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My name is Nikhil.I am an Italian language teacher in Mumbai.Completed fourth level italian from Indo italian chamber of commerce.

My motive is that the student should attend the classes regularly so that he stays in touch with subject he wants to learn.I will teach Italian according to italian syllabus.Also i will be given them listening exercises to the students.

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My teaching method is based on the level basis. For example Level 1: is a basic like alphabets, Greetings. Level two: simple grammar and conversations. Level three: Build your first 3-word sentences. Level four: Singular and plural - grammar Level five: Conversations like you were in Italy for a first time and etc.....

Tej prakash
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Learn Italian in your own language with my 10 years exerperince and cover basis level Italian in some days.

My Name is Tej Prakash, I love Italian language and I can teach Italian as per student level with different type of methods so that student can easily understand. I have more than 10 years’ experience that leads to me on expert level and can give multiple example while teaching so that student understand the course.

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The one who is beginner starting with the basics or looking to practice Italian.

Bachelor in Science, Have done Adv. Diploma in Italian from Italian Embassy cultural centre. Bachelor in Science, Have done Adv. Diploma in Italian from Italian Embassy cultural centre. Bachelor in Science, Have done Adv. Diploma in Italian from Italian Embassy cultural centre.

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Italian graduated in Communication Sciences gives lessons Italian cooking and Italian language lessons.

my teaching method is based on making the lessons interesting, even sharing my best Italian vibes and passion. Because learning never has to be boring.

Faizupur Majra Neemka
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Italian Teaching and Translation from Gold Medalist and Teacher at Italian Embassy

I begin my teaching by first understanding the reason for learning the Italian (whether you're learning for academic or business purposes), as well as the current hold on the language. I then tailor my classes according to the requirements of the student/s.

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Italian native-speaker based in Mumbai teaching italian language and culture by webcam through hindi/urdu/english

My approach in oriented to understand and being understood, basically I teach oral language. In my view, speaking a foreign language means learn how to express our needs in a foreign cultural system. We can decide methodology and structure on your needs, as well as business italian language or italian as language of culture, art and cuisine.

New Delhi
(4 reviews)
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Italian language and Italian cconversation classes. Mother tongue teacher in New Delhi.

I love easy going and informal conversations, but I can help you learn and improve a formal conversation and speeches. I provide the material for the lessons. Different individualized approaches and simple goal setting. Classes are for everyone, from beginner to advanced.

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Italian Native Speaker offers classes of Italian language and culture, face-to-face in Bangalore and on-line

I am an articulate and flexible teacher with international experience, able to create an inspirational learning environment. Understanding students' need is a priority. Accordingly, I will tailor the class by focusing on the required aspects of the language (grammatical / spoken / written) . I alternate different teaching methods to keep the lesson interesting and alive.

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I teach Italian as professional in a creating way including speaking , learning and reading .

I teach Italian through English and Hindi . Basically I explain the connection between your mother tongue and the Italian language , that how the sentences of Italian are formulating , which makes it more easier and understandable to you . I teach Italian grammar , speaking , listening and reading .

New Delhi
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Italian Language Expert! Have been speaking Italian for the last 5 years. Good knowledge of Italian language.

My teaching method is very easy, first I analyze students learnig capability, enthusiasm for grasping knowledge. Then I teach accordingly, after giving the class I provide assignments to students. My teaching is totally based on an assignment which is prepared by me.

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Italian teacher in Italy keen on teaching Italian as a foreign language

I am an Indian national living in Italy and I teach Italian here.My way of teaching is a bit different from the traditional method. I use lots of activities to work on vocabulary, accent ,grammar etc. For me it's important that my student learns to communicate in Italian than just knowing the grammatical part.

New Delhi
(2 reviews)
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I can teach 1-8 class all subjects. I have done french and portuguese language in A1 and A2 level. I am pursuing degree course in Italian language.

My teaching method is based on the understanding capacity of student. I do not make them to just memorise everything. I will explain every single thing.

New Delhi
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Student of language at Delhi University, pursuing B.A (Hons) in Italian. I give tutions of Italian, French and Portuguese.

My teaching method is very simple. I explain everything about a topic. I explain every single word about the topic.

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Experienced Italian Teacher for Beginners and Intermediate- 10+ years of experience, straight from Italy

I believe the best way to learn a language is to start with the basics and practice, practice, practice! My classes are designed for beginners and intermediate students. Higher level students can also come to me for verbal and accent practice, since I speak Italian with near-native fluency and a complete absence of Indian accent.

