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Blue Bell
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Native Spanish, MBA. More than 3 years of lecturer experience in different schools

I have recently relocated to this area from Barcelona, where I was the Global Sales and Marketing Director for Mecalux Warehouse solutions. I am trying to understand the local job market to determine where and how my skill set will fit in in addition we want to make lessons of Spanish / Italian / Portuguese and other contents. Award-winning executive with record of success and native Spanish.

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Teacher. of American / Italian native English with 10 years of experience and TEFL certificate, provides affordable courses in Bayonne in the Landes

WHY DO I TEACH? Growing up speaking two languages ​​and after having learned three others, I believe deeply in the fact that languages ​​can bring a lot not only to the professional life of my students, but also that speak several languages ​​brings a lot to people's lives.

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Preparation TO certification at all levels in Florence and improvement of skills

I am currently a political science student at the University of Florence studies. I love languages ​​and I want to share this passion. Long I do reps and so I have experience in develop curricula to improve at most. I gave all English certifications why I propose and then I put also reveal useful secrets for the day of the test.

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Italian native from Florence gives Italian courses for all levels possibility Skype

Buongiorno! My name is Claudia, I'm from Florence but I live in Paris and I prepare the exam to become an Italian teacher.

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Foreign languages teacher ​​(with academic experiences of five months in Paris, and two years in London) gives lessons in Bologna. Subjects: English, English for singers, French and Italian for foreig

My name is Martina, I am a teacher in foreign languages such as English, French, Italian for foreigners. To me, the study of grammar is crucial but the phonetics part is also very important. Besides, for what concerns phonetics, books cannot help. In my opinion phonetics is essential for those who want to consider post-school experiences such as jobs that might have to do with foreign countries.

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Spanish native Secondary School teacher and philologist offers online Spanish lessons for foreign people.

I graduated in philology (Modern Languages) in the University of Valencia; besides, I'm entitled the Masters' degree in Secondary School Teacher, also from the University of Valencia. I offer private lessons in English and Italian at all levels, as well as support for school classes primary school children, in all subjects, since 8 years ago.

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Learn Italian in West London with a dedicated, experienced and qualified teacher.

My name is Francesca and I am originally from Rome. For the past ten years I have been teaching Italian in London, both privately and at a college level. I specialize in one to one tuition as well as with couples and small groups.

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With a Degree in Modern Languages, and more than two years of experience in teaching, I offer courses remotely.

I hold a degree in Modern Languages ​​and I am here to help those who want to improve language skills for study or leisure. My classes are designed for students of elementary school, middle school and high school for French language. I also teach Italian as a foreign language at all levels, to students and adults.

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My name is Lorna. I am an English / Italian bilingual, I'm 25 and I had a theatrical, literary and linguistic training during my years of study in Italy, Switzerland and England

I lived in Italy, Switzerland and England, where I obtained a degree in Acting at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, a TEFL certificate for teaching English as a foreign language and a TEFL advanced certificate.

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Postdoc researcher for English courses / Italian all levels and composition using creative writing / Scientific

I am a postdoctoral researcher in medieval English literature with significant experience in school and university education. I offer Italian and English courses at all levels and effective support for writing creative and scientific texts. I am a very friendly and smiling person, but also very professional.

Paris 7e
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Bilingual student offers private lessons in Italian and in English for cultural and linguistic immersion

Hello, My name is Gianluca and I am a graduate student at Sciences Po, where I am specializing in human rights. My first language is Italian and I master the English language, as I lived and studied in England and California. I have had several experiences in teaching languages, as I have given private lessons in Italian and in English in different countries.

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Italian teacher for foreigners, Ditals and Dilit certified, with esperience in different schools

Italian for foreigners teaching, for all levels, from beginner to advanced, with communicative method. Preparation for the CILS and CELI certification. DITALS and DILIT methodology, based on the harmonious development of the four major skills (oral and written comprehension and production).

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Professor of Italian language and literature gives lessons to foreigners and international students willing to learn or improve their Italian, for work, for study or just for leisure.

The lessons are mostly intended for adult international students or people who want to learn the Italian language, at every level and for every purpose, especially for work and study. A traditional methodology will be followed for the studying of the Italian grammar, but the linguistic competence will be improved through the experience of conversation, reading and writing in italian.

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Certified teacher College High School and gives private lessons of Italian, Language, Civilization, Literature. Mother tongue. Playful and individual approach.

I'm Italian, graduated in Modern Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures at the University of Naples, Professor of Italian certified by the Rector of the Academy of Toulouse, certified Professor of French Language and Literature for College and High School in Italy (CAPES equivalent) . I give private lessons at all levels using a playful methodology, customized, based on positive communication.

