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Gundelfingen an der Donau
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Hola! Foreig language correspondent helps you in English, Spanish and Italian in Ulm!

Hi, No more boring lessons and edema timpani! Do you want to have a comfortable learning? I am happy to help you learn with some easy and a few little tricks English, Spanish and Italian. Whether young or old, EVERYONE can learn a new languages! Bad marks? No thanks, we try together to solve language problems and I'll show you how easy it is to remember English vocabulary.

Buenos Aires
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Native Italian with experience offers customized classes by any level in CABA

I try to stimulate the curiosity of the students by focusing the classes on interesting topics of Italian culture. Then I use texts and audiovisuals, diary notes, songs, recipes for improving the level of written and spoken comprehension. I give all the students the grammar books and I suggest several online resources that are useful during the learning.

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Italian girl offers private lessons of Italian for foreigners, also via Skype

I offer italian lessons for all levels. My lessons include: dialogues to enrich vocabulary and improve pronunciation, readings to improve written comprehension and pronunciation, grammar exercises. The lessons will be tailored to each student in order to strengthen his weaknesses.

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Salve a tutti, My name is Val, I'm an Italian mother-tongue teacher, I got Bachelor's degree in Translation, Italian for foreigners and Foreign Languages. I have been living in France for 5 years. I'm ITALIAN-FRENCH-SPANISH trilingual with English and Spanish specialisation too and in Italian for Foreigners as well.

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Certified (Ditals) Italian L2 teacher with more than 10 years of experience

I graduated in Philosophy and I am a certified Italian teacher (Ditals certificate). My approach is "communicative" and I develop my lessons based on the "notional-functional" method. The syllabus is adjusted to learner's characteristics, needs, motivations and interests.

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Italian speaking nurse, available for conversation meetings and personalized classes in Lausanne!

I approach the subject according to the needs of the person, I do not impose topics or themes but I co-build the course with the student to fully reach the expectations. We can only do free or theme-based conversation, we can do readings or translations together, or I can prepare courses and vocabularies on a specific subject.

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Graduate teacher gives Italian lessons at home in the Basque Country (individually or in groups)

My courses improve the weak points of the learners detected during a first test, to deepen them both in oral and in writing. A personalized pedagogical approach will be put in place and the use of different grammar points will be explained and reinforced, then implemented through themes of the everyday life of learners.

Tunbridge Wells
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I am a Fully Qualified Native Italian Tutor with over 20 years tutoring experience

The first step for me is to understand my students needs and goals then I plan our course accordingly providing my students with well-structured, interactive, productive and enjoyable lesson ssons.

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Graduated in foreign languages ​​and literature, she gives l2 Italian lessons (Italian for foreigners), Spanish and English

Thanks to the help of wonderful professionals I had the good fortune to meet at work, and thanks to the study of some subjects such as language teaching or didactics of Italian L1 and L2, I was able to improve my teaching method, and I learned to structure interactive and interesting lessons that allow my students to experiment a mixed learning, not only guided by me but also in context.

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Modern Languages Student (LLCER) in Nancy gives courses in Italian, Spanish, English and French for any level

Pedagogue and listening, the error will be at the center of my teaching because it is the best way to learn. As I will teach languages, the written part will, of course, be studied, but the oral will be more prominent for a faster and versatile learning.

Andra olivia
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Italian qualified teacher native speaker with master in teaching offers Italian lessons

I focuse on conversation, sentence structure, listening and comprehension, reading and comprehension and writting! Conversation is the most important part of a language when you travel. It is very important my students to be able to learn conversation in my lessons then when they go to Italy they can speak to native speakers.

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Enthusiastic Italian tutor with a degree in foreign languages and cultures - London

Learn having fun is much easier than open a book and read an explanation. Starting from the language structures I like to create concrete examples and make my students be comfortable with any kind of situation they have to face with in their everyday life.

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Sara Highly creative, enthusiastic professional Italian teacherused to work in multidisciplinary and multicultural environments. Punctual and well-organized foreign teacher with developed ability to e

New projects, research and teaching material to be provided for Primary and Secondary level school group. Guide tours for a group of maximum 25 children. Play is how children learn was the start point for our visits.Designed and developed specialized Italian/Spanish testing materials.Enlightened students about Italian culture through various information and materials.

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Hi, I'm Sofia! I have a degree in languages ​​and I have an Italian L2 master, if you are a foreign student who wants to learn while having fun, I am the person who can help you. Call me just for

I always try to teach the Italian language in all its aspects, my priority is that the student learns all that he needs in a complete way. My method is personalized and tailor-made for each student. I like ludic teaching, and I always try to create a facilitating training environment to raise the student's emotional barrier.

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Teacher of Italian Language for foreigners (with CEDILS certificate) gives Italian lessons

My lessons are open to students of all levels, clearly in distinct time slots. My lessons aim to achieve: - a grammatical reinforcement of previous knowledge and a learning of new grammatical forms and structures.

