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Native Italian who knows many languages as well such as frenxh Spanish and Greek along with English, is very advanced in maths as I m taking my further maths qualification next year

Energetic, patient and sociable person whom has had many experiences with younger kids. Also very encouraging and can create fun lessons full of participation and learning. I have lived most of my life in Italy and so my teachings are authentic since my primary school was there.

Greater London
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Master of science student in business and social science giving Italian lessons in London

Since every person has different learning needs and methodology my classes are personalised. There is not just one way to learn, so the lessons can last from 45 minutes to 2 hours. If you have particular needs, as improve just the speaking or the writing skills, we can arrange classes focused on just that part. I am also well-prepared in literature (under the master/PhD level).

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Philosophy student teaches Italian language and literature to foreigners and students of elementary, middle and upper secondary schools

I'm graduating in Philosophy in Pavia. I love Italian, my mother tongue. My porposal is to encourage oral and written learning of the student through dialogue, translation and written production. We also will focus on the reading part. Interactive, flexible and adaptable to individual needs.

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Patient Foreign Languages (Italian, English, French and Latin) and Humanities Tutor ,

Hello everyone, I'm a postgraduate student at King's College London, majoring in Philosophy of Psychology. During my high school years I have focused especially on foreign languages and literatures, although my at my school students were supposed to studying every subject (from law, all scientific subjects and history of art).

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Hi, I'm Alessia, I'm Italian, I'm a pharmacist, I live in Cubelles, and I study in Vilanova, I give a private lesson in Italian, at all levels. I teach in Cubelles, Vilanova and around. Gr

Several methodologies, basic course to begin with grammar and develop with basic speeches, course adapted to professional and academic training. Translation of testo and interpretation of testo. Speaking practice. Private tutoring for schoolchildren. Important grammar and practice. Lessons could be developed on a needs of each student.

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Professional Italian native with Teacher and ESL Degree and Certification both from Italy and USA gives Italian lessons at all levels. Learn from the best! Learning should be fun and rewarding. Buona

I am an Italian native with certified degrees from Italy and USA. I have demonstrated ability to motivate learners by adapting to individual learning styles and encourage participation by all students. I am very industrious and highly motivated individual, and a character and personality in dealing with students are above reproach, and I am a man of integrity and possess an amiable personality.

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Italian civil engineer from Puglia (South of Italy), is willing to offer private italian lessons here in Glasgow

I am a civil engineer willing to offer private italian lessons to people with different educational level. I am currently working at Glasgow Caledonian University as Demonstrator. The lesson type will be structured using interactive exercises, audio, interactive topics and a comprehensive grammar reference. I want to make learning of Italian as fun as relevant to the real world as possible.

Kings County
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Experienced teacher of Italian and German offering diversified and successful training based on student needs and focused on the spoken language in New York.

Professional teacher giving culturally-infused classes in Italian and German, suitable for all levels. Classes are structured depending on student needs and focused on cross-cultural elements, useful grammar, linguistic pronunciation, and vocabulary. Lesson provides efficient, professional and personable language services that guarantee solid learning experiences.

Mount dora
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Over 15 years experience teaching ESL, ELL, EFL, EAL, TOK, and Philosophy, offers tutoring online.

Master in Philosophy and Secondary Education, I prepare students for exams in TOK, Philosophy and ESL, ELL, EFL, EAL. For language acquisition I use a triangulation system (decreasing frequency) that is 100% successful, and self evaluation via screencastify. For Philosophy and TOK, I use Ted-Ex flipped lessons to be visioned before the class.

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Italian teacher with a PhD in History gives Italian lessons to people who whish to learn a new language or "developing their Italian skills"

I am a part time Italian teacher currently based in Manchester. I have a Master Degree in Literature and a Phd in History. For about 2 years I've been teaching Italian in a private school (class of about 10 people, all adult). I use to give lessons to both, beginners and advanced.

San Leandro
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Friendly Italian guy, new in California gives Italian lessons to everybody

I'm an Italian Architect and Interior designer and I love teaching my mother tongue. I am a really creative and friendly person, responsible and reliable. Being able to speak Italian, Spanish, English and some Chinese, have enabled me to relate to people of different nationalities.

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Russian native speakers, bilingual English, a degree in foreign languages ​​and pedagogy, offering translation service of various texts, lessons and repetitions for all bands of age '. More 't

I am a teacher of English, Italian and Russian. I find that teaching is my vocation as I succeed in teaching both children and adults, and all my students master the language in a short period of time.

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Talk Italian in a few lessons about the Bel Paese and Dolce Vita!

Learning grammar, writing and speaking are certainly pillars of Italian. A complex language deriving from the Ancient Latin, which already includes history and music in its words. My teaching is based on a daily practice and conversation, which develops freedom to ask and start conversations as well as eliminates barriers of shame or fear of speaking.

