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Italian law student, gives Italian lessons (grammar, civilization, conversation etc) for all levels, Marseille

The courses are addressed to everyone, beginners or more advanced. My first language is Italian and I can adapt the lessons to student's demands, for example they can be based on conversation, or on the study of a text, a song or a short scene from a movie that will be decided at the beginning of the course.

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He graduated with experience imparts english and italian lessons to students of all levels and adults

am a dynamic girl, very positive and enthusiastic who always knows to achieve her goals. I have a lot of patience and I transmit my enthusiasm on teaching. Every day I am committed to learning new things and to update me. I like to teach others the things I know and I do it with passion. I teach in Italy for 12 years and all of my students have always passed the exams.

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Esmée Fashion Designer - Italian for The Fashion Industry taught in Chelsea and Knightsbridge

Lesson should be fun and be focused around the passion on the student. I take my students around the shops in Knightsbridge or to The V&A Museum where we can see, touch and feel fashion.

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French, English and Italian Lessons, 15 € per hour

28 years young graduated in foreign languages ​​and cultures at the University of Bologna (Italy) and Paris Sorbonne IV and a Master's degree in Euroculture, Erasmus Mundus Programme at ITIRI University of Strasbourg (studies in English Language) provides private lessons English and Italian. All levels accepted. Several years of professional experience in England, Ireland and Italy.

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Erasmus student in France Languages: Italian (mother tongue) English Spanish and French(current)

I am a university student currently in Erasmus in France. I study European Languages ​​and Cultures. I propose to give Skype lessons to anyone who wants to practice and improve the conversation on Skype in Italian, English, French or Spanish. Lessons are adapted according to student needs.

Paris 10e
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Hebrew, English, Italian live by video chat on skype. Practical, economical, immediate and without constraints.

Language courses for all levels and ages by live video-conference on Skype. Effective, practical, economical, immediate and without constraints. Price: 15 euro the lesson of 50 minutes. Website available for review lessons and related exercises or to rehear the studied texts.

(9 reviews)

Daniela - Hampstead Garden Sub - Italian

I have a real passion for teaching and I am a very patient and dedicated tutor with lots of experience tutoring students of all ages. I teach part time in primary, secondary and consular schools. I am a "super" tutor and a career tutor. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Italian, Latin, English as a Foreign Language, English - Tell me about your qualifications.

Lyon 7e
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High school student gives English, German or Italian classes for any level

I am Italian-Brazilian and I completed all my schooling in different French high schools abroad and after obtaining a Scientific Baccalaureat (Mention Très Bien), I did a preparatory class for the examinations of the top French Business Schools. I am now a student at the EMLYON Business School. I lived four years in Milan, eleven years in Frankfurt, two years in Brussels and three years in Paris.

Bovisio Masciago
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Tutoring to individuals or groups and Italian translations in foreign languages ​​inglese_francese_altre

I have been graduated in Foreign Languages ​​and Literature with a 10 years long experience as a translator, Foreign Trade and Private teacher. I have several degrees in translation, even legal, and I have lived abroad for a few years (England, Portugal, Belgium) for study and work. My lessons are simple and effective.

A Coruña
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Private lessons of Italian language with native professor, by online webcam and face-to-face

Native teacher, for all levels: - preparation of exams, - technical vocabulary, - conversation, - support Erasmus. - translations. The class includes a theoretical part and a practice always adapting to the student's requirement, with the objective of a practical learning to reach a fluency in the speech.

(12 reviews)

Young Italian student gives lessons of Italian or English in Geneva in 2017.

My name is Lucrezia and I'm a biology student at the University of Geneva. I give Italian lessons (my native language) and English (written and oral) from January 2017. I am a student that's why my horaires are very flexible and I am always available to discuss a reasonable price for each lesson.

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Custom English and Italian lessons in Brasilia, all levels welcome. First class for free!

The classes are adapted to the level and the objectives that the student wants to achieve. In any case, the classes aim to improve the main points: listening, speaking, reading and writing, with emphasis on the participation of students to immerse themselves in the content and increase vocabulary and language grammar.

Rio de Janeiro
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Italian native teaching Italian language for foreigners in Rio de Janeiro (at home) and online. I graduated and got a Ditals 2 diploma.

I give a communicative method, with a lot of use of audios, videos, musics, letters and dialogues, providing all the material. I speak english and portuguese, but in my classes I always speak Italian. Only with beginners do I sometimes use the english or portuguese language.

Belo Horizonte
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New graduate who has lived two times in Italy on last years, offers Italian and Portuguese lessons to strangers

For beginners: Getting Started with exciting words of the day-to-day and the correct pronunciation (for setting with the language); Videos of basic conversation; Grammar (including digital material); Intermediate: Grammar and exercises; Conversation (everyday matters); Videos; Written production with newsrooms; Advanced: 100% Italian (interventions in English only) Advanced Conversation;...

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Italiano! Professional and fun lessons of Italian for foreigners - Rome Metro

Dear students, (which soon will be), I am a teacher of 35 years, working in the Italian school and giving Italian lessons for foreigners. If you, like me, love italian language, art, music, opera, culture, and life, you will find everything in my lectures. I graduated in letters to Rome. I can teach all levels from A1 to C2.

