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Italian BILINGUAL medical student gives classes to learn pedagogically this wonderful language !

Italian is a language that is both simple and rich compared to other languages. That's why I want you to discover it in a fun way, through works that interest you and make you want to work. We get nothing without work, there is no miracle recipe and I do not offer a magic trick. But if you follow my advice we can get TOGETHER at the level that suits you.

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English-Italian PACA all levels Professor, Graduate & mobile even on weekend!

My classes are for anyone wishing to improve, learn vocabulary, using rapid and effective methods of learning. I teach both youth and adults wishing to be comfortable with the language of Shakespeare and that of Vivaldi! My course is conducted preferably at home (I travel a radius of 30 km).

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Italian with experience offers Italian lessons for every level, also via Skype

Written and oral practice. The objectives are: - listening comprehension - reading comprehension - oral and written expression - vocabulary I offer individual and / or group lessons. I offer lessons for every level and age group. I teach at my home or the student's and also online via Skype.

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Interpreter teaches Italian, Spanish, English to adults and children (elementary school, ESO, bachelor), in Valencia

My teaching method is divided into four parts, which are explained below. I treat the subject in a structured way and based on the needs of the student. Normally, I start with the grammar and the translation of short texts, to put grammar rules into practice in a defined context. After the first phase, grammar exercises, repetition of words, phrases or dialogues are planned to acquire vocabulary.

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Let's speak italian? Italian teacher for foreigners offers online lessons. You do not live only in grammar!

Professional teacher of Italian for foreigners with ten years of experience and specialized in courses for adolescents, university students and Asians. I like teaching to communicate, studying the culture of my country through its beautiful language.

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Foreign languages ​​for everyone. Foreign language lessons with the teacher Daniela! !

I'm Daniela, I'm Sicilian and I love foreign languages! Teach foreign languages ​​to adults and children, particularly English and Italian. I base a lot of my lessons on communication because I think it's nice to leave the classroom (or turn off the computer for online classes) and say, "Today I learned that!".

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I am a young freelance teacher who loves her job. Teaching, When successful, is a true satisfaction for the soul. I have experience in teaching and tutoring at all levels, and I am eager to

I am an import-export junior manager who loves teaching. Supporting my students and helping them and helping them achieving their goals in life is central. With method and passion, I can help you improve your Italian, whether you need it for school, Unviersity, or work.

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Italian lessons for everybody with an experienced, qualified teacher in Cambridshire, Suffolk and London

"Those who know many languages live as many lives as the languages they know" Czech proverb I believe learning a new language is a great and fun opportunity to get to know better a different culture and to see the world from a different perspective! I am an Italian native speaker, and a CELTA qualified teacher.

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Native Italian speaker gives Italian speaking and pronounciation lessons around Bath, Maine area.

My name is Alessia Santilli and I graduated with a B.S. in Biotechnology (Summa Cum Laude) and with a M.S in Biological Sciences (Summa Cum Laude) Italian is my native language and I am very enthusiastic about teaching this beautiful language to others. My main focus is on oral comprehension, oral expression and listening comprehension.

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Italian language tutoring by italofranch guy for English speakers at every level and preparation

Young Italian very pedagogue specialized in italian Litterature offers private lessons in Italian for grade progression or personal learning. It requires a constant and serious work to ensure a continuous progress. Payment will be made in cash and managed on an hourly basis price from 10 euros per hour.

Lyon 3e
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Italian language private lessons for all levels - traslations from english/french/germany to italian

Mother tongue Italian teacher graduated in foreign languages (University of Salerno, Italy) gives ITALIAN language private lessons for all student levels, from beginner to advanced. Method adapted to student's needs (kids, teenagers and adults) School support. Translations from English, French, Germany to Italian.

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Teaching Italian language in Grenoble - 13 years of experience (1 year of teaching at Harvard)

BA in Italian language and literature. Certification of advanced Italian: CILS Quattro (C2). Two certificates of "Distinction in Teaching" from University of Harvard 2013 and 2014. Language Assistant of Coordinator of Italian language program at Harvard University.

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Master graduate student offers English, French and Spanish classes. Guaranteed precision, attention to specific needs, seriousness.

I am a recent graduate master's student in languages ​​(English, French and Spanish). I'm 24, I live in Padua and propose private lessons in the three languages ​​listed as well as Italian for foreigners, since I have attended various courses on the subject at my university.

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Doctor of engineering and foreign languages ​​offers lessons of the Russian language and for foreigners, which for native speakers, the Italian for foreigners and English

The Italian as a foreign language - for foreigners preferably Russian speakers, who vuogliono study Italian at the appropriate level.

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Italian girl graduated in the field of education offers Italian language and culture courses, private and in groups for all the levels in Villars-sur-Glâne.

My passion for the world of education and education was born within the Scout community, in which I developed a dynamic, creative and enterprising personality. It's obvious in my way of teaching. Pin of the courses offered by me will be the socio-constructivist approach and a playful approach. Special attention will be paid to the language register to be acquired and to the oral conversation.

