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Teacher with DITALS certification gives lessons of: ITALIAN FOR FOREIGNERS - Are you planning to LEARN ITALIAN?

I graduated in Communication Sciences and Technologies, and I am in possession of the "second level DITALS" certification for teaching Italian to foreigners. I teach in Rome (or on Skype, too) to individuals or small groups. I try to calibrate each course according to the interests, aims and characteristics of the student.

Greater London
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Italian one to one conversation with native speaker, in London or via Skype

My name is Tommaso Giacopini, I'm an Italian native speaker. I freelance as actor and dancer and I write songs and poems in Italian, as I find it a very rich and fascinating language. My classes address to different levels of people. My favorite format is an informal one to one talk in a coffeeshop about a chosen subject. I love chatting about art. But I'm open to anything, really.

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Experienced Native Speaker offers lessons to learners interested in the language and culture of Italy

I have one degree in Linguistics and Translation and one in Language Education and I would love to share my knowledge and experiences with anyone who would like to know more about the language and culture of Italy. Either face-to-face lessons or online lessons via Skype.

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8+ years experienced and passionate tutor available to teach you Italian in Melbourne!

Hi there! Many thanks for taking the time to visit my profile. I’m an enthusiastic Italian teacher that recently relocated to Melbourne after 7 years spent in London, teaching my own language to a variety of students.

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A vostra disposizione wonderful people. Lezioni di Italiano from a not-looking-like native.

- The writer is able to speak various languages but for the sake of keeping this text short Italian is the language with the most repertoire - First your level should be assess, then a tailored program ( just speak/writing or both ) will be selected for you. - Big fan of practice practice and practice together. The more we know each other the easier you will apprehend.

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Italian student with a MA in Philosophy and BA in Humanities offering Italian lessons

Hi! I'm an Italian student and I hold a Bachelor in Humanities and a Master in Philosophy. I offer private tutoring to whom wants to learn Italian and/or improve her skills (Italian Literature at academic level is also possible, if required). Age or level don't matter. I have been teaching for years and I have developed a friendly and informal approach.

Maria elena
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Italian mother tongue and French graduate offers Italian, French, English and German courses

Good morning, I am a teacher of languages, Italian, French of which I am a native speaker as well as bilingual, English and German. I have a specific degree in my field, and I teach students of all ages from the absolute beginner level to the advanced level. In the lessons I use a lot of authentic and interactive material such as comics, songs, videos, audio etc.

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Italian student living in Durham, UK, offers lesson to practice your Italian

I'm 24 and come from a city in Northern Italy. I am open to give lessons to anyone who wishes to improve their Italian skills and have conversations with. I can also work with you on vocabulary and grammar review. During the hour I would bring up a topic and discuss about it, but I am open to discussing methodology.

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Italian native speaker in Exeter offers tutoring in Italian language, literature and pronounciation

Ciao! My name is Giulia, and I am an Italian native speaker currently studying English Literary Studies (MA) at the University of Exeter.

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Cetified Teacher of Italian based in Padua offers Italian and English lessons to students of any level

Hi there I'm Claudia, I'm a certified Teacher of Italian as a Second Language, as a Foreign Language and a Cultural Facilitator with 6 years of teaching experience. Private offerings to students of any level: conversation / grammar / translations, preferably though SKYPE or in my own study located in the city center of Padua.

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Qualified Language Teacher gives Italian lessons via Skype. If you want to learn and/or improve your ITALIAN from the comfort of your home or during your break at work don't hesitate to contact me!!!

Hi!! I'm Donatella and I am a qualified Language Teacher. I am dedicated to my work and my approach to teaching is based on active learning experience. I believe the best way to learn is to enjoy, that's why each course or session will be tailored to your individual needs and interests.

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Native Italian Teacher, attended primary schools through University in Italy, as well as US University (BA).Enthusiastic ,Beginners through Advanced, extremely experienced with

Greetings from your Italian-American Italian Language Instructor! I was born in Italy where I attended primary school and the University of Padua. I also attended college in the California and got a BA from The University of Vancouver. I teach both in person in the South Atlanta (Peachtree City area)and on Skype. I am very experienced in all levels of teaching Italian.

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Online Italian language lessons with professionally qualified native Italian teacher all areas

My teaching approch is very much on encouraging you to use your language skills in life conversation. I believe that focusing on verbal communication skills quickly builds your confidence and your enjoyment of the new language. I am familiar with the use of IT and I strongly believe in its effectiveness in languages.

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Italian student in School of Classics gives Italian and Latin course from College to University.

