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Greater London
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ITALIAN teacher in SE London! easy way to learn my language in few steps

HI everyone, i'm Fatmata an italian girl from Milan! Coming here i understood that lots of people would like to visit italy , so why not learning the language? I can help everybody achieving this goal. My lessons will be really easy and they would adapt to your level.

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Need help in Italian? With your first lesson free, let's setup a lesson plan for you to be successful and practice some Italian.

I have tutored college students as well as adult educators. I focus on speaking Italian as much as possible during the lesson where appropriate. I will follow the guidelines that you were given for homework if you are needing help with academic Italian. I am available to help answer cultural questions about Italy as well.

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Native Italian teacher with extensive experience and a passion for teaching and foreign languages

I graduated from the University of Bologna with a thesis on learning foreign languages through subtitled tv series. I taught Italian as a foreign language (but also English and French) in high schools and language schools in Italy and France. I use the direct method, which allows learners to speak from the beginning and to learn grammar by using it right away in the context of a real conversation.

Lyon 8e
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Italian Native gives Italian lessons in Lyon for all ages and levels, IMPARIAMO ITALIANO!

My name is Antonella, I am Italian and I work as a specialized translator and teacher of Italian. I hold a Master 2 in specialized translation and conference interpretation and I have been working for 7 years in the field of interlinguistic and intercultural communication. I have had several teaching experiences both in public and private establishments in France and Italy.

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Italian teacher gives private lessons of General Italian (or specific one) all level and age

I am an experienced Italian teacher of the MIUR (Ministero dell'Istruzione, Università e Ricerca), specialised in Pedagogy with passion for languages ​​(French, English, Spanish) and teaching.

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Learn ITALIANO in Bologna by a graduate in management and philosophy and experienced teacher!

Chatting and having fun are essential in the learning process. That is why I especially love to teach young people and help them overcome the most common difficulties in the Italian language.

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Italian native teaching italian online or in Liverpool Area at any level (GCSE,A Levels,adults)

I do 1:1 tutoring and coaching, by giving detailed explanations, as I'm an italian speaker since i was born and by living in italy more than 15 years I can give the correct vocabulary and I teach how to pronounce the words correctly

Torre del Greco
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Graduating in Oriental languages ​​provides tuition of Italian in Naples, Torre del Greco and nearby cities

Graduating in Oriental Languages ​​offers Italian tuition for all levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) in Naples, Torre del Greco and nearby cities. The lessons will be based on grammar exercises, comprehension, reading and conversation based on the students' needs. You just need to ask, and I'll forge lessons on your needs.

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Learn Italian with me la vita è bella parla italiano con me Italy is the world's second fastest growing national brand!

I am a native Italian speaker, I am from Rome and I have been teaching Italian online since few years. I'm very patient and enjoy meeting new people, and helping them to learn about Italian culture. I can help with Italian grammar, at every level, vocabulary and pronunciation. I also studied Italian diction for several years, so I can help students with improving their pronunciation.

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I have a degree and I lived nine years in London. I teach English classes for children, teens and adults

I lived in London from 2007 to June 2016 working in an international law firm. My family is Italian and English. So my English level is based on a scholastic knowledge, and experience of university life in London, as well as on my bilingual family everyday.

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Italian MRes student teaching her language in London at hers/yours place or online

Ciao! I am an enthusiastic Italian MRes student based in London with 3+ years of working experience willing to help learning my language to pupils, guys on girls. Please contact me at +44 7(concealed information) or via mail at (concealed information) .

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Masters Degree in Social Work gives lessons in French, Italian, and Spanish in Bastrop/Monroe area of Lousiana

I have a Masters Degree in Social Work. I have a AA degree in French and speak Italian and Spanish as well. Will Tutor in all three languages to students of any age. I will assess your abilities to speak, read and write and then teach as indicated. Will work at students pace and address the needs the student requires.

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Gives private lessons English, German, Italian, as well as assistance in English translation.

I study L3 Languages, Literature Foreign Civilization at the University of Maine at Le Mans. I offer English lessons for beginner and intermediate and conversation to people of advanced wishing to speak English. I also give courses in translation from English into French mainly. I also give courses in German as well as Italian courses for beginners people.

(10 reviews)
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Polyglot of Italian for foreigners - 5 years of experience teaching languages!

