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Great Glen
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Hello everyone.I can help you with solving Mathematical tasks (algebra, geometry, trigonometry).

I am a teacher of mathematics in Ukraine. My English is not perfect, so I propose the solving of mathematical tasks in writing.But I know that Ukraine has other methods of solving mathematical problems than in other countries. If it's interesting, then let's try to work together.

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Learn maths anywhere anytime, face the problems and excel the most feared subject

My name is Ankit Sharma. I am a college student, undergraduate. I have been teaching for two years. As a student, I was good at maths but I saw my friends afraid of it. So, I decided to help such. The class will be more focused on how to think the way I approach any problem, which you all can learn easily.

Tendai gibson
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Knowledge is a precious gift from God hence share what you have with others.

My name i Gibson,i do offer math lessons to students ranging from primary up to first year university.My lessons are done on one to one or group conferencing .Explanations to difficult concepts is done until a student understands. Thats the main reasons why we offer lessons anyway.

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University graduate in engineering gives maths Lessons to secondary school students in Nigeria with 5 years of experience

I am a dedicated tutor who strive to make learning approachable, rewardable and fun by stimulating the curiosity in all my students. My approach to education which blends individual attention with interactive group activities has increased student retention by 30% and increased test results by 54%.

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16 year old can give extraordinary GCSE help in maths and science on an understandable level

My name is Luke Jones and i have finished my GCSE’s. I am aware of new specifications and achieved an A* in all of my exams. I can give others who are struggling help with maths, biology, chemistry, physics and many more related subjects as i have a direct understanding of what children of this age need and how they can learn it with ease.

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GCSE Physics tutor with three years tutoring experience. Living in Herefordshire. Recently graduated from the University of Exeter.

I am a recent graduate offering one to one tutoring for levels up to GCSE physics. I tutor GCSE physics online to a students from all over the country and have a five star rating. I structure my lessons around what the student requires. Therefore the structure of my lessons differ dependant on the student as no one way suits all.

Recife (Pernambuco)
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Engineering student from UFPE teaches mathematics and physics classes for elementary and middle school students

I'm a UFPE Engineering student and I teach private classes for 3 years. I am passionate about these disciplines and my goal is to make the student really understand what he is doing, not decorate formulas. With revision of the subject seen in the college and resolution of questions.

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High School A levels student with a strong Maths background giving extra lessons online or in the Bangor NI area

Math's is fun right? :-) Well it can be when you understand it better. My name is Tian and I enjoy Maths and love to share my knowledge with other people. I am starting my A levels after the summer break and would love to spend time giving extra lessons in maths to all ages of kids from primary school up to GCSE levels.

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Btech student in engineering gives maths and physics lessons to secondary school pupils in London

Hey, I have taught maths generally to students as in 12 the boards exam, I myself scored 100 marks in Maths Exam. I love teaching Maths and Physics. I have also worked in TCS ltd and hence have good computer knowledge as well.

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Making Maths Fun! Tutoring from a passionate Maths Student who received A* in both Maths and Further maths

I use (sometimes rather strange) analogies to help students understand not only how certain techniques work, but also why they work.

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I teach maths and statistics and currently studying Bsc accounting and economics

I give lessons to primary and secondary school students. My technique is to learn and apply it immediately repeat it in 5 mins again and keep practicing. And I teach mathematics because I can teach it really well and in a simple way for you to understand it.

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University, Biochemistry Student with Biology, Chemistry and Math Alevels gives online lessons in these subjects as well as English, for new learners. Has prior experience in tutoring.

I am an Undergraduate studying BSc Biochemistry. I able to tutor in Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry up to and including A-levels. I am also able to tutor English for those just learning the language as I am a native speaker.

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Exceptional Engineering Masters student with a passion to teach and inspire other maths and physics learners in a creative style

I have been trained by the most inspiring science tutors and this has greatly motivated me to help others understand seemingly tough science concepts in a creative manner that suits the student's learning ability. My tutoring approach is to understand my student, emphasize on his or her strengths and patiently work on weaknesses.

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For parents that's can't help with algebra. I offer online guidance to helping your child

An easy to understand methodology to teach your child basic algebra. I also cover basic mathematics and multiplications. With my session. I will show parents or children a number of different ways to understand and solve mathematic equations. This is a promise.

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Graduate in BA Architecture, giving Maths lessons to primary and GCSE students in London

I am Yaas, I have a bachelors in Architecture, I have taught mainly Maths to secondary school students as well as GCSE in my spare time. I also help with Functional Skills too. I am pretty friendly and very patient, I don't mind if I have to explain something 100 time before you get it.

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An empathic experienced teacher of many years. I pay attention to solving problems

I am primarily occupied in making my students to understand basic principles and their application in solving problems. My style is solving problems in class and making my students solve problems under my supervision with keen interest of guiding and correcting them. I believe in do it yourself and not just take home assignments, which solutions may be copied.

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Current 3rd year MPhys student tutoring in Maths and Physics residing in Leeds

The lessons will be dependent on the individual, with guided explanations of concepts and teachings. The lessons will be structured so that the student can give areas that they wish to learn or struggle in and then focussed around that. Lessons will then be discussion of ideas with guided learning and then complemented with questions to cement ideas.

