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University student from Italy who would love to teach this beautiful language in London!

I base my classes a lot on grammar, vocabulary and conversation. I think the best way to learn a language is to speak it as often as possible. Since Italian has a very complicated grammar, I love to make it easier by doing simple exercises that help memorise rules and words.

New York
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Italian mother tongue offering Italian lessons in New York. 100/100 at the Italian State exam.

I will converse with every student, even if not familiar with the language. I am extremely patient and willing to explain grammar rules as well as conversational skills. I will assign homework on the concepts reviewed together. My lessons will be interactive and I will speak with my students ONLY in Italian.

Gordon Park
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Rita, native Italian language speaker, Italian bachelor and Australian diploma gives Italian lessons.

I like to customize my lessons according to the needs and preferences of the students. From academic to general, it really depends on the costumer preference. I just hope to convey all my enthusiasm for this beautiful language and culture.

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Crispy Italian offering fun tutoring to improve your Italiano from sunny London :D

I like to find out what the person in front of me likes (interest, hobbies, movies, music, etc) and I base the supportive exercise on that. I believe in speaking loudly to help out your confidence and in cooperation for best results.

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I am an Italian mother tongue graduated in Psychology and living in Northampton, I am here to help to learn and practise italian language or also to learn english for foreigners speakers

Starting from grammar lessons to put them in practise then. Using different kind of methods of learning not only book and reading, also practising in real life.

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1st class FREE!

Native Italian teacher is offering Italian lesson in Los Angeles 14 years experience.

My teaching method is starting to clear up the basic words related to the subject. Asking to demonstrate the concept and how is possible to apply it. That is developing the ability to think by himself, have fun and be more self determinate on the study.

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Italian for foreigners - Native teacher (PhD) - learner-centred teaching style - online lessons

- I always plan customised classes - I carefully prepare the didactic materials - I monitor the progress in order to better adapt the method to my students - I usually vary the activities making use of different tools (e.g. audios, videos, readings, games) depending on the personality of the students (temperament, education, expectations, etc.), their weaknesses and the aims of teaching.

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PHD professor gives Greek, Latin, Italian and ESL classes for all ages

I believe the international education and a reliable experience I earned in several countries and languages (I'm also excellent in French and fluent in Spanish) can be a resourceful. I have a deep, wide, and reliable knowledge of the subjects, acquired and constantly improved in internationally challenging environments.

North Adelaide
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Learn Italian in a simple and fun way with a native speaker

I start following the book or other material trying to focus on the grammar as it is a very important part of learning a new language. at the same time, I do a lot of speaking with my student as it is the only way to get into a new language quickly and effectively.

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Fluent Italian speaker of 3+ years offering cheap lessons to all ages!

I practice a lot of conversation and try to only speak when necessary in English. I know from past experience that it forces the mind to convert to a different language quicker. I love using interactive power-points that require responses from my students.

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ITALIAN FOR FOREIGNERS - Lessons by skype or face to face in Avellino and/or its surroundings.

Graduated in Foreign Languages ​​and Literature with full marks I'm giving private lessons of ITALIAN LANGUAGE to foreigners, mainly through the "direct" method (that is the exclusive use of Italian, during all the lesson) in the case the level of the student is intermediate (A2 / B1) or higher; while, in the case the student has a basic-elementary level the "direct" method will be alternated w

South Townsville
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Italian native give private Italian lessons to anyone that want to learn the language.

My teching method is going to depend from who I have in front of me. I'm going to structure my lessons differently if I'm teaching to students or if I'm dealing with people just interested in learning the language for private reasons.

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Italian postgrad-student currently in Sydney gives Italian lessons as native speaker.

My classes are always based on communication: direct interaction is extremely important, especially to learn a foreign languange. According to the kind of students, his/her background, the lesson structure will be the following: - brief introduction of grammar and vocabulary; - everydaylife text reading and comprehension; - discuss on the previous topic.

Los Angeles
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Native Italian teacher certified by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

Total immersion Culture and Language Reading method Communicative approach Ludic approach (role play, songs, movies, reading, music) I have lived in different countries all over the world and I am a certified translator and a fluent/ native speaker of French, Spanish and English so I'm comfortable listening and encouraging my students.

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Italian mother tongue offering lessons: lot of fun! Buckingham-shire & Oxford-shire Start from what you need

My teaching methodology is based on a revolutionary tools. We will go through all the different points you need to develop. Most important will be the verbal communication. You need to speak and act as an Italian person.

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Discover and improve your passion and skills for the Italian language in Toronto!

