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Hazel Grove
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I am a native, qualified and experienced Italian and ESOL teacher. I also work as a teaching assistant supporting EAL children in primary and secondary schools.

I am a qualified Italian and ESOL teacher who works with adult and children. I also support EAL children (primary and high schools) in Literacy and Maths. I am also a qualified and creative graphic designer. I use a lot of game such matching cards and board games. I usually start my lessons with a recap, I teach something newand at the end a plenary.

1st class FREE!
1st class FREE!

Well prepared teacher offering Italian language lessons to students of any age.

I base my lessons on my students' needs which involves providing them with highly personalised material from very different sources.

Raynes Park

Italian Online Tutor

I am a qualified Italian teacher with more than 15s experience. I offer communicative and individually tailored online lessons at any level, to adults and children via Skype. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Italian at any level (beginners-intermediate-advanced). I prepare students for exams like GCSE, A-Level, CILS, CELI, PLIDA. - Tell me about your qualifications.

Buenos Aires
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Native Italian with experience offers customized classes by any level in CABA

I try to stimulate the curiosity of the students by focusing the classes on interesting topics of Italian culture. Then I use texts and audiovisuals, diary notes, songs, recipes for improving the level of written and spoken comprehension. I give all the students the grammar books and I suggest several online resources that are useful during the learning.

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Italian graduated speaking fluent English offering Italian lesson to individual or group

My teaching approach will be based on the consumer and will be personalized each time. I like to do parallelism between English and Italian because there are different similarities between them. The lesson will fit every age group and it will vary with the level of the consumer.

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Student fifth year high school language Mother tongue Italian-Polish, I teach Italian to foreigners and not, Polish and English for children of elementary, middle school, high ... Tuition at my house

Hello everyone, I'm currently attending the fifth year of high school language and teach for two years. My methods vary from person to person and usually I talk about this separately and depending on what is required I prepare a method.

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Florence: graduated teacher provides ITALIAN L2 private lessons for ALL kinds of profiles, levels and needs.

My methodology varies according to each student's requests. The student is the protagonist and with his collaboration I am going to evaluate the best methodology to adopt according to his needs. We will decide together the program and the objectives: grammar, vocabulary, written communication or conversation. The offline classes will take place in libraries, home, bars, parks ...

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Graduated in Languages ​​and Cultures for Business (ENGLISH AND SPANISH), LS-L2 Italian Language Teacher for English and Francophone Migrants

My Italian language lessons are based, first and foremost, on an introduction to grammar and elementary vocabulary. Afterwards, I focus on constructing dialogues and linguistic exchanges, in order to guarantee the foreign student independence in the social and cultural context. Lessons also based on a civic orientation.

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Italian girl offers private lessons of Italian for foreigners, also via Skype

I offer italian lessons for all levels. My lessons include: dialogues to enrich vocabulary and improve pronunciation, readings to improve written comprehension and pronunciation, grammar exercises. The lessons will be tailored to each student in order to strengthen his weaknesses.

Matthia simone
1st class FREE!

Native Italian with Graduate Degree in Foreign Languages Learning and Teaching ​​gives Private Lessons of Italian Language and Culture in Brussels

Hello everyone! I am a young Italian teacher with a Master Graduate Degree in Foreign Languages Learning and Teaching ​​to Foreigners and Translation. I offer tutoring for all levels in Italian Language and Culture, as well as Translation of texts from French / English to Italian. If necessary, I would also be willing to give classes in English and of English.

Tunbridge Wells
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I am a Fully Qualified Native Italian Tutor with over 20 years tutoring experience

The first step for me is to understand my students needs and goals then I plan our course accordingly providing my students with well-structured, interactive, productive and enjoyable lesson ssons.

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Graduated in foreign languages ​​and literature, she gives l2 Italian lessons (Italian for foreigners), Spanish and English

Thanks to the help of wonderful professionals I had the good fortune to meet at work, and thanks to the study of some subjects such as language teaching or didactics of Italian L1 and L2, I was able to improve my teaching method, and I learned to structure interactive and interesting lessons that allow my students to experiment a mixed learning, not only guided by me but also in context.

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Native Italian offering Italian language lessons. Student of photography at Higher School of Art and Design

My teaching method is based on analysing small texts of Italian literature together with vocabulary and pronunciation exercises. Each lesson i a small but steady step forward.

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Learn Russian in a fast and interesting way with native speaker! I also teach in Italian. Long-time experience.

I'm a Russian speaker. My classes are for people determined to learn the Russian language as fast as possible. But just don't take it too seriously! I always try to do difficult things ...

