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Phd gives Italian courses - Italian courses - in Mulhouse, Basel (CH) gold Webcam

Learn Italian at home or via the internet. Bilingual French and Italian native speaker, holder of a research Postdoctoral of Romance Studies: Italian, I teach Italian to foreigners for 10 years now. I taught mainly Francophone, Milan -Italy- and leTessin -Suisse- but also to people of many other nationalities.

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Classical objects, ITALIAN for Foreigners, ENGLISH + help for homework and thesys writing!

I offer all my expertise and passion to anyone willing to give himself a challenge and to improve. I combined classical studies with a specific didactic training of English language and Italian for foreigners teaching (Ditals). My lessons are about: - ITALIAN and CLASSICAL OBJECTS (GREEK, LATIN) - ITALIAN FOR FOREIGNERS - ENGLISH I also offer support for homework and thesys writing.

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Interpreter and Translator with 25 years experience. I give lessons in Italian to foreign students and adults/professionals, from basic to advanced in Monza, districts of Monza and Milan.

I am an Interpreter and Translator with 25 years of experience gained in multinationals and international start-ups and as a freelance. Sectors followed: financial, purchasing, facility, legal, fashion, design and much more. I love partaking my knowledge and skills in different areas by making people grow.

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Girl gives one Italian classes in Rennes!

Hi, I'm a young native Italian girl, who intends to give Italian lessons. During the course we will learn the correct pronunciation, reading and grammar, we will write texts, we will do the dialogues and we will speak in Italian. The course is prepared for students who have a basic or intermediate level; anyway I adapt my courses to the different requirements and levels.

Paris 11e
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Italian classes with a native speaker! Italian in Paris (75011) by Silvana

Salve a tutti !!! my name is Silvana and I'm an Italian girl in Paris since several years. I love to teach my native language to foreigners and I have a very good experience with students at any levels.

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Certified (Ditals) Italian L2 teacher with more than 10 years of experience

I graduated in Philosophy and I am a certified Italian teacher (Ditals certificate). My approach is "communicative" and I develop my lessons based on the "notional-functional" method. The syllabus is adjusted to learner's characteristics, needs, motivations and interests.


Letizia - Northfields - Italian

Hi, I am Letizia, bilingual in Spanish and Italian. I am a qualified and experienced Spanish and Italian language teacher in London. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach all levels of Spanish and Italian plus special courses such as: Business Spanish/Italian; Spanish and Italian thourgh film; IB programme, IGCSE/GCSE & AS LEVEL EXAMS. - Tell me about your qualifications.

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Spanish teacher experienced as Italian tutor give tutor lessons online A1 a2

My teaching methodology is based in Constructivism theories, where the student is the center. I tried to use practical examples of regular life to learn. All my classes are individualized and personalized. I love to use music to look for the rule. But any book, article, website and personal experience is used as well as an exercise. we will interact and we will have fun learning.

Di maggio
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Profesional spanish and italian teacher. All levels. online classes. First free lesson

It depends on the level I make a custom class. First stage know the student and make a placement test di 10 min. Then plan classes, so it can reach the wanted level. The class is divided into 40 min di grammar and conversation and 20 min on doubts. From what I've written in the beginning part acts at home with exercises mailing. Near the end of classes before the exam do I focus on test scores.

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Italian lessons via Skype with the help of an experienced mother tongue

Briefly I would like to inform you that I can teach efficiently Also via Skype Also thanks to my ability in finding an empathy with the student I work with. So my dear potential students, contact me and you will not be disappointed.

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Italian dentistry student from Cervelló with First Certificate of Cambridge in English teaches in English or Italian.

I am a student of dentistry, native Italian and with a degree in English. I can help to give a review of either of the two languages, biology, help with homework, study techniques, reading, etc. I have experience in review classes and the results have been very good.

Andrea giuseppe
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Italian university student gives Italian lessons for foreigners via skype or in Puglia

Initially I would strengthen your Italian grammatical basis. While doing so, I would start enriching your vocabulary with some daily contexts. Listening is important too. Especially if mixed with some exercises of speaking. We can boost your writing skills with letters and email.

Vila Mariana
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Italian lessons with native Italian teacher - skilled and professional - lessons via Skype

My name is Fabiana and I’m Italian. I’ve attended University studies in Italy, Brazil and Portugal. I have 4 years of experience in teaching Italian. I’ve worked as an Italian business instructor in an international fashion company.


Caroline - Wakefield - Italian

Hi, I am Caroline and I am a fully qualified and experienced languages teacher and tutor. I cater for all levels in French, Spanish, German, Italian and Japanese.

Marseille 16e
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In Marseille, experienced teacher gives private Italian lessons for all levels: Beginner, Intermed

Italian lessons for all levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced. For students (primary, secondary), students and professionals, or simply for lovers of the Italian language! Very good experience and passion in the transmission of languages ​​and cultures.

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Native Italian with 10 years experience in tutoring gives lessons to students all around London

I have been giving private lessons for 8 years and I have trained about 25 students who passed the exams brilliantly (overseas students graduated in Italy). The key to my lessons is to be patient and be funny talking about each topic and in any circumstance.

