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Learn Russian in a fast and interesting way with native speaker! I also teach in Italian. Long-time experience.

I'm a Russian speaker. My classes are for people determined to learn the Russian language as fast as possible. But just don't take it too seriously! I always try to do difficult things ...

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Hi, I'm Sofia! I have a degree in languages ​​and I have an Italian L2 master, if you are a foreign student who wants to learn while having fun, I am the person who can help you. Call me just for

I always try to teach the Italian language in all its aspects, my priority is that the student learns all that he needs in a complete way. My method is personalized and tailor-made for each student. I like ludic teaching, and I always try to create a facilitating training environment to raise the student's emotional barrier.

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Mother tongue Italian teacher teaches in lower, middle and upper secondary level in Hamburg and on Skype

My name is Gaia and I come from Italy. I have studied languages and literatures because I really love foreign languages, for this reason I want to spread this passion to others. I enjoy teaching languages and know new cultures. I have already had many experiences as language Teacher and I would like to continue to follow this path.

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There is no better Italian teacher than an Italian who has lived in the UK for the last 18 years! Learn and enjoy learning - I'm a freelance translator already working with companies who n Italy, and

I base my lessons on real life news of interest to my pupils and elaborate. Each lesson is made of understanding, reading, grammar and conversation.

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We speak Italian??? Italian lessons for foreigners in Rome or Via Skype, private or group lessons

I propose lectures and individual lessons, or via Skype with particular attention to the specific needs of students. I have prepared students for the Erasmus exams, always getting excellent results. Not being alone Italian, I understand better the needs of foreign students. My goal is to help overcome difficulties with Italian lingia.

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Polyglot of Italian for foreigners - 5 years of experience teaching languages!

Teacher with 5 years of experience in language teaching (native Spanish, Portuguese, Italian higher level, English higher level, French), methodology focused on speaking and understanding. Diverse and dynamic classes and conversations. Learning and practicing a language does not have to be difficult.

Nicolae ciprian
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Learn the English language with Nick - lessons tailored for every student

I am a teacher and an American English native speaker with many years of experience in the above areas has just returned from London where I had an appointment with a duration of 4 months and where I taught the English language in state primary, middle and high schools and in private schools (private tuition centers). Moreover also I teach the Italian language, the Romanian and Spanish languages.

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Italian native gives oral and written lessons at home in Newcastle Upon Tyne

I am an italian girl currently studying at Northumbria University. I have a Diploma di Maturità Classica (A-Levels) in Latin, Italian, History and Philosophy and for this I am very passionate about culture in general. Italian can be though both in an oral and written way, it is important to practice both aspects.

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M. A. , Italian mother tongue, teaches Italian to English and Swedish speaking interested in improving their language skills!

I love art, languages ​​and travelling and I propose myself as an Italian teacher for everyone interested in learning my language! I am mother tongue in Italian and fluent in Swedish and English. I give webcam lessons to people of all ages looking to develop their proficiency skills in Italian.

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Last year university student offers private lessons in Turin of Italian language

I offer private Italian lessons, both for Italian kids with difficulty in grammar that for foreigners who want to learn the language.

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Native speaker of Italian with 2 years of experience offers classes in Colchester

I am a language university student and I can offer italian classes at any level. I will provide you with all the learning material (videos, texts etc..) to get to know the italian culture, improve your oral and written skills.

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Bachelor's degree in foreign languages ​​(Portuguese and Russian) and with experience in teaching Italian as a foreign language.

I studied Russian and Portuguese at university and I taught Italian both in Russia and in Portugal. My lessons are therefore aimed at foreign students who are learning Italian. My lessons are based on the needs of the student (written / oral production, comprehension, etc.) and they are personalized giving clear explanations and targeted exercises.

Greater London
Alexander mohan
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Student Italian tutoring up to GCSE level or Intermediate level across North-West London

I can provide Italian tutoring up to GCSE level, indeed I passed my iGCSE (International GCSE - higher level than standard GCSE) with over 95%, I can help with vocabulary, idiom, manner of expression, anything else needed. For those just interested by the language I am still comfortable to tutor up to a GCSE-equivalent level.

Orte Scalo
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Graduate in languages ​​offers translations, English and Italian lessons for different levels and objectives in Viterbo, Terni and Orte

I am a newly graduated with excellent marks in Modern Languages ​​and European cultures with a great passion for the English language, which leads me to teaching this subject to students, workers or enthusiasts.

Kings County
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Italian teacher and tutor at all levels, based in New York City

I'm an experienced teacher at all levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced. I worked in Italy in a school teaching Italian at foreign children and I worked with adults helping them to improve their Italian for work or for pleasure! My lessons can change a lot, it depends on which area you'd like to improve but in general I work in grammar, conversation and reading.