Teacher with 5 years of experience in language teaching (native Spanish, Portuguese, Italian higher level, English higher level, French), methodology focused on speaking and understanding. Diverse and dynamic classes and conversations. Learning and practicing a language does not have to be difficult.

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Italian Master student give lesson about Italian language up to university level.

I really love my language and I would like to transmit this passion through one-to-one tailor made lessons, in order to help you in the areas you are more interested in. My lessons will include: grammar content, vocabulary, writing exercises to improve both your grammar and vocabulary, reading comprehension and conversation.

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Native italian speaker offers private tutoring. Grammar, writing,listening, pronunciation, conversation ect.. Be fluent, quickly!

I like to keep my tutoring fun, if you have fun is more likely you'll remember what learned. I may use sketching and drawing to explain things.

Niagara Falls
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Looking to teach the beautiful Italian language to those who want to learn

My family teaches me and taught me the Italian language, my nonna speaks to me in Italian, I get my knowledge from books, apps, and online I will teach you basic vocabulary words example: days of the week, months, colours, Ext Teach you basic sentences or anything else you would like to know I can teach you Italian history

Hann. Münden
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Improve your knowledge of Italian with a native speaker (studied linguistics with 10 years teaching experience) in Kassel and Göttingen surroundings and online

It is important for me to include all four important skills (listening and reading comprehension as well as written and oral production) in each appointment. I concentrate more on communication but of course grammar and vocabulary are not neglected. I teach most in Italian because I believe the quickest way to get used to the language.

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A curious girl who loves reading books is going to help you improve your Italian in a funny way!

My teaching method is very simple. I am going to start with very simple sentences and when you will be ready to study more complicated sentences I will be happy to carry on.

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Young and dynamic italian teacher (8 years of experience) in Marda Loop SW Calgary

I adapt my methods to the student and to his goal. From oral comprehension with songs to writing comprehension with authentics documents like newspapers, you will be confronted to real italian language.

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Hi my name is Francesco I am from Italy but I live in Eastbourne now I am an opera singer as well so if you would like to have some Italian tutor pleas call me

my teaching methodology is very simple and depend the level of the person is willing to lean we can start with normal conversations like you can have with your fried and I will correct your gram or pronunciation

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Italian architect in London offers lessons and help in Italian language written and spoken

During my studies I have taken part at the Erasmus programme and I had the opportunity to exchange my knowledge of Italian with students from different backgrounds of different languages. I like to offer lessons and tutoring lessons as well as help with pronunciation.

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Italian mothertongue offering help on translating, writing, speaking, understanding of Italian language

I've been living in the UK since 2008, I grew up and matured my passions here and got deeply fascinated with people and the traditions of this country. I met so many people from all over the world expressing the desire to learn my motherlanguage. I would like to teach how to have a friendly conversation in Italian in a easy and stressfree way, providing help in translations and pronunciation.

1st class FREE!

Bilingual Italian and Spanish, English B2. Diploma in Tourism. Coaching and visual merchandising training.

My method is motivation and fun. With passion everything is achieved. Conversation, correct texts, help with exam preparation. Oral, written, conversation, basic or advanced Italian comprehension. I like to listen and know what my student likes, so that the classes are more active.

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Italian student in Erasmus in France, gives Italian language lessons for everyone in Metz. To learn or improve grammar, vocabulary, speaking and writing.

teaching method based on the needs and demands of the student. Dynamic and fun, it also includes the use of games, music and movies. possibility to organize chat rooms Classes for all students, children and adults.

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Born in Bermuda from an Italian family I am a postgraduate student willing to teach Italian to your bambini/youngsters.

I aim to make Learning Italian an easy task for children. Through fun games and activities my future students will be learning with a smile on their faces through positive reinforcement methods and singing in order to enhance their memory. This could be a great opportunity for children of Italian descent but most definitely for children who would like to learn a new and fun language.

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Italian mother tongue speaker gives private lessons from basic - intermediate - advanced.

The structure of my lesson will start from the most common ways of italian communication, followed by basic grammar and vocabulary, ending with a conversation practice. I will write notes to give to the student the chance to refresh every time the lessons.

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Learn italian language and culture with a native speaker! All levels are welcome!!

I don't use the same metod with all student, I prefer to have a 1st lesson to discuss and understand what can be the best way for you... If you like homeworks or not, if you have a better visual memory or audio memory... I prepare the lesson suited to the student.

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