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Italian Tutor - I am a Native Italian who speaks Italian, English & German

I have a Diploma in Tourism High School. In September I'll start the University in Italy. I would like to teach my languages to people. I prefer start instruct with games, so that it can not be to heavy and boring.

Cesano Boscone
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Italian for Foreigners (LS / L2), for all levels, teacher with DItals certification

I am an Italian teacher (foreign or second language), my lessons are aimed at adults and children, from basic to advanced. My lessons are structured to develop all the skills, both written and oral, and provide moments of (self) verification of the results.

Greater London
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Mother tongue Italian Tutoring at from Home or Skype -from Kids to Undergards

Ciao! I am an Italian 26 years old, speaking English very fluently (C1 level), as I have been living, working and studying in UK for the past 3 years. I have a Bachelor in International Relations and a MA in Media and Communications from the University of Kingston Upon Thames. I have a passion for teaching, as I'm applying to be an Italian language teacher in secondary school next year.

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Italian tutor in Rochester, NY. Native speaker combines both grammatical and conversational skills for students. Graduate of Nazareth College

Nazareth College 2013-2017. Bachelors of science in Business Administration and Italian. GPA of 3.9. Friendly and caring tutor that will combine both grammatical and conversational methods into lessons. Native Italian speaker from Pescara. Both parents are Italian professors in Binghamton, New York.

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Expert in teaching Italian as SL gives 1-1 and group classes all levels

I am a graduate of the University of Naples "Federico II" located in Italy, where I earned a Master Degree in foreign languages and literatures. Being a young teacher, and not long ago a student myself, I am able to build a strong connection with my students. I am animated and enthusiastic and keep student interest alive through a myriad of engaging and exciting lessons.

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Learn ITALIANO in Bologna by a graduate in management and philosophy and experienced teacher!

Chatting and having fun are essential in the learning process. That is why I especially love to teach young people and help them overcome the most common difficulties in the Italian language.

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Italian tutor in Salt Lake area! Just returned from time abroad in Italy

I just returned from living in Italy and although I took Italian classes in the US for 2 years, I didn't really learn the language until I spent 8 months living in northern Italy! I have tested as 80% fluent and have tested into the Italian literature levels of learning this language. I use a more inquiry-based learning style.

Greater London
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Italian student, recently moved in London gives Italian lessons for school pupils

I am a sixth from student in London.I have lived in Milano for 16 years; Therefore I completed the first 10 years of education in Italian. After moving to London I achieved an A* in Italian GCSE and did Italian A-level in year 12. I give lessons to school pupils, whom need help in GCSE and A-Level Italian.

San Francisco
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Italian native teacher located in Bangkok offers worldwide lesson through Skype or in private class.

Friendly and professional young woman from Rome, located in Thailand. Native speaker of course! I offer different types of lessons according to the specific students requests.

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Journalist helps you with your Italian so you can travel to that dream country.

Journalist dedicated to the education of children and youth and to community work. I can teach you the language or reinforce it in a practical way and accompany you in this process. Through the web cam we can perform various activities such as using in different contexts in a way that makes the class more practical.

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Italian Online from Argentina, optimal levels of education and high use of language

I am a teacher, I have experience in tutoring and schools. I possess a wide range of students of different ages. In case of an early or little education I possess material to develop student's intellect and learning.

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Native Italian ready to educate middle Tennessee in Italian lessons starting today!

I am fluent in Italian, used to live and work there, and still has family there.

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I am first year student at ISTI university. I can teach French, Italian,Spanish and English

I am a first year student at the University ISTI in translation and interpretation. I can give you lessons in a pretty fun atmosphere for learning while having fun. I am a girl of 19 years, and I would like to put money aside for a vacation without having to depend on my parents.

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French language courses, Spanish, English and after school and dissertation help, translations

Teaching for over 10 years with passion, alternating grammar lessons, and exercises to work on texts and songs as well as other audiovisual activities which make a pleasant and enjoyable lesson. for more info (concealed information) Skype: Mobile ch.

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College student teaching Italian (native) and Spanish (C1) up to A level! And expect cooking lessons! Located in Crawley

Hello, I am a warm college student with A-levels both in Italian and Spanish. My approach to teaching is friend-based, meaning that I do not have the scary atmosphere of teachers, so you can relax more and understand better. I will speak most of the time in the aimed language, as I believe it is super important for its fast learning.

