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Italian Tutor in the Youngstown OH area can help with current studies or start from the beginning

I am a current college student studying Italian Education and Integrated Language Arts. I offer a comfortable space for learning, as well as tons of activities encouraging use of the Italian language.

Greater London
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Ciao! I am an undergraduate native Italian speaker and I am bilingual in English

I am an English native speaker, however, when I teach, (unless the student’s ability prevents them from understanding me), I aim to speak mostly in the chosen language as I believe that a full immersion is the best way to learn the subject. I am an Italian native speaker therefore my accent will not be an issue for the students.

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Italian lessons in Southampton & via Skype _ Native Speaker Italian teacher

I teach to everyone at any level and age. I have a flexible method that adapts to any requirements and I enjoy always tailor made my courses.

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Italian native speaker engineer gives Italian and Maths lessons in London to children and adults

I am an Italian mechanical engineer who loves teaching Maths and Italian to children (especially GCSE) and adults. My lessons are always tailored to the students' personality and level. I focus on their weaknesses and strengthen their knowledge, increasing student's confidence and motivation.

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College-High School teacher in bilingual school and trainer gives Italian lessons in Paris

Ciao! I'm 33, I'm Italian teacher at a prestigious private bilingual school in Paris-college. I followed university training in France for the teaching of Italian language and I am a doctor of research in film studies. I live in Paris in the 20th.

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Italian online course for singers by mother tongue italian teacher and singer

Singing Italian songs, opera solos and opera choruses may be not so easy, if you don't know the correct pronunciation. I am a high school teacher, singer, voice trainer and expressive counselor. A energetic, experienced and creative teacher with a proven ability to get the very best out of students.

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Impara l'Italiano! native teacher with two university degrees and patience. participatory approach

Hello! I'm Chiara, a degree in foreign languages ​​and educator at the University of Bologna. I teach all levels, I adapt the session as needed covering grammar, vocabulary, conversation, production and translation. We use a participatory and active, entertaining methodology.

Finale Emilia
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Italian as a foreign language ... and more. This announcement is addressed to all foreign students wish to learn this language for: work, study, travel, fun, study or ,simply, passion

I have the opportunity to teach Italian abroad thus to all who wish to deepen this language for study, work or simply for passion. Each lesson is personalized and managed according to student’s characteristics. The lectures are addressed not only to foreign students and private who need it for work and study but also to all who are fascinated by the musicality of this language.

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Tech and learn English in Latina. All levels from begginners to advanced.

The lessons are for everyone, from the aid tasks for the preparation of examinations. I teach with traditional methods and with the help of songs (understanding and interpretation of the text). I am looking for fun and appealing systems to learn English with confidence and pleasure.

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Degree in languages ​​offers English classes and Spanish at various levels and to learners of various ages

My name is Federica, graduated in Linguistic Mediation and LICOM, I DITALS I and II is in progress, and I address my lessons to all those who want to brush up or learn from scratch languages ​​in my possession. I try to model each lesson on the specific needs of each learner, in order to create stimulating lessons and at the same time effective.

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Professor of academic English and English for professional life with Degree in English and Italian Studies Minor + Experience English teacher, translator and linguistic consultant (Gijon and surroundi

Baby Bouncer (1-2 years) and children (11-12 years): Total immersion (100% in English classes), interactive classes with dynamic and entertaining activities tailored to the student's age (songs, games, stories, etc. .). Story with training and experience in alternative methods of language learning based on natural for mother tongue learning a critical period. (* Ask for more information).

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Qualified, experienced teacher offering tuition in French, Italian, English and Educational Requirements.

An experienced teacher, I tutor from pre-Primary, through Secondary to Adult level. I adopt a relaxed but focused approach with the attitude: "Is this what I would expect for my family?".

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Italian student, graduated in languages ​​and translation, provides Italian and English courses in Lyon. also available for translations.

My Italian course is for all levels, but my motto is always the same: practice practice practice! Getting used to the sound of a language is crucial for learning, and that's why, during the courses, I only speak Italian (no worries, I make exceptions for beginners;)).

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Italian language, literature, and culture graduate teacher in Salford and Manchester area

To teach is to share. The way I teach depends on the student I have in front of me. The most important thing is to find the right way to set a lesson in order to make times and needs of the student fit.

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Cross Cultural International Learning level one to three, First country feature Israel others follow

My name is Patricia Beerman. I been very bless to travel to various countries and learn first hand about our amazing, diverse and rich world and the people who dwelt in it. Thru practice and travel I have learned what it would be having a first, second, third and other levels of language handling. It makes an amazing difference when you are trying to connect with people from all over the world.

