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Teaching Italian Language and Culture in Australia to kids, teenagers and adults

While it might be appropriate at times to articulate a rule and then proceed to instances, most of the evidence in communicative second language teaching points to the superiority of an inductive approach to rules and generalizations.

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Italian language lessons in Berlin. From basic knowledge to higher level. A1-A2-B1-B2

I am a student. My lessons are for everyone: beginners or people who already have good knowledge! The lesson is really easy. I always take the learning material with it, so we both (my students and me) have something to work with. Personally, I always prefer the Oral Part, because I believe that this is the only way to gain the timidity and start making progress faster.

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Fun Italian lessons via Skype with native experienced tutor from Italy - 60 min free trial

I offer interactive lessons via Skype that include everything you would expect from a face-to-face lesson. The classes will be completely tailored to your level, needs and preferences. Conversation and grammar will always play an important part.

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Languages student at Stirling offering italian lessons for all levels and ages

My teaching method is quite flexible in the sense that I will always listen to the students feedback and I will base my classes on the areas that they need enforcement on.

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I’m a university International student from Italy . I offer italian personal tutoring for any level

I suggest to buy a book ( if you don’t have one already ) with grammar and reading exercises .

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Gives private lessons English, German, Italian, as well as assistance in English translation.

I study L3 Languages, Literature Foreign Civilization at the University of Maine at Le Mans. I offer English lessons for beginner and intermediate and conversation to people of advanced wishing to speak English. I also give courses in translation from English into French mainly. I also give courses in German as well as Italian courses for beginners people.

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Cultural and Linguistic Mediator, with 5 years of teaching experience, gives Italian lessons in Venice

Review and revision of class tasks and lessons, strengthening with in-depth study of grammatical and vocabulary rules, study of regular and irregular verbs (paradigms), support and revision exercises, conversations in language, written productions; for beginners basic courses, revision of grammar rules from the beginning and support to the study with regular meetings (once or twice a week)

St Andrews
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Enthusiastic languages student offering to teach Italian, French and Spanish, with experience

I have a very student based teaching method, so it changes according to the student’s needs and attitude towards the subject. I always make sure not to bore the child because that’s the key to a disaster.

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Graduated in Economics at Bocconi offers Italian and Italian lessons for foreigners

My typical lesson takes place at my home or the student's home - according to need; At the first lesson I typically do an assessment test of the student's starting level - after which I define the educational objectives together with the student.

Hamilton Hill
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Ciao ragazzi!!!Italian classes that suit you, because they are prepared for YOU!!!

I have different books from Italy, exercises to practice more at home,videos, audios, plus I enjoy to do some practical classes to enhance your vocabulary. I like to do some grammar and connection between languages ( I speak Spanish and English) but I try to do not focus too much on grammar, since it could be boring for someone.

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Certified (Ditals) Italian L2 teacher with more than 10 years of experience

I graduated in Philosophy and I am a certified Italian teacher (Ditals certificate). My approach is "communicative" and I develop my lessons based on the "notional-functional" method. The syllabus is adjusted to learner's characteristics, needs, motivations and interests.

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Italian Master student give lesson about Italian language up to university level.

I really love my language and I would like to transmit this passion through one-to-one tailor made lessons, in order to help you in the areas you are more interested in. My lessons will include: grammar content, vocabulary, writing exercises to improve both your grammar and vocabulary, reading comprehension and conversation.

A Coruña
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Private lessons of Italian language with native professor, by online webcam and face-to-face

Native teacher, for all levels: - preparation of exams, - technical vocabulary, - conversation, - support Erasmus. - translations. The class includes a theoretical part and a practice always adapting to the student's requirement, with the objective of a practical learning to reach a fluency in the speech.

Niagara Falls
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Looking to teach the beautiful Italian language to those who want to learn

My family teaches me and taught me the Italian language, my nonna speaks to me in Italian, I get my knowledge from books, apps, and online I will teach you basic vocabulary words example: days of the week, months, colours, Ext Teach you basic sentences or anything else you would like to know I can teach you Italian history

Hann. Münden
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Improve your knowledge of Italian with a native speaker (studied linguistics with 10 years teaching experience) in Kassel and Göttingen surroundings and online

It is important for me to include all four important skills (listening and reading comprehension as well as written and oral production) in each appointment. I concentrate more on communication but of course grammar and vocabulary are not neglected. I teach most in Italian because I believe the quickest way to get used to the language.

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Italian for foreigners! Be Italian with a language and culture course, ONLINE!

Thanks to my university education, I offer excellent quality lessons for foreigners who want to learn Italian. The course is open to all people of any level and age! Whatever the purpose for which you start learning this language, I will be there to help you. The lesson mode is absolutely flexible: we decide together when and how long.

