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Paris 17e
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Graduate - Experienced Italian Italian gives private lessons for all levels

Experienced Italian graduates (Master and Italian language literature - Ca 'Foscari University, Venezia) provides Italian lessons. From beginner to advanced levels. In Paris and the Paris region. Experienced method, based on interaction and dialogue, helped by a grammar base.

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Italian student in Erasmus in France, gives Italian language lessons for everyone in Metz. To learn or improve grammar, vocabulary, speaking and writing.

teaching method based on the needs and demands of the student. Dynamic and fun, it also includes the use of games, music and movies. possibility to organize chat rooms Classes for all students, children and adults.

Leamington Spa
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Italian native Language Engineering graduate offering lessons at all levels. Online only

My method really varies on the student to allow him or her to find the best way to learn.

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Italian Mother Tongue Teacher, Learn Italian and enjoy your next holiday in Italy while listening to Andrea Boccelli 's music.

I like to make you feel like you are in Italy. I will love seing you more and more confident and happy with your progress. We will start from the very basic phrases and then move on to higher levels according to your times. You will soon realise that you will be able to have a conversation in Italian. Read Italian books and understand those beautiful Andrea Bocelli's songs.

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Italian lessons with a native italian student who lives and study in Brighton

I give lessons to people from 12 to 30 years old of any level of comprehension. At first is importannt the knowledge of grammar but it's fondamental to use it for real situation and real problems. After the lessons i will give some homework to do.

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Ingnante d'italiano madrelingua L2 / LS impartisco lezioni per ragazzi ed adulti abbiano necessità e voglia d'imparare la mia splendida lingua :)

Il mio metodo d'insegnamento si basa sulle esigenze e sulla formazione pregressa dello students. E 'importante valutare il contesto in cui si insegna, ed il livello da cui lo student parte. Un buon metodo che permette agli studenti di di apprendere senza annoiarsi è incentrato sull'utilizzo di strutture grammaticali in contesti di vita quotidiani.

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Undergraduate student from france, in placement at the ExeterUni and I love teaching my natives languages

I like use the power of the brain, a like to bring my knoledges in meorisation of something, and afert that I like help some one teaching a lot of speaking activities, because grammar is important but if you speak fluently you can undestand the grammar

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Italian mothertongue translator, experienced in teaching Italian to foreigners, offers private lessons to students from beginners to advanced level.

Over 5 years of experience in teaching languages, I developed an intuitive and deductive method of learning, customized to each student according to his/her needs and interests. Particular attention will be placed on the conversation, on comprehension, pronounciation, grammar, vocabulary.

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A talented teacher and researcher offering lessons of Italian to students of all ages and academic levels in Birmingham.

I introduce a variety of teaching methods depending on the needs of the learners. I prefer a student-centred approach especially when students are of young age, since cultivate passion for the subject contributes to their engagement in learning and their improved academic results.

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Italian native speaker, with a Master's in English offers Italian lessons in Edinburgh

My name is Mariarita, I am 26 and I am an italian native speaker. I usually teach to middle school or highschool kids, but in my last year of university I started with adults as well. I usually start teaching grammar and phonetics, and later on I like chosing a topic to discuss about with my students, according to their level, their skills and, of course, what they want.

Varsity Lakes
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Bond Law Student & Native Italian Speaker gives easy and effective Italian lessons!

My teaching method is rather methodical. There are four main components to learning a language: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Each lesson will either be a Speaking & Listening lesson, or a Reading & Writing, as the skills required for these are connected.

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I aim in getting your inner skill to be exploited in learning your chosen foreign language

I aim to get your best inner skills and exploit them Most people din’ t know but language learning can be fun, especially if you associate similar words to your own language Creativity and intuition can get your two side of the brain to functioning in the same time while learning thus making it easier in remembering things by associating visual and experience

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Graduated in Foreign Languages ​​and Cultures in Italy gives Italian lessons from high school to high school. Nice serious and with teaching experience with Erasmus.

Graduated in Italy in "Languages ​​and Foreign Cultures" gives courses that are based on creativity and patience: you can read a text, sing a song, invent a poem, the important thing is to learn how to get closer to the other culture.

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Italian exchange student with experiences give Italian language lessons in Wollongong and surroundings

I am an Italian mothertongue exchange student based in Wollongong. In Italy I usually give Italian lessons to foreign students who need help to get prepared for exams or in writing their thesis. I am also available to speaking training lessons and whatever you need to improve your Italian knowledge. I am fluent in English and have got the IELTS certificate which can proove it.

Greater London
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Science of Cultural Heritage student gives italian lessons in grammar, speaking, pronunciation, writing , culture and literature to all level students via webcam

I'm an italian 20 years old student attending my first year at University. I have attended the Classic High School in Italy, so I have a great knowledge of Italian grammar, culture and literature with also philological skills in Latin and Ancient Greek.

San Jose
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Got Italian? Here for you from a native professional !

