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A graduate student of Engineering knows the combination of maths in daily life in perfect way. I can help up to learn Mathematics in very exciting way so that you don't have to look back for tedious c

My teaching method include tricks on every single step of Mathematical calculation that relate your daily life experience on calculation steps. Promotive and supportive environment with students desired study load. Course structure will be designed as per the individual student capacity after having few chats and small exam before beginning the course.

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Western Suburbs passionate mathematics and PDHPE tutor gives lessons to primary and secondary students

I tailor my lessons to the focus areas of the students and the areas they need to improve the most. I have good communication skills and English as my first language. I am hardworking, determined, patient and love to help students achieve their goals.

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Math tuition in Konstanz for students between grade 8 -11 also high school graduation on demand

Most of my lessons are for students who are in secondary 1, 2 and students (Computer Science) who need more motivation to learn. I will go through each topic individually and try to explain everything with many examples.

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University Graduate Offering Mathematics Lessons in both the Surrey and London areas

I go through each individual problem with the student, adapting my methods and approaches depending on the student's response. I will use every approach available to me to help my students understand the material they are working on. Then, after covering any materials for class, I often bring in my own worksheets for us to practice on.

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Student in engineering school offers maths courses in high school on Toulouse

Whether for a simple upgrade or a regular tutoring, I adapt my course to the demands of the student. Typically we will look together at the parts of the course that are problematic, then I will suggest adapted exercises that we will correct together. The courses are aimed at all levels in high school.

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Math and French tutoring in Karlsruhe for grades 1 to 13, also high school diploma

I am very patient and always try to transfer the information to the students in a sympathetic way. The success is very important to me.

Kecamatan Lowokwaru
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Students of Electrical Engineering concentrate on the field of telecommunications who like mathematics. 3 years experience

teaching techniques can be by chat, voice note, telephone, photo note, attractive picture, video call can also be done. it can be LINE but it's more fun to use whats app. want to know more? can follow instagram @ dhearizky12.

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A passionate student of Medical Biosciences at Imperial College London offering to teach Biology, Chemistry and Maths.

My teaching methods are very effective as I believe in a two way communication where I will explain the crucial concepts of the topics and my students will get to clarify any doubts immediately by asking questions.

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Forensic science student offering chemistry and maths tutoring lessons in London, available Tuesday-Sunday

I strongly believe: everything takes time. Nobody learns the same way and in the same speed. Therefore my method of tutoring involves using different explanations to make them understand everything fully. Remember, I am a student too. This means I know what you are going trough and can use my experience to help you.

Iman nikki
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Biomedical Sciences student offering A Level Biology, Chemistry and Maths Lessons in London

My teaching method is based on YOU! Different students learn best differently and I base my teaching on how you want it to be. My lessons are as engaging as possible so you can get the best out of it.

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Third year economics student, from The University of Dundee, offering tutoring in maths and economic theory

My teaching approach would be tailored to the needs of each individual student and learning style. I am happy to review work from tutorials, work through past papers, reinforce lecture notes and look over course work. I will sit down with the student on the first lesson and create a plan that we both feel is achievable.

Gabriel felipe
(1 review)
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Undergraduate Computer Engineering - Classes = Mathematics Upper and Lower Secondary Education, Physics, Programming - Local = Vale do Aço !

Usually in the private lessons that I taught, the rhythm is the student, so there is flexibility to directly reach the points of doubt and widen / deepen the topics. I really like to bring some content in a graphical / illustrated way to assist in understanding complex situations, I also like to exemplify and to explain in detail the theory behind the subject being studied.

Xuan how
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Engineering student teaching A-level maths, physics, chemistry and further maths in Nottingham.

I would like to teach A-Level students in Maths, Chemistry, Physics or Further Maths. I will prepare some notes and also questions for students. In the lesson, I will show some worked example and give you a try to solve some similar question.

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Medical student able to tutor up to A-Level standard of Maths, Chemistry and Biology

My methodology for teaching comes from the Performing Arts, where most work is hands-on and gets down to the dirt. As such, I focus on nailing details within topics and courses as well as the basics that can sometimes be complex. I work on a one-to-one basis with study sessions that are tailored to the student so that they can learn in the best possible way for them.

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A Level Further Maths and Physics student offering lessons up to AS level

I approach each topic by explaining what it is, then explaining how to go about it. I’ll ask you to explain to me how to do it as well. This helps you gain an understanding of what it is you are doing instead of just reciting a formula.

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University Engineering student in london offering tutoring for all ages up to A level for various subjects.

I am very enthusiastic when i teach because I genuinely enjoy doing it. I will not do the bare minimum in teaching but teach to the utmost of my ability. I will use the national curicculam as a guide to tutor the students but I believe this is only the minimum my student's must know.

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Third-year BSc Mathematics undergraduate offering lessons for 11+, KS3, GCSE and A-level

My classes aim to decipher topics with which students are having particular difficulties, and I tailor worksheets uniquely to each student in order to test for thorough understanding of material. I have an extensive collection of resources and incorporate these into my teaching to support understanding.

