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Patient and experienced Italian Native speaker. I work with children and adults, always tailoring sessions to suit your needs!

I always start by identifying what the student wants to accomplish. Imprepare all the lessons and homework material in advance somyou only have to bring your enthusiasm and focus on learning.

San Prisco
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Graduating in Linguistic and Cultural Mediation she gives lessons in Italian, foreign, English, French and Arabic to those who need it.

The teaching method adopted includes lectures, via Skype or other programs, in Italian, English, French or Arabic, starting from the lower levels of grammar to the more advanced ones. Exercises and multimedia materials are included to ensure in-depth analysis thanks to the different types of cognitive approach.

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Native Italian speaker in Dallas area. Willing to meet in a public venue for private lessons.

I am a native Italian raised in an Italian household, yet I speak fluent and perfect English for those who need to express your concerns. I can work one-on-one or with a small group. My lessons will be tailored to your needs.

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Language expert- Italian/French and ESL , learning languages is fun and enriching❤️

I worked as language teacher to young learners and adults. I consider teaching children a second language as the most rewarding as it gives me a deep understanding in how to teach adults. In my opinion classes must be fun, professional and oriented to the client’s needs. My priority is the student and his necessities.

Matteo galilei
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Italian mother tongue, graduating this year at Strathclyde uni in General science for online and possible in person tutor lessons in Glasgow area :-)

I've been studying in Scotland from now 4 years and I'm now in the last year of my degree in General Science. I'm interested in Biology, Microbiology, Pharmacology and Genetics. My methodology in italian tutoring is simple and direct. I have a simple approach asking few questions in order to establish the level and after I proceed accordingly with grammar and vocabulary if required.

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Professor of Italian (Mother Tongue) and History of Art

I want to teach the Italian language and the history of art because I have a passion for teaching and I want to do a year at the HEP in Switzerland in order to become a teacher in schools. I have already worked as a tutor to coach and share my knowledge with various students.

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Italian bilingual gives language lessons and conversation at all levels of proficiency - eastern pa - with 45 years of in italy cultural experience.

Teaching Italian has become a passion to help individuals that are transitioning into a living or business relationship with Italy. As a young woman my path took me to Florence, Italy for the third year of college and remained for over 40 years. This exposure to the new world of Italy also helps me to understand your need for not only language expertise but also cultural understanding.

Greater London
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Italian and Spanish teacher for all the language levels!come and have fun at the lesson with a native graduated teacher !

Are you going on holidays abroad and you want to improve your basic language knowledge to speak with natives? Are you passionate about Italy/Spain and you want to learn a new language?Can you speak Italian/Spanish but you want improve your language skills? Well,this is the place for you! Ciao,Hola, Hi Italian,Spanish Lovers e benvenuti/bienvenidos/Welcome! I'm Giuseppe ,a graduated teacher...

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Italian MBA professional gives italian classes for everyone and at any level

I have an MBA and several professional certifications in finance but I always enjoying teaching on my spare time. I enjoy seeing progress on my students. I am flexible and I can teach at any level you need and at your own pace.

Colorado Springs
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Italian teacher available for online classes in Colorado Springs and Denver area

I was born and raised in Italy where I also earned a Bachelor degree in Communication at the University of Tuscia in Viterbo. I moved in the United States 10 years ago and I have been teaching Italian privately since 2014.

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Italian tutoring online by Italian native speaker who have lived abroad for 7 years. PhD

PhD in Statistical Genetics. I changed my career path a few years ago to become an artist. Right now I support my art tutoring in Italian and Mural Painting. I love tutoring and have experience. I decided to give Italian lessons since I love languages even if I only know English. My programme starts from the basic pronunciation, meeting and greeting people,...to more complex grammar.

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Italian student of Modern languages is offering classes online of : Serbian, Croatian, Spanish and Italian

I am a Modern Language student that gave lessons to my colleagues, I believe the best method is to firstly make a list of arguments regarding that subject and then to add info on the mental map that we created.

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Ukrainian girl grew up in Italy since childhood, with Italian High School Diploma and Some college coursework a the University of Turin, Italy.

My methodology is based on a deep involvement in the language with examples of real life moments and struggles and any circumstance that a person could find in front of him/her during a trip or daily conversations.

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Recent graduate in Spanish and Italian offering Italian lessons at home in Bradford

My teaching method is casual and relaxed, I start off with the basics such as verb conjugation and pronunciation. I then work with the pupil to find out what it is that they specifically want to learn in the language and move forwards from there, such as general conversation or more specific vocabulary for different situations.

