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Italian mother tongue offers face to face and online interactive classes in Colchester

I studied languages at university and I can offer Italian classes at any level. My teaching method is friendly and interactive, I will provide you several italian materials in order to teach you both italian grammar and culture, improving your oral and written skills.

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Italian modern language teacher offers Italian lessons, any level and any age

I have been following training courses on how to put into practice the student-engagement related approach. It means that you will start speaking Italian from your very first lesson if you start from scratch.

Greater London
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French/Italian MSc student giving Italian lessons to beginner and intermediate learners in London

I give lessons to anyone interested in learning more about the Italian language, the way it works and its different nuances. I mostly focus on grammar and pronunciation, but usually adapt my lesson to the interests of the learner.

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Italian lessons from beginners to advanced. You will learn and have fun!

The most important thing is to have fun whilst you learn. To speed up the process though, I include elements that are essential and most used in the everyday use of the language. I also use song translation to increase the memory.

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Native Italian with more than 20 years of experience. Teaching in London area

My teaching method is through text and conversation. I am native so any level is covered. Teaching to children to grandpa/ma! I have long experience in Japan, so I speak Japanese as well.

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Native italian actor offers italian lessons in London or wherever you are!

My aim is to adapt my teaching method to what is better for the students, to what they feel more comfortable with and to what the need the language for. I generally use a lot of different techniques from theatre (e.g games, songs etc) supported by more traditional teaching methods (e.g worksheets, memorization of some grammar rules, etc).

Los Angeles
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Going to Italy soon? Enrolled in challenging Italian classes? I can help...Highly-Experienced Italian Professor

Typically used 'language immersion' method for more advanced students, but can ease into that as needed following: a) Initial assessment (written / oral); and b) Review of student/client objectives and challenges... ...to be sure and deliver upon clear expectations and on a timely basis.

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Italian student in Modern Languages ready to share the passion of its mother tongue!

I prefer focusing on each student, giving them the support needed in order to feel confident with the language and their skills. What’s more, I truly believe that a sound and healthy relationship between teacher and student must be present, so that I always try my best to crate such environments with mine.

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Italian native speaker, with previous tutoring experience, offering Italian lessons in Glasgow

I have always given lessons on a one-to-one basis, however I would consider tutoring for a class as well, as it could be a way to challenge and improve my tutoring abilities. I believe that a sound grammar knowledge is the starting point to study any language. My lessons will therefore focus on it together with the study of vocabulary.

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Do you wanna give your brain a boost and learn Italian in record time? I am a professional Ita translator & linguistic. Get in touch and tell me which is you reason for wanting to learn italian and I

Each student is unique and I work with them to understand their individual needs. I use a communicative methodology that includes the use of materials such as material books, music, videos. Every lessons will be based on speaking, listening, writing, reading, grammar, and culture. However, I am happy to adapt my teaching style to your specific level, interests and needs.

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Italian native speaker offering Italian lessons to help students become fluent and confident in speaking.

My teaching methodology varies depending on the student’s needs. A student preparing to take an Italian test needs a different kind of tutoring compared to someone approaching to the study of the Italian language as hobby or personal challenge, so I adapt my teaching to the different students.

Canet de Mar
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Italian teacher and translator. More than 5 years of experience in business classes and online classes.

My method of teaching in individual classes is highly personalized. Each student has different requirements and each class has to adapt to the student. Everything you will study and see during the class will be prepared exclusively for you. In my lessons, communication is the protagonist, supported by different resources that will help you to study/learn grammar, listening and vocabulary.

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Uni of Nottingham medical student, born and raised in Rome (Italy), offers Italian lessons (all levels)

Flexibility is my number-one priority; I strongly believe that the teaching style and session structure should be shaped on the preferences and needs of the student, in order to allow them to learn at their best and, ultimately, succeed. Exam techniques will be a central focus in my sessions, teaching crucial tricks that students can use to have the confidence to face any exam.

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The Italian Poet teach Real Italian Language and the Art to Speak

i like to teach in a very simple way and my philosophy is if you have fun you learn so there is no better way to learn than do it with a smile on your face. Teaching is an art, and the artist are the people that are able to touch somethings in the earth and the mind of people.

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Experienced Italian tutor offering Italian lessons to both groups and individuals in Leicestershire

I tailor my lessons to the student's needs. I use a variety of course books and additional learning material, and help my students acquire the language they need via role play, discussion, authentic listening, reading, and other relevant learning activities.

