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Italian professor, English and French (home tuition-Nice)

Professor of Modern Languages ​​provides Italian, English and also French language courses to foreign courts. Home course of any level (from CM1 to Master 2 and professional level). The course is a written and oral part. Grammar, exercises and conversation overlooked.

Paris 17e
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Graduate - Experienced Italian Italian gives private lessons for all levels

Experienced Italian graduates (Master and Italian language literature - Ca 'Foscari University, Venezia) provides Italian lessons. From beginner to advanced levels. In Paris and the Paris region. Experienced method, based on interaction and dialogue, helped by a grammar base.

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Native Italian speaker and graduated from Language University gives Italian lessons in Melbourne.

I usually base my classes on my students' needs. Firstly, we find out the weaknesses and together we focus on achieving the goals we aim to. After that, I provide a detailed and tailored programme based on specific requests and needs. Last but not least, homework! I promise it will be fun and educational at the same time.

Deer Park
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Experienced LOTE teacher gives private Italian lessons to individuals or groups at home in Melbourne or online.

I have high expectations of my students so that they are able to achieve their best. I take time to get to know students individually so that my curriculum design incorporates students' expressed areas of interest and is aimed at their specific areas of need. I have a professional approach and use a variety of formal and informal assessment methods to ascertain students' achievements.

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Italian student studying biology in Scotland (Edinburgh) and offering Italian lessons (individual or groups)

I think the best way to teach and learn a language is having a conversation. That doesn't need to be over complicated or about difficult topics since the purpose of this kind of exercise is to make you feel more and more comfortable and secure about your skills with the language.

Kingston upon Thames
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Fluent Italian student living in London offering language lessons around the city!

My previous experiences as a language and academic tutor have consolidated my beliefs on of the importance of teaching through the use of innovative, dynamic and fun methods.

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Hard-working and passionate Italian Tutor, recent graduate in "Foreign Languages and Cultures" seeking to combine academic achievements and work experience!

My teaching method is determined partly on subject matter to be taught and partly by the nature of the learner.

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Italian native speaker, fluent in English looking to teach the beauty of my language in West London Area

As I have personally experiences, through my year abroad in the USA, the best way to learn a language is through extensive communication to establish a strong vocabulary. Instead of memorising rules and grammar I base my classes on understanding and visualising patterns.

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Ciao a tutti!My name is Gennaro and I am currently enrolled at the master program in Industrial Relations at the Université de Montréal. Write me if you want discover Italian sounds, perfumes and flav

The Italian is a joyful and harmonious language and I would love to pass it down to you. We are going to start by checking your knowledge then we are going to dedicate some lectures to the grammar and to the improvement of your speaking and writing skills. I strongly believe that Italian has to be learnt using all the five senses and this include the food.

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Learn the Italian language and fell in love with the culture of "la dolce vita"

My Method is to engaged the student with the divers' approach including games, general conversation and culture information. If desired I can share my passions for art, architecture, photography and cooking. My lesson can be designed around your necessity and depending on what is the best way for you to learn.

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Student from Italy gives Italian language lessons for English speakers in Boston

I am used to give lessons to high school students, but I'm also open to older people! I can focus on many aspects on the language, depending on the requests. My lessons are always very interactive, doesn't matter if they are for the written language or for oral communication.

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Italian teacher native speaker level offers online Italian lessons to all levels

I present language in a variety of ways using flashcards, powerpoint slides, realia and youtube clips on occasion. I model language carefully then use repetition, engage learners in dialogues and role plays and check comprehension with listening tasks followed by development of reading/writing skills.

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University of QLD student studying Bachelor of Int. Studies gives Italian help to beginners

My teaching methods vary depending on the needs of the student. I can offer help for beginners of Italian or those who wish to start learning. My method depends on the needs of the student, whether that be learning through topics (food, music, going out, etc.) or learning points of grammar only.

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Italian and English lessons (online). BA in Languages, TEFL qualified, Italian mother-tongue.

My teaching approach is mostly based on conversation, but I will provide help with grammar and vocabulary as well. Speaking/Listening will be practised during the lesson; writing and reading will be better practised through homework. Being an online lesson the methodology is different from the one I would use in a proper classroom.

St Andrews
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Italian native speaker offers language lessons to all levels students in St Andrews

I'm currently in Estonia, so I'm only available for Skype lessons until September 2018. I have experience with teaching children, students and adults. I am very patient and motivated. If you already have a good grasp on the Italian language, I will tutor you and explain the mysteries of our eternal love for food.

