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Engineering student gives french classes for every ages in Paris or near Paris

Student engineer in the last year of study my teaching is addressed to college / high school students in terms of scientific subjects. As far as English courses are concerned, my mastery (full English schooling for 2 years, including 6 months in an English-speaking country) allows me to make progress for students of all ages motivated and eager to improve.

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Oxford university graduate student with a BSc in Physics gives maths and physics lessons for high school pupils

-A little bit about myself: I am currently studying in University of Oxford on the graduate program "Nanotechnology for Medicine and Health Care". I have a bachelors degree in Physics from Lund University (Sweden). In my final year of bachelor studies, I have specialised in solid state physics and nanoscience.

Dr abiy
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PhD research scientist gives maths, physics, chemistry and biology lessons in Birmingham, Albama

PhD scientist, Educational background in biology and engineering. More than 10 years Experience in tutoring students in the University. I can help you to master theoretical and practical aspects maths, physics, biology and chemistry.

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Engineering Grad offering tutoring lessons to all level Math and Physics students

I'm an engineering graduate student with a bachelor's in Biomedical engineering and a Master's in Materials Science Engineering. I have a strong background in math, physics, and chemistry of all levels. I understand that all students learn in their own way and I prepare lesson plans just according to the student's learning style.

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Architecture student teaches mathematics and technical drawing in high school and ESO in Madrid.

I am a student of Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Madrid of 2nd year that teaches mathematics, physics and chemistry and technical drawing, and even English for secondary and high school students. The method is to focus mainly on the practice and to understand the exercises rather than memorize them.

Pozuelo de Alarcón
(6 reviews)

Engineering student offers home tutoring (Madrid) of Mathematics for all levels of ESO and Baccalaureate

Hello! I am Lucía, an Electrical Engineering student. I offer Mathematics, Physics and Technology lessons to children from 6 to 18 years old. The classes would be during the month of August whenever the student is available. I enjoy teaching and I try to make it fun but productive. If you are interested, please contact me.

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Student at INSA Lyon (3rd year) gives maths or physics courses, from college to high school

Available to help you with the scientific baccalauréat, but also for your daily homework at middle school and high school. I can help you understand the courses, in your duties but also help preparing for tests. We can start by doing exercises that you would not have understood very well then deepen with exercises you would not have seen in class.

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Math tutor for high school students and college algebra in Augusta Georgia.

I have a bachelor's degree from Georgia Southern University in international studies and a double minor in Spanish and military history. I also have a associate's degree from Georgia Military College of Augusta. In Augusta and would like to tutor people who need help.

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With my reps I will help you to raise your cultural baggage

My method is short and effective, without trivial repetitions, coming in clear and concise words to real knowledge. I want the person I have to assimilate everything I say and so if you do not understand a concept I want, without shame telling me, and I will be glad to answer it.

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Overseas qualified teacher gives maths and physics lessons to secondary school/GCSE students in Northern Ireland

Although may look like old method, I consider my lessons attractive and most of all efficient. I will always encourage my students to ask, to search and find new ways to solve the problems and from my point of view, every lesson should be structured on the following questions: 1. What my student knows before this lesson? 2. What is his/her objective/goal after this lesson? 3.

West Palm Beach
(1 review)
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Mathmatics and Science Tutor 3rd- 12th Grade in West Palm Beach/Boca Raton

I am currently a junior in the college of engineering. I have had a love for math and science since elementary school. I have taken many math and sciences classes from pre algebra to calculus and physical science to chemistry.

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Degree in Biochemistry, experienced tutor, provides science classes for high school and college students

I am a young graduate in Biochemistry, offering support classes to high school and college students. My classes are organised to an objective and adapting myself to the needs of each student. In the lessons, I always include: - Theory explanations, transforming complex concepts into intuitive ideas. - Correction of exercises and doubts. - Studying methods and techniques.

