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Multi-lingual University Professor offering Italian classes from Beginner to Intermediate level, conversation and exams

Avaikabke for conversational lessons, also examinations, schoolwork, translations and interpreting.

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Learn Italian that easy! Certified teacher in ITALIAN FOR FOREIGNERS. Italian native, from ROME

All my linguistic experiences have led me to use an eclectic method that extracts the best elements of various methodologies, emphasizing oral language and relying on practical exercises such as audios of everyday conversations and authentic texts (extracted from newspapers and real events).

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Italian native speaker offering tuitions to improve your Italian. Try the first for free!

I evaluate the level of every student, in order to understand his strong points and weaknesses. The next step is to create a unique tuition path for every student, and make him reaching his goals. My methods concern the use of grammar exercises, fostering the written expression and stimulating the oral expression, which is fundamental when learning a new language.

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Young student, ambitious, Native Language (Italian), I'm friendly and trying to help people

My teaching methods are based on trying to help people with speaking in Italian while i show them what the words mean. I will start with some basic things of the italian speaking, then with the grammar. At the end of the lesson i will make a dialogue or questions about the things we have learned in the past and in that lesson.

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Sixth from student offering GCSE Italian Online tutoring, Native Speaker, A* Grade

Online tutoring will be beneficial in oral elements of the specification. I like to base my teaching on the current specification on which exam board the student is learning on, as well as providing extra knowledge from my extensive vocabulary provided by being a native speaker.

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Enthusiastic A level Italian native speaker tutor and translator English-Italian and vice versa.

Hi I prefer teaching one to one rather then in a class because like this I can understand better your needs and you can ask me as many questions as you want until you understand the topic :) I like you to have a good time learning this beautiful language

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Would you like to learn Italian with an experienced native teacher who speaks multiple languages? Private and group lessons in London. Grammar, conversation and understanding classes.

My classes are addressed to anyone who wants to learn Italian either for their profession or even just as a hobby. I can teach any level and any age. The lessons are a mix of grammar rules (essential to learn the language properly), conversation, pronunciation and vocabulary. I always make the classes interactive to speed up the learning: the aim is to learn the language as quickly as possible.

Paris 3e
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Phd student in Italian Studies and Lecturer in Paris IV-Sorbonne gives private lessons in Italian

I am a PhD student in Italian Studies from the University of Paris IV-Sorbonne (my PhD is also in joint supervision with the La Sapienza, University of Rome). I am of Italian mother language and I hold Italian courses at the Sorbonne and at the Sorbonne Nouvelle. My private lessons are taught to learners of all levels and they focus mainly on communicative aspects of the language and its daily use.

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Italian Native offers private lessons to children and adults online or face-to-face

I am Italian mother-tongue but I speak fluently English and Spanish.I also know some French. I can teach grammar and general vocabulary, I can also give you an insight of the Italian culture, mentality and sayings, and get you ready to travel there.

Venaria Reale
Maria luisa
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ENGLISH for STRANIERI Torino & province! I am a graduate and fluent in Spanish and English

It depends on many factors and will be customized based on the student. I am sure that studying Italian outside the school, in a family environment and being followed step by step, will make everything easier.

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Italian Language Skype Lessons of all levels for travel, study and work

Private Italian language lessons on Skype with new communication techniques, innovative methods of explanation of grammatical issues with only certified material and exercises that are sent via email. All lessons are interesting and innovative, based on language learning characteristics of student. Instruction available for all levels, from beginner to advanced.

Altona Meadows
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Italian mother-tongue, strong focus on training and teaching functional Italian to adults of different levels and needs.

Work in Sales and BDM so engage with students really well, understanding their needs and delivering a plan that works on their week points, ranging from a variety of materials (visual, hands-on, written, oral) i tailor the journey based on the agreed outcome. Initial assessment is key to work on the project together.

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Italian native speaker, graduated in Comparative Literature with honors offers lessons in Perth!

Reading and writing, but more important: speaking! I'm quite sure the best way for learning a new language is speaking a lot with people. I use to pick up a main agrument (music, cinema, sport...whatever you prefere!) and talk a lot with my student.

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Joyful, Italian traveller with fluent English skills can help you with your language learning :)

In teaching I often use the PPP tecnique. It consists in presenting the new items, explaining it and making the student/s practise in both a controlled way and one that requires more creativity from them. In 1 to 1 teaching I approach according to the person's need, according to my assesment and their feeling.

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An Italian girl living in Manchester giving Italian lessons online for beginners

I give lessons to beginners who want to learn Italian. my lessons will start off easy and gradually become slightly harder.and the end of the session I will give a quiz on the topic thought and will go over anything that was misunderstood.