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Native Italian Mother Tongue High-School, GCSE, A-Levels, Degree Level Tutor London E3

I'm a native, mother tongue, A-levels Italian Tutor. I have graduated in Rome, Italy in a scientific high-school in 2012, in the same year I moved to London when i was 19 years old. My Italian diploma is an examination intended to qualify candidates for a university bachelor's degree (baccalaureate degree).

Ciudad de México
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Italian doctor teaches Italian classes, esp-ita translations, conversations and cooking classes. Tnxs

My classes are directed to all levels, and they range from reading to writing, from listening comprehension to dialogue; everything depends on the needs of the students, what it is for, or if it is pure passion. The classes for this are very flexible and adaptable to the needs of each of the students: Italian for companies, academic Italian, Italian for dialogue, Italian for waiters, etc.

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Italian native girl recently graduated is available to teach Italian in London

I would base my classes starting with teaching some basic grammar, vocabulary, together with pronunciation. I would give some exercises to practice what we've learned during the lesson, also to understend if the concept has passed.

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Italian girl offering italian lessons to anyone who wants to improve the language

I would take songs, quotations, parts of books or even movie screen to really get inside the language and to understand the meaning of every word and sentence.

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Postgraduate italan student offerting italian lessons up to university level in Sheffield

I have several methodology of teaching, based on the student's needs, interests and topics. But, I prefer to divide the lessons in two or more parts, essentially focused on learning and improve grammar skills such as writing, listening, reading and speaking.

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University student from Italy who would love to teach this beautiful language in London!

I base my classes a lot on grammar, vocabulary and conversation. I think the best way to learn a language is to speak it as often as possible. Since Italian has a very complicated grammar, I love to make it easier by doing simple exercises that help memorise rules and words.

New York
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Italian mother tongue offering Italian lessons in New York. 100/100 at the Italian State exam.

I will converse with every student, even if not familiar with the language. I am extremely patient and willing to explain grammar rules as well as conversational skills. I will assign homework on the concepts reviewed together. My lessons will be interactive and I will speak with my students ONLY in Italian.

Gordon Park
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Rita, native Italian language speaker, Italian bachelor and Australian diploma gives Italian lessons.

I like to customize my lessons according to the needs and preferences of the students. From academic to general, it really depends on the costumer preference. I just hope to convey all my enthusiasm for this beautiful language and culture.

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Crispy Italian offering fun tutoring to improve your Italiano from sunny London :D

I like to find out what the person in front of me likes (interest, hobbies, movies, music, etc) and I base the supportive exercise on that. I believe in speaking loudly to help out your confidence and in cooperation for best results.

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I am an Italian mother tongue graduated in Psychology and living in Northampton, I am here to help to learn and practise italian language or also to learn english for foreigners speakers

Starting from grammar lessons to put them in practise then. Using different kind of methods of learning not only book and reading, also practising in real life.

1st class FREE!
1st class FREE!

Native Italian teacher is offering Italian lesson in Los Angeles 14 years experience.

My teaching method is starting to clear up the basic words related to the subject. Asking to demonstrate the concept and how is possible to apply it. That is developing the ability to think by himself, have fun and be more self determinate on the study.

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Italian for foreigners - Native teacher (PhD) - learner-centred teaching style - online lessons

- I always plan customised classes - I carefully prepare the didactic materials - I monitor the progress in order to better adapt the method to my students - I usually vary the activities making use of different tools (e.g. audios, videos, readings, games) depending on the personality of the students (temperament, education, expectations, etc.), their weaknesses and the aims of teaching.

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PHD professor gives Greek, Latin, Italian and ESL classes for all ages

I believe the international education and a reliable experience I earned in several countries and languages (I'm also excellent in French and fluent in Spanish) can be a resourceful. I have a deep, wide, and reliable knowledge of the subjects, acquired and constantly improved in internationally challenging environments.

North Adelaide
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Learn Italian in a simple and fun way with a native speaker

I start following the book or other material trying to focus on the grammar as it is a very important part of learning a new language. at the same time, I do a lot of speaking with my student as it is the only way to get into a new language quickly and effectively.

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Fluent Italian speaker of 3+ years offering cheap lessons to all ages!

I practice a lot of conversation and try to only speak when necessary in English. I know from past experience that it forces the mind to convert to a different language quicker. I love using interactive power-points that require responses from my students.

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