Miriam rosetta
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I am currently a student in Master degree at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Lausanne. I offer courses in English and Italian's language and literature, as well as academic support for all st

My name is Miriam and I am currently a student in Master degree at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Lausanne. I offer courses in English and Italian's language and literature, as well as academic support for all students (maximun gymnasium level of education).

Paris 18e
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Italian teacher in high school Paris (private and group lessons), Italian mother tongue

For people loving italian language and culture (adults) for high school or college students who need extra help in this matter.

Paris 6e
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Man of Letters provides tutoring Italian, English and French

Master 2 in Italian language and literature, French and English (with honors, honors), writer, teacher, professional trainer, player, Italian, gives language lessons at all levels. With highly personalized multimedia and cultural dive sessions.

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Native speaker offers Italian lessons in Berlin: grammar, spelling, conversation, listening and reading comprehension, pronunciation (ie for English speaking people)

I passed my high school diploma at a humanistic grammar school and completed a bachelor's degree in international relations and a master's degree in history and oriental studies. My teaching focuses on grammar and conversation and is suitable for students as well as students and adults.

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Qualified language teacher gives customized Italian courses for all levels on Skype

Want to open your horizons for academic or professional, discover a new culture, I offer customized language courses in Italian. Passionate about languages ​​since early childhood, I was actually raised in a multilingual environment with Italian being part of it. Three years of complete immersion abroad have allowed me to capture and break down the mechanisms behind second-language acquisition.

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Italian born and raised | Perfect Italian diction (no regional inflection) | LA area

MS degree in Engineering for Space Exploration; Theater Academy Diploma that provide me the best Italian pronunciation (it is not enough to be Italian and have been raised there to speak it properly). Business, technical, and informal Italian. Tutoring experience with any instruction levels. Experience teaching for Italian language test for the Italian visa process.

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Graduated in languages ​​with a master's degree in Italian non-maternal language, with years of experience in the field, offers advice on L2 / LS Italian language lessons.

The lessons will focus on knowing how to do with the Italian language. An inductive method of receiving grammatical, lexical, communicative, and linguistic content will be the basis of each lesson. It will work on authentic material, linked to the reality in which you live.

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Learn Italian, Castilian or English with an highly motivated Italian native teacher.

Hello! I'm Italian and I live in Valencia. I have a huge experience in teaching Italian and other foreign languages . I teach Italian, Spanish and Englishg rammar, culture, literature (I love literature).

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I offer private economic classes offer Italian and translations in Barcelona city

I believe in teaching as mostly practicing and speaking the language. I always nvite the person to talk to me me about his/her interesting topics and and then we can discuss them in Italian, starting from the basics. I teach Italian to children by the use of games.

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Italian language courses for all by italien native teacher. Do nt miss it!

My courses are interactive and dynamic, and start from level A1 to level C2. With the help of the Skype platform we also provide distance learning courses with good results. Classes take place from Monday to Friday in classrooms that have a maximum capacity of 10 people. We also carry out individual home-based courses tailored to the specific needs of the student.

West Hartford
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Italian Language, Retired Foreign Service Institute { USA Department of State } Trained Diplomats, Military personnel, Preparation for Business people and Tourists to Italy

A native Italian, I have taught Italian at the prestigious Foreign Service Institute { USA Dept Of State } , Inlingua and ICA Language Schools in the Washington DC area. I use the FSI method of instruction and my aim is for the student to fall in love with both the language and the fun Italian culture. My lessons are for the Adult student.

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Mother-tongue Italian girl offers Italian language lessons for foreign people of all ages!

Hello! I am an Italian girl, recently graduated in International Relations with a strong interest for teaching (it has been my main job during my entire university career) Over the years, I've developed an effective teaching methodology ranging from the explanation of grammatical rules (I know, sometimes they are a little tedious but necessary!) and the creation of exercises to apply them....

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Native Italian graduate teaches Italian classes for all levels and needs.

I use a different method to second of the students, but in general, I like the student to have a good time with me and transform this fun into knowledge of the subject, stimulating curiosity and gaining to learn new things through exercises for all levels .

Cesano Boscone
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Italian for Foreigners (LS / L2), for all levels, teacher with DItals certification

I am an Italian teacher (foreign or second language), my lessons are aimed at adults and children, from basic to advanced. My lessons are structured to develop all the skills, both written and oral, and provide moments of (self) verification of the results.

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Italian native speaker gives lessons to beginners and advanced students in Sheffield

“I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.” ― Albert Einstein He was so right! I normally plan my lesson by outlining learning objectives, explaining the topic trying to engage the students and checking for understanding.

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Italian Tutor in the Youngstown OH area can help with current studies or start from the beginning

I am a current college student studying Italian Education and Integrated Language Arts. I offer a comfortable space for learning, as well as tons of activities encouraging use of the Italian language.

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