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Offering affordable Italian tutoring (£18 an hour) - quite flexible and preferably online

- Develop the academic and personal strengths of each student, using a student-centered, holistic approach with a focus on oral and written foreign language proficiency in a strong conversational curriculum.

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Italian teacher with experience offers italian lessons to foreign students in Bologna

I'm an Italian teacher, graduated in Italian literature and currently enrolled at the post-graduation course Linguistic Science at the University of Bologna. I started to teach Italian language about two years ago, to every kind of people: students, workers, refugees, etc.

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Italian for foreigners in Brindisi - Qualified teacher level at the best universities

I get my training at important Italian Institutes such as Institute of Theological Studies in Rome, then the UNIVERSITY OF CALABRIA and the UNIVERSITY OF SALENTO. Several academic publications have been edited and produced. Language lessons and knowledge of culture.

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Lecturer (University-CAP-EOI) teaches in Oviedo English / French / Italian (all skills)

● Extensive teaching experience in That-Bachillerato-Selectividad-Acceso Adultos-Eoi-Turismo. ● Intensive individual classes, facilitating suitable materials for the proper development of all the skills in each language. Possible also a very small group organized at the student's request (siblings, classmates, friends ...).

Polesine Parmense
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Young journalist of Parma offers Italian courses for children (assignments) and foreigners

I offer my services to children and adults, Italian and foreigners. To all people that want to learn Italian for daily life and work. I spur my students to focus on the daily target and excercise hard. I'm always available to help my students with patience and flexibility.

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Italian lessons and repetitions for foreign students in Turin or online (Skype)

Graduated in English, Portuguese and Italian, specialized in teaching Italian as a foreign language, offers Italian lessons for foreign students in Turin (frontal lessons) or online (through Skype).

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Learn Italian I Niveuas A1-C2 I With humor, movement and a lot of communication

From a didactic point of view, I represent a holistic mediation strategy. Rather than restricting myself to only one method, I use different techniques, audiolingual, action-oriented, motion-oriented, cooperative, and task-oriented methods. The order of the learning steps goes from listening and understanding to speaking and finally to writing.

Giovina angela
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Destination Italian, lessons held in Bari: learn to communicate. Language lessons with innovative, effective methods.

Have you ever noticed or heard that the Italians are not very good at foreign languages? By teaching Italian with innovative methods, I want to refute this idea. Unfortunately, even today many language teachers do not consider the results of glottodidactic research and do not apply more effective methods, that would guarantee long-term learning.

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University student from Madrid offers Italian classes up to level C1

Learn Italian not only with the aim of memorizing grammatical norms but of knowing how to apply them, looking for this language to be a useful tool in the future and lose the shame when it comes to communicating mainly orally.

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Lecturer in Italian, graduated in humanities, is offering online lessons of Italian as a foreign language for adults

I am a certified Italian teacher as a foreign language. I have taught at the University of Tallinn and other private schools and I have experience in online teaching. I teach mainly to adult learners (+18) of any level, from absolute beginners (A0-A0 +) to the most experienced (C1-C2).

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ITALIAN for Spaniards from Italy online via Skype with a bilingual Italian-Spanish, that can help you, guide and facilitate the main doubts of Spanish students!

I live in Italy, Lodi, I am bilingual and I can facilitate the learning of Italian for my experience and research. The classes aim to develop all the skills: speaking, understanding, reading and writing through learning grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

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Translator teaches English, French, Chinese, Japanese and Dutch at home in Madrid

Hello everyone. I am a 24-year-old Italian-Swiss who has just got his diploma in translation and interpretating (English, French and Chinese° at the Free Univerisity of Brussels. Since I was little I had a strong passion for languages. I learnt English, French and Spanish in high school in Italy and Japanese by myself.

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Passion and academic excellence have always inspired me to teach Italian to different students.

For years I have been addressing different age groups that include children, teenagers and adults to give the best of the nicest, most enthralling and harmonious language of the world. My academic education and my passion make my students devote themselves with renewed curiosity to seize the various facets of the language.

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Paris and Hauts de Seine, young PROF. CERTIFIED Italian gives tutoring (language, civilization, literature) for all levels

I am a young certified Italian teacher at the beginning of a career and I am available for private lessons (max 3 per group) of Italian (language, including grammar, vocabulary and intonation, as required, civilization, culture, Art, literature, etc.) for all levels. Available for students or adults, as training or desire to discover the language.

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Italian lessons - Scolaire or Loisirs - Written and / or oral - In Poitiers

I lived in Italy for three years. I love this country and its language. As a teacher of the French language for foreigners, I use my practice and the same type of resources for my foreign language teaching. I can also teach Italian civilization for those who are interested.

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Professional Italian teacher (L2/LS) gives lessons to all levels of students

I have a degree in Foreign Languages and I got the DITALS 2 certificate to teach Italian as a second language. I prefer the communicative approach which put emphasis on communication and conversation. My lessons are addressed to all those people who want to study Italian for business, studying, o even just for pleasure.