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Italian lessons by webcam, with a smile! Experienced Italian teacher and graduate

My style is informal, my lessons do not follow a fixed pattern, but I adapt to the needs of the student. Usually we do conversation, on any type of subject, which allows me to notice the gaps and find exercises to work on them. We do different types of exercises, such as image description, reading articles, translation, etc.

Marseille 8e
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Professor gives private courses of Italian in the eighth arrondissement of Marseille

Native Italian teacher living in Marseille offers Italian classes for all age groups. Experience in Italian courses in language schools and language in college assistant. Knowledge of foreign language teaching methodologies Possibility of group courses (max 4 students) or individual.

(7 reviews)

Sophie - Beckenham - Italian

I'm passionate about teaching and languages. I have learnt many myself at school (Italian, Spanish, German, Latin and English), so I know what it's like to be the learner. I'm patient, friendly and approachable & think that no question is stupid. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach French, Beginner Spanish and Latin & modern Greek. - Tell me about your qualifications.

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Professional teacher of Russian (native speaker) and Italian (C2 level) gives private lessons in Turin and online

Native speaker of Russian and Ukrainian languages graduated in Linguistics in Ukraine (Kiev Borys Grinchenko University) and Italy (Naples Southern University) with high level of Italian and English gives private lessons. I always prefer to give priority to your speaking skills and to make the interaction entertaing and interesting.

(5 reviews)

Trainee in a law firm in Brussels. Technical training: must-economics- political science

It is an informal education and with a flexibility of modes of action. Also in skype. I teach Italian, translation - Italian, oral expression - Italian, written expression - Italian, vocabulary - Italian. For primary, secondary, tertiary, adult education, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, other vocational training, beginner, intermediate, advanced.

(10 reviews)

Paul - Chorlton - Italian

Hi, my name is Paul Grace and I have successfully prepared students from GCSE to adults who want to speak French and Spanish for holiday purposes. I have had a great success rate which is why clients continue to use my services.

(10 reviews)

Fiona - Werrington - Italian

I help people of all ages and abilities learn Spanish, English and other languages for exams, holidays or business. Learning another language is such a worthwhile thing to do and can open up many doors. I find my work enjoyable and very rewarding.

(3 reviews)

Italian Tutor Chesham Buckinghamshire

Personalised tuition is the most effective way to learn. Lessons can be tailored to best fit your goals and learning style, you learn at the pace you choose and you achieve more in less time. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I am a native Italian tutor, educated to University degree level in Italy, and I am specialised in teaching adult learners. - Tell me about your qualifications.

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24 hours to become bilingual thanks to a professional coaching by a polyglot

(automatic translation) Do you want to learn a language to speak it or to have classes your whole life? In 7 years, I learned eight languages. Today, being now 30 years old, I speak a dozen. After a career in IT, for a around 2 years, I made my passion for languages my new job. With my partner, also a polyglot, we founded our school: Toulingua.

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Graduate in Translation with work experiences and study abroad offers Italian lessons for foreigners in Turin and Milan

I'm Cecilia, I studied Arabic and Spanish at the University of Turin for 5 years. I've had different experiences abroad: in Spain, in the UK and some countries of the Middle East to improve my language skills. These experiences have also helped me in my teaching path: as a student I can see what we need when we approach a new language, so I always keep it in mind in my work.

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Dynamic and Creative Italian for adults, teenagers, children of all levels

My methodology focuses on communication and the ability of students to effectively express thoughts and emulations in irataliano. My material is creative and my classes are always adapted to the needs of the students. The results are visible after a few classes.

(10 reviews)
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Italian/brazilian teacher, I give Italian lessons, or translate articles, live or via skype

Brazilian/Italian teacher with expertise and experience in Italy and Italian study for 10 years (both in Brazil and in Italy). Experience with examination CILS and CELI, Italian for Business, Italian for Tourism and Italian culture. We can do the lessons live or via Skype. I make use of text, audio and conversation.

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Italian teacher for foreigners with a year and a half experience ready for you! ;)

I can easily connect with any person of any age. I can always teach something new and useful with ease and fun. My method is based on a purely emotional conversation, where through questions I always manage to make people learn with practice and with subjective conversations.

(6 reviews)

Italian and French courses for all levels beginner to high (pro / support / personal growth patterns for all ages

Currently contractual teacher in modern literature and Italian in secondary schools (private and public), I am bilingual in Italian and specialist culture. As I taught University (beginners to advanced) and secondary (Secondary School) or even with adults in various projects.

(4 reviews)
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Phd gives Italian courses - Italian courses - in Mulhouse, Basel (CH) gold Webcam

Learn Italian at home or via the internet. Bilingual French and Italian native speaker, holder of a research Postdoctoral of Romance Studies: Italian, I teach Italian to foreigners for 10 years now. I taught mainly Francophone, Milan -Italy- and leTessin -Suisse- but also to people of many other nationalities.

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