Vo' Vecchio
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Italian teacher as foreign language in refugee reception centers, offers Italian courses for foreigners via Skype

After two years of teaching Italian and French in Jakarta (Indonesia), on May 2017 I started teaching the Italian language to Africans and Asiatic refugees asylum seekers, at the reception centers of Monselice (PD) and Cona (VE). I love to make the lessons as fun as possible, using many games and dividing classes into different teams to make them compete with each other.

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An innovative, creative and inspiring Qualified Teacher of ​​English, Italian and Spanish. I have a variegated ten-year working experience in different contexts and countries.

As a teacher I aim to enable my students to enjoy a first-hand experience of what exactly speaking, thinking and reacting in a new language means. Adopting a different mindset enriches their perspectives on life and broadens their horizons.

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Nice experienced teacher gives courses German, English and Italian teens and adults

I have been teaching English, German and Italian for over 30 years and I love teaching , I'm very patient and I always have a solution to make teenagers understand the grammar. Private lessons must be fun in order to learn easily.

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Master's degree in literature offers all his enthusiasm for teaching Italian lessons!

My methodology is based purely on the human impact with the student first, therefore, to know his character and his approach with the matter first and foremost, therefore, a relationship that will always remain firm and solid. Then a cognitive approach to evaluate minimum and maximum gaps to quantify the gap and fill it with the ratio of time / quality and work optimization.

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Florence: Italian language lessons for foreigners- all levels - experienced and high level academic training

I teach Italian to foreigners for any level and for any type of certification (CILS, CELI, PLIDA, etc.). Generally classes are held in the student residence, but if it is a problem I can make exceptions. Possibly, if the student feel comfortable, the lesson can take place in a more relaxed atmosphere sitting in a cafè. I am available for lessons online as well.

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Teacher of Italian at the colleges and lycées in Valence and Romans sur Isère gives lessons to the students of each level to improve your knowledge and skills through the conversation and the

I am Italian, I am dynamic, punctual, I like my work as a teacher and my courses are addressed to the students of the colleges and the lycées themselves to the beginners and advanced adults who want to learn or improve their knowledge of the Italian language, culture and way of life. During my lessons I use: video, pictures, songs, slideshow.

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Trainee in a law firm in Brussels. Technical training: must-economics- political science

It is an informal education and with a flexibility of modes of action. Also in skype. I teach Italian, translation - Italian, oral expression - Italian, written expression - Italian, vocabulary - Italian. For primary, secondary, tertiary, adult education, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, other vocational training, beginner, intermediate, advanced.

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Learn to talk and write in Italian with style through individual lessons from a teaching professional native speaker

I am a teacher for foreign languages ​​and philosophy / ethics in the Berlin public school system . I grew up bilingually (german and Italian) in Italy. I design my lessons according to the needs of the learning group/individual. Generally speaking, I do focus on the way in which the language works and apply strategies which can promote an accurate speech comprehension and production.

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Graduated in Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures offers English and Spanish classes at any level. (Ancona-Macerata)

First Degree in Foreign Languages, Literature and Cultures at the University of Macerata, still finishing a second Degree in Comparative Languages ​​and Cultures, and with many experiences abroad. Six months Internship training as a teacher of English and Italian at the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de Granada (Spain).

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English teacher with long experience abroad for tuition and private english and italian lessons

I have lived abroad for several years, and I did a doctorate and worked at the University College London (UCL) in London. I have experience in both private (I gave private lessons for several years) and public, because I taught at university and supervised several students. I teach both Italian to English native speakers and English to Italian people.

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Italian lessons from native speaker 1-2-1, groups and online. Learn Italian in a fun and friendly way.

L'ambiente amichevole e divertente che creo nelle mie lezioni rende l'apprendimento facile e divertente. Credo fermamente che la cosa più importante nell'apprendimento di una lingua sia godere del processo di apprendimento e sentirsi a proprio agio. Di conseguenza, personalizzo le mie lezioni individualmente per lo studente.


Megan - Hollington - Italian

I am enthusiastic, highly qualified and totally professional. Teaching is my passion, and enabling others to benefit from my skills is my aim in life. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach music - piano, flute, clarinet, sax, singing, theory (100% pass rate at gr 5!), composition, aural and general musicianship.

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Native Italian speaker and Film student offering Italian lessons in Glasgow, IELTS 8

Hello, I am an Italian Film student in Glasgow. I have previously lived in Australia and Cornwall. I love languages, especially my mother tongue. I believe in a practical approach and use of the vocabulary. My lessons will focus on grammar and spelling at first, since they are the basis. I will also help you expand your vocabulary by studying different topics each lesson.

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Professional teacher of Russian (native speaker) and Italian (C2 level) gives private lessons in Turin and online

Native speaker of Russian and Ukrainian languages graduated in Linguistics in Ukraine (Kiev Borys Grinchenko University) and Italy (Naples Southern University) with high level of Italian and English gives private lessons. I always prefer to give priority to your speaking skills and to make the interaction entertaing and interesting.

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