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Student of Chemical Industrial Engineering gives classes of physics and chemistry to alumos of murcia

Hello my name is Enrique Martínez Redondo I am an industrial chemistry student completing the degree and would be a support to the student's study with the resolution of some class doubt and the realization of exercises to help understand the subject well

Ciudad de México
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Engineering Student offers Math, Algebra, Trigonometry, Integal Calculus and Physics for High School and College Students

I am an engineering student and I know how difficult it can be to understand maths. My goal is to help you understand how to solve the problems that your teachers raise so that you can improve your grades, if you don't understand I will explain it as many times as necessary, either with an exercise or different examples.

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Mechanical Engineering Student to help primary/secondary/GCSE student in MATHS in Sheffield area

Im a Malaysian student at the University of Sheffield and in my final year. Will help guide all primary/secondary level student with structured math lessons depending on students capability. One to one learning with flexible time. Highly motivated in teaching and interacting with students.

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Having a problem with Maths? I am here to help you from the starting point to the ending one. I would be teaching you the math in such a way that you will find that to be very easy.

Myself Sreyash, I've completed my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering with 8 GPA. I always scored 100% marks in Maths throughout my career. I've started my postgraduation in Aerospace Engineering at The University of Manchester. Not only Maths but I could also help you with a wide range of subjects like solving Physics and chemistry problems. I could teach you Maths of all levels.

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Enthusiastic and passionate GCSE , KS3 and primary school private tuition, £15 per hour

I am an A level student , experienced in tutoring who received 10 A/A*s at GCSE. I can travel to you. I currently tutor 2 GCSE mathematics students and 1 GCSE English student and I occasionally volunteer in a local primary school. I originally worked for Kumon to gain experience before going freelance.

Greater London
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LSE Undergraduate from Singapore Offering Affordable Tuition to Students in Southwark, London

I am a firm believer that in order to do well, one has to understand the concepts and be able to apply them. Better still, if the student is interested in the subject and is able to see real life applications, learning will be much easier. Hence, I adopt a patient approach to explaining difficult concepts and will often use tried-and-tested means to simplify the concepts learnt.

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Graduated in Engineering, Young University Researcher, Offers Mathematics and Physics for High Schools - Turin

I give lessons to single or small groups (2-3 max), as extra-scholarly support for scientific subjects. I propose my service for middle and high school students (high schools and technical institutes).

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First year University Engineering student. Looking to shed knowledge about Maths related subjects

I can offer Mathematics related subject teaching for GCSEs, AS level and A level students as well as Primary and Secondary. I believe my knowledge in the field is sufficient and my teachings methods are very easy to understand as well as efficient. After all, practice makes perfect.

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Maths and Physics tutor available for GCSE and A level, all boards

I am an engineer by profession and have been tutoring A level and GCSE students since last few years. I can teach online via skype or one to one if it you live within 10 miles from Reading.I can teach all the boards.

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Math and Physics Professor offers individual private classes and courses both for high school and university students. Lessons will be given via Skype for students who do not live in Italy.

My name is Filippo. I got my Master in Astrophysics at the University of Bologna. After a few years of research I decided to devote myself to teaching and I got my Teaching Certificate in Mathematics and Physics at the University of Ferrara. For 6 years I have been teaching in an Italian College in Ferrara and I do not want to practice any other profession than this.

Greater London
(1 review)
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Get Ready to Meet Your Ideal Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Spanish Tutor

I'm an experienced math, physics, chemistry, Spanish tutor/teacher from Bakersfield, California. I mostly tutor students between the ages of 11 and 19. Like with any skill, I believe that maths, natural sciences, and foreign languages are learned best through a sort of input-output routine.

Ciudad de México
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Physics Student UAM teaches Physics and Mathematics classes for Secondary and High School. DF South and East.

I am a Physics student at the UAM, my classes are aimed at all secondary and high school students who do not understand their teacher, who do not like the Physics and Mathematics or who simply need to prepare for an exam or finish A homework.