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Private lessons, homework help of language, grammar, Spanish language translation, English and Italian language

My name is Maria, I'm 23 and I have a degree in linguistics and intercultural mediation. The studied languages ​​English, Spanish and Russian. I am currently majoring in English and Spanish. Private lessons may concern the tasks, help in clarifying any doubts and seriousness. I have a C1 level in English and Spanish level B2.

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Native speaker offers Italian grammar courses, culture and conversation to all levels in Lyon

I am 26, native Italian speaker, currently in preparation for the CAPES exam to become a professor of Italian language in college and high school. I am available for language conversations, homework help, test preparation, language of any level courses.

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Private lessons and tutoring of English, German, Italian for foreigners, in Turin and surroundings

Hello! My name is Marta and I graduated in Foreign Languages ​​and Translation. I tutor children and adults helping them with English, German and Italian.

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Referenced teacher of Italian and English for online lessons at all levels.

I am an Italian and English teacher, with different teaching experiences in Italy and abroad. I lived four years among Ireland, England, United States and Brazil, where I taught Italian and English to students of different ages and academic background (from university teenagers to corporate employees and official Air Force cadets).

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Master's degree in Conference Interpreting (Russian-English). Russian, English and Mandarin Chinese lessons.

I have recently graduated in Conference Interpreting (Russian-English). I have a high command of the Russian and English languages (C2 level). Furthermore, I have a good command of Mandarin Chinese (B2 level). My lessons are interactive and focused mainly on speech.

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Student of an high school language in Genoa,13 years experience offers lessons in English, French, German and Italian

Student of foreign languages ​​and literature, I propose English lessons, French, German and Italian (my native language) to all those in need, of any age and to achieve an intermediate level / avanzato.The development of my lessons is personalized and suitable to the learning level of the individual people.

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Learning Italian in Liverpool? Never been that easy before! Italian Masters Degree student in International Cooperation gives Italian lessons to any level!

I am an Italian mother tongue who looks forward to teaching Italian at any levels. I am at the moment an Italian Teaching Assistant at the University of Liverpool and I want to teach as much as possible.

Lucrezia camilla
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Foreign student gives languages class Spanish Italian Français and English any level.

My classes will be made from an explanation and understanding of basic grammar. Being a student, my methodology will be like this who taught me during my schooling. I am a student of physical chemistry with a Italian and Spanish literary tray.

San Bartolomeo
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Repetitions written and spoken language, and reps and rest school subjects elementary level, intermediate, advanced, more yoga and pilates

complete professional service for both tuition and teaching foreign language, and mind-body-care tutorials pilates, yoga and bio consulting with the possibility of internships and effective practices to be applied individually with bio-nomedicinali formulator TRAINER AND COSMETIC COMPANY IN COSMETIC certifications and cures "KEMI SRL" S formulator ANALYST AND SUBSTANCES USED FOR PREPARING THE...

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Degree in Chinese,English and German language- experience as a teacher of Italian for foreigners abroad

Graduated in languages ​​gives private lessons and tuition of English, German and Chinese to students from elementary schools, middle and high schools and lessons of Italian as a foreign language-English-German to children, teenagers or adult foreigners who want to improve their Italian. I also offer training in the respective language certifications of the above languages.

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Italian, English and Spanish, any level, any age, any one, any time

My name is Erica and I am graduated in Translation (English and Spanish), but I also speak French. My lessons are aimed at anyone who wants to learn languages ​​at all levels. In particular, I have experience with children and teenagers in high school, but I also taught to adults (Italian, and English, and French).

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Student Foreign Languages ​​German - English gives repetitions of English and translation

I am a student of Foreign Languages, and I study German and English. I have a reasonable level of German (B1-B2) but my English is better (B2-C1). I'm studying to reach professional skills. Classes will be held via Skype to a schedule set together, possibly the Weekend. We will start with grammar and there will be a review of the main grammar and syntax.

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Italian girl with experience offers lessons in Italian, English and French of any level and type (vocabulary, conversation, grammar).

Hello! My name is Ilenia, I'm an Italian girl and I studied languages ​​in Milan, getting the diploma (high school) in languages, English, French and Spanish. I moved here in Barcelona to cultivate my passion for languages ​​and help those who want to improve their English, French or Italian through private lessons.

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Italian master graduated in Art History from the University of Milan, gives Italian lessons in Versailles and Paris for all levels

Italian Art History a graduate of the University of Milan, provides Italian courses for all the levels. 8 years of experiences in private education at home in Italy. individual or group lessons. Conversation, Grammar, Vocabulary, Production écrite.Cours fun, effective and accurate.

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