My teaching methods are structured but extremely fun allowing for creativity and growth at all stages. I implement and incorporate a variety of teaching strategies for all learners. Anyone and everyone is accepted regardless of ability or skill level! I can accommodate small groups as well as one on one lessons.

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International Bsuiness honor student offering Italian and Spanish lessons online or near Grand Valley State University

The way I teach really depends on the age of the student, its knowledge, and the goal of our lessons. I taught 2 years old children as well as 60+ years old adults. Some of them wanted to learn the basics of a language, some needed it for school or to pass a certification exam, and some just wanted to improve their accent.

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Mothertongue with five years of experience in language learning gives private lessons by Skype.

I base my lessons on what interested the student. Topics and humor are essential to help people in language learning, especially when they feel demotivated or tired. My personal experience can contribute to reach what students desire. I give exercises to practice also independently.

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Hello !!!let's learn Italian with a native speaker. I'm Cristina and I teach Italian in Fuorigrotta (Naples) but I'm also available on-line, wherever you are!

I believe that improving the potential of a person must be essentially a free choice, without schemes, but full of enthusiasm and positivity. I try to follow the line of the 4 skills (Reading, writing, speaking and listening) but always with a different procedure because everyone learns in his own way and everyone expresses different concepts based on his/her experience.

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Graduated in Languages, I offer Italian lessons in Rome for all those who want to learn Italian.

To offer you a great and high quality experience, each student will be evaluated at the beginning so that I can apply the best method. Since we are all different, the right method is certainly customizable. In any case, based on field research, I propose a situational approach with particular attention to grammar.

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Native Italian Teacher offers personalised and tailored Skype lessons - qualified and experienced!

My teaching method is the TEFL method of total immersion in the target language, which means we will only speak Italian during the lesson. This is so that you are exposed to a real-life environment. Don't worry if you don't understand everything - This is also part of the plan! I will start with a lesson to assess your level of Italian.

Greater London
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Anything you ever wanted to know about Italian language and culture from UK Italian top college graduate

I like to tailor my teaching around the student. I am very perceptive of a student's strong and weak spots and I like to foster an environment of trust and self-worth. My methodology consists of introducing a concept or core topic, and to build on the interest the student has of it.

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Native Italian, I was born in Rome and I live in Paris for a year and a half for my studies, trilingual Italian, English and French, I got my degree in Science Politi

Of Italian origin, I was born in Rome and I live in Paris for a year and a half. Trilingual in Italian, English and French, I got my Bachelor of Social Sciences in 2010 and my degree in Political Science and International Relations at the LUMSA University in Rome in April 2014.

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Teacher of Italian as a foreign language in France offers Italian courses for all levels in Turin

My courses are all designed according to the needs of each student. The activities proposed during class hours will be varied and adapted after checking the student's skills and level. We will then proceed to plan a strategy to facilitate the learning process in order to achieve the objectives and we will set methods and timing wished by the student.

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Master of Teaching student with undergraduate degree in Physiology and Italian tutors High School students in Perth

Hello! My name is Clare, I'm 21, living in the western suburbs of Perth and looking to help out with tutoring! Having just completed my undergraduate degree, I'm excited and passionate about both Science and Italian and can't wait to share my enthusiasm with you! I believe that every student has a different method of learning and I am more than happy to work with the student and discover what...

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Italian teacher, with experience, offers Italian lessons for foreigners, at all levels, in Padua.

Lecturer of Letters, with experience in Italian lessons for foreigners, is proposed for individual or group lessons. Exam preparation and linguistic certifications of all levels. Help compilation curriculum, job announcements and interview preparation. Specific vocabulary enrichment for sectors of work interest. Interactive and participant lesson.

Greater London
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Authentic Italian - learn and have fun with experienced Msc graduate teacher

My students always say that I teach with a smile and they have fun while they learn. According to the level of the students, I use grammar, conversation, reading, translation or other teaching techniques. Now I chose the teaching via skype as it saves time for both the teacher and the student and it is easier to make appointments.

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Final year uni student from Italy gives Italian lessons: any level is welcome!

Italian is my mother tongue and I love to teach it to people interested in improving their language skills or starting from zero. I would stress the importance of grammar and sentence structure, but above all focus on the speaking and listening.

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Italian mothertongue teacher available in Belfast for intermediate to advanced UK students

I help my students improve their language skills by conversing with them, pointing them to their most common mistakes in both grammar and pronunciation, and helping them discover appropriate idioms that will set them apart from other learners in the same bandwith.

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