Santa Paula
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Undergraduate Student gives tutoring help in German, Spanish, English and Italian. If you need help, let me know.

I'm a self-taught learner of German and Italian. I know Spanish because of my parents. I love languages beyond learning them. I'm very in the history of language as well as how languages effects our daily lives. Language learning is very important.

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Graduate in foreign languages ​​and literature provides tuition of English and German, for help in literature, translation and grammar. I live and Turin, and are willing to travel in any part

I propose every lessons type from grammar to the translation techniques, the letteratur and readings of texts and curiosity of those concerned. Mostly help university students and high schools students with the preparations of texts and examinations, or to perform the tasks assigned to school.

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Commercial widely traveled, no teaching degree but field experience. try it right now

I am passionate about languages ​​and my classes are for those who want to discover a new language through a learning map. I have no particular methodology except that I speak to my students in the language they want to learn.

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I title B2 C1 in English and Italian, I teach both subjects besides Spanish for foreigners.

I give conversation classes and I prepare for official exams in English and Italian, from A1 to B2. I am specified in Trinity exam preparation but there is no problem if the student would like to be submitted to any other official examination.

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I give foreign language lessons and modern literature grammar and Italian language

Simon mattia Bigarelli teach Italian and Portuguese in Cape Town in South Africa for more than a year. I was born in Modena speak English Spanish Portuguese and Italian.

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How to learn Italian and to study English and Spanish in a fun way

I have a degree in languages, specifically I studied translation for English and Spanish languages. In my classes I use a method that initially provides techniques such as listening and comprehension (songs, movies, video) and later analysis of the grammatical rule or topic to discuss. I like to explore topics of culture and teach curiosities and special details to my students.

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A Masters in Foreign Languages ​​I offers courses of English, Spanish, Italian and French all levels for adults, from primary to high school for étudiants.Je also waiver

I have a Master 1 in Languages ​​and Communication. During my studies I studied English, Spanish and Italian. I speak these three languages ​​at a current level. I propose for these courses according to the program of my students and their application to develop understanding using VO film scenes that are used to support learning.

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Italian teacher gives private lessons of English, Italian (all levels), Spanish and Chinese (elementary and intermediate levels). Translations also possible.

Of Italian origin, I studied in Italy, China and England. I have a master's degree in foreign languages, obtained in 2012 with honors. I have a 10 month experience with students of all ages and all levels. I propose individual classes which I adapt to the student's needs. The first class is always free.

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English, German or Italian private lessons or via Skype. All levels

Private lessons or Skype lessons. Languages. ​​English, German, Spanish or Italian taught by A high school teacher with extensive experience and C2 language level.

West Bromwich
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Italian Mother tongue. I Love to teach Italian to all levels students

First reading and comprehension using often pictures or videos . Lots use of examples and after each lesson exercises funny sometimes . I am willing to teach to all levels students or professionals .

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Brazilian teaches Italian for Foreigners in Vitória ES or ONLINE anywhere in the world!

I use a Book OF Italian for Foreigners, focusing on conversation and pronunciation, also containing audios for student training. We will Start with vocabulary and conjugation of verbs in the present, and depending on the students progress, we move on to future and past tense conjugations, or according to needs.

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Italian University student teaches her mother tongue at your home in Valencia!

My methodology is different depending on the student, his age and his demands. Before, I usually check the level of knowledge of the language in order to see in which areas to work more, then I usually alternate comprehension and written production classes with others that focus more on the oral, the vocabulary study, the grammar or specific topics that are of interest to the student.

Ramos Mejía
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Physical education student, with primary and secondary education in Italy, offers Italian support classes of all levels

I lived in Italy from 5 to 18 years of age, I went through the primary and secondary levels of Italian education and I consider the language as the mother tongue.

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Graduated in philosophy and international sciences with a master's degree in diplomacy; teaching experience of Italian, English, French, German, singing, philosophy and singer. I worked in Brussel

I teach Italian to foreigners in a simple but effective way ... I teach English, French and German to Italians in a fast and dynamic way. I teach singing to Italians and foreigners in tune and no ...

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Qualified language teacher gives customized Italian courses for all levels on Skype

Want to open your horizons for academic or professional, discover a new culture, I offer customized language courses in Italian. Passionate about languages ​​since early childhood, I was actually raised in a multilingual environment with Italian being part of it. Three years of complete immersion abroad have allowed me to capture and break down the mechanisms behind second-language acquisition.

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