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Italian architect in London offers lessons and help in Italian language written and spoken

During my studies I have taken part at the Erasmus programme and I had the opportunity to exchange my knowledge of Italian with students from different backgrounds of different languages. I like to offer lessons and tutoring lessons as well as help with pronunciation.

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Have fun in Italian! Bristol based native speakers offers private lessons for everyone, at all levels!

I believe that the best way to learn a language is to be immersed in it as much as possible, which is why I try to speak Italian as much as possible even in my beginners lessons - unless the student doesn't feel confident enough! I would never put any pressure on you, my lessons are focused on gaining the confidence (and the vocabulary!) Necessary to speak a second language.

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Bilingual Italian and Spanish, English B2. Diploma in Tourism. Coaching and visual merchandising training.

My method is motivation and fun. With passion everything is achieved. Conversation, correct texts, help with exam preparation. Oral, written, conversation, basic or advanced Italian comprehension. I like to listen and know what my student likes, so that the classes are more active.

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Italian student in Erasmus in France, gives Italian language lessons for everyone in Metz. To learn or improve grammar, vocabulary, speaking and writing.

teaching method based on the needs and demands of the student. Dynamic and fun, it also includes the use of games, music and movies. possibility to organize chat rooms Classes for all students, children and adults.

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Born in Bermuda from an Italian family I am a postgraduate student willing to teach Italian to your bambini/youngsters.

I aim to make Learning Italian an easy task for children. Through fun games and activities my future students will be learning with a smile on their faces through positive reinforcement methods and singing in order to enhance their memory. This could be a great opportunity for children of Italian descent but most definitely for children who would like to learn a new and fun language.

Premià de Mar
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I offer language individual and group lessons (Spanish, English, Italian and Catalan). Children, teenagers and adults (including people with learning disabilities).

My methodology is based on the student's needs. Flexibility, patience and motivation are key. The idea is to have fun, learn, adjust the level and demands of the student, their personality and circumstances and maintain linguistic and cultural connection inherent to learning any language.

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Learn italian language and culture with a native speaker! All levels are welcome!!

I don't use the same metod with all student, I prefer to have a 1st lesson to discuss and understand what can be the best way for you... If you like homeworks or not, if you have a better visual memory or audio memory... I prepare the lesson suited to the student.

Greater London
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100% Italian girl living in London available for private or group lessons! Contact me for more details!

My teaching methodology is based on a very easy approach. I will teach you about grammar and vocabulary, we will learn about italian songs and movies. We will both study language and culture and we will focus on what you need to improve.

Newcastle Upon Tyne
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Tutto e di piu' sull'Italia lingua cucina cultura storia e turismo domande risposte

My tutoring its very simple to understand and very effective for you to learn your subject 1 Interview to understand your level 2 given you direction for growing 3 given you correct explanation with exercise 4 correct your home work 5 final evaluation of a term of learning time

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Teaching Italian as a foreign language

Ciao ;) Italian is my mother tongue, I have been working as an Italian teacher for graduates, I can help you learn to speak Italian in an easy way, I can explain to students in both English and Arabic, and if you are on a good level we'll only use Italian.

Savignano Sul Rubicone
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Italian lesson with Feffe: 'on line to all the world: "learning and discovering the interesting Italian cultures"

My Italian lessons are for anyone and for all the levels, so, enjoy the Italian Language :) I won different European projects and this made me the possibility to live abroud and meet new cultures. All this experiences, where I was the foreign one, made the possibility to be open to the unknow people/situations and much more.

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Native Italian speaker giving private tutoring in the area of glasgow or online

Do you study Italian and you are worried about the upcoming exams? Are you a private learner? My Italian private tutoring covers the basics, study of grammatics, expressions and much more! My tutorials are face-to-face and they focus on the student's indepent ability to understand and speak Italian. Suitable for any level of learners.

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I give Spanish lessons to Milan to students of all levelss. Grammar and conversation

I have a degree in Linguistic Mediation and I had experiences of study at the Latin American countries embassies in Rome, which enabled me to come into contact with people from various Spanish-speaking countries and belonging to different strata of society.

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Italian gives Italian lessons teacher 20 years experience gives private or group lessons Orleans and villages limithrophes

I'm Italian and I give collective or individual courses or training base. I use a book designed to teach Italian as a foreigner. more courses are animated with games and scenarios. The courses can be done by phone, whatsup or Skype, I teach to manager and worker in company who needs italian for their job.

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Perfect! Alessandro is a wonderful teacher. He is patient, good-natured, painstaking and punctual. I am very lucky to be his student. Io sono molto felice!

Bunny, Student
2 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! She is a perfect teacher & a close to an ideal one. May everyone get a teacher like her to reach the maxima of their career. A highly patient teacher & a lot more cooperative. THANKS !

Rahul, Student
3 months ago
(8 reviews)