I am a italian student of Master, Classical Philology, at the University of Strasbourg and Padova. I am Italian, but I have worked a lot with foreign students. I always try to adapt my method to the student and his needs. I mostly pay attention to grammar and oral exposure.

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Mother-tongue Italian writer provides Italian lesson for foreigners (or not) also ONLINE

I graduated with the highest marks, author of a book of poems, I speak French (I lived in Brussels for 6 months) and English. I offer Skype lessons (after years of live experience) for foreigners who want to learn Italian at modest prices.

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Final year Italian university student gives lessons to secondary school pupils in Cardiff

I can help pupils with all the four areas of the Italian language in preparation for their exams: reading, writing, listening and speaking. This applies to both GCSE and A level exams. I had a year abroad in Italy and I am confident in the language.

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Mothertongue Italian educator gives Italian lessons to pupils and adults in South Belfast Area.

I am Veronica and I am an educator. I studied Science of Education at the University of Verona in Italy two years ago. I have been in Belfast since October 2016. I am working as a waitress in a small restaurant and as volunteer at the Musgrave Park Hospital working with children with special needs. I work at the Art Centre as well with a Psycologist and artist.

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Psychology University student form Italy gives Italian lessons to primary, secondary, A levels, AS-levels, Undergraduate and Masters levels.

I use interactive lessons for all courses. When teaching language I tend to only speak in that language and to deifne unknown words in that same language so that students can get used to the accent, pronunciation and challenges of learning a new language from scratch.

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Want to try a new language? Why not Italian! Learn from a mother-tongue and become a fluent speaker!

The most effective way to learn a new language is by immersing oneself in it.

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Italian native speaker with 13 years of experience give Italian language lessons in Birmingham

My teaching methods are simple. I use examples and explain thing in further details if it's hard to understand the subject that's been treated. Tutoring is open to primary, secondary, college and university student's. Practice makes perfect as they say.

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Paris et environs - Oral and Written Italian Courses - Mother tongue

The course program is chosen according to the needs and abilities of the student while respecting his/her level of linguistic knowledge. The exercises are structured according to the capacities to be developed in the learning of a language, namely: comprehension - written and oral; production - written and oral.

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Graduated in European, non-European and oriental languages ​​and cultures (110 cum laude), she gives lessons in English, French and Italian for foreigners

After understanding the type of student, I will propose a study plan that can be modified according to the needs and objectives of the student. The various language lessons will be approached to deepen the culture of the country where the language in question is spoken to avoid weighing down the period of study.

Lyon 5e
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English, French and Italian teacher. Bachelor degree student in International Relations and Translation

I approach the teaching of my working language in a structured, well organized way. My teaching method is classic, but I try to have a fun approach sometimes. The most important thing for me is to put my students at ease and to work the language as much as possible, both orally and in writing.

Paris 1er
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ITALIAN - Native speaker with 2 years of experience in teaching - Personalized courses

I offer personalized courses, based on the need and the interests of the students. We can focus on the oral conversation (I have a proper clean Italian, no dialect or accent), on the grammar or the written comprehension.

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Bilingual Italian /English in London with a history of tutoring one to one can teach Italian in web or in person :)

I have a different approach for each student: we will have a conversation to attest the level you are in and then we can work toward the goal level you want to achieve.

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I was born in Italy and lived there until last year, so it's my native language I'm enthusiast to teach it.

I always adapt my methods for the person I am teaching to, for their age and their character. Playful and fun lessons with children and more sears with grown ups. I use maps, songs, tests and more depending on the memory and ability of the student.

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Italian language and culture courses for everyone at home and online. What are you waiting for?

Hello, I am a Master in Philosophy and after I finished my studies with a Master in Philosophical Counseling. The methodology is very simple and we are based on a progressive development through listening to short texts, the explanation of grammar, reading and writing. In base the level of departure of the student I adapt the program in function of his knowledge.

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Want to learn Italian? Native speaker in Milton Keynes is happy to help!

I think teaching is easy if you don't always apply the same method. Learning is individual to each of us and therefore the teaching must be tailored differently as appropriate. I am happy to teach people of any age and in whatever way you are most inclined to learn and remember.

Mountain Creek
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Italian native speaker gives Italian lessons to high school students and adults in the Sunshine Coast (4557)

Depending on the entry level of the student I support my teachings with visual materials, prepare exercises to do with you, interact with images on books and listening to audio and entertaining italian music, using a wide variety of vocabulary.

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MA student offering EXCITING Italian and Spanish classes in Colchester, at HOME or ONLINE

My teaching method is very easy: I start from grammar rules to articulate then more complicated sentences.

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