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Qualified Languages Teacher offering Languages (Italian, Spanish, English) lessons in Brighton UK

I am a qualified language teacher. I am Italian and fluently speak Spanish and English. I offer tuitions for Spanish and Italian GCSE and A-levels exams, online or at home. I think when studying languages it's very important to learn the Grammar of the language together with the Vocabulary. My lessons will be adjusted with students’ needs and curriculum-appropriate methods.

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Italian-speaking teacher proposes Italian classes in group or individually in Aberystwyth, by webcam or face to face, for BEGINNERS

Generally, if the class is with an individual, I ask the student what is their favorite way to work (with or without homework, free or structured, with or without books...) and I adapt my methodology to these preferences. For group work, I would privilege a structured approach, so that everyone can access to the same information.

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Experienced trainer gives Italian lessons for both adults and children near Vernon

I build my lessons including songs, but also texts or videos. After studying vocabulary and sentences, we sing or play games and / or make dialogues. The most academic of you will be satisfied by my theoretical contributions in grammar and civilization.

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Suitable and adequate Italian courses in my language school. Experience the culture with a language course.

In my lessons, we will deal with the grammar and learn free speech. Of course, listening and reading comprehension are also trained very well. Lessons can be booked once a week for 60 minutes. Of course we can change that on request.

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Italian lesson with communicative-dynamic method. Focus on oral expression and vocabulary extension.

My lessons are 100% tailored to your learning approach and goals. I tend to use my material and create the learning experience just for you. Beginners We will start with the rules and build together the basics that will become independent in making the firsts sentence. You will be encouraged to speak from day one.

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Teacher of Italian as a foreign language - Conversation, focus on grammar, vocabulary, listening, writing.

I believe that making myself available to the needs of the student is crucial for a fruitful learning. I plan my lessons with care and dedication and involve my students at every level, proposing material that I study and prepare specifically for them each time.

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Grad student in Languages, Cultures, Literature and Translation at the Sapienza University of Rome, I love Italian and share my knowledge to others. Some experience thanks to private tutoring

Teaching of written and oral Italian language through roleplays, songs, study of grammar with targeted exercises, construction of dialogues on current topics, viewing of clips and films in original language, readings and final discussion about books. Translations of short texts and summary. Brief essays.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
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Italian, Graduated in Modern Languages, teaches private Italian and Spanish classes for foreigners

My methodology focuses on the need: why do you want to learn a language? When will you use it? What are your weak points and what are the bases to build lasting learning? How do you feel more comfortable with studying? I do not have a precise outline, but that of planning my classes on the needs of my student so that their evolution is as gratifying and fast as possible.

Crawley Down
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Enthusiastic and experienced Italian teacher (native speaker) offers lessons for all abilities (only online)

Thanks to my experience I am actually able now to offer Italian lessons at all levels. I am reliable, easy going, organised and I try to make sessions interesting and constructive in order to let my students reach their potential as easily as possible.

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Graduated in Psychology and Literature, offers Italian lessons for foreigners / Italian for schools / English for Italians

My didactic approach is an ad hoc structure for the applicant: in the first lesson I take care of identifying the learning channel of the person and then exploiting it in targeted lessons built on that method of learning.Use videos / songs / texts.

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Italian lessons with Oxford Uni PhD student from Italy, all levels accepted

I am a keen and passionate teacher, I have a solid knowledge of the Italian grammar and vocabulary, as well as of its literature for those who may be interested. Given my background in psychology, I always look for the best approaches to keep the students engaged and to learn faster.

Casnate con Bernate
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Graduated in foreign languages ​​and literature, with DITALS certification (L2 Italian teacher, LS) available for private and group initiatives in Como and Province

Communicative approach with attention to the real needs of students: obtaining residence permit, improvement of pronunciation, expansion of vocabulary, use of language for work purposes, etc. Lessons for users of all levels Attention to cultural aspects, which allow the use of language in an optimal way.

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Professional translator, with 27 years of experience, organizes in Rome Italian lessons for individual and group foreigners personalized and flexible!

In each case, we will analyze the learning objectives and structure the meetings together to obtain the best possible result in the time available. The days and times for meetings can be set together in a flexible manner. The single lesson is 60 minutes.

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Italian native speaker (bilingual in English) studying at Coventry University teaches Italian as a second language.

Buongiorno e buonasera a tutti! My name's Maria and I am a patient, warm and supportive Italian teacher from Cagliari, Sardinia. Italian is my native language, but I've been studying English since I was 4 years old.

Greater London
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Native Italian offering online lessons to improve speaking, writing and comprehension skills!

I would follow the methods that I learned from my previous experience in high-school, by providing materials for speaking, comprehension and writing exercise. I offer different categories of lessons: grammar, writing, speaking or specific lessons in accordance with students. I will always dedicate the first part of the lesson for the correction of any exercises completed by the student.