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Hi, I'm Sofia! I have a degree in languages ​​and I have an Italian L2 master, if you are a foreign student who wants to learn while having fun, I am the person who can help you. Call me just for

I always try to teach the Italian language in all its aspects, my priority is that the student learns all that he needs in a complete way. My method is personalized and tailor-made for each student. I like ludic teaching, and I always try to create a facilitating training environment to raise the student's emotional barrier.

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Margherita - Northfields - Italian

Hi! I'm Margherita and I'm a CLTA qualified teacher. I'm Italian and I teach Italian, Spanish, English for beginners and interpreting and translation techniques. I give individual and group classes to any age students, with an engaging method. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Italian and Spanish at all levels and to any age students and English for beginners.

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Let's learn Italian! Italian mother tongue, graduate in Foreign Languages ​​and Literature, offers private lessons

I am Giulia, I have graduated in Foreign Languages ​​and Literature and I am an Italian native speaker. I have a classical studies diploma, I've always obtained very good grades in this subject (from 8/10) and I've also participated in a translation contest from ancient Greek to Italian.

1st class FREE!

There is no better Italian teacher than an Italian who has lived in the UK for the last 18 years! Learn and enjoy learning - I'm a freelance translator already working with companies who n Italy, and

I base my lessons on real life news of interest to my pupils and elaborate. Each lesson is made of understanding, reading, grammar and conversation.

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M. A. , Italian mother tongue, teaches Italian to English and Swedish speaking interested in improving their language skills!

I love art, languages ​​and travelling and I propose myself as an Italian teacher for everyone interested in learning my language! I am mother tongue in Italian and fluent in Swedish and English. I give webcam lessons to people of all ages looking to develop their proficiency skills in Italian.

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Impariamo insieme questa lingua romantica per eccellenza! Via either skype or face2face

Hello there, I am native from Naples , the city of Pizza and mare azzurro. I currently live in Birkenhead, Wirral. I have a degree in Foreign Languages and plenty of experience in private tutoring. I am currently looking to widen my pupils availability to share my knowledge with you all.

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Last year university student offers private lessons in Turin of Italian language

I offer private Italian lessons, both for Italian kids with difficulty in grammar that for foreigners who want to learn the language.

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Bachelor's degree in foreign languages ​​(Portuguese and Russian) and with experience in teaching Italian as a foreign language.

I studied Russian and Portuguese at university and I taught Italian both in Russia and in Portugal. My lessons are therefore aimed at foreign students who are learning Italian. My lessons are based on the needs of the student (written / oral production, comprehension, etc.) and they are personalized giving clear explanations and targeted exercises.

Greater London
Alexander mohan
1st class FREE!

Student Italian tutoring up to GCSE level or Intermediate level across North-West London

I can provide Italian tutoring up to GCSE level, indeed I passed my iGCSE (International GCSE - higher level than standard GCSE) with over 95%, I can help with vocabulary, idiom, manner of expression, anything else needed. For those just interested by the language I am still comfortable to tutor up to a GCSE-equivalent level.

Orte Scalo
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Graduate in languages ​​offers translations, English and Italian lessons for different levels and objectives in Viterbo, Terni and Orte

I am a newly graduated with excellent marks in Modern Languages ​​and European cultures with a great passion for the English language, which leads me to teaching this subject to students, workers or enthusiasts.

Kings County
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Italian teacher and tutor at all levels, based in New York City

I'm an experienced teacher at all levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced. I worked in Italy in a school teaching Italian at foreign children and I worked with adults helping them to improve their Italian for work or for pleasure! My lessons can change a lot, it depends on which area you'd like to improve but in general I work in grammar, conversation and reading.

Greater London
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Master of science student in business and social science giving Italian lessons in London

Since every person has different learning needs and methodology my classes are personalised. There is not just one way to learn, so the lessons can last from 45 minutes to 2 hours. If you have particular needs, as improve just the speaking or the writing skills, we can arrange classes focused on just that part. I am also well-prepared in literature (under the master/PhD level).

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Italian native speaker. 10 years of experience teaching Italian. PhD, anthropologist, language lover.

Versatile Italian native speaker teacher with a passion for foreign cultures and more than 10 years of experience delivering engaging lessons focused on the interests and needs of students.

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Learn ITALIAN at all levels in a fun and personalized way - in Parma and in the province or even on-line. Qualified teacher DITALS, experience in schools for migrants and at Italian prestigious Univer

Learn - Improve - Perfect. This is my motto! With my lessons I have been teaching for many years students of all levels who wanted to approach Italian, improve skills and perfect what they have already learned. I use a personalized method on students' study, work or personal needs.

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Laura - Wimbledon - Italian

I am a qualified (DITALS certificate) and experienced Italian teacher and Life Coach. I run a school of languages "Ad Meliora Academy" and our students improve their languages learning different skills. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Italian (grammar, literature, culture and phonetics in a peculiar and enjoyable way!).

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