(1 review)
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Electrical and Electonics Engineering all topics along with mathematics module Tuition

I am researcher and have teaching experience of university undergraduate + postgraduate level on the Electrical and Electronics modules. Electrical and Electronics Modules are related to the following: 1. Electrical Engineering (power modules) 2. Electronics Engineering (Pure Electronics Modules, Communication Modules) 3.

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Physics and Chemistery courses in high school and college chemistry (Bordeaux and surroundings)

Hello, my name is Yannis, I am a student at the University of Bordeaux 1 Licence 1 Physics Engineering Sciences. I offer courses in this field that excites me. 5th until sixth form (including for specialty teachings) I can help you acquire a working method that will enable you to maximize your chances of success for the rest of your studies (Patent, Tray and enter graduate studies).

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Tutor for home tuition for high school and college students in Physics and various field of mathematics

I have done masters in Physics and I have been tutoring the sophomore in the university. I used to teach labs to premed students.I teach physics and mathematics to high school and college students.I will be flexible with time and i can give home tuition as well.

(1 review)
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Swansea University Mechanical Engineering student in the marina area tutoring in Primary to A Level maths, further maths, and physics: starting October 2017

I'm a second year Mechanical Engineering student at Swansea University, originally from the USA, as I'm sure you can tell by the photo! I give lessons and provide supplementary tutoring in Primary level to A-level maths and physics.

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Student engineer in 2nd year of school offers courses of Maths, Physics and Chemistry for students up to Terminale S - I am a student experienced in the field of e

Hello, I am a student in the 2nd year of engineering school at the ENSIACET in Process Engineering. Holder of the BAC Scientifique Spécialité Maths, I did a prepa MP and then passed the entrance exams to the Engineering High Schools from which I obtained my school: ENSIACET. I have a very good level in Maths, Physics and Chemistry.

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Mechanical Engineering graduate, proficient in Math, Physics, Calculus, and Differential Equations.

I am a recent Mechanical Engineering graduate from Cleveland State University. In my course work I have taken classes such as Math, Physics, Chemistry, Pre Calculus, Calculus, Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Differential Equations. I give lessons to all levels of students.

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Perfect! Excellent teacher. He teaches us with practically.

Shivkumar, Student
1 month ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! Sairaj very good teacher. excellent teaching method. He has affordable rates for classes. In less time he teached me more concepts. Important questions are given by him for exams point of view.

Siddhesh , Student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! He is deep thinker , also deep knowledge in subject. He make things aimple

Ravi chandra, Student
2 months ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! my favourite teacher .really he is wonderful in teaching ...

Anand, Student
3 months ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! @paritosh@ has taught me since this autumn. He is very experienced and knowledgeable. He keeps his lesson effective, engaging and fun. I can’t thank him enough for all the help that he give me, with he’s help I was able to take my work to a...

Mathew , Student
3 months ago
(7 reviews)

Perfect! Thanks to Superprof to have a nice teacher like Rajan. He is very good in physics numeric and he is able to make understand the concepts and solutions within few period of time and when ever we ask for doubts he will respond it in a prompt manner, I...

Priya vishwarajesh, Student
4 months ago
(2 reviews)

42 269 great tutors for physics!

Physics is the study of of the entire universe down to its smallest form. From atoms to the interaction of protons, neutrons and electrons, all of life is made up of these items. Of course, it is far more complicated than this, and for many students, it is complicated to the point of simply not understanding the subject matter. That is why using the help of private teachers with physics private lessons is such a good idea. With the help of these private lessons, any student, no matter how much they are struggling, is going to receive specific, tailor crafted lessons and plans to help them understand the subject and give them the tools to move forward in the class.

Not all students learn the same way, so going in and hiring physics private teachers is such an important option. With the help of these electricity private lessons and the engineering private teachers, it is possible for any student, regardless of how they learn, to finally grasp the set topic. Learning these topics is not always going to be easy, but the private teachers are there to discover how a child might learn and what is the best way for them to understand the subject.