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I'm an english and comparative literature student, recently graduated from an italian liceo, offering Italian language lessons.

My teaching method varies according to the age of the student. Overall, lessons will be focused on four key areas: reading, writing, listening and speaking. I am also willing to give italian literature lessons to anyone who is interested. Literature lessons will cover authors like Dante, Petrarca, Boccaccio, Ludovico Ariosto, Alessandro Manzoni, Luigi Pirandello among others.

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Italian native biologist offers private lessons also via Skype in Biology and Italian

I’m Luisa, a native in Italy and now living and working in London. I have a master degree in neuroscience and a degree in biology. I am an enthusiastic and creative experienced tutor. I love language and to travel, meeting new people and help them discover the greatness of Italian culture! My lessons are tailored and adapted to your level, needs and wishes.

Mount Royal
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Bilingue italien français, né à Rome et installé a Montréal depuis 6 ans, donne des leçons de langue italienne (théorie et pratique) en vous faisant découvrir ce magnifique pays comme l’ Italie.

Commence par les bases pour ensuite aller dans les détails selon les nécessités de la personne. Approche scientifique et méthodique tout en découvrant l Italie, ses richesses et variétés. S’ appuie sur des manuels d enseignement reconnus et supports différents (journaux, musique, sport, musique).

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Italian native student in London offer lessons, already got years of experience

My teaching method depends on my clients age and on the language level. For children I provide classes where I mix games, books and exercises with the Italian language. In this way it will be easier and funnier to learn the language. For adults or high levels I provide a more literary approach based on italian literature and poetry.

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Graduated and specializing in teaching Italian for foreigners, he offers Italian lessons for any level or Spanish and English A1

My methodology can vary according to the student. I use a free approach, trying not to rely too much on the book and also including the "game" mode in the learning process. My lessons are aimed at students of all ages who want to learn the Italian language, or who want to approach the English / Spanish language.

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Native italian based in London New Cross. Conversation, grammar and vocabulary lessons!

I will adjust depending on the needs and level of my student, so that you really feel like you learnt something after a lesson. I tend to have a creative approach and try to make the lessons as fun as possible.

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Italian native speakers gives lessons in Italian from beginner level to UNi level

I'm a qualified native speaker and I'm really passionate about Italian language and culture. I adapt my teaching to the individual needs. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Italian (GCSE, AS, A level and post A level) Italian cookery - Tell me about your qualifications.

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Graduating student in foreign languages ​​proposes written and oral Italian language lessons for foreigners

I use an individualized method based on the preparation and the needs of the learner. I usually use active simulation techniques (role play, especially during foreign languages lessons) and active stimulation. My lessons are aimed at anyone who wants to learn something.

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Master student graduated in Literature, Art and Contemporary Dance offers Italian classes language and literature oriented up to University Level and French classes up to medium level.

My teaching method of the language is strongly grammatically oriented, which helps to understand the structure of the language itself and gives tools to decrypt languages in general, along with literature and art suggestions to embrace the culture as well as the language.

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Italian speaker offering lessons at beginner and intermediate levels at a competitive rate in Maidenhead, surrounding areas and Central London

My lessons are very interactive and focus on speaking, reading and writing skills. I will also give my students work to take away with them and practice before our next lesson.

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Italian teacher with several years of experience and loads of patience offering lessons in London

Every student learns differently, so as a teacher I adapt to what works best for each student. If a student wants to learn vocab though puzzles or improve their conversational skills through cartoons or simply work on standard grammar through books, I do my best to prepare each lesson accordingly.

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Italian native speaker with a master degree in Languages and Literatures gives private lessons of Italian language in Kogarah

A passionate Italian tutor for all ages- from school-aged through to university and those who simply want to learn one of the most beautiful languages in the world.Happy to conduct sessions at a local library in Kogarah or all around the area.

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Paolo Polini, Italian teacher/ tutor in Brisbane for anyone who wants to learn Italian.

My teaching method is to ask the client what they intend to do with the language whether it be for business purposes or travelling, then give an evaluation based on what the client wants to do with the language and make a program based and suited to their needs.

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Native Italian speaker recently graduated from Durham University offering language tutoring all levels

I am very flexible with class structures since I want all sessions to be student-tailored. I usually with vocabulary and consolidation of previous topics. Then I often start a conversation to introduce the new topic. For non-academic Italian, my focus is on conversation and vocabulary. I often make use of creative games and role plays during teaching.

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Italian PhD Bioengineering students living in Sicily/San Diego, offering italian lessons online

My teaching method is mainly focused on oral communication. I believe that a language first goal is to understand and being understood. Later, when the student becomes confident in basic communication skills (listening/speaking), I will focus on perfectioning grammar and writing skills.

Nicolae ciprian
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Learn the English language with Nick - lessons tailored for every student

I am a teacher and an American English native speaker with many years of experience in the above areas has just returned from London where I had an appointment with a duration of 4 months and where I taught the English language in state primary, middle and high schools and in private schools (private tuition centers). Moreover also I teach the Italian language, the Romanian and Spanish languages.

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Italian native speaker offering Italian lessons to become an absolute Italian Pro!