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21 years old italian girl studying at Modern Languages ​​at the UCM gives private lessons of Italian

I do not have a specific methodology. I think the most important thing is to see which the student's abilities are and to adapt to him / her. Moreover, I think that in order to learn Italian, and any other language, it is important to get in touch with natives ...

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Student in the preparatory class for business schools of Italian origin gives Italian lessons of all levels

I adapt to the level of the student by practicing the oral as the writing by doing sets of exercises. These courses are for anyone wanting to progress in Italian at a young age, or for the purpose of preparing an exam or competition in this language.

Paris 19e
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ITALIAN - Native speaker with 2 years of experience in teaching - Personalized courses

I offer personalized courses, based on the need and the interests of the students. We can focus on the oral conversation (I have a proper clean Italian, no dialect or accent), on the grammar or the written comprehension.

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I was born in Italy and lived there until last year, so it's my native language I'm enthusiast to teach it.

I always adapt my methods for the person I am teaching to, for their age and their character. Playful and fun lessons with children and more sears with grown ups. I use maps, songs, tests and more depending on the memory and ability of the student.

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Law Postgraduate Italian student offering Italian lessons in Dundee for students and adults

I am 24 years old female and I am from Milan, Italy. I will start the LLM in September (postgraduate program) at the University of Dundee, I have a bachelor in Law (5 years program) obtained at the University of Milan.

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Italian student with a broad linguistic background offers classes in Italian (native level). It's not all about pasta!

Hey everyone! My name's Natascha, a 24-year-old Italian who has a peculiar love for travels and loves learning and teaching languages.

Fort Lauderdale
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Italian for fun! Fort Lauderdale, Could be very interesting for me teach my native language!

Ciao! This is the first time that i try to learn to someone italian language, i'm her to study english but i miss the italian! it's a very fun language and it's always an amazing experience teach and learn something new!

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Italian language with a twist! Italian language and culture tuitition flexible to your needs

I provide Italian language tuition for children and adults and for all people interested in Italian language and culture! I am an Italian native speaker with a Ph.D. in Humanities, interested about folklore, cuisine and tradition, and...

New York
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Italian native speaker with high academic education gives Italian lessons all levels in New York

I am an Architect with a master degree in Urban design and landscape design that lives and work in New York City. I've always give tutoring lesson in English when living in Italy and in Italian now in the States. The reason is simply that I love teaching.

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Italian native speaker with degree in Languages gives Italian and French lessons

I am a native Italian speaker and I got my bachelor degree in Modern Languages at the University of Nice, France. I have tutored basic English to kindergarten kids in Italy, through games and songs. I have tutored level A1 Italian and B1 French to university undergraduate and Master students, plus I often do Language tandems to help people practice their spoken Italian and French.

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Modern Languages University student from Italy offers tutoring in Italian, Spanish & English in Southampton

Hi everyone! My name is Elena and I am a Modern Languages student at the University of Southampton. I am 21 years old and am originally from Italy.

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Private lessons of Italian language with native teacher: understand and express yourself in one of the most beautiful languages ​​of the Mediterranean!

Hello everyone! I am Arianna, Italian, but I have been in Spain for 5 years, I studied my career in Granada, Translation and Interpreting. I have given and teach Italian for all levels, adapting to the needs of each of my students.

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Italian student in Exeter gives lessons in Italian language and cooking to anyone interested in this matter

I graduated in Italy at the classic high school focused on the study of Latin, Greek and Italian literature. After graduating I took a degree in civil and environmental engineering and I am continuing the studies in the field of water engineering at the University of Exeter.

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Teacher Mother tongue Italian, with Degree in Linguistic Mediation and Communication, imparts lessons in Italian and foreign in Rome

I am a graduate-level degree in Communication, with a triennial in Linguistic Mediation and Italian as L2. My lessons appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds. For me teaching the Italian language does not match the classical school learning in which the student adheres to the study of a language book subdivided into units.

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Modern Languages student ​​teaches English, Spanish and Italian (as third language) college high school in Saint-Etienne

22 years student in 2nd year of Modern Languages ​​(English / Spanish) I am currently preparing a degree to become translator.I have a high-school diploma in litterature (14 in English and Spanish, 19 in Italian). I can give tips for memorizing, writing ... and help in homework (understanding instructions, texts ...).

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Il Proprio Italiano Commincia Qui' con Me! (The Real Italian Starts Here with Me)

With an Italian mother of course I have inherited all of her hand gestures and good cooking (ha!), but also a love for education and teaching. I have a graduate degree in Translation and Interpretation and have been teaching privately for more than 10 years now.

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Native Italian.Learn the most beautiful language.Located in Nebraska.College degree.Arrivederci e a sentirvi presto

Attended high school in Italy and graduated in 2000 with the title of social worker and followed to Bachelor in Clinical Psychology at Universita' degli studi di Padova,Italy.I have attended all my education career in Italy where I was born and raised.

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