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I Speak 4 languages and want to share my knowledge with you (Russian, Italian, Romanian, English)

I approach each student different. It all depends on knowledge that the student already have and also what is desirable to achieve. I am patient and very willing to share my knowledge with people that want to learn not only the language but also the culture of the counties.

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Professional and enthusiastic Italian undergraduate students offering fun Italian lessons in London

I always try to make my lesson stimulating and interactive. Sometimes I like to do so by learning and singing songs or watching bits of Tv series/movies. When it comes to languages, the learning approach must be fun, no matter the age of the students. There should not be pressure or stress. Mistakes are the best way to learn.

Garden Suburb
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Italian Business Executive with background in teaching and translation will help you learn or improve your Italian (language and culture)

I have mastered the ability to comunicate in various languages.. It is a tecnique that anyone can learn.. A language is nothing but a way to comunicate.. and to do so you should understand the culture.. I don't believe sterile grammar practice, it is a process to undertake later on.. But most important, one must understand the cultural aspects of HOW TO COMUNICATE in that culture...

Box Hill
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Italian lessons taught individually or to groups provided by Independent Italian Teacher

I tend to follow a routine scheme in which my clients get to know the fundamentals according to Italian and English grammars as well as the syntax basis. Following there are a number of exercises to evaluate the individual performance related to written, verbal, oral and listening capabilities.

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Italian native speaker offers ITALIAN lessons in Guildford (speaking/ writing/ listening/ reading/ accent reduction)

My teaching method really depends on the student and of his/her level of Italian. Even when the student is a beginner, my strategy is to always speak Italian, in order to get him/her acquainted to the language and to develop his/her listening skills from scratch. I will first try to get the student confortable with the language, then I will illustrate the grammar and its use.

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Italian Chef offering Italian lessons from beginner to university level in Barnsley

My teaching method is personalised and build individually based on each person's personality and character and his capacity of learning. My approach is methodical and will give you first of all the foundation of the language and then proceed further to more advanced learning techniques.

Paris 6e
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Italian native student in exchange at Sciences Po Paris where I study economics and international relations

Ciao! Sono Gaia! With more than 5 years of experience teaching Italian at all levels I offer Italian courses in Paris to improve your level, whether you want to be more confident, to study or to work abroad or simply to learn this fantastic language. I work with a methodology adapted to the needs and interests of the students.

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Italian mother tongue offers help to learn the language at all levels (private or group)

My teaching is freely structured at the beginning. We'll talk a little bit to your level on this time. You can tell me what you want to take out of the lesson.

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Italian BILINGUAL medical student gives classes to learn pedagogically this wonderful language !

Italian is a language that is both simple and rich compared to other languages. That's why I want you to discover it in a fun way, through works that interest you and make you want to work. We get nothing without work, there is no miracle recipe and I do not offer a magic trick. But if you follow my advice we can get TOGETHER at the level that suits you.

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Italian Linguist in Cheltenham to help you learning the beautiful Italian language

My classes are individually designed. We set a target and we can adapt the lessons according what you want and need to learn.

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Graduated in Languages, I offer Italian lessons in Rome for all those who want to learn Italian.

To offer you a great and high quality experience, each student will be evaluated at the beginning so that I can apply the best method. Since we are all different, the right method is certainly customizable. In any case, based on field research, I propose a situational approach with particular attention to grammar.

Bondi Junction
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Italian teacher in Sydney gives lessons about Italian language and culture, CIAO

I base my classes on the students needs and interests and I like to tailor-make my program, including activities such as movies, songs and games. I alternate the grammar part with the cultural side of the Italians . I teach even Italian gestures .

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Master student in Auiovisual Translation teaches Italian: vocabulary, written and oral comprehension, conversation and translation

We can choose the method together, depending on your needs. If you want to learn Italian from scratch: I take care of preparing classes divided into units, starting with the bases and moving forward little by little, focusing more on what you need.

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Italian Criminology student offers useful, entairtaining and knowledgeable Italian lessons in Dundee

My teaching methology will involve some grammar, vocabulary and writing lessons at first and, after acquiring the skills necessary, you will be involved in a dialogue with me only in Italian. We will discuss some major topics, like environment, politics, religion, and others that may be interesting for you.

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Energetic and knowledgeable teacher, with 15 years’ experience with students of diverse backgrounds, ages and nationalities, in a variety of urban settings including public school, university and home

There are various teaching strategies and methods that I have used with my students. My preferred one is based on maximizing the use of Italian language in the lessons, reducing the emphasis on grammar. I therefore give more responsibility to the pupil to try and work out grammar structures and vocabulary for himself/herself/themselves. I encourage my pupils to speak in Italian at all times.

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Italian girl offering italian lessons for everyone, to talk like an italian

my teaching methodology is simple. I think the easiest way to learn is practice as I did! when teaching a language, I only speak that language so the student can learn it faster and try to understand. I like to explain something first and then practice.

