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Learn Italian and discover Italian city's geography, culture and history. Lessons for every level!

I graduated in Urban Planning and I would love to share my knowledge of how Italian cities developed through the centuries (from Roman Empire until now) in order to make a full- immersion into the beauty of Italy and Italian language. I will to teach Italian starting from geography and making connections with literacy, poetry and culinary traditions.

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Italian native speaker and passionate linguist available for online Italian lessons, catering for all levels and needs

I am an English and Japanese undergraduate from the University of Bologna, Italy, and a Management postgraduate at the University of Exeter Business School, due to graduate in December. Italian native speaker, I am more than pleased to help graduates, high school students, kids or adults improve their Italian language skills.

Anna rita
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Italian lessons by phone

I am Italian, graduate and I have several years' experience in teaching. For over 10 years, I have been offering Italian learning by phone. This useful and friendly method to learn a language is effective and ensures strong progress. Furthermore, such a method is personalized, efficient & flexible with regard to its scheduling.

Greater London
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Italian lessons in Kingsbury, from an Italian mother tongue, low prices and nice teaching

The lessons will be focused in talking,reading and writing. Grammar will be a main part of the lessons,but I will make it easy and understandable to anyone.Facts,funny stories and cultural differences will be included as wel.The lessons will have considerable role plays too.

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Do you want to make a conversation? Do you want me to read your lyrics? A native Italian speaker (graduated in English and French) teaches Italian to Italians and foreigners at any level.

HELLO!!!!! I am a Professor of English and French at high school, an Italian mother tongue. Master's Degree in Languages ​​and in Primary Education Sciences. My lessons are both theoretical and practical with fun and exciting activities !!! Any age and any need: spoken Italian, commercial, ... or Italian at Primary School.

Antero gianluigi
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CONVERSATION WRITING READING: Native Italian Classical Studies student gives one-to-one Tutor for all levels and needs in London at home

Whether you are studying for school and need some help, or you are just curious about learning and improving your language abilities, you are on the right ad! I offer my extensive skills and knowledge for conversation lessons in Italian to anyone interested in developing his/her speaking ability or becoming acquainted with the basics of this beautiful language.

Newcastle Upon Tyne
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Fluent Speaker of Spanish, French, and Italian with lots of experience teaching Online and in Newcastle Upon Tyne! Learn a new language today!

I am Tom, a fluent speaker of : English, Spanish, French and Italian. I have been teaching these languages for several years now to many different people of all different ages, levels, and backgrounds.

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Italian lessons tailored to your needs with an experienced tutor - Native Italian Speaker -

I adapt my lessons to your specific level, interests and needs. This means that students of all levels and motivations can learn. My lessons aim at developing reading, writing, listening and conversation skills. I always provide original and interesting activities based on the student's needs and interests.

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Not just spaghetti, pizza and mandolino. Let's learn the real Italian! :)

First, I make sure the level of the person I'm teaching to. I usually provide initial grammar basics in order to be able to build up sentences, also with the help of some vocabulary. I give a lot of importance to speaking, especially because through conversation we find lots of concepts and grammar rules that then, I would explain.

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Literature student offers Italian lessons in Perth and via webcam. (Native Italian Speaker)

I am happy to give lessons to both beginners and intermediate students.

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Hi, I'm Emmanuele. I'm Italian and I live in Philadelphia. I teach Italian as a second language

My teaching method is based on the students needs, but since I have taught both children and adults I have a great esperiences to meet diffent needs. I based my lessons on the use of grammar, vocabulary and conversation skill.

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Graduate student with a bachelor in language education gives Italian classes in Montréal

Hello everyone! Ciao a tutti! I am a young and dynamic Italian teacher. I'm currently studying Italian language education and I have a bachelor in Language Sciences.

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Bilingual International Development student offering one to one Italian teaching online and in Brighton

My teaching method is to give lessons that will give you real traction if you were to have a conversation with an Italian or visit Italy.

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Italian Student in University of Adelaide gives lessons of Italian for children, teenagers and adults

First of all it would be good by dividing the lessons in sections: -first 15 minutes in learning new vocabularies; -30 minutes of grammar; -finally 15 minutes of conversations of what we learnt during the lesson. Then I think that the best way to learn a language concerns also the understanding of culture and history of the country.

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International Relations student at the SOAS University of London offering Italian lessons.

I have attended an Italian school and I have graduated with the maximum scores. I`m now attending the SOAS University of London, studying International Relations and African Studies. The first step of my lessons is to make feel the student at ease.