- Born and grown up in Rome where accomplished Classical Studies (Italian, Latin, and Greek)and earned an MA. - Berlitz training and certification. - Often in Italy for activities in order to promote the Italian culture in other countries.

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Enthusiastic graduate student fluent in Italian located in Brattleboro VT with travel ability

I am an experienced Italian teacher with two years of teaching experience and 4 years of Italian tutoring experience. I give lessons mainly to adults (18+) but I am flexible. My view is that everyone can learn a language and knows more about language than they think, I am the guide to help unlock that knowledge to achieve your personal goals.

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Italian mother tongue with Master in translation offers ITALIAN classes in Nancy!

Ciao! Ho studiato lingue e letterature straniere e ho a master in traduzione. Parlo quattro ling: italiano, the mia lingua madre, inglese, francese e tedesco! Ho esperienza nell'insegnamento as assistant of the lingua in una scuola media and tutor linguistico per studenti in difficoltà o per potenziamento.

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Young English philologist with a desire to share her knowledge of languages ​​teaches English, Italian, Spanish and Valencian at all levels. In Sueca (Valencia) and surroundings.

Young, hardworking and responsible girl loves teaching languages in general, but English, Italian, Spanish and Valencian are the ones that managed very well. Classes are focused on children of all ages, teenagers and adults. The best technique for successful learning is dialogue and communication in the language you want to learn.

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Italian tutor living and teaching in London and outskirts for the last 18 years. I have a MA in modern languages andhave been training Italian to professionals of the City of London, private student

My name is Patrizia Lombardo I am an MA in Foreign Languages. My lessons are structured around the specific needs of the student`s profession or examination board; therefore, I use authentic materials of the relevant profession and exam`s past paper financial reports for bankers, legal deeds, academic essays for scholars.

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Italian language/ literature/ culture tutor, all levels available to any age group

I have previously studied A levels equivalent in Classical Studies ( such as Italian Grammar and Literature, Ancient Greek, Latin, Philosophy). I am currently studying English and Journalism at Coventry University. Whilst studying at University I successfully gained a EUROLTA qualificatio to become a language tutor.

Greater London
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Italian, Spanish and English speaker with 5 years of experience offers practical lessons.

I can help everyone to learn Italian and Italians to learn English or Spanish. My lessons cover four sectors of practic learning: reading, writing, vocabulary and speaking. I can work with adults and Kids face to face and remotely on Skype. I am patience and professional and ready to help in order to learn the language and the culture of the country.

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If you want to be really confident with your italian, well, you have no choice: I'm the one!

I think that the most effective (and fastest) way to learn a language is just by practicing it ...with a native speaker! Just focus on what matters: verbal communication! Everything else will come! My lessons are taught through Skype or Google Hangouts.

Sandy Springs
Daniel robert
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Italian Instructor in Atlanta area with proven methods for speaking the language

Universita' Ca' Foscari (Venice, Italy) Georgia State University - Int. Affairs B.A. 2017 Italian Instructor at Atlanta International Language Institute Previous employment at Georgia State Senate and the Consulate General of Belgium (Atlanta) Italian methodology includes students writing daily journal entries and listening to daily videos, as well as more classical methods.

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Teacher of Italian / Hindi / Oriental Philosophy with international experience teaches in Barcelona (communicative method)

In my career I have been worked with very different people: from the university to the children's private courses. My goal is communication. I usually start teaching the practice and then I focus on the grammar topics. Students will communicate and play to learn faster.

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Learn Italian and discover Italian city's geography, culture and history. Lessons for every level!

I graduated in Urban Planning and I would love to share my knowledge of how Italian cities developed through the centuries (from Roman Empire until now) in order to make a full- immersion into the beauty of Italy and Italian language. I will to teach Italian starting from geography and making connections with literacy, poetry and culinary traditions.

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Italian native speaker and passionate linguist available for online Italian lessons, catering for all levels and needs

I am an English and Japanese undergraduate from the University of Bologna, Italy, and a Management postgraduate at the University of Exeter Business School, due to graduate in December. Italian native speaker, I am more than pleased to help graduates, high school students, kids or adults improve their Italian language skills.

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Student of Italian in Strasbourg, I am available often to make you progress to the maximum!

I am 19 years old and I am a university bachelor of italian. Passionate about this language and i'm patient and pedagogue. I will help you to be self-confident in italian, both in writing and in oral. Indeed it is primordial to speak a language. We will therefore speak mainly Italian during the course.

Anna rita
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Italian lessons by phone

I am Italian, graduate and I have several years' experience in teaching. For over 10 years, I have been offering Italian learning by phone. This useful and friendly method to learn a language is effective and ensures strong progress. Furthermore, such a method is personalized, efficient & flexible with regard to its scheduling.

Greater London
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Italian lessons in Kingsbury, from an Italian mother tongue, low prices and nice teaching

The lessons will be focused in talking,reading and writing. Grammar will be a main part of the lessons,but I will make it easy and understandable to anyone.Facts,funny stories and cultural differences will be included as wel.The lessons will have considerable role plays too.

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