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Maria rosa
1st class FREE!

Italian PhD in Biology teaches Italian and English at all levels and for all!

Doctor in Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology of the University of Naples Federico II, Italy. I spend 8 years of my life working in research laboratories in Developmental Biology, majoring in cellular and molecular field.

1st class FREE!

English and Spanish Private Teacher for all ages, let me help you!

Hi! My name is Jesus. Currently, I am about to finish my degree English philology, I have a very high level of English in all areas, in addition, I also teach Italian and French. As for language and literature, I can say I love teaching my own language and I know it perfectly.

Shasa aylen
1st class FREE!

I'm a student at the University of Murcia, I teach English and Italian

Hi! I am Shasa! I'm 20 years old and I'm Italian! I teach Italian or English (I speak English perfectly because I studied for more than a year in the US and now I am studying in English and Spanish as well), and I can also help with homework. Primary and secondary level. We can choose the day it works better.

1st class FREE!

An eager learner that just earned his PhD in Electrical Engineering that is looking forward to sharing his passion and motivation for learning to others!

Before accepting a work I need to know what are the goals in terms of: 1) objective (e.g., I want to be able to solve second-degree equations) 2) time available (e.g., 1 month) 3) current gap (e.g., not able to solve first degree equations). Based on the above I design a program with topics to cover, exercises and activities (e.g.

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1st class FREE!

Talk Italian in a few lessons about the Bel Paese and Dolce Vita!

Learning grammar, writing and speaking are certainly pillars of Italian. A complex language deriving from the Ancient Latin, which already includes history and music in its words. My teaching is based on a daily practice and conversation, which develops freedom to ask and start conversations as well as eliminates barriers of shame or fear of speaking.

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1st class FREE!

A new language can be a second life! You can get started today!

Degree in Foreign Languages ​​and Literature with Post Graduate in Psychology and Special Education imparts lessons MODERN GREEK, ENGLISH AND FRENCH. immediate availability for college students and any kind of repetition even of school subjects of all grades. Carrying out the tasks and various theses, translations of any text also with technical and specific terminology. Long-time experience.

1st class FREE!

TEFL certified French and Italian graduate offering Italian, French, ESOL and IELTS English tutoring lessons.

I am a friendly, patient and passionate tutor. My lessons are tailored to the individual goals, levels and preferred learning style of my students. For English learners, as I am TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) trained, I like to apply many of the methodology to my teaching, predominantly PPL (Presentation, Practice and Production).

Jardim das Palmeiras
1st class FREE!

I'm brasilian. I've lived in europe for 7 years. I teach portuguese for non-native speakers

I use several methods adapted to the specific needs of each student. Each one of us has different characteristics when it comes to learning. Some of us have a sharper visual capacity, while others have more auditory ability. Some feel more adapted to a methodical and sequenced structure, while others feel the need to explore more creative and improvised alternatives.

Lennox Head
1st class FREE!

Italian classes in Byron, Lennox & Ballina. Italian for adults, kids and teens. One-on-one, small group classes

I like to teach people how to SPEAK with videos, songs, etc. Don't worry! You don't have to sing ;) Evening and daytime classes. Discounts for groups.


Silvia - Faversham - Italian

Professional fully qualified native-Italian teacher offers the highest quality tuition in Italian, Spanish and French languages. More than ten years of experience as a language tutor, to any age and level. Modern, personalised, fun approach. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Italian, Spanish and French languages; beginner to advanced, conversation, one to one or groups, online tuition.

1st class FREE!

Native Italian resident in Huelva teaches Italian for Spanish and Erasmus, at any level!

My method of teaching is to put together a basic study on grammar, with a funnier learning with conversations about the typical expressions of Italy, watching videos or movies! Italian is not an easy language, but it is not boring either!

Thornton Heath
1st class FREE!

Italian tutor with degree and passion in literature is happy to help everyone would like to learn Italian language

I like to evaluate and choose for my students the best, practical and funny way to learn what they need. I'm confident to work with more than one person at the same time and with different age groups. My strongest belief is that it's always the right moment to learn whatever you want and follow your dreams...because maybe in some corner of the world they too are dreaming about you.

Greater London
1st class FREE!

Italian native speaker, currently studying a degree of Translation both in English and Spanish, available for language lessons

I am mature student of Translation, fluent in three languages (Italian, Spanish, English). I am available for language lessons for all levels , where I will be happy to build personalised lessons, depending on the student's needs and preferences. The lessons structure can vary, however, I always try to arrange different activities, in order to practice Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

1st class FREE!

Qualified teacher looking for new students to learn italian in a fun and relaxed setting

My teaching method is creative and laidback. I want my students to have fun while learning which is why I always let them decide what they would prefer to do in class. Each student is different though so of course if you prefer me to take the lead I am more than happy too. Everyone has their own personal goal and my objective is to help my students reach them in a stress free manner.

1st class FREE!

Native Italian university student offers Italian tutoring in Glasgow West End/University of Glasgow Area

I am offering help and support in a variety of areas: whether you have specific questions about grammar, pronunciation or other aspects, you want to have a conversation with a native speaker or your a complete beginner, I will do my best to help you with patience and friendliness! :)

1st class FREE!