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Italian native speaker available for fun and effective lessons, from basics to accent reduction :)

I can adapt my teaching method to the different levels and requests different people may have. I believe that the best method is practice so after having established a basic knowledge of the grammar and vocabulary, I tend to focus of conversation skills and pronunciation.

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Young, dynamic, enthusiast, passionate, italian boy offering italian lessons to beginners and intermedium student!

My teaching method is based on kindness, understanding problems of my students, always be from the side of students, CELTA techniques, explaining topics with every possible way (acting, video, music, pictures), personalizing homeworks for specifics students and their own way of learning.

Kyle luca
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Mothertongue speaker offering italian language tuition, support and conversation practice in Norwich

I would principally approach teaching italian through conversation. Reading and comprehension with particular attention to certain grammatical characteristics would also be a relevant aspect of teaching. Furthermore, comparing and noticing differences between english and italian sentence structure would also be adopted as a teaching method.

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Journalism postgraduate student offers Italian, and Spanish lessons in Leeds or online

I have experience in tutoring high school students, so I usually have a detailed yet relaxed approach to any topic. With Italian being my native language, I will be able to give a full-on perspective on costruction, grammar and idiomatic expressions. I have a five year background in studying Spanish, as well as a language certification.

1st class FREE!

Native speaker offering Italian lessons in Bristol, with a new approach that involves Literature and Social Medias

My approach is based on a "costant exposure" to every aspect of the language. For me,the learning process doesn't start and end with a book or notebook, but it has to involve active conversation, confrontation and even the exploring of the social media trends in italian pop culture.

1st class FREE!

Italian born student who got an A in Italian GCSE OFFERS ITALIAN LESSONS FROM COVENTRY.

I give lessons to students wanting to do GCSE or A level or people who just want to learn the language for fun. I base my methods of teaching by the way the student learns the fastest and so he can enjoy learning.

1st class FREE!

Italian native speaker girl gives Italian lessons In Canberra to people interested

My method is very focused on communication. We will be speaking in Italian only and every lesson will be focused on various topics which will include grammar and vocabulary.

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Italian class with Laura on Skype, an Italian teacher based in Florence!

I normally teach grammar to give a structure and a logic to the language but I also have a lot of conversation with my students because I think it is extremely important to talk to learn a language.

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Student offering Italian lessons in Nottingham. Current topics will be covered every week.

My teaching methodology is based on peoples need. If they need to improve their oral or written skills, I will help them to do that. Different topics are covered every week, from social issues to global affairs. Any suggestions are welcomed :) Be prepared, I always give homework to my students.

1st class FREE!

IR university native Italian speaker offering any level Italian lessons in London

I will focus on: - Grammar - Reading - Listening - Speaking - Culture I will adapt the content of my class to any level of learning. I will try to make it as fun and light as possible, by going through all the above mentioned categories in the same lesson, therefore ensuring a very dynamic class, based on a variety of topics and exercises .

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Ex teacher, lived in Italy for many years, can teach the language to any age groups

I am 25, have many years experience in teaching, and am ready to start teaching others the valuable skill of learning a new language! I find it easier to start with beginners and the grammatical structure is always what I find most important in learning both Italian and as a base for understanding any latin based language.

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Italian teacher based in London with a Degree in Foreign Languages and Literature and Celta qualification. Before university, I studied Greek and Latin in the 'Liceo Classico' in Italy.

I like to use a communicative approach (as also learned during the Celta course) focused on the learner and his/her specific needs. I like to keep my students engaged and motivated while helping them learn with fun.

New Haven
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Native speaker with tutoring experience will help you improve your Italian oral and written fluency in New Haven

As someone who has been studying 2+ foreign languages at any time since age 11, I’m very passionate about language learning and the opportunities it opens for intercultural exchange. I’ve had the chance to be a conversation partner for refugees learning English in Cardiff, as well as for a group of Japanese exchange students in my university.

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Native italian giving language lessons! I will get you writing and speaking in no time!

My classes are based on the 4 skills, writing and speaking comprehension and production. I used fun and easy games to learn and memorize vocabulary. Being able to have conversation in a foreign language is very important to show the student how fast is progressing.

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Drama and Literature graduate offers Italian lessons in London. Why me? I'm well-spoken, creative and passionate

I can teach from beginners to intermediate level. I like to do the grammar part first and then move on to the more interesting stuff such as vocabulary and communication. I enjoy choosing songs and films as it is the best way to get within the culture and understanding how the spoken language flows.

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