Vo' Vecchio
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Italian teacher as foreign language in refugee reception centers, offers Italian courses for foreigners via Skype

After two years of teaching Italian and French in Jakarta (Indonesia), on May 2017 I started teaching the Italian language to Africans and Asiatic refugees asylum seekers, at the reception centers of Monselice (PD) and Cona (VE). I love to make the lessons as fun as possible, using many games and dividing classes into different teams to make them compete with each other.

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France-based Italian mother tongue gives Italian lessons and offers conversation sessions in Italian

I base my courses on your level of language: according to your knowledge, I propose classes that aim to consolidate what you already know and meet your needs. Whether you want to prepare for an exam or just improve your oral production skills, I'll be happy to accompany you on your journey to discover Italian.

São Paulo
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Italian on line with a professor graduated from UFF (Brazil) and Unina (Italy)

I use the situational methodology, widely disseminated in the most modern books of Italian as a foreign language (Nuovo Progetto Italiano, Domani and etc). My classes can last from 60 to 90 minutes and can be adapted to the student's wishes at the moment. I work with a minimum of 2 hours a week / 8 hours a month of classes.

Le Cannet
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Franco / English with native English, teaches English, Italian and French at Cannet /Cannes /Mougins /Mandelieu in France.

I give one to one private tuition at all levels, mainly in English my native language, but also in Italian and French. I also have students on Skype and/or over the phone. All my teaching takes place at home in Le Cannet in the South of France. I adapt my teaching to each person's special needs and goals: better school grades, fluency and preparation for entrance exams and interviews.

Hamilton Township
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Experienced & energetic NJ Italian/Spanish teacher available for tutoring in both languages!

I believe the best way for students to learn languages is to speak them! My lessons focus on practical ways for students to use a language.

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Hi! Italian teacher mothertongue offering Italian, English and Spanish lessons. Thank you.

My teaching method is by a flipping learning. I try to focus my approach on the conversation and then I try to explain grammar from that.


Italian Online Tutoring - Mother tongue with a passion for results available now!

I base my class on the current abilities of my student and their required level. I specialise din CILS and CEFR exams, I can prepare mock tests and help you with understanding the intricacies of the language using your existing knowledge or - if you like - I can immerse you in the grammatical part of the language.

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Nice experienced teacher gives courses German, English and Italian teens and adults

I have been teaching English, German and Italian for over 30 years and I love teaching , I'm very patient and I always have a solution to make teenagers understand the grammar. Private lessons must be fun in order to learn easily.

Lauro de Freitas
Gian mario
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Private tuition in English home- and Italian, Salvador and Lauro de Freitas

Classes are tailored according to the needs and goals of the students. I will elaborate a single profile of each student and follow a custom job. Learning becomes a pleasant and fun activity. Since the intention is to communicate, and that each of us, in one way or another can do it in the native language.

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Italian student gives private lessons in Paris and southwest suburbs or by Skype

Italian student in Bac + 3 LLC English and FLE, I offer language courses for learners of all levels. I am a freelance translator and I am looking forward to start a Master in Cultural Mediation for September 2017. Conversation, homework or even translation: I will try to fulfill your needs and build a personalized method for each student.

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Italian as foreign language (L2) - Lessons and courses for any level

Hello! I'm a teacher for non native italian learners. I have teaching experience for all levels, from beginners to advanced. My lessons are customizable as needed, but they will always have a part of conversation. There can be 1 to 1 lessons or group ones.

La Madeleine
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Learn English and Italian playfully adapted to your tastes and your personality!

My teaching techniques are very personalized. After meeting with the student identifying its level, its tastes, its centers of major interests and personality, I organize my classes fun and participatory way using media and entertainment tailored to the student. (Cinema, blogs, magazines, books, theater, video games, Youtube) My courses fit for all ages ranging from operational to beginners.

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Learn Italian with a trained Italian teacher in Hamburg or simply by webcam

I direct myself in my method according to you. Whether you want to work with textbooks, vocabulary exercises, or just start talking, you decide, or we'll work together to find the one that best suits your needs and desires. The length of the lessons is usually 60 minutes. In the case of conversation training or similar we can also do a shorter unit of advantage.

Greater London
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Teach Italian as foreign language to adults and children with activities adapted to every needs and ages!

I'm an enthusiastic tutor based in London, I'm certified and I teach Italian as foreign language to adults and kids (starting from 2yrs old). I can offer lessons for every needs! My lessons for kids are adapted on each age.

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Private individual lessons or Italian language group lessons in Brussels for adults and children

I was born in Iran, I studied social psychology in Italy and now in Brussels I work mainly as international project manager, educator and social interpreter. I can teach at any level (beginner, intermediate and advanced) and I can help you either learning the basics in a systematic way or following a customised plan based on your availability and interests.

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