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Beginners Lessons and Tutoring Services in Italian - All Welcome and Accepted

Hi! I have a keen interest in languages and am passionate about encouraging others to take up learning a second language. To facilitate this I am offering tutoring and teaching services for French, Italian and German languages which are targeted for the beginner levels (A1 & A2) to build a solid foundation and aid in the understanding of the languages. I also offer English lessons for all levels.

Greater London
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Native Italian student of languages and Italian L2 offering Italian lessons online (Skype)

Hi! My name is Marta, I'm a graduate student in Asian languages, markets, and cultures (languages studied: English and Arabic), and currently doing my Master in Italian language and culture for foreigners in Bologna.

Bridge of Allan
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Private and cheap online Italian classes with a qualified and experienced native teacher!

I'm a native speaker of Italian who studied English Language Teaching in Scotland and has many years of experience in teaching both Italian and English, as well as tutoring schoolchildren with difficulties. I'm a young but qualified professional who's very passionate about teaching. My students often describe me as a patient and hard-working tutor.

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Mothertongue teaches Italian from beginners to advance students in Cardiff, at home

I give lesson to children and to whom wants to learn this language. I will start from the basis, teaching the alphabet, the grammar,the vocabulary and the sentence structure as well. Lessons will be filled with a lot of practice and conversation time.

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Get the chance to know Italy, all levels. Start today in Belfast!

Italian is my mother tongue, I graduated few months ago in Rome in "English and German Language and Literature". I am currently a PhD student at Queen's. I love languages and I think a targeted method depending on the level and the age of students is the best way to learn a language.

Greater London
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ITALIAN mothertongue tutor for all you need to learn from language to cooking!

I used to give english lessons to italian children and mid-ages from primary and secondary school. Since i moved to London 9 years ago, i've done tutoring to English people about Italian Language, traditions, cooking ( i come from Naples, the city of Pizza, of great food and amazing wine ) ecc.

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Italian professor, English and French (home tuition-Nice)

Professor of Modern Languages ​​provides Italian, English and also French language courses to foreign courts. Home course of any level (from CM1 to Master 2 and professional level). The course is a written and oral part. Grammar, exercises and conversation overlooked.

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Italian mother tongue graduate in languages offers Italian lessons in Genoa and online

My teaching approach is based on the needs and possible difficulties of the individual student, so it is very personalized. Also I always try to give a practical cut to the lesson, in order to motivate the student to apply the contents to real communication situations.

West Perth
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ITALIAN LANGUAGE TEACHER IN PERTH. Linguistics graduated, flexible hours, personalised classes, great price!

My teaching method is flexible and changes to suit my students' needs. I offer a free meeting before the first lesson to talk about the students' learning goal, check their level, and make a personalised plan. I can focus on writing, speaking, listening, and use of language.

Cropani Marina
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Graduate offers repetitions of English / History / Geography for medium / high school students in Catanzaro and surroundings

My methodology is based on dialogue with the student to fully understand their needs. In the first free lesson we will try to understand together if and how I can be useful, with a single lesson in which to write, set a speech or perform grammatical exercises, or a cycle of some lessons (possibly discounted).

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Learn Italian with a graduate in Linguistic Mediation - Previous Experience (Manchester)

I am here to help you achieving your desired level of Italian, through interactive lessons where key grammar concepts are extrapolated from the discussion of topics of your interest: music, movies, travelling, food, popular culture or anything that thrills you.

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Italian designer offering lesson italian language, spoken and pronunciation through the history of art, and theatre

I was been art teacher in primary school and assistant teacher at the accademy of fine art for the fashion cours. I have a solid knowledge of teaching methodologies as well as linguistic and literary analysis with focus on Fine Art and theatre, language learning and comparative studies.

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Economics student from Venezia gives italian lessons in Melbourne - Here for an Exchange program at Unimelb

I don't have a single teaching method. It depends on which aspect of the Language you would like to improve the most. For example, if you want to improve your "Speaking", we can start making a conversation, register it, and when we finish it I will show you what you did wrong, and then I can show you the rule. It depends also on you level of italian.

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Italian tutor: learning through having fun, no matter what age you are, is always the best method. I am an Italian undergraduate student of Literature and Sociology in Inverness. Still a fledgling tut

My lessons are directed at any level of knowledge of Italian. I let the students decide which aspect of the language they want to improve - grammar, speaking, writing, etc. Whenever possible I will use interacting games to provide a better experience of learning, as I believe it to be the most effective way to remember.

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Private Italian lessons with Italian mother tongue for both individuals or groups

My approach is based on speaking with the student, only in the taught language. It helps students to become confident with the language​ and engage in the learning process made of both exercises and conversation, so a mixture of guided practice and independent practice.