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Italian native speaker. 10 years of experience teaching Italian. PhD, anthropologist, language lover.

Versatile Italian native speaker teacher with a passion for foreign cultures and more than 10 years of experience delivering engaging lessons focused on the interests and needs of students.

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Learn ITALIAN at all levels in a fun and personalized way - in Parma and in the province or even on-line. Qualified teacher DITALS, experience in schools for migrants and at Italian prestigious Univer

Learn - Improve - Perfect. This is my motto! With my lessons I have been teaching for many years students of all levels who wanted to approach Italian, improve skills and perfect what they have already learned. I use a personalized method on students' study, work or personal needs.

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Italian teacher gives online Italian classes and Valencia / Xàtiva to agree

Speak Italian the simplest thing ever. I have learned Castilian now in a year without really living in Spain .... and with the same method and at the same time I think you can learn Italian ..

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Graduated in Literature gives Italian lessons for foreigners in Genoa! Experimented method!

1. Essential verbs 2. Key words 3. Conversation 4. Making grammar simple and correct Intensive lessons for storing key concepts, tricks for fast learning and above all developing the ability to learn the language phonetics.

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Native speaker and qualified Italian teacher located in Manchester and via skype

I am a qualified language teacher originally from Milan, Italy. I have been teaching both English, I am a CELTA qualified, and Italian for the past 8 years both in Italy and in the UK. I tailor all my class on my students needs and requests, I have experience in teaching to both young learners and adults and to all different levels.

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Passionate and patient Italian tutor for home and Skype tuition in Italian!

Hello! I am Gianluca and I am an Italian Ph.D. student in Film and Television Production Techniques at the University of York. I am also a filmmaker who made two silent short films which have been screened in various International Film Festivals around the world.

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Italian lessons in Canterbury. I am a native italian and I've a degree from an Italian school

As Italian is my native language I can give lessons to any level from beginners to advanced. Lessons will be structured differently depending on what the person need most. I'm very friendly and I can also help you in written or oral presentation that must be given in Italian.

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Italian lessons group or individual, also via Skype or other

Degree in communication and social networking expert offers classes in Italian, English and Spanish aimed at all audiences. Through various mechanical 100% personalized learning better achieve fluency with the language, increase vocabulary and expressions in a pleasant way.

Santiago de Compostela
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5th grade medschool student teaches English, Spanish and Galician (native tongues), and Italian at an advanced level. Santiago de Compostela. Available in the afternoons/evenings.

I am a medschool student who enjoys learning and teaching languages. I can teach British English (not American English, as I was born in London), Spanish at a native language, and Italian (certified level B2). My classes will be addressed to children and/or young people interested in the subject as well as to adults if they wish so.

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Native Italian gives Italian lessons at home in Barcelona - All levels

I can teach at all levels. Classes are developed based on needs of the students, so they can focus on some specific aspects or the whole language. The cultural aspect is also very important, videos, songs and other recreational resources are used.

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20 years student of political science offering Italian repetitions for adults and children

I'm a 20 year old girl and i'm study political science at the Catholic University. I offer repetitions of Italian to both adults and children.

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Certified DITALS teacher offers Italian courses for Foreigners for all levels in Rome and the province and online

I am an Italian teacher for foreigners with DITALS certificate from the University for Foreigners in Siena. I graduated in Philosophy at the University of Rome "La Sapienza". My lessons are aimed at anyone who wants to learn and / or improve their knowledge of Italian as a foreign language.

Freiburg im Breisgau
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College Diploma Languages ​​and Literatures (English and Spanish) (5 years University Italy)

I teach Italian for adults, all levels. While teaching, I use a Communicative Method. The teaching is carried out in an interactive manner, always trying to meet the needs of learners and working on different communication skills. Instruction includes the development of all language skills. Through conversation, you can improve very quickly.

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Italian mother tongue offers Italian language lessons and Italian literature also for foreigners

If you are tired of the usual boring lessons, you're in the right profile. With me you will love to learn because my lessons are interactive because I think it's important that the student interacts with the classmates and the classmates.

Quartu Sant'Elena
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Italian language lessons for foreigners, fun exercises to learn the language and support in creating written texts

I am a 28-year-old girl, a graduate of modern letters in philology and literature. For more than 10 years, help boys of all ages to study and learn a method of study. My Italian language lessons as a second language are rocketed to all foreigners who want to learn to write correctly and speak fluently in Italian. Italian language literature and grammar lessons.

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