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Patient undergraduate tutoring in biology, chemistry and maths in Cardiff and Gloucestershire

My name is Rachael and I am a Third year biology student at Cardiff university. I am very patient and my lesson plans are very approachable and friendly. In biology, I am capable of tutoring to undergraduate level, in chemistry to A level (I personally achieved an A grade at A level) and maths to GCSE level (I completed an AS level in Maths.

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Math Tutor Available (High School) - Certified Teacher in Bethesda, MD area

Certified Teacher currently teaching in Montgomery County, Maryland who holds a Master of Arts in Teaching and a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Maryland. I have over five years of experience tutoring students in high school math up to Calculus, Spanish, French, and general study skills.

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Summer lessons in math or physics for anyone prior to university level from college student studying engineering (available during June, July or August)

I am studying Mechanical Engineering at Brown University in the United States, although I live in London so will be in London during June, July and August. I am more than happy to help students of any level prior to University with math or physics. Since I am in London during the summer months, I am happy to give lessons in math or physics, as frequent or intensive as you like.

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Location in Atlanta, GA--Mathematics Tutoring (Elementary-Early College)--Tutor has a Bachelors in Mathematics Education

I am a third year mathematics teacher at a highly ranked high school in Johns Creek, GA. I currently teach Algebra 2 and Pre-Calculus. In the past, I have also taught Algebra 1. I currently tutor in Geometry. My favorite way to teach students is by thinking outside of the box--I give them multiple ways to understand the same topic, so they can have the opportunity to really grasp each idea.

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Science subjects (Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, ...) they are taught from primary level to Selectivity in Valencia Capital

Class development: 1. Brief explanation of the content of the class 2. Know the students' prior knowledge about the subject 3. Deepening the specific agenda 4. Doubts the agenda 5. Doing exercises and correction exercises 6.

Kings County
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Science and Math Tutor with much experience available in the NYC area

I am Biology graduate looking to advance my education this upcoming year to an M.S. I am concept oriented in my teaching and I like to focus on a students strengths.

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Physics, Biology, Math, Algebra, calculus, basic science, Chemistry, greater Boston area, Chemistry (MS)

I am Yuan, I am a master student in Chemistry major. I have been teaching Math, Physics, Biology and Chemistry in the past 4 years.

Djamel eddine
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Support professor of scientific courses in île de France at your complete disposal

I am an engineer and student of Master 2 in control theory (Electrical Engineering), I can give lectures to students of different educational levels from primary school to university.

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Harvard student gives math lessons to middle school and high school levels in Cambridge/Boston

I'm a Harvard undergraduate who has a lot of experience in tutoring students of all ages (elementary through high school) and a firm believer that students learn the best when they actively engage with the material they're studying. For that reason, I ask students a lot of questions in tutoring sessions.

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Student in business school provides science classes from junior high school to senior high school

I can help in scientific fields (math, physics, chemistry) for students of all levels I adapt to the preferences of students and gladly use their textbooks I can also help in other fields even if science remains the field I'm best in

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Tutor in science, mathematics and technologies in Barcelona (career student with honors)

I am a student of the UPC graduated of high school with honors. Since I am also a student know good techniques to learn and understand the concepts presented. My classes are aimed at all ages (but not exceeding the "bachiller" level) in any subject and highlighting the scientific-technological branch to higher levels.

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Telecommunications engineering student offers classes for secondary and high schools madrid

My name is Ana, I'm a studient of engineering telecommunications systems, young, active, responsable, patient and eager to pass on my knowledge. My classes are dynamic, effective, and try to pass my interest on the subject to my students.

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Student in Economics witg an English bac S (A Level) I give private lessons in English or French (mathematics, algebra, statistics, trigonometry) in Ile de France.

A student in my third year in Economics in Sorbonne university. I did my A levels in mathematics, mechanics, physics, chemistry and French. I offer you courses in maths, algebra, trigonometry and statistics in English or in French to get to a Higher Level subjects in contention and be reliable to cope with the level of difficulty that you're asked to approach in school.

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Graduated in Teaching Elementary offers classes (any subject) in Madrid (capital)

Graduated in Teaching Ed. Elementary majoring in Therapeutic Pedagogy qualified to teach any level to Primary and especially of any matter. I can also do tutoring to students with special educational needs due to my experience in special education centers.

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Current Mathematics student at Nottingham University able to tutor anything from A level to primary school.

I am able to go in depth in whatever topic is required. And also help identify the topic which requires the most attention so that we can work on it which often is the way to boost grades up. One of my students was able to boost their grade over a four month period from a C to 5 marks off an A at IGCSE. I can also briefly cover topics clearly but concisely.

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BA and MA in Mathematics and 20 Years Experience as a Math Tutor

I push students to understand WHY they are making the steps they are making and not just memorizing processes which will eventually get too overwhelming for anyone. I work with students on study skills, motivation and confidence while tutoring. I make sure students have a solid understanding of fundamentals and plenty of practice before moving on to the tricky and more complex types of problems.

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Electrical Engineer by study, passionate about teaching Math in a fun way!

On an individual basis, I start by understanding how students perceive concepts they're comfortable in but in a group setting, I would lead by examples and then allow student interaction to they may hear different perspectives on a problem set.