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I'm A College Student Giving Math Lessons In Lafayette At ULL In Our Library.

I am a 2017 graduate of North Central High, where I ranked number two in my class. Now, I am a freshman at University of Louisiana atLafayette studying accounting. I am very patient and flexible with the students who come to me for tutoring. I allow the students to be tutored in small groups or individual. I asses the students way of learning and use that to make math fun and easy.

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A* A-level student giving top level GCSE tutoring. Science and maths tutoring amazing.

I am an 18 year old A-level student who obtained 7A*'s at GCSE level and isn't currently studying Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology at A-level. Sutiable for all GCSE students needing either a boost to help them past or some extra help to achieve that A* they are hoping for.

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Math Tutor- Southeast Georgia. Elementary School thru High School. Math is Fun!

I have a Associates Degree in Business, as well as a Bachelors degree in Logistics and Intermodal Transportation with a minor in Marketing. I am recently graduated, so I would have to say my methodology as a teacher would be to connect with the students and be instructed how I would want to be instructed if I were a student.

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Middle & High School Math Teacher living in Kenya... LOVES math and makes it easy.

I have a BA in Middle & High School Math Education from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. I have taught middle and high school math at private, charter, public, and international schools. I am currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Education for Curriculum & Instruction through KU.

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The only way to the secrets is only by math and physics

-my name is john sameh maged , i am in st.

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University student to tutor secondary school pupils and younger, based in London

Recently completed exams in subjects such as maths, economics, chemistry and therefore have recent and thorough knowledge in exam techniques and revision methods. Particularly useful for GCSE level as have many notes and helpful which could be beneficial for students.

João paulo
1st class FREE!

Mathematics and Physics is with me! Let's go together! I'm graduating in Engineering from UFAL and I teach in all maceió and proximities for middle and fundamental level

Young. With availability for lessons by Skype, private lessons and groups of a maximum of 4 students. Methodology focused on the teaching-learning process, using play techniques to better assimilate the content and increase the interpretive capacity.

New Malden
1st class FREE!

I'm teacher of mathematics and I love my subject I can't live without maths

If we see z=a+ib and z=c+id then division is z=(ac+bd/c^2+d^2 ,bc-ad/c^2+d^2) similarly other Short cut tricks I have available which are so efficient in this era... e.

Vernon Hills
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Boston College student in finance gives lessons in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math fields

Hi, my name is Felicia! I graduated from the Illinois Math and Science Academy, which is a STEM-based boarding school. I am studying finance and management at the Carroll School of Management at Boston College.

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University maths Student with lots of Tutoring experience in real life helps in Maths helps in analysis, number theory, probability theory, linear Algebra and physics

Dear students! I am an Austrian math student with lots of real life experience in tutoring pupils and university Math students in the following parts of maths: - linear Algebra - analysis - number theory - probability theory Moreover I also teach physics in my free time.

1st class FREE!

IIT graduate teaching Maths, Physics and Chemistry with basic concepts and advanced learning

I have completed by engineering bachelors degree from IIT ( one of the best technical institute in the world ) and would like to assist my juniors in developing strong basic concepts which would enable them to solve advance, sophisticated problems to develop a better acumen

1st class FREE!

A Level Student studying Physics, Chemistry and Maths available to help with GCSE Maths

I'm finishing my first year of A level, and I'm very familiar with the GCSE Maths system, in which I got two As, I'm willing to give help and advice to any willing student wanting to boost their grades.

1st class FREE!

Been there, done that! college student keen to give online sessions for maths and chemistry upto grade 12.

i am just a college student who just recently struggled with the problems that you face today (yet topped :P ). would love to share my tips and tricks with you all ! follow a simple and to the point approach and am very open to doubts. readily available for webcam teaching/doubt sessions. will give you the best ways to make notes.

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Perfect! Sir, 6days back,I have joined your tutorials,and during these days you made me realize that,even I could do maths very well n eventually, I am doing well in it.I am very much satisfied by your way of teaching,the strategies u follow,as well as ,the...

Krishna , Student
1 week ago
(1 review)

Perfect! He is a very good motivated Teacher. His dedication towards student is remarkable . He help me lots to complete entire Discrete mathematics with in 4 months. Excellent teacher.

Rahul, Student
2 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! The class was so useful and this got me really good grades. His teaching method is very unique and it made me to remember the concepts in ease. The classes were worth for the pay. Thanks to Thilip and Superprof.

Sri, Student
3 weeks ago
(5 reviews)

Perfect! Well, I heard about him being a good teacher but to take classes from him was even better for an experience. I wasn’t that confident in maths before until he came to the picture. His style of teaching is different from the ordinary. He will...

Susmita, Student
1 month ago
(7 reviews)

Perfect! He has a very deep knowledge of the subject. Also, his teaching methodology was pretty awesome!

Abhay, Student
1 month ago
(5 reviews)

Perfect! Excellent teacher. He teaches us with practically.

Shivkumar, Student
1 month ago
(3 reviews)

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