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Italianist (MA phil.) gives qualified Italian lessons for adults (beginners and advanced), on site in Tübingen and online

I use my teaching method to fully adapt to the individual needs and wishes of my students. To awaken enthusiasm for learning, I regard it as the primary basis for successful language acquisition. What is fun promotes motivation and leads to success. One lesson unit is 45 minutes.

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Student of modern languages ​​English-Italian teaches. Location: Bosa palestina, Bogota- Colombia .

I like to explore the personality and the most effective methods as required by the student since we all learn at different rates. The age, the level of instruction and the reason why you want to learn a language are very important to develop this method.

Greater London
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Native (trilingual) Italian/French/English speaker with a medical background teaching languages in London

I base my classes on reaching mutually agreed goals which we will set at the beginning of the class and work towards over a timeframe, reviewing the goals regularly. Depending on what you want to learn and on your goals, we can agree a different teaching/learning strategy.

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Language postgraduate student will help you with your Italiano (Any Level) (London)

I always use a friendly but professional approach, I like to be flexible according to the people I have in front of me and meet his/her specific needs. I based my lesson accordingly to the material you already have or I can create new contents.

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Italian native speaker qualified teacher gives Italian lessons in Nottingham or online

Kind and approachable tutor, passionate about teaching. My native language is Italian which makes me the perfect tutor to help you with pronunciation, speaking, reading, grammar and writing. Lessons will be tailored to you, your goals and your current ability.

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Impara l'Italiano! Graduated in Languages ​​and Italian native with desire to teach Italian!

Hello, my name is Giovanni and I am 25 years old and I am Italian. Graduated by the University of Catania in "Languages ​​and European cultures, Euro-American and Eastern", I speak English, Spanish and of course Italian. I would very much like to give Italian classes to all those who want to learn this language, from a basic level until reaching a medium level.

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Native teacher qualified for ITALIAN CLASSES at all levels - (Master's degree in UGR)

Hello! I am a native Italian teacher, in possession of pedagogical qualification after attending the "Master's Degree in Secondary Education and Baccalaureate, Vocational Training and Teaching of Languages" at the University of Granada. I use a dynamic METHODOLOGY, varied and above all adjusted to each student and their needs. THE MATERIAL IS INCLUDED and will be provided directly in each class.

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Experienced and qualified, native Italian teacher, gives lessons in Manchester on flexible hours. I graduated at university of Naples and worked in the UK as a language teacher for 7 years , teaching

I am a friendly and reliable person who loves share my knowledge with students. I have been enjoying seeing the progress made by my students for 7 years now. I teach to native English speakers as well as foreigners of any age, background or level.

Greater London
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Fully qualified teacher - Italian native speaker, but perfectly bilingual also teaching history and geography

In a nut shell, I am educated to PhD level. I am an intellectual historian. I also hold a master's degree in Translation and another in Environmental Studies. I have a PGCE in MFL and a BA in Italian Studies. I have taught around the world and as such, I have been exposed to different and differing people from all walks of life.

Gundelfingen an der Donau
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Hola! Foreig language correspondent helps you in English, Spanish and Italian in Ulm!

Hi, No more boring lessons and edema timpani! Do you want to have a comfortable learning? I am happy to help you learn with some easy and a few little tricks English, Spanish and Italian. Whether young or old, EVERYONE can learn a new languages! Bad marks? No thanks, we try together to solve language problems and I'll show you how easy it is to remember English vocabulary.

Antonio florin
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Business Management student, based in Edinburgh, gives Italian lessons! Over 3 years of experience!

Usually, I have my classes on Skype because by doing it we can have a flexible schedule and it is also more stimulating. For our classes, I always use PDF documents that I personally make and write, based on different topics and/or grammar. This will save money on books! Nevertheless, I can also meet in person for one-to-one lesson.

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Ragazza italiana giving lessons of Italian all levels at home in Huddersfield

I like to talk and understand each personal level. I will also explain habits and dos and don'ts regarding Italian lifestyle and typical day to day experiences. Secondly I like to correct the grammar cause that's a good base to learn every language. and last I will give assignments based on the availability, but if you don't comply I won't tell you off.

Carola maria
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Student, Italian native speaker in London: I provide Italian lessons for everybody

During the lesson, we will work around reading and understanding, writing skills, listening and speaking. I will tend to only speak Italian (unless you will need clarifications), and I will test you frequently to assess your progress, strengths and weaknesses.

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Engaging, lively online Italian for general language skills (based in Haddenham, Ely)

Language is connection - and it gives me great satisfaction to see how my work as a teacher of German, Italian and English languages enables my students to achieve the ability to make that connection with other people in different parts of the world. I always aim at keeping students engaged in my lessons, giving them the support and tools they need to improve.

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Certified and experienced Italian Teacher (no accent) offering lessons in central London

I use modern techniques for teaching. Teaching a language is not just about the grammar and I always try to make my students speak as much as possible during my lessons. The final goal is learning to communicate with othe people.

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