My teaching method is clear and relaxed. I prefer to start from the very beginning and make sure that students have been provided a solid basis to the language. I prefer not to overload students with excessive information, but instead to make sure that what I have taught them is fully understood and verify that via oral and written exercises. No language is too difficult if approached properly.

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Italian actor and drama teacher gives Italian lesson to kids and adults, all levels!

I have been teaching drama to kids for 12 years. I learned from them to enjoy every single exercise, to find a way to have fun while you learn. Usually I use games to help students to learn, music and readings.

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Experienced student offering Italian sessions with A* in GCSE English. Native in the language.

Don’t worry about learning styles A survey showed that more than 90% of teachers think individuals learn better when they get information in their preferred learning style. But despite the popularity of this approach psychological evidence shows that there is no evidence this actually works.

St Andrews
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Italian classics student offering to tutor in Italian, English, Latin and Ancient Greek

I am a classicist, or at least I try to be. I focus my teaching on the understanding of grammar, morphology and syntax. I do not like to force a student to learn tons of material by heart, but I want every individual to understand the reason behind things. Of course, in some situations mnemonic study is necessary (e.g., vocabs and irregularities of languages).

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Patient and experienced Italian Native speaker. I work with children and adults, always tailoring sessions to suit your needs!

I always start by identifying what the student wants to accomplish. Imprepare all the lessons and homework material in advance somyou only have to bring your enthusiasm and focus on learning.

San Prisco
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Graduating in Linguistic and Cultural Mediation she gives lessons in Italian, foreign, English, French and Arabic to those who need it.

The teaching method adopted includes lectures, via Skype or other programs, in Italian, English, French or Arabic, starting from the lower levels of grammar to the more advanced ones. Exercises and multimedia materials are included to ensure in-depth analysis thanks to the different types of cognitive approach.

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Language expert- Italian/French and ESL , learning languages is fun and enriching❤️

I worked as language teacher to young learners and adults. I consider teaching children a second language as the most rewarding as it gives me a deep understanding in how to teach adults. In my opinion classes must be fun, professional and oriented to the client’s needs. My priority is the student and his necessities.

Matteo galilei
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Italian mother tongue, graduating this year at Strathclyde uni in General science for online and possible in person tutor lessons in Glasgow area :-)

I've been studying in Scotland from now 4 years and I'm now in the last year of my degree in General Science. I'm interested in Biology, Microbiology, Pharmacology and Genetics. My methodology in italian tutoring is simple and direct. I have a simple approach asking few questions in order to establish the level and after I proceed accordingly with grammar and vocabulary if required.

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Laura - Wimbledon - Italian

I am a qualified (DITALS certificate) and experienced Italian teacher and Life Coach. I run a school of languages "Ad Meliora Academy" and our students improve their languages learning different skills. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Italian (grammar, literature, culture and phonetics in a peculiar and enjoyable way!).

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Italian bilingual gives language lessons and conversation at all levels of proficiency - eastern pa - with 45 years of in italy cultural experience.

Teaching Italian has become a passion to help individuals that are transitioning into a living or business relationship with Italy. As a young woman my path took me to Florence, Italy for the third year of college and remained for over 40 years. This exposure to the new world of Italy also helps me to understand your need for not only language expertise but also cultural understanding.

Greater London
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Italian and Spanish teacher for all the language levels!come and have fun at the lesson with a native graduated teacher !

Are you going on holidays abroad and you want to improve your basic language knowledge to speak with natives? Are you passionate about Italy/Spain and you want to learn a new language?Can you speak Italian/Spanish but you want improve your language skills? Well,this is the place for you! Ciao,Hola, Hi Italian,Spanish Lovers e benvenuti/bienvenidos/Welcome! I'm Giuseppe ,a graduated teacher...

Colorado Springs
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Italian teacher available for online classes in Colorado Springs and Denver area

I was born and raised in Italy where I also earned a Bachelor degree in Communication at the University of Tuscia in Viterbo. I moved in the United States 10 years ago and I have been teaching Italian privately since 2014.

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Italian tutoring online by Italian native speaker who have lived abroad for 7 years. PhD

PhD in Statistical Genetics. I changed my career path a few years ago to become an artist. Right now I support my art tutoring in Italian and Mural Painting. I love tutoring and have experience. I decided to give Italian lessons since I love languages even if I only know English. My programme starts from the basic pronunciation, meeting and greeting people,...to more complex grammar.

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Native Italian. Studying foreign languages. Based in Edinburgh offering Italian and Spanish lessons; including: literature, pronunce, grammar.

My teaching method is: have fun learning. Speaking fluently a foreign language is possible and quite easy; all you must do is practice as much as you can, listening but MOSTLY: speaking! For this reason I would recommend to have a lesson English-free, from the second-third lesson on depending on your level (it is up to you).

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Perfect! Alessandro is a wonderful teacher. He is patient, good-natured, painstaking and punctual. I am very lucky to be his student. Io sono molto felice!

Bunny, Student
2 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! She is a perfect teacher & a close to an ideal one. May everyone get a teacher like her to reach the maxima of their career. A highly patient teacher & a lot more cooperative. THANKS !

Rahul, Student
3 months ago
(8 reviews)