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I AM mechanical engineer working at aurangabad location, deals with StRings to technology with basic ideas and practical knowledge in Mechanical engineering and automobile industry sector.

Deals with solutions by practical experience and examples. Keeps Interactive way of learning to carry out feasible solution to any problem. Intended to work innovative. Have command on technical facts, science and technology. Experienced in automobile components manufacturing industry.

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Faculty in Polytechnic College gives teaching in subjects of mechanical engineering ( Polytechnic students) in Kolkata

Teaching and learning process is basically two directional.It means active participation of the both through out the academics and relevant industrial applications. Specific subjects are Manufacturing process, Fluid mechanics,Strength of Materials,Advanced manufacturing process,Thermal engineering, Engineering mechanics.

New Delhi
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I can give my best to all students.. Student can also study math and physics basic concept..

My teaching method is very simple i usually start from basic and move higher and higher and every doubt of students will be clear...

Musayyib khan
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I'm Professional who trains you not only theoretically but practically also ! So let's begin.

There are various ways of teaching best amongst them is that you involve the person in the topic you need to teach him and thats my way.

Nala Sopara
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Students of Mechanical engineering can learn subjects like thermodynamics, strength of materials, Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics.

My teaching method is to relate bookish thing to real thing. My approach to learn new thing is to do imagination.

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I take classes since college time. Also get 693 gate score in GATE 2018

My teaching method is to focus on basics first. If base is clear and strong then there will be no problem to understand difficult topics. Mostly I teach topics by relate them with each other.

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Pursuing PhD in mechanical engineering from IIT PATNA. Teaches various maths and physics including various mechanical engineering subjects.

I love to explain the concepts by giving real life examples and uses interesting techniques for each topic relevant to the field.

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A professional tutor who can give classes to all the subjects related to mechanical engineering diploma or degree

Mt teaching methodology is to make students understand the basic concept of subjects, their use and practical implementation of that particular subject in future

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Mechanical engineering student from NIT Calicut want to teach some mechanical engineering graduates for their bright future

My classes will focus on the basics of topics and slowly I will enter in the detail of the topic for better understanding of students. I will make sure that whatever i am teaching you won't forget easily.

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I have common in strength of material and production process,also heat transfer and engineering mathematics

Class learning is well , I would mostly devide any topic in many stages like fundamental concepts,necessary practice and practical example.

Venkata sai suneel
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I would like to share my knowledge to students in better way to understand to get improve in their subjects.

Basically I can teach easy way to understand of you like notes,by audio and video. This methods are better to understand .

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Mechanical engineering query solutions with live examples and easy approach to understand

My teaching method is very approachable to every student.So that student can understand and co-relate with Technical world of Engineering.

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DME1/2, SOM, TurboMachines, RAC, Heat Transfer, MSD, TOM 1/2, H&P, MQC, FEA,

I give practical example first and then explain the concept. With example understanding is easy and easy to analyse concepts.

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Mechanical engineer from Gwalior for home tuition up to 10th class all subjects..

I base my teaching methods on how the student completely understand the process. And is able to remember it for life long.

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Can teach Maths, physics and chemistry and also mechanical engineering subjects with basics

I will Teach in a easiest way that the students will understand because I am also student when I started teaching

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I can teach thermal subjects very well. If you want just listen once

My basic method is to teach basics because if we know the basic then only we can learn the subject

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Master holder in mechanical engineering with strong foundation in physics and mathematics teaching across india..

I approach the syllabus in a systematic manner, breaking the complex into simple steps and Teach with the help of presentations...

New Delhi
1st class FREE!

I can teach the student of b.tech of mechanical engineer as well as class 9 10,11,12

My teaching method is based on concept and problem solving skills I always tell the student for hardworking so as to proceed for smart learning

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The most difficult part of study is to get acquainted with your unconscious part of brain. I'll help you regarding this .It results a brief understanding of any subject.

My teaching method is based on daily observations. I start the topic as a story and add more and more concepts by giving simple examples for better understanding.

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Students for ample opportunity with 8 years of my experience in mechanical engineering stream.

My teaching methodology is applying real life applications for each and every topic where the student can easily understand and analyse the topic.

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Learn it feel it understand it Become Technically sound in mechanical engineering

Start teaching from base and takes it to the precessional or competitive level till one can troughly understand the concept thoroughly..

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Graduate engineer giving tutions to mechanical engineering students Preparation completely taken consideration of and along with notes

My teaching approach is based on logic and how to use it along with the concept of Engineering Would like to teach bunch of students together like class room lectures Teaching is done for degree level mechanical engineering students

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GATE qualified graduated engineering student ....willing to teach engineering subjects specially strength of material,fluid mechanics ,ic engine and mathematics

Being a student ..my methodology start with the basic knowledge and then to the critical parts It's a mutual engagement of learning and exploring .

Zafar sadik
1st class FREE!
1st class FREE!

SOM (Strength of Materials), M3 maths, University , Electrical & Eletronics Engineering, EEE, Fluid Mechanics, FM, Thermodynamics, Material Science, Manufacturing process, Engineering Metallurgy, TOM

My teaching method is based on student passing priority subjects, if they de separately wants pass subject of engineering with in 3 to 4 day I can train them, personally or online

1st class FREE!

Engineering services aspirant with sound knowledge in technical subjects and tutoring experience.

My methodology is making students sound in the basics, so starting from all basics I will make students confident in the subject knowledge

1st class FREE!
1st class FREE!

I can provide free notes for below the 3rd year B.Tech. Mechanical engineering student. I'll give you not only about theory knowledge but also about practical Knowledge which are being used in technol

I usually relate the topic to the real world. The mathalogy will be simple and accurate. If there are any doubt you can ask me without hesitation.

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I have teach students of mechanical engineering from Chennai for BE mechanical engineering students.

My teaching methods not like theory o like to teach as practically to better understanding of students that ll helpful for his future.. I ll teach diploma level and engg level students.

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Perfect! he is a very good teacher who knows the subject very well. He has helped a lot in understanding the concepts of subjects like Statics, Thermodynamics, Dynamics. kudos to him .

Varoun, Student
3 months ago

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