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Experienced tutor (3 years) - Graduate student teaches Math and German in Montreal

- subjects: Math and German - experience: over 5 years - levels: Math: up until 10th grade, German: as per request - content: assist with homework and deepen knowledge with exercises from the student's or tutor's ressources Empathic, motivating and flexible tutoring as per the student's needs

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Master student helps students prosper in Math and Physics at university or high school in Vancouver

I start my classes with outlining the topics we are going to cover. Next I introduce the topics by means of examples/problems. We will cover the concepts thoroughly and work trough numerous problems. Finally, students will be assigned questions. They will describe their approach to the solution/solve the problem.

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Private lessons in physics and mathematics for primary and ESO in Leganes

Bilingual student of Industrial Engineering is offered with a 12.5 in high school Selectivity and research to provide home tuition for Leganes, especially in the area of ​​San Nicasio. I teach physics and mathematics at primary and ESO Good results and experience teaching;). PS: Contact preferably by telephoning (evenings) or WhatsApp. Greetings.

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Very experienced Maths tutor offering a special plan for Gcse students especially, to achieve their best in mathematics

I start off by first assessing the type of help that the student requires by asking questions and taking an initial assessment if required and then come up with a plan that i think will help the student best. I discuss the plan with the student and the parents making sure they are all familiar and happy.

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Medical Science Graduate from Western University teaching chemistry, calculus, biology, physics, math at all levels

My teaching methods include learning the theory first, but with a strong emphasis on practice questions, diagrams, and drawing out processes. Additionally, I focus on building effective study schedules and creating learning goals to progress towards an optimal course grade.

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Assistant Professor with over 10 years experience gives tutoring lessons for Middle School, High School, and College Math courses online

My lessons usually begin with a recap of previously learned content, relevant to what is needed for the current lesson. Then we will have an interactive lesson followed by time for practice of what was learned. Then we will conclude with follow-up questions to review what was learned during the session. One key factor that I have found to block the success of many of my students is FEAR.

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Physics Tutor in Cambridge from reliable A-Level student for Primary to GCSE level

Hi there, My name is George and I am a 17 year old A-Level student at Hills Road Sixth Form College looking to tutor Physics and Astrophysics. Given my age, I often find that I can relate to a student rather easily and can provide a concise, clear and logical explanation of difficult concepts. If you have any questions do feel free to ask.

Greater London
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Experienced Tutor in London (Maths and Physics Tuition with Positive Testiimonials - 5 yrs + experience)

My teaching method is very interactive, practical and full of life. I put my heart into what I do. I teach with practical examples and offer tailored advice on how to approach your exams. I also conduct progress checks as we journey through the lessons. It is never a dull moment. 100% money back guarantee.

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Bachelor and Masters in Physics / Civil Engineering - Physics and Mathematics courses in the Center-South region of BH or via Skype.

- Structured approach to the understanding of concepts - Exercises chosen to challenge and consolidate concepts - Creation of a summary with the student, focusing on points where they have more difficulty - Empathy and humor to learn without fear of asking

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Business and Finance Student gives maths lesson to high school and uni students in Gold Coast

I approach my classes by working through whichever topics my student needs help in, making sure they understand what they are doing at every stage and progressing towards their goal. I intend to work following the curriculum my student is doing.

Colden Common
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Southampton University Maths graduate offering maths lessons from GCSE up to A-Level

Recent Mathematics graduate offering relaxed lessons/help for GCSE or A-Level students. Help will focus on improving skills and getting to exam level. This will include past papers and specific exercises on weakness areas. Support can also be given on specific areas/ homework requested by the student.

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Passionate teacher of Mathematics with a dedication to share knowledge with students.

I like to hold interactive sessions with my class using methodologies like cooperative learning, demonstrations and examples. I have an excellent understanding with my students. If traveling is involved, I just request the student to compensate me for my traveling expenditure.

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Bachelor's degree in Physics, I offers lessons in Physics 1 and 2 and Analysis 1 and Algebra in Trieste

First of all we see together the subject program, and we divide it into several lessons, compatibly with the available hours. Then we use an equal number of hours to theory and exercises, because I firmly believe that the two can not disregard each other.

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Perfect! Sir, 6days back,I have joined your tutorials,and during these days you made me realize that,even I could do maths very well n eventually, I am doing well in it.I am very much satisfied by your way of teaching,the strategies u follow,as well as ,the...

Krishna , Student
1 week ago
(1 review)

Perfect! He is a very good motivated Teacher. His dedication towards student is remarkable . He help me lots to complete entire Discrete mathematics with in 4 months. Excellent teacher.

Rahul, Student
2 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! The class was so useful and this got me really good grades. His teaching method is very unique and it made me to remember the concepts in ease. The classes were worth for the pay. Thanks to Thilip and Superprof.

Sri, Student
3 weeks ago
(5 reviews)

Perfect! Well, I heard about him being a good teacher but to take classes from him was even better for an experience. I wasn’t that confident in maths before until he came to the picture. His style of teaching is different from the ordinary. He will...

Susmita, Student
1 month ago
(7 reviews)

Perfect! He has a very deep knowledge of the subject. Also, his teaching methodology was pretty awesome!

Abhay, Student
1 month ago
(5 reviews)

Perfect! Excellent teacher. He teaches us with practically.

Shivkumar, Student
1 month ago
(3 reviews)

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