Manly Vale
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Fun and Easy Italian Lessons from real Italian Native Speaker living Overseas

I usually ask the students what they would like to learn, what are their needs and goals. I usually offer slides or pictures to help the student improving their learning. I love teaching conversation and basic grammar rules to make sure students/travellers will be able to have a conversation or at least order some food at the restaurant.

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International Management with Spanish university student, giving Italian, Spanish and French classes, for both GCSEs and A-Levels.

I believe kids and teenagers are more likely to learn if they feel comfortable and if they like what they are doing. That's why I always try to establish a good relationship with my students, getting to know them from the beginning, and making them feel comfortable with me. According to the goals each student wants to achieve, I focus on different aspects.

New York
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Multilingual tutor with 7 years of experience offering Italian lessons in New York

I create a Learning Plan/Syllabus for each student depending on their main goals of learning a language. Then from there I find reading material and writing prompts. I believe in full immersion and my classroom is a safe space.

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Young Italian Girl give Italian Lessons to everyone who needs in Melbourne&Surroundings

I am an always smiling and patient girl who always strive to achieve my goals no matter what.

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Graduated in Italian Language for Foreigner, with 5 years of experience, i offer individual and group Italian's lesson

My teaching methodology is based all on the inductive method where the student is the active subject and therefore the teacher is a guide to learning. The lessons are divided by unit and each unit is composed by a written part where the student learns the grammar through the text of the unit and a second part which are exercises (practice of grammar) and communication oral.

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Italian Native Speaker and Foreign Languages graduate offering Italian and Portuguese lessons in West London

My teaching method is based on a positive, relaxed and well-aimed approach. As a very organized person, I would first like to talk about the needs and goals of the single person and try to find the best method to achieve the desired results. I focus on the student's need and linguistic knowledge to create a plan and path which has to be appropriate to the level of proficiency of the language.

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Italian girl gives private lessons in several languages (Italian, German and English)

It depends on the content that the student wants to deepen, but if it is grammar, I usually explain all the rules well until they are understood; then I do many exercises, oral and written, to reinforce knowledge.

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Italian degree qualified teacher gives lessons to all ages in North Shore.

I taught Italian to groups of children of different ages in various childcare centres. I also teach one to one basis and small groups of different ages and different level. I love to keep the classes interesting and to make everybody feel comfortable and engaged. I think that grammar is important but also important is to build confidence in my student.

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Italian native speaker with tutoring experience offering Italian classes - beginner to advanced - any level! :)

I organise my class the following way. - Firstly, to break the ice and ease the student(s) into the class by playing a quick game involving all students. It is like a little warm up which helps everyone feeling comfortable. See cool-down activities for examples. - Secondly, I introduce and teach the topic of the lesson.

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Native Italian speaker and freelance translator offering Italian lessons (all levels) and English, Spanish and French lessons (beginners-intermediate) in Bristol or online

I aim at having a very personalised teaching methodology. I always make sure I take into account the students' necessities, skills as well as possible learning difficulties, so to make the tutoring sessions more effective and useful for the students. Thus, depending on the student's situation, for instance I would focus more on grammar topics, writing, listening or speaking exercises.

1st class FREE!

Teaching is the act of sharing the knowledge we have been given by others, with the hope that someday, in some way, it again will be passed on.

During my classes I will be showing students different research methods they can use, tips on the written essays, help with preparing presentations and improving the fluency of their speech. I can teach Italian literature and I can also proofread documentation. When teaching I always try to find the right balance between enjoyment and learning.

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Lane Cove
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Sandro gives Italian language lessons in Sydney to students and professionals.

My teaching method focuses (for beginners) on the bases and grammar of the Italian language. For pro and business people I focus and improve the skills of the students starting from the bases and grammar and applying them to the subject and industry of interest. Listening-comprehension is important with attention on how to spell and pronounce the words correctly.

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NON-BORING ONLINE ITALIAN LESSONS by world traveler from Rome. Imagine practicing your Italian with a friend : ) Custom made lessons tailored around the areas YOU wish to work on.

Having learned a foreign language myself I understand the struggles and initial obstacles of learning a new language, and I can easily relate with students because, as they say, "I've been there". This quality helps me tailor my teaching method around the individual. Some students work best with conversations, some with with texts, some with music or even movies.

San Antonio
Vito antonio
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Native Italian teacher holding an MA in Literature gives lessons of Italian language and literature

My teaching method is very flexible because I tend to adapt it according to the exigencies of the single individuals. For beginners, I start with a practical approach, to let them understand the new language and to enable them to talk about everyday events and to understand simple speeches.

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Perfect! Alessandro is a wonderful teacher. He is patient, good-natured, painstaking and punctual. I am very lucky to be his student. Io sono molto felice!

Bunny, Student
2 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! She is a perfect teacher & a close to an ideal one. May everyone get a teacher like her to reach the maxima of their career. A highly patient teacher & a lot more cooperative. THANKS !

Rahul, Student
3 months ago
(8 reviews)