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Italian Physiotherapy student based in Edinburgh offers Italian lessons to all learning levels

I usually program my lessons based on the student's Italian level, also focusing on his/her needs, interests and ambitions at learning or improving the language. Because my personal experience taught me that learning a new language is best achieved when that language is actively used, I also try to encourage students to put what they have learned into practice.

Paris 11e
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Trilingual Italian 3+ years of teaching experience gives Italian and English classes

My name is Beatrice, 28, Italian from Milan, tri-lingual (Italian, English, French). I moved to Paris almost 3 years ago after living in Italy, the USA, Canada and Portugal. I offer Italian and English (US) classes for teens and adults; for students, workers or just those who want to learn / improve these languages.

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Native Italian experienced, certified passionate Tutor, delivering lessons 1:1 and small groups online or Chesterfield UK area.

My teaching method is student focused, accordingly to each student's need, goal and learning style. Every lesson plan is built around each student. Trough my flexible and suitable to any level teaching style every student is able to reach goals prefixed easily.

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Italian content creator and writer will help you to become quickly fluent

with my method, you will learn the basic sound and vocabulary so that you will be able to start small conversations then slowly and naturally progress into complex structures.

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Italian Language Skype Lessons of all levels for travel, study and work

Private Italian language lessons on Skype with new communication techniques, innovative methods of explanation of grammatical issues with only certified material and exercises that are sent via email. All lessons are interesting and innovative, based on language learning characteristics of student. Instruction available for all levels, from beginner to advanced.

Chácaras Califórnia
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Italian teacher gives lessons online to Portuguese speakers. Practical classes from Italy.

The classes are designed for those who are interested in discovering Italian, practice their pronunciation, improve their written / oral comprehension and enrich their vocabulary. I give classes for everyone's level and they can be individual or in group.

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Learn Italian with a trained Italian teacher in Hamburg or simply by webcam

I direct myself in my method according to you. Whether you want to work with textbooks, vocabulary exercises, or just start talking, you decide, or we'll work together to find the one that best suits your needs and desires. The length of the lessons is usually 60 minutes. In the case of conversation training or similar we can also do a shorter unit of advantage.

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Young italian MSc student that would like to speak and teach his native language =)

The key points are: -FOCUSING ON THE RESULT! That is the ultimate goal! -meeting the student in order to clarify both the situation and needs -creating an agreed learning schedule for the future -meeting the student as frequently as needed -feedbacking and checking the progress at every lesson If needed, I’m happy to move to the student’s house. Don’t hesitate to ask for it.

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Italian mother tongue offering Italian language lessons in the area of Brighton-Hove

My teaching method aims to help students to get more and more confident with the language. The target is making them talk and understand the most common expressions. Because if you like talking it is better when you do it in more than one language.

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Italian native speaker with 13 years of experience give Italian language lessons in Birmingham

My teaching methods are simple. I use examples and explain thing in further details if it's hard to understand the subject that's been treated. Tutoring is open to primary, secondary, college and university student's. Practice makes perfect as they say.

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Graduated in European, non-European and oriental languages ​​and cultures (110 cum laude), she gives lessons in English, French and Italian for foreigners

After understanding the type of student, I will propose a study plan that can be modified according to the needs and objectives of the student. The various language lessons will be approached to deepen the culture of the country where the language in question is spoken to avoid weighing down the period of study.

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Italian language and culture courses for everyone at home and online. What are you waiting for?

Hello, I am a Master in Philosophy and after I finished my studies with a Master in Philosophical Counseling. The methodology is very simple and we are based on a progressive development through listening to short texts, the explanation of grammar, reading and writing. In base the level of departure of the student I adapt the program in function of his knowledge.

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MA student offering EXCITING Italian and Spanish classes in Colchester, at HOME or ONLINE

My teaching method is very easy: I start from grammar rules to articulate then more complicated sentences.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
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Do you want to learn or improve your level of Italian? First class without commitment.

Italian is a language that is learned based on perseverance and understanding. Therefore, depending on the student, I will carry out more practical or theoretical methods and I will speak in Italian so that the listener gets used to and learns more easily. In case of being a beginner, I will alternate between Italian and a second foreign language.

Greater London
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Native Italian speaker offering support to Italian students and to whoever would want to develop a deeper understanding of the language and the culture

As a native speaker, I would first assess the ability of the student through a couple of questions. After that, I would go with them through the topics that are causing problems or that the student is willing to learn.

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