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Experienced and certified teacher of Italian as a foreign language, both in person and online

The methodology I use depends on the level, the age and the purpose of the student. With younger students, It is important to be fun and creative: I use videos and games. Adults, generally, have a professional purpose or they want to be prepared for a special holiday: I focus on the specific vocabulary and the necessary grammar.

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Native Italian speaker providing lessons for students at any level, in Leeds.

My teaching methods depend on the student I teach. I like to plan my work before I start teaching, so that productive work can be done by myself and the student.

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Italian mother-tongue graduated in Foreign Languages, experienced tutor, living living in UK since 2014, translator, proofreaded

Tutoring based on correct grammar and practice (listening to videos etc.) of real Italian (often halfway between Italian and dialects), origin of Italian and English words when they come from Latin, Italian culture and arts (i.e. songs), traditions, cuisine, geography, fun facts, politics etc.

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University student providing help in improving your knowledge of the Italian language

I always try to attend to students learning methods and do not stick to one approach if I can tell the student is not responding to it well. How enjoyable the student finds the work is always a main priority of mine, as this will make the work a lot more approachable and will help retain the information.

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Ciao do you wish to learn Italian? Italian native speaker offering Italian lessons

I have studied Italian and Latin language, both literature and grammar, and I would gladly help you learn it. I have had experiences with both children and adults. I can teach you the basic grammar rules or Italian literature. I am available for online lessons as well.

Monte Urano
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Italian lessons for foreigners in Monte Urano, neighboring areas and / or online

I am scrupulous, serious and have an eye for detail. I strive to tailor my lesson to students' needs and objectives. Behind every lesson, there is a long methodical preparation of teaching material, which is designed to meet the students' needs.

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Italian mother tongue offers face to face and online interactive classes in Colchester

I studied languages at university and I can offer Italian classes at any level. My teaching method is friendly and interactive, I will provide you several italian materials in order to teach you both italian grammar and culture, improving your oral and written skills.

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Italian modern language teacher offers Italian lessons, any level and any age

I have been following training courses on how to put into practice the student-engagement related approach. It means that you will start speaking Italian from your very first lesson if you start from scratch.

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Native italian actor offers italian lessons in London or wherever you are!

My aim is to adapt my teaching method to what is better for the students, to what they feel more comfortable with and to what the need the language for. I generally use a lot of different techniques from theatre (e.g games, songs etc) supported by more traditional teaching methods (e.g worksheets, memorization of some grammar rules, etc).

Los Angeles
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Going to Italy soon? Enrolled in challenging Italian classes? I can help...Highly-Experienced Italian Professor

Typically used 'language immersion' method for more advanced students, but can ease into that as needed following: a) Initial assessment (written / oral); and b) Review of student/client objectives and challenges... ...to be sure and deliver upon clear expectations and on a timely basis.

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Italian native speaker offering Italian lessons to help students become fluent and confident in speaking.

My teaching methodology varies depending on the student’s needs. A student preparing to take an Italian test needs a different kind of tutoring compared to someone approaching to the study of the Italian language as hobby or personal challenge, so I adapt my teaching to the different students.

Reggio Calabria
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Young mother tongue teacher teaches Italian language and culture to foreign students

I believe a lot in my work, I carry out the lessons with a communicative language method, paying particular attention to the requests and training needs of the students and I also elaborate personalized courses based on their attitudes and interests, with not too strict schedules.

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Uni of Nottingham medical student, born and raised in Rome (Italy), offers Italian lessons (all levels)

Flexibility is my number-one priority; I strongly believe that the teaching style and session structure should be shaped on the preferences and needs of the student, in order to allow them to learn at their best and, ultimately, succeed. Exam techniques will be a central focus in my sessions, teaching crucial tricks that students can use to have the confidence to face any exam.

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France-based Italian mother tongue gives Italian lessons and offers conversation sessions in Italian

I base my courses on your level of language: according to your knowledge, I propose classes that aim to consolidate what you already know and meet your needs. Whether you want to prepare for an exam or just improve your oral production skills, I'll be happy to accompany you on your journey to discover Italian.

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Experienced Italian tutor offering Italian lessons to both groups and individuals in Leicestershire

I tailor my lessons to the student's needs. I use a variety of course books and additional learning material, and help my students acquire the language they need via role play, discussion, authentic listening, reading, and other relevant learning activities.

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Perfect! Alessandro is a wonderful teacher. He is patient, good-natured, painstaking and punctual. I am very lucky to be his student. Io sono molto felice!

Bunny, Student
2 weeks ago
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Perfect! She is a perfect teacher & a close to an ideal one. May everyone get a teacher like her to reach the maxima of their career. A highly patient teacher & a lot more cooperative. THANKS !

Rahul, Student
3 months ago
(8 reviews)

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