Greater London
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Experienced secondary school teacher offering tutoring for preparation to new specifications’ GCSE Italian, A-Levels; adults’ learning and conversation

I mix a communicative approach based on learning set phrases to help you talk and make faster progress in your fluency with a deep study and understanding of the grammar and the written language. But what it matters the most, I am experienced in adapting my teaching to your needs and the use that you want to make of the language.

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Experienced Italian native speaker offering thrilling Italian lessons in Exeter or online

I retain the formal authority role by showing students what they need to know. My lessons include multimedia presentations, activities, and demonstrations. This style gives me the opportunities to incorporate a variety of formats including lectures and multimedia presentations.

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LSE Master's student offering Italian Classes one-to-one or to groups in London

I am happy to teach both on a one to one basis and to small groups. The format of the class does vary accordingly from the size and from the age. I do tend to focus on listening and speaking with adults unless specifies differently. With teenagers and young children, I do also focus on interactive grammar lessons in order to build the basis to a perfect mastery of the language.

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Native Italian offering Italian lessons from beginning to advanced level to all!

As a native Italian, I have the knowledge and understanding of the language, providing you with the help needed to excel in Italian! I personalise all my classes to your individual needs, to ensure your progression and accommodate your learning pace. My lessons focus on (but are not limited to) grammar, conversation, pronunciation and vocabulary.

Lorraine e.
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Student in Bordeaux, bilingual Italian, gives courses at all levels college, high school (Lv2 / Lv3 and adult beginner.

I am based on my experience, depending on the public I use different approaches (from fun for the youngest, to literature for the greatest through culture, music, art and interests for learn the basics of language). My classes are very casual and can be done in a park, museum or during a jog. I privilege the contact and the good understanding from which the learning will flow.

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Hello everyone! What is more thrilling than learning a new language? Why not Italian? The language of love and food? For this, look no further! I'm the tutor you are looking for!

I am a recent graduate from WBS (Westminster Business School) in London. I have a Foreign Languages Diploma and a BA in Business and Management. I give lessons to all ages, both students and adults (to improve their grades or to increase their skills for future career prospects). Lessons are carried out following this structure: grammar, vocabulary, reading and speaking.

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Qualified and experienced native speaker offering Italian tutoring from basic to conversational level.

It depends a lot on the student's level. For beginners and intermediate students I usually prepare some exercises and reading on a certain topic or construction and then have short conversations to practice it. For more advanced students I try to base the lesson on conversation alone and tackle different issues as we encounter them.

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Italian student at the University of Glasgow offers tutoring in Italian the West End

Being Italian my mother tongue I can give lessons to everyone who want to learn this language. I believe that learning a language requires different skills and abilities that can only be achieved through practise: my lessons will lay on grammar, oral and written exercises.

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Italian teacher gives Italian courses in Paris - all levels!

Ciao! Hello everyone! My name is Veronica , I'm 26 and I'm Italian, but I live in Paris.

Anna paola
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Italian native speaker teacher with years of experience of teaching foreign languages

I have experience of teaching and tailoring lessons to students of all ages and all levels. A standard lesson includes: grammar content, activities to improve your writing skills, reading comprehension, vocabulary and conversation. I usually make use of different multimedia tools (videos, songs, journals etc.

Carlton North
Luca orson
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Melbourne University Arts student and Italian native offering Italian classes specializing in VCE, beginner and advanced curriculum

I was born in Rome, Italy to Italo-Australian parents and moved to Melbourne when I was 12. I completed VCE Italian receiving a 50, and study languages at Melbourne University. I have been tutoring in Italian since VCE. Depending on the level I like to structure my classes so that a range of material is covered, including grammar, oral, reading and writing practice.

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Teacher with DITALS certification gives lessons of: ITALIAN FOR FOREIGNERS - Are you planning to LEARN ITALIAN?

I graduated in Communication Sciences and Technologies, and I am in possession of the "second level DITALS" certification for teaching Italian to foreigners. I teach in Rome (or on Skype, too) to individuals or small groups. I try to calibrate each course according to the interests, aims and characteristics of the student.

Greater London
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Italian one to one conversation with native speaker, in London or via Skype

My name is Tommaso Giacopini, I'm an Italian native speaker. I freelance as actor and dancer and I write songs and poems in Italian, as I find it a very rich and fascinating language. My classes address to different levels of people. My favorite format is an informal one to one talk in a coffeeshop about a chosen subject. I love chatting about art. But I'm open to anything, really.

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Experienced Native Speaker offers lessons to learners interested in the language and culture of Italy

I have one degree in Linguistics and Translation and one in Language Education and I would love to share my knowledge and experiences with anyone who would like to know more about the language and culture of Italy. Either face-to-face lessons or online lessons via Skype.

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8+ years experienced and passionate tutor available to teach you Italian in Melbourne!

Hi there! Many thanks for taking the time to visit my profile. I’m an enthusiastic Italian teacher that recently relocated to Melbourne after 7 years spent in London, teaching my own language to a variety of students.

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