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Student in Letters gives Italian lessons in Reims (comprehension, written and oral expression)

Hello, My name is Natacha, I am a third year student of Lettres Modernes at the University of Reims Champagne-Ardennes. I teach oral and written expression and comprehension in Italian. I like to make my classes fun and enjoyable for the student because, in my opinion, this is how the pupil will retain the course and will have no displeasure to plunge back into his course.

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Experienced teacher with a master degree in English offers fun and interactive courses for all levels in English,French and Italian in Besançon.

I teach all levels. I can teach both general knowledge (tourism) specific and technical knowledge. I always adapt my course to your needs. My classes are mostly held in the target language and I focus on speaking. I think that the best way to learn a language it is to communicate and play with it. I like to use games and to do role play :-).

Cabo San Lucas
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Teacher-Interpreter-Translator, bilingual Italian-Spanish, available for individual or group Italian classes, on-line or by presence in Los Cabos, Mexico

I am an interpreter-translator-teacher, bilingual Italian-Spanish and I live in Los Cabos, BCS, Mexico. I offer individual and group courses and classes, at all levels and of all types, of Italian Language (English and Spanish Language, too), with a young, innovative and effective methodology.

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It offers Italian courses for foreigners via Skype or at my home (South Turin)

It starts from the base of the language (subject, verb, vocabulary, prepositions, etc ..) to the construction of sentences from simple to the construction of a speech, both in family and professional. Private lessons (from the middle to the university) and adults.

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Student at Sciences Po gives German, English and Italian courses to domicle in Grenoble

Hello ! My name is Romain, I'm 18 and I'm studying at Sciences Po Grenoble. I hold a BAC ES mention very well and I speak fluent English and German. I offer language courses for all levels, from beginner to advanced. Having obtained 20/20 in all of the baccalaureate language (German, English and Italian) I am able to offer effective assistance and quality.

Chiara m.
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Mothertongue Italian teacher LS-L2 - in possess of CEDILS Avellino and/or via Skype

Graduated with praise in Modern Languages ​​and Literature, Master with praise in North American Studies, offers Italian courses for foreigners and English lessons via Skype. Since I had previous experience as a proofreader, draft correction of texts, coaching service for graduate theses and papers, content editing for websites, I can offer also these services, both in italian and in english.

Isola d'Asti
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Student of Modern Languages ​​and Literatures offers tuition and homework help in Asti / Torino (Italian / English / Japanese)

Graduating student of Foreign Languages ​​and Literature at the University of Turin. My languages ​​of expertise are English (intermediate level) and Japanese (basic) and Italian (Native). They are also available for other materials, for further information do not hesitate to ask.

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Learn Italian culture, language, history and traditions with a native Italian person!

I love to teach Italian and help students to achieve the best result. Learn a language is not only about study the grammar, the most important part is the conversation! I do reckon that the conversation one of the most important part in learning languages.

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Want to learn Italian? We offer courses for all ages and levels!

Having a master in language and multi-year experience in language teaching, I offer Italian language varied and suited courses to my audience. Flexible and motivated, I use efficient methods for teaching the language and I like to take into account the requests of my students.

Englefield Green
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Native German-Italian Speaking Tutor for Beginner/Intermediate Learners

I am born into a German-Italian family in Switzerland and have studied English my entire life in an International School. I finished my International Baccalaureate in Zürich, Switzerland and am currently studying Business & Management at Royal Holloway University of London. I speak English, Italian and German fluently, and french at an intermediate level.

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Italian student gives Italian lessons (mother tongue) French language (B1 level) Spanish language (B2 level) and English language (B2 level) at home in Madrid.

Hello everyone. I am a student of languages ​​and my methodology is for all students of primary, secondary, professional and Erasmus student school. My educational system is based on the teacher-student interaction to achieve a better learning. If you look for someone to learn languages ​​here you have the right person.

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Professional italian teacher gives italian lessons and structured courses in northern virginia

I am a professional teacher of Italian as a foreign language. I have a DITALS qualification, which means that I have been accredited by University of Siena to teach Italian as a second language. I have a masters degree in English and Arabic. I studied French (at Univeristy) for 2 years and Spanish for one year. At the moment I am learning Russian.

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Learn English or French or Italian in Rome in a few easy steps

Hi there!! My name is Stephanie and I'm graduating in foreign languages ​​and literature. I've been teaching Italian to foreigners for over a year and I managed several classes in English.

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Lesson webcam Italian language, translated into English and Italian, verified method, even with video ready

I teach Italian to foreigners, preferably English, because I translate in Italian and English. Exercises to do at home and constant efforts are required to learn in a short time. It also recommended the purchase of texts with exercise book and watching movies subtitled .....

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