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Italian teacher with 5 year experience offers Skype lessons for every level

After evaluating the student's needs and the objectives to achieve, I would assess the starting level. It will be conversation since the beginning ,video watching, reading ,homeworks ....and fun !!! At the end of each lesson we will resume the grammar focus points we covered.

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Italian native speaker offering individual and/or group lessons and GCSE exam preparation in Southampton

My lessons are student-centered and aimed to meet their learning needs. Lessons are supported with past papers and extra materials, aimed to cover all the areas students may need to practice on and/or revise. My methodology adapts according to each student's school syllabus and curriculum to prepare them the best way possible for their subject.

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21 year old student from Italy, recent graduate from Durham University. Speaking Italian is natural for me, let's make the same happen to you!

For a few years now I have been tutoring students in different subjects and with different needs (10 to 17 year olds, mainly in Maths and English), which has taught me that there isn’t one method that works for everyone. It is really important for me to follow a student over time and understand what works best for them.

Sara sofia
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Native Italian speaker offers italian and spanish lessons for any level students

My classes change a lot based on the level and the needs of each students. I definetely speak loads during my classes because I really think listening to the language and then responding is the best way to learn it.

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Learn some Italian,Ciao, prendi una sedia ed ascolti all' amavole italiano ragazzi

I base my classes on simple basic words and then I move onto the main things on italian such as past tense,present tense and future tense,trust me,it will not take a long time to learn Italian if your mind is in it.

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Native Italian Speaker and Writer, currently studying languages as a BA degree

My teaching method is very practical, we will be speaking a lot and learning the grammar and the vocabulary both by practising the language face to face and using a reference book.

Leamington Spa
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Italian native Language Engineering graduate offering lessons at all levels. Online only

My method really varies on the student to allow him or her to find the best way to learn.

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Italian Mother Tongue Teacher, Learn Italian and enjoy your next holiday in Italy while listening to Andrea Boccelli 's music.

I like to make you feel like you are in Italy. I will love seing you more and more confident and happy with your progress. We will start from the very basic phrases and then move on to higher levels according to your times. You will soon realise that you will be able to have a conversation in Italian. Read Italian books and understand those beautiful Andrea Bocelli's songs.

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Italian lessons with a native italian student who lives and study in Brighton

I give lessons to people from 12 to 30 years old of any level of comprehension. At first is importannt the knowledge of grammar but it's fondamental to use it for real situation and real problems. After the lessons i will give some homework to do.

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Undergraduate student from france, in placement at the ExeterUni and I love teaching my natives languages

I like use the power of the brain, a like to bring my knoledges in meorisation of something, and afert that I like help some one teaching a lot of speaking activities, because grammar is important but if you speak fluently you can undestand the grammar

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Italian mothertongue translator, experienced in teaching Italian to foreigners, offers private lessons to students from beginners to advanced level.

Over 5 years of experience in teaching languages, I developed an intuitive and deductive method of learning, customized to each student according to his/her needs and interests. Particular attention will be placed on the conversation, on comprehension, pronounciation, grammar, vocabulary.

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A talented teacher and researcher offering lessons of Italian to students of all ages and academic levels in Birmingham.

I introduce a variety of teaching methods depending on the needs of the learners. I prefer a student-centred approach especially when students are of young age, since cultivate passion for the subject contributes to their engagement in learning and their improved academic results.

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I aim in getting your inner skill to be exploited in learning your chosen foreign language

I aim to get your best inner skills and exploit them Most people din’ t know but language learning can be fun, especially if you associate similar words to your own language Creativity and intuition can get your two side of the brain to functioning in the same time while learning thus making it easier in remembering things by associating visual and experience

Greater London
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Science of Cultural Heritage student gives italian lessons in grammar, speaking, pronunciation, writing , culture and literature to all level students via webcam

I'm an italian 20 years old student attending my first year at University. I have attended the Classic High School in Italy, so I have a great knowledge of Italian grammar, culture and literature with also philological skills in Latin and Ancient Greek.

San Jose
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Got Italian? Here for you from a native professional !

- Born and grown up in Rome where accomplished Classical Studies (Italian, Latin, and Greek)and earned an MA. - Berlitz training and certification. - Often in Italy for activities in order to promote the Italian culture in other countries.

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