Want to learn Italian? Native speaker in Milton Keynes is happy to help!

I think teaching is easy if you don't always apply the same method. Learning is individual to each of us and therefore the teaching must be tailored differently as appropriate. I am happy to teach people of any age and in whatever way you are most inclined to learn and remember.

San Antonio
1st class FREE!

Native Italian with Teaching and Tutoring experience at a university level, in San Antonio Texas

I like to teach by immersion. I speak and write in Italian during the entire lesson and encourage my students to do the same. In the beginner classes I allow the students to speak some English; however I have found the most success when I speak Italian for the duration of the lesson as it helps the student become accustomed to hearing the language spoken.

1st class FREE!

Qualified native Italian teacher offering lessons for all in the South Wales area

I use a range of teaching methods that are most suited to the individual student. I do not use a standard text because I like to use a variety of resources. I also have various groups from beginners to higher intermediate.

1st class FREE!

Italian Native Architect gives Italian Lesson all over London. Tutor experience with Kids and Adult. Speaking, Writing and Grammar!

I will be happy to help you whatever age you are. Wether you have Zero knowledge or you are Intermediate and Advance Level. We can set together a bespoke plan for your need. Spelling, Writing, Reading, Speaking. We can focus on the vast grammar side of Italian or if you prefer we can have lovely conversations to improve your command of the language.

1st class FREE!

Italian Parliamo! Teacher teaches Italian at a basic level or advanced in Barcelona. Learn a new language in the most original and fun way.

My particularity as a teacher is that I have very special teaching methods and methods. It will not be heavy classes alone with grammar books. Each class will be a conversation between friends, set in several Italian sites. We will listen to Italian Music and watch Italian Movies in original language.

Civitanova Marche
1st class FREE!

Jenifer Pisano offers Italian lessons for foreigner students in Civitanova Marche and Porto Sant'Elpidio

Hi, I'm an Italian teacher and I offer private lessons of Italian language and culture.

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1st class FREE!

Native teacher of Italian & English in Barcelona for all levels (individuals, groups and companies)

Hello! I am a native Italian & English teacher for beginners as well as those who wish to improve or continue learning. I also offer simple conversation classes for who likes to keep practicing and and improve speaking/ pronunciation level. My classes are dynamic, fun and interactive.

New York
1st class FREE!

Italian Graduate Student, native speaker, gives lessons at all levels in New York

I am Vittoria, a Graduate Student in Art History at New York University. I am originally from Rome and I've been living here fro three years, so I am fluent in English as well. My main aim is to get my students interested and passionate about what we do, in order to build a knowledge on solid basis; this is why I like to mix the objects of study with many different disciplines.

1st class FREE!

Italian from Wuppertal provides translations for difficult texts, tuition, conversation, proofreading, advice and tips for travels to Italy (Sardinia, Rome ..), Italian secret recipes and much more!

The lessons can be structured individually, depending on the request, from level A0 to C1. Less grammar exercises and more conversation? Less dictation and more "visual / audio"? There is certainly the perfect classroom for everyone. There are always times for questions and revisions. If desired, the student can choose the literature himself.

Greater London
1st class FREE!

Italian guy with DBS check/ NHS worker for private lessons/MEDICAL DEGREE

Professional guy with teaching experience for private and confidential lessons. Available on Skype/ in and out section. I'm able to work in a Multilanguage room due to my italian/Spanish/English knowledge. I can show my DBS certificate for max professionalism and reliability.

(1 review)
1st class FREE!

I teach Italian and Spanish in Valencia or by Skype. Languages ​​are my passion, my mother tongue is Slovak.

As for the lessons, at first I try to understand the way my students like to learn and I try to understand the proper speed of learning and memorization so that my lessons are neither exhausting nor boring and I always ask my students about their particular preferences.

1st class FREE!

I offer Italian lessons for foreigners in Milan at home or via Skype

I graduated in Modern Philology and in December 2017. I have a Master in Teaching Italian as Second Language. My lessons are for anyone who wants to learn Italian through personal lessons! Together we will work on: - Written and oral comprehension - Written and oral production - Written and oral interaction.

1st class FREE!

Italian tuition / lessons for all levels, everything is taught, it is reading, speaking and writing. Only bring motivation!

My name is Irene and I am native language Italian, but live since several years in Germany. Did my Abi for 90% in Italian (European School Frankfurt) and can therefore teach all levels; from beginner to advanced literature. I am very attentive to the vocabulary, a lot of reading and writing. But it is important to speak with me in Italian so that the language is fixed.

Greater London
1st class FREE!

I'm recently graduated in languages and I offer gives online or private lessons in London

hello my name is Erika from Italy I can teach Italian, Spanish and Chinese ( online or private lessons ) -teaching to all people of all ages and backgrounds -interactive learning -introducing language and structure -teaching vocabulary and grammar -culture and costumes -open to personalised teaching depending on the student needs

1st class FREE!

Bilingual French-italian speaker and translator giving Italian French and English lessons in Paris

The following are some of the elements that I always take into account when I give courses: - an interactive teaching method adapted to the needs, the student's objectives and the level of his / her initial language - learning to master fluency techniques in Communication in French and Italian and English

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