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Learning italian from home with a native speaker. Conversation, grammar and spelling

I think that the best way to learn a language is having conversations. The easiest way is learning list of words related to a topic each time and than trying to apply them in a conversation, it is even good for mastering the grammar.

Laranjeiras (Rio de Janeiro)
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Language classes and Italian culture. Fun lessons to learn to speak Italian and learn Italian culture

When we learned our native language in our early years, no one stopped to explain the grammatical difference of words. In the same way we can learn any language with a methodology based on the conversation. Grammar is a useful tool to help us learn, but it is not the focus. Knowing the grammar of a language does not mean knowing how to speak the language well.

Saint Kilda
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Italian Teacher and Translator gives Italian language and culture lessons. Bachelor Degree in Translation and Interpretation (University of Genoa) Master Degree in Foreign Language Teaching (Catholic

My experience with private tuition and kids playgrounds has given me the confidence to work with groups of adults and teens in my stay in Moscow and Perth. A combination of creativity and tolerance is key-part of my lessons, I let the student grow up in their confidence as the time goes, I believe that the more you do to improve, the better you will be able to speak in any second language.

Sesto Fiorentino
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Huge lover of languages, I'm a globetrotter willing to help you learn my beautiful language, Italian!!! Come join me to find out its beauty!!

My lessons are based on reading short stories and texts, paying attention to pronunciation, spelling, punctuation and syntax. I also like teaching through the use of videos, films and music videos. As for grammar I rely on books and exercises in pdf.

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Ragazzo italiano, esploratore di nuove emozioni, offro lezioni di italiano online altamente professionale e seriamente intenzionato a fare del mio meglio per i miei stuenti

Depending on the level of lesson I need to give, I always like to leave my student to use their brain and try to find the answer or the right way to learn what we are doing at that time.

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Multilingual and Native Italian tutor gives lessons at home in PA to all ages

Be a multicultural and multilingual person is something that is really related to my teaching method. I truly believe that in order to learn a language, students have to perform a full immersion in the language itself. For this reason, I base my classes not just on studying the language structure but mainly on speaking and listening.

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Italian Tutor with Italian BA in Launguages and Literatures gives creative lessons

Majority my teaching method is based on the 'Communicative Methodology', when I teach young learners I also apply Maria Montessori and Reggio Emilia's Training Methods. I have a creative approach with my students and I always achieve excellent results.

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Italian native speaker gives Italian lessons to middle school, high school and uni students in Sydney

Hi everyone! My name is Chiara, I am Italian, I'm 23 years old and I live in Sydney. I love learning and teaching foreign languages and I have one year of private tutoring experience. I am patient and I quite enjoy helping students improve their study method, learn and refine their language skills and supporting them with difficulties faced while learning a new language.

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Native Italian with a degree in languages ​​teaches Italian Language for all levels!

I give language classes for all those who want to learn Italian in a dinamic way. In my lessons I integrate small written exercises, aimed at the development of grammatical and lexical skills, with oral conversations, to improve the communication skills of the student. The lesson can be adapted to the needs of the student so that he can achieve his goal in the best way.

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Native italian university student looking to tutor in italian (97/100 diploma di stato)

I base my teaching methodology on understanding each one’s needs, weaknesses and strengths, to improve their study potentials.

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Italian mother tongue with university qualification offers written and spoken language lessons in Birmingham

I prefer a practical approach, going from a few basics that are useful in every day life to an expanded vocabulary, to add grammar slowly and, possibly, in a way that's tailored to the individual pupil. I can teach absolute beginners or people with a basic level of knowledge.

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Interpreter and Translator with 25 years experience. I give lessons in Italian to foreign students and adults/professionals, from basic to advanced in Monza, districts of Monza and Milan.

I am an Interpreter and Translator with 25 years of experience gained in multinationals and international start-ups and as a freelance. Sectors followed: financial, purchasing, facility, legal, fashion, design and much more. I love partaking my knowledge and skills in different areas by making people grow.

Piara Waters
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Italian Master Student in Intercultural Management gives Italian online lesson to students\expats\workers

My teaching method is primarily connected to the learning methodology and to the individual study technique in order to individuate a personal approach. Secondly, I focus on the weak points and on the definition of a study strategy based on learning needs and priorities. Then I base my lessons on the explanation of concepts, exercises and active learning centered on the student.

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Perfect! Alessandro is a wonderful teacher. He is patient, good-natured, painstaking and punctual. I am very lucky to be his student. Io sono molto felice!

Bunny, Student
4 days ago
(1 review)

Perfect! She is a perfect teacher & a close to an ideal one. May everyone get a teacher like her to reach the maxima of their career. A highly patient teacher & a lot more cooperative. THANKS !

Rahul, Student
2 months ago
(8 reviews)