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(15 reviews)
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ITALIAN. An experienced teacher, I offer individual and group courses in ITALIAN for all ages and all levels. PARLIAMO ITALIANO INSIEME!

I am a creative and inventive teacher with very good communication skills and a lot of experience to share. I like to help students discover their potential, support them as they gain confidence to help them reach their personal and professional goals. Listening and understanding the needs of my students has always been a priority for me.

(16 reviews)

Erasmus student in France Languages: Italian (mother tongue) English Spanish and French(current)

I am a university student currently in Erasmus in France. I study European Languages ​​and Cultures. I propose to give Skype lessons to anyone who wants to practice and improve the conversation on Skype in Italian, English, French or Spanish. Lessons are adapted according to student needs.

(19 reviews)

Italian lessons up to level B2. Let's have fun and learn at the same time!

To teach the language, I use a communicative approach unless the students are preparing for an official exam, and then we would concentrate on the specific of it. The lesson lasts 60 minutes, and I provide all the materials based on the needs of my student.

(12 reviews)
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Native Italian teacher offering Italian language and culture tutoring sessions to foreigners

Ciao! My name is Giulia and my love for foreign languages ​​and cultures has gradually turned into a passion for teaching the language and culture of my country: Italy. My method is based on building a true partnership with my students. Together we will turn all that piques your curiosity into useful activities to learn Italian.

Paris 18e
(9 reviews)

Let's talk! Federica from Milan is here to teach you Italian ;)

I offer mostly conversation classes in Italian and English in Paris for anyone who wants to learn Italian. I studied Arts and I have always worked in creative field so we can discuss about that or whatever you prefer.

Paris 5e
(13 reviews)
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Experienced teacher, native Italian, offers lessons for all levels in Paris and by webcam.

I'm a Ph.D student and a language assistant in three Parisian high schools, I'm graduated at Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales Paris. I am Italian mother tongue and I worked for years in the field of language learning. According to the specific requirements of the students, my classes will focus on conversation, grammar and pronunciation.

(2 reviews)
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Italian mother tongue teacher, Bachelor of Philology and Literature, offers Italian lessons, to a single student or in small groups, to improve grammar, conversation, writing and more.

My teaching method is based on the constant relationship to everyday life. In order to learn a language in depth, constant commitment and determination are important, as well as the identification in new contexts, also through practical examples, and the exchange of experiences, to obtain a good connection between the student and the subject that he / she is learning.

(8 reviews)

Italian teacher for foreigners with a year and a half experience ready for you! ;)

I can easily connect with any person of any age. I can always teach something new and useful with ease and fun. My method is based on a purely emotional conversation, where through questions I always manage to make people learn with practice and with subjective conversations.

(6 reviews)
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Do you want to improve your Italian in a fun way? Qualified teacher!

I have a communicative approach. What does it mean? We will speak a lot! :D I use a lot of games and authentic materials (videos, pictures etc...) We will embrace all the aspects of the language through communication and we will focus on functional language.

Andrea abramo
(6 reviews)
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Would you like to learn the Italian language from a teacher in Rome here in Granada?

Graduate in Environmental Sciences at La Sapienza in Rome, Italy. I am looking for (hidden information) of ESO and Baccalaureate I like to teach using Natura as an example to explain mathematical concepts or process examples of daily life.

Rio de Janeiro
(3 reviews)
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Italian native teaching Italian language for foreigners in Rio de Janeiro (at home) and online. I graduated and got a Ditals 2 diploma.

I give a communicative method, with a lot of use of audios, videos, musics, letters and dialogues, providing all the material. I speak english and portuguese, but in my classes I always speak Italian. Only with beginners do I sometimes use the english or portuguese language.

Maria grazia
(5 reviews)
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Italian teacher for adults and children at home or at a distance to learn or improve the knowledge of the Italian language

Italian moved to Montpellier, I teach Italian to beginners and students with an advanced level. Course content may vary according to your requirements: from learning grammar to speaking skills, everything can be planned according to your objectives. Do not hesitate to share with me your project to create a detailed learning program.

Paris 11e
(4 reviews)
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Italian classes with a native speaker! Italian in Paris (75011) by Silvana

Salve a tutti !!! my name is Silvana and I'm an Italian girl in Paris since several years. I love to teach my native language to foreigners and I have a very good experience with students at any levels.

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Perfect! Alessandro is a wonderful teacher. He is patient, good-natured, painstaking and punctual. I am very lucky to be his student. Io sono molto felice!

Bunny, Student
3 months ago

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