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I am an engineering PhD student at McGill. Offering individual or group tutoring on Math/Physics in Montreal area. The medium of communication is only English.

I try to make the concept easier and understandable to the students. I believe, understanding something is to be able to visualize that from different perspectives. I want my student to read the book by themselves so that they can participate in the conversation when I give my lecture. It is also a faster way of teaching.

Little Chalfont
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Cambridge Masters Graduate available for Oxbridge application, A-Level, and GCSE tutoring in London and Bucks

My main focuses as a tutor are patience and practice; both for myself and my students. There are very few matters that cannot be understood or over come with a matter of time and commitment. I believe the best way that a tutor can help their students is by calmly reassuring them and providing alternative ways of visualising the content and then helping drill this in through practice examples.

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Biology Undergrad Student offering help with Biology, Maths and English in Glasgow

I'm 22 and I'm considering going on to do a teaching post grad degree. My teaching method is fun, I like to reward the child for their work and work in small chunks with breaks. Revisiting previous lessons at the beginning of each and creating games to make things more memorable.

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College student in engineering gives lessons to primary school students at home

My teaching method is simple, I engage the students in a fun and friendly manner, encouraging the students to understand the subject better and help them attain a certain respect towards the subject as a reflection of their respect and love towards their teacher.

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Engineering student offering IB maths, physics, and chemistry HL tutoring in Cambridge

My teaching method focuses on understanding of the underlying principle to the work - I firmly believe that once the underlying principle makes sense on an intuitive level to the student, it is then simple to apply that to any problem.

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Saba, GCSE and A-Level Maths and Further Maths Tutor South London

SUBJECTS All Mathematics and Further Mathematics modules for GCSE, AS and A level QUALIFICATIONS Wharton Business School - MBA 2015-2017 Imperial College London - Masters degree 2005 - 2009 Mathematics MSci 2:1 with honours I focused on Applied mathematics, covering topics including Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, and Fluid Dynamics.

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PhD student in physics gives physics and maths lessons for anyone in Liverpool

I am a PhD student in physics and I teach anyone up to Master's level in Physics and Maths. I am willing to do regular lessons or prepare for a lesson on a specific subject. The structure of the lesson would be discussed with the student, but I have found what worked for me was an introduction to theory followed by practical exercises.

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High school math (data management, advanced functions, calculus and vectors) and science (biology and chemistry) tutor in Markham (BSc, MSc)

I believe that each student has a unique learning style. I will work with you to find out what your learning style is and ensure that you are able to understand the topic and excel in the topic. I believe that every student has the ability to excel.

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Math, chemistry, physics and biology tuition by medical student in Berlin all grade levels

Through years of experience with children and adolescents, I have developed a good sense of what analogies my students need. So I direct my lessons to my students and decide whether I work freelance or if they create a learning plan together. In addition, because of my short distance to school (1.

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Tutoring in the field of physics and math - Heidelberg - physicist in the seventh semester

My lessons are based on the knowledge and goals of my students. I can teach maths and physics right up to high school and moreover I am happy to arrange physics tutoring at university level. The structure of my lesson will be fitted to the level and wishes of my student. I like to include books and exercises but can also prepare presentations if needed.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
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I am a graduate student in Mathematics who teaches Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

My goal as a teacher is that the student, in addition to passing the subject, acquire the expected knowledge, and if possible, feel interest in the subject. During the first classes doubts and difficulties that the student may have dragged during previous courses will be solved to later focus on the agenda.

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Aerospace Engineer graduate from UIUC offering math and science lessons in Naperville

I tend to teach students by throughly explaining examples. The best way for one to learn is through examples and many of them. The student needs to learn the process and understand how it works... and not just the answer. Each example should be a little different and help the student to understand how one problem is different than the other. I encourage students to ask for help.

Marlboro Township
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Cornell University alumnus offering lessons in math and physics in Marlboro NJ

I cater my lessons to each student on an individual basis. I write my own problems and study notes for each student based on their own weaknesses in a subject. I believe in a problem solving approach to learning; each lesson is centered around a few problems.

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Perfect! The class was so useful and this got me really good grades. His teaching method is very unique and it made me to remember the concepts in ease. The classes were worth for the pay. Thanks to Thilip and Superprof.

Sri, Student
14 hours ago
(5 reviews)

Perfect! Well, I heard about him being a good teacher but to take classes from him was even better for an experience. I wasn’t that confident in maths before until he came to the picture. His style of teaching is different from the ordinary. He will...

Susmita, Student
6 days ago
(7 reviews)

Perfect! He has a very deep knowledge of the subject. Also, his teaching methodology was pretty awesome!

Abhay, Student
2 weeks ago
(5 reviews)

Perfect! Excellent teacher. He teaches us with practically.

Shivkumar, Student
2 weeks ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! Sairaj very good teacher. excellent teaching method. He has affordable rates for classes. In less time he teached me more concepts. Important questions are given by him for exams point of view.

Siddhesh , Student
2 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! He is a very good teacher and explained concepts in a very understanding way...

Madhulatha, Student
1 month ago
(2 reviews)

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