple I will teach all the students mentally I always believe on my real life experience

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Post Graduate in Microbiology, gives you stress management classes and also diet suggestions online.

I generally teach online since it's not an academic course, but surely one can contact me personally too. I will take step by step and make you feel relaxe.

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Anybody can join to have a peaceful positive mindset form Tamil literature

Explaining how to get escape from stress in this world always be positive with the help of great leaders

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The best way to win anyone or survive any situation is being positive. But how to stay positive. Let's learn together.

We learn together. Because it's important to learn rather than being taught. That is the right way to learn something new.

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1st class FREE!

Feeling the low blues lately? Join me to allow positivity to blanket you and the balm of life to heal you holistically.

My teaching methodology will be largely based on speaking, along with a few research based activities to balance the entire session into a holistically wholesome experience.

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Student studing in sms school in 11 class My subject is positive thinking

My teaching can be of any method the student want and i first start with daily life to motivate

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I'm a B.tech biotechnology graduate from amity university Lucknow, I teach biotechnology, biology, life sciences and personality development.

My teaching methods includes, little bit of self study before a regular class and an interactive sessions during the class.

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Stressed or need positivity in life? Here's the solution and a friend for you all. I'll be your mentor and a friend as well. Indore city. We'll take into positivity with a great smile and fun always!

Problem? Base. Ways. Solution. Understanding. Happiness. The best method for anything is smile and shine and living life to the fullest. And I'm a friend of all..

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Post graduate in psychology from Mumbai here to help students to excel in career and life

I believe, that students can learn best by good guidance and motivation. And i would be working by providing both.

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Tuition classes for students from primary to middle of all subjects using advance methodology to improve and bring desirable results

My methodology includes creating interest in topic and detail explanation followed by practising in the form of activities, worksheets, discussions etc.

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Students who have some negativity in her minds i will give positive thoughts as possible to me i wish that students will haapy when talk to me

My teaching method is very hard because i teach on positive thinking it is very hard to change mind of students from negativity to positivity

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Perfect! Always on time with positive attitude and great moral support. Very intelligent, fun, dedicates herself to help us at any time of our convenience. Great going All the